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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 40 - 5/7/2001

What is Your Guilty Little Secret?

Fess Up! What are you hiding? Do you watch 'Survivor'? Do you even watch reruns of the ORIGINAL 'Survivor'? Still have your Barbie dolls-and still change their outfits once in a while? Collect stamps? Think David Cassidy of The Partridge Family is still the babe of the century? Tell everyone that you 'never really watch television', but you're really clocking in some impressive miles with the remote control every week? Hate Celtic music (gasp!) Have a crush on someone? Don't recycle your plastics? This is your chance to come clean and tell all.

(In the interest of fair disclosure: Fritz has the DNA of a sugar ant. He has to have his bowl of ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie chaser every night and he only eats a vegetable about three times a year-and then only if it can be dipped in melted butter. Wren liked Duran Duran before it was cool to like Duran Duran. Of course, it has NEVER been cool to like Duran Duran, so this is a really brave confession on her part. There goes another carefully crafted reputation down the sacred well....)

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Hmm. Guilty Little Secrets. Being A Taurus With Scorpio Rising, I Love... May 7th. at 5:36:52 pm EDT

Cindy Browning (Atlanta, Georgia US) Age: 38 - Email

Hmm. Guilty little secrets. Being a Taurus with Scorpio rising, I LOVE my guilty secrets and would never give them up for anything. I adore unbaked chocolate chip cookie dough, and have been known to eat it for dinner. I have been known to sing along with show tunes (occasionally in public). I read romance novels, specifically of the "time travel" and "pirate" genres. I am a Libertarian, but am a closet bleeding-heart and a guerrilla recycler (OK, maybe not a guilty secret for some, but I live in Georgia with a conservative partner). I have (and have had for two years) a GIANT crush on a member of our local pagan community, who shall remain nameless here (mwaaa haaa haaa). I love 70s music and often sing along with it in the car ("Stairway to Heaven" anyone?) even though I was, back in the day, a punk rocker.

Oh Dear...i Have A Few Too Many "dirty Little Secrets" For... May 7th. at 5:47:05 pm EDT

SnowStar (Macon, Georgia US) Age: 16

Oh dear...I have a few too many "dirty little secrets" for someone of my age. Probably the one that hits the top of the list is that I am a fan of the band Hanson. Yes. I am. Actually for the most part that is no secret at all, but I just figured I'd confess that on this end of my life now. Actually I don't understand WHY that has to be a "dirty little secret" I mean, it is good music...but anyway...I'm rambling about that one. The next one would have to be that I watch Charmed every week without fail and tape it if I'm gonna miss it 'cos I LOVE that show. From the Pagan aspect its mostly BS, but its good fiction and "Leo" is a cutie (two guilty secrets for the price of one, there!). As for the more obscure things, I am fascinated by rocks and have collected rocks since I was a very small child, I enjoy tracking hurricanes and other large violent weather systems and spent a whole summer doing it once but I no longer have the time, I like M&Ms on cheese pizza, I'm a concert addict (I will go to just about any rock concert that I can get to and afford whether I've heard of the band(s) or not), I'm an internet junkie and average about 6 hours online a day, I actually enjoy math for the most part, and cannot function without access twinkies, Dr. Pepper, Chex Mix, chinese takeaway and music.

Dirty Secrets....hmmmm..... Wren, You Are Not Alone. I Like Duran Duran... May 7th. at 10:10:10 pm EDT

Bryony Ravenwillow (Kansas City, Missouri US) Age: 32

Dirty secrets....hmmmm.....
Wren, you are not alone. I like Duran Duran and 80s New Wave music, even though my first musical love will always be heavy metal, which is a dirty little secret in itself. (Have you listened to the new Fear Factory? Awesome stuff!) I also live for Tuesday nights, when I can watch my favorite TV shows, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel". Broccoli is my favorite vegetable. I can eat it even without cheese sauce! I could eat broccoli every day if I could get away with it.
And my main dirty little secret? I am madly and passionately in love with Keanu Reeves. Have been since the first "Bill & Ted" movie. I truly believe there is something very deep and substantial behind the vapid facade.
Please don't hate me.....(giggles)

I Have A Few Guilty Little Secrets. First I Like To Play... May 8th. at 12:15:13 am EDT

Erica (Latyon, Utah US) Age: 21

I have a few guilty little secrets. First I like to play fantasy role playing games on the computer. I am very frightened of spiders and if they happen to get to near me i have my roommate kill them for me. I make fun of the non thinking mormons *sorry to all*. I secretly find women attractive (i am one). I love fantasy but can't stand Tolkien *sorry to all the fans out there*. Those are the big ones right now.

Oh What The Hells, Ya Only Live This Life Once, Eh? May 8th. at 1:52:19 am EDT

Celeste Moonhawk (Rockford, Illinois US) Age: 24

Oh what the hells, ya only live this life once, eh?

Well, currently, I'm a "closet artist". There's a few reasons. First, people annoy me and ask me too many questions (do you do commissions, what type of work do you do?, etc). Second, I like drawing "furotica" and just plain erotica. Yeah, that usually goes over well.. "Yeah, I draw naked sexy chics, many of them with...." never mind. Let's not go there. Anyway, the looks are bit odd when you ARE a chic admitting this to a mundane person.

Also, being a married woman, I keep it hush-hush about the fact that I love women. Only my husband knows.. Ok, until now :) I've never had an experience with a woman, and probably never will, but I love them anyway. The curves, the hair, etc. etc.Guilty secret #3 : that's why I like to draw them!

What else?... Oh, I have little patience for kids, and I don't like most of them I have met. But I love my nieces.. which why I try to avoid them, because they are kids, and therefore annoy me! I also have no patience for stupid people, which I have learned recently, and doubt that will ever go away, regardless of how hard I try. But that's not really a secret, except to the stupid people I've met.

I better stop here. I just realized nobody really knows me that well, execpt the poor fool who married me. Wow. I feel sorry for him!

Blessings to all! and thanks for letting me ramble!

Well, I Have Quite A Few Actually. I Have A Terrible Phobia... May 8th. at 2:00:18 am EDT

Autumn SilverFerret (Montoursville, Pennsylvania US) Age: 22 - Email

Well, I have quite a few actually. I have a terrible phobia of spiders. I live in the woods so we get some pretty large wolf spiders which when I see, I promptly freak out and kill. YUCKY! I know it's not right but...ooh...eight legs and all those eyes! My week is based around the days my favorite t.v. shows are on. I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel( I know they don't portray magick the way it should be but they are very entertaining shows;) ), Survivor, Farscape, X-Files, First Wave, Invisible Man...the list goes on and on(I know. I should get a life:) ). Also I'm a sugar-holic and don't eat the way I should and I am addicted to Pepsi(which has an adverse affect on my digestive system). I could go on and on but I think I'll keep a few for myself;)


My Guilty Little Secrets? Well, I Love Red Cabbage And Peppers On... May 8th. at 12:28:59 pm EDT

Lauren (Piscataway, New Jersey US) Age: 19 - Email

My guilty little secrets? Well, I love red cabbage and peppers on my hamburgers. I am the proud owner of a vast collection of gay (adults only) comic books.(I have those hidden in my car where the prying eyes of my mother can't find them!) I cried at the end of the movie "Drop Dead Fred." I also cried at the end of "Edward Scissorhands". And "The Iron Giant." I am nineteen and I still sleep with a nightlight on. "The Blair Witch Project" scared the crap out of me, even though I knew it was a work of fiction. And last, but certainly not least (drumroll please)...I think Marilyn Manson is the most attractive man I have ever seen.

All I Can Say Is That I Am 27 And Married And... May 8th. at 12:45:52 pm EDT

Starkravenmadd (Shelby, North Carolina US) Age: 27 - Email

All I can say is that I am 27 and married and I still sleep with the same teddy bear I have had for about 15 years. My husbands little secret? He takes my bear in the middle of the night. Of course to hear him tell it my bear DEFECTS to his side of the waterbed. I told him that I have had that bear for over 15 years and it never once left my side of his own choice. What did my husband say?? And I quote "Your bear was just waiting for the right man."

I married an 'idiot savant', except without the 'savant' part. :P
And for those that know him its noooo secret!

Uh, First Off I Got My First Speeding Ticket Last Night. I... May 8th. at 1:42:01 pm EDT

Amanda (Providence, Rhode Island US) Age: 21 - Email

Uh, first off I got my first speeding ticket last night. I was doing 85 in a 55, but the (veryveryveryvery) nice cop only put 70 on the ticket. The dirty part of the secret is that I was rushing home to see the last episode of an anime called The Big O on cartoon network after going to see David Copperfield with my little brother.
Second, I love hockey (GO DEVILS!). I cheer at fights, and if there's blood on the ice, I'm happy. I love the sport itself, but the nastiness of it all is really a stress reducer, especially when you yell at the TV screen. It's the only time my NJ accent really comes out to play.
Third, I'm training to be a pastry chef, but I don't like most desserts, or even fruit. Nevermind the real food in fancy restaurants. I think it's all gross.
Last, I love listening to novelty music. I have music by Weird Al and Ray Stevens and Kinky Freidmen, and two cd's of stuff that was on the Dr. Demento show. Ok, now that I feel like a total dork...

I'm Trying So Hard To Like Myself Its Hard To Feel Guilty... May 8th. at 4:25:12 pm EDT

Jane Spacebat (Edinburgh, Scotland UK) Age: 20 - Email

I'm trying so hard to like myself its hard to feel guilty....anyhow here goes... I talk to animals all the time. And plants. For 2 years I was a punk doing ballet lessons....I have an Anti-Nowhere League tattoo (UK 80s punk band)...I'm incredibly greedy and have been known to eat cream on my cereal.....I played Britney Spears in a goth club (not a secret that)...I'm a shoeaholic (think that's because I'm a dancer so I wear shoes down quickly and they start to hurt)...I spent Ł185 on a corset....I love Tom Lehrer, especially the Masochism Tango....I always dance when I'm at the bus stop and last of all...I always think I've done really badly in exams and panic when I've actually got an A.... don't understand why so many folk are guilty about 80's music or liking women....I think a person is about more than their sex. I love my boyfriend and would never want anyone else. I felt jealous when he went off with someone else (we were just friends then...) and I think that's my most guilty secret....oh yeah and I got my mum to import me some Twinkies when she went to America....(eeek)

Where Do I Start? I Cry Uncontrollably When I Hear "the Living... May 8th. at 4:35:04 pm EDT

Al Replogle (Konnarock, Virginia US) Age: 27 - Email

Where do I start?

I cry uncontrollably when I hear "The Living Years" or "Cat's in the Cradle." There are several really cheesy country/western songs that make me cry, too, but to list them I'd have to admit listening to c/w.

I _really_ like old MGM musicals. The sappier, the better.

I still have my old Amy (remember Holly Hobbie and friends?) doll and still cuddle up and talk to her when I'm sad and/or lonely.

I sleep on the sofa when my husband is on business. I don't like having that big ol' futon all to myself.

Even though I'm a witch, I really _don't_ like cats.


Even though they are sexist, homophobic, rednecky, and goddess only knows what else, I listen to The John Boy and Billy Big Show (it's a radio program) every morning. And laugh myself silly much of the time.

There. Now y'all know.

Wow! I Read All The Responses, And It Seems Like All My... May 8th. at 5:20:35 pm EDT

Gretchen (Chester County, Pennsylvania US) Age: 23 - Email

Wow! I read all the responses, and it seems like all my fellow Buffy compatriots came out of the woodwork for this one.

My other guilty pleasures:

I consider smoking (tobacco) a dedicated hobby. I love to smoke! I don't want to quit no matter how many people tell me I'll die from it.

Odd ball shoes. Fo-Zebra with 4 inch platforms, Sliver work boots, vinyl snakeskin clogs.

I was a art management major in college specializing in non-profit marketing & fund razing, and now I work for a investment firm. (Translation: I sold out.) Worse, I love my job.

I stared in a slasher film in college, as a goth chick. It was great fun! (I also can say I spent a romantic evening mixing gallons fake blood with my boyfriend.)

So those are my dirty little secrets, and they are dirty. Have you ever mixed food coloring and corn syrup by the gallon?

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