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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 57 - 9/3/2001

If You Were Stranded Alone On A Deserted Island...

If You Were Stranded Alone On A Deserted Island... - and- while all of your immediate needs for food, water, shelter, fire were being met- you faced the reality that you would not be rescued for several weeks, what ten (10) items would you like to have with you in order to pass the time or save your sanity?

 Reponses:   There are 56 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

First Off, I Would Bring All Four Beatles As They Were In... Sep 5th. at 4:19:41 pm EDT

Aelfen Pandora (Katie to the humans) (Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 16 - Email

first off, I would bring all four Beatles as they were in 1963 (but they would age like me and wouldn't have wives or girlfriends or kids or commitments to anyone but me). A neverending bag of condoms and birthcontrol-pills since they'd be there (teehee!). A really good computer with accessories (connections and electricity would be on the island). All my magickal supplies. All my art supplies. All my friends (including relatives). Last of all, all the cds in the world except for all pop music made later than 1995.

Am I materialistic or what?

PS> we'd never get off the island since it'd be heaven

10. My Sks And A Case Of Ammunition. 9. A Practical General... Sep 5th. at 6:59:13 pm EDT

Barbarian (Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 31 - Email

10. My SKS and a case of ammunition.

9. A practical general purpose knife.

8. My large first aid kit.

7. A large supply of insulin and related supplies for my diabetes.

6. My GURPS RPG books and related materials.

5. My family. (Ok, that would technically be 2 humans and 9 cats, but I think I can get away with calling them one item for this purpose.)

4. Solar powered battery recharger to power the ...

3. Shortwave radio and the ...

2. Portable GPS Unit, to help me guide ...

1. A boat. (What can I say, I'm practical that way!)

Of course, we're probably going to take the opportunity for a bit of vaction before we use that boat!

1. Big Box Of Crayons 2. Drawing Pad 3. Book- Mists Of... Sep 5th. at 11:40:59 pm EDT

Deborah (beaufort, South Carolina US) Age: 27

1. BIG box of crayons
2. drawing pad
3. book- Mists of Avalon
4. 2-1 shampoo/conditioner
5. brush
6. towel
7. pillow
8. comforter
9. tarot cards
10. field guide/survival techniques

Stranded On A Desert Island, With Plenty Of Food And Shelter....hmmmnnnnnnn... Sep 6th. at 1:43:47 am EDT

Chelle "Zeyra" (Maricopa, Arizona US) Age: 32 - Email

Stranded on a desert island, with plenty of food and shelter....hmmmnnnnnnn...
Is is a fully furnished tree house? If so, then...
1)one set of oil lamps with a large drum of citronela oil
2)A cell phone, with full signal and long life battery for those "how do you make friends with a tiger?" questions.
3)The Mists of Avalon *Bless MZB!
4)soaps, tooth stuff, basic cleaning the bod stuff that smells good!
5)Neverending journal and pencils.
6)Nagg Champa in case jasmine is not growing all over the tree house.
7)Pillows and blankies
8)A large cauldron
9)Pictures of my kids.
and finally
10)A radio with good stations for music and talk, so I can sing along and feel like someone is there.

I must admit, being a Sagittarius it would be very hard to be alone for that long for me. I would love the solitude for only so long and then I would probably befriend a coconut or something. I love the idea of a big elaborate tree house with open walls and solid floors. A big cozy overstuffed chair and a little fireplace and I am set for a bit! I guess I have taken this to fantasy land, but for me this would be ideal!
I think if I were able to pick the terain, I would chose a small clean water grotto with a waterfall as my back yard on this little island! :)
Blessings to you all!
See you on the island!

Ivy Greenwood Says: 1. My Children!!! I Can't Stand It Even When... Sep 6th. at 1:51:58 am EDT

Ivy Greenwood (Simi Valley, California US) Age: 45 - Email

Ivy Greenwood says:

1. MY CHILDREN!!! I can't stand it even when they just go spend the night at a friend's house, so they've GOTTA come along!
2. A case of books (cheating, I know, but I have very eclectic tastes in books and I LOVE to read---one or two books simply won't do).
3. My Tarot cards
4. My Swiss Army knife, because I'd feel naked without it
5. Waterproof matches
6. A teakettle
7. Teacups
8. Lipton Green Tea with Orange, Passionfruit and Jasmine. Otherwise I'll curl up and die.
9. A dental hygiene kit (Did you see Tom Hanks' TEETH in "Castaway?" We are NOT goin' there!!!)
10. Biodegradable shampoo

What Would I Bring If I Was Stranded. There Are So Many... Sep 6th. at 9:40:11 am EDT

Rob V. (chicopee, Massachusetts US) Age: 21 - Email

What would I bring if I was stranded. there are so many things but since i must limit it to we go

1. My computer with the cable modem (ug cant deal with phone modem anymmore) (and there better be a cable hook up on this island ^_^ )

2. Cigarrettes (but only enuf to last me one pack for five days (hey maybe I could try to quit again)

3.The book House of Leaves and my book of shadows

4. My small collection of c.d.'s (yes all of em i need the variety) and cd player with unlimited supply of batteries)

5.Set of runes

6.Cauldron, crystal ball, and incense mixture of patchouli, jasmine, oppy, cypress, and musk

7.And lastly being the gemini that I am, a recording of generic responses and replies so I can have someone (sort of) to talk to and argue with when theres
no one online. (just so I wont crack from lack of interaction with others)

I Think I'd Die Because I Totally Hate Being Alone, But Anyways... Sep 6th. at 11:36:53 am EDT


I think I'd die because I totally hate being alone, but anyways...

1~ My Trans Am - the coolest, fastest car ever built! I love cars!

2~ My Motley Crue CD collection - gotta have loud music when I cruise around on my island! Any true Cruehead wouldn't leave home without it!

3~ A weight bench complete with dumbells & barbells & a good sports bra - because I wanna look like Chyna when I leave the island!

4~ W. Axl Rose! That way I have someone I can cruise around with....

5~ Basic hygiene stuff - don't wanna get all smelly with Axl around!

6~ My Leatherman & Buck knife

7~ My entertainment cabinet complete with TV, VCR, DVD player - let's hope the local island video rental has a good selection, well they should have all of the movies in, since I'm the only one on it! Right on!

8~ A sexy bikini & some sunscreen

9~ A double wide trailer with polyester curtains & a redwood deck

10~ My electric guitar & my amp

I Think I'd Be Rather Happy That My Immediate Needs For Food... Sep 6th. at 2:29:03 pm EDT

Silver (calgary, Alberta CA) Age: 21

I think I'd be rather happy that my immediate needs for food/water/shelter would be met :)
But, my ten things would be... (in no particular order)
1. a good computer
2. a working internet connection
3. a selection of my fave cds
4. my favourite human companion
5. a good long book
6. another good long book
7. a bottle of jack daniels
8. a bottle of coke
9. a nice glass
10. some ice


Well, Let's See. Three Books: Interview With The Vampire, Book Of Shadows... Sep 6th. at 3:00:48 pm EDT

Journey walker (Covington, Kentucky US) Age: 17

Well, let's see.

Three Books: Interview with the Vampire, Book of Shadows and My Personal book of shadows, oh hell, let's also say teen witch and maiden mother crone

Three cassettes: Sarah McLachlan's funbling towards ectasy, tori amos little earth quakes/under the pink and korn follow the leader and also mybe some manson and dave matthews

plenty of writing paper and a pen

plenty of peanut butter, cheese, salad, and of course all the margueritas I could drink

my altar

my cats

david boreanaz or angelina jolie

a stereo and that's it.

Things That I Would Take With Me To A Deserted IslandÉ 1... Sep 6th. at 6:37:38 pm EDT

Fire Horse (Winnetka, California US) Age: 35 - Email

Things that I would take with me to a deserted IslandÉ

1) My Cats

2) Any and all toiletries

3) A cell phone with unlimited everything, including battery

4) A Pentium 6 computer with unlimited space & internet access

5) Generator w/unlimited fuel (to run computer)

6) My Book Library

7) All the healing herbs that I would need. (and Catnip)

8) A cast Iron stove (CanÕt do nothin with out cast iron)

9) Cooking things like cast iron pots, pansÉa chefs knife and accessories and wooden dishes (so they donÕt break.)

10) Oh yah and my Husband and/or Robin Williams

Ok, the computer is important to keep up to date with WV. The cell-phone so that I could call my Mom to tell her, ÒIÕm ok, I just donÕt know where I am or when I will be backÓ (CanÕt have Mom worried.) I was going to list a bus size RV with expandable sides and all the amenities but then I remembered that food, water and shelter needs where being met.

0) Girlfriend 1) Toilet Paper 2) Writing Instrument(s) 3) Writing Paper... Sep 7th. at 12:15:03 am EDT

enki (Phoenix, Arizona US) Age: 29 - Email

0) Girlfriend
1) Toilet paper
2) Writing instrument(s)
3) Writing paper
4) Sledgehammer
5) Wheelbarrow
6) Rope
7) Saw
8) Ax
9) Drugs (for purely medicinal purposes, of course)

1. A Good Knife 2. Sticks/twigs 3. Some Dry Leaves (palm... Sep 7th. at 1:34:04 am EDT

Tanais (spokane, Washington US) Age: 20

1. a good knife
2. sticks/twigs
3. some dry leaves (palm leaves would be nice)
4. duct tape
5. deck of cards
6. sun screen or heavy coat depending on where this island is
7. a rock
8. shark repellant(can't be too careful these days)
9. sand
10. a coconut radio would be cool but I'm sure Gilligan would break it

maybe an explanation is in order. I want the sticks and leaves so I can make some torches and just conduct my own private plays at night. the sand I can make a bed and pillow out of, and the rock and coconut radio were really just fillers since I couldn't think of anything else I really needed.

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