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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 63 - 10/21/2001

Have You Done Any Protection Spells or Workings?

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11th, have you done any protection spells or workings for yourself and your family? Have you done any for the military forces or for the nation? How about something geared toward the biological/chemical threats? Have you participated in any of the calls for a binding spell aimed at stopping/finding those responsible? Do you plan to do something like this in your Samhain rituals this year? Have you asked your Gods/Ancestors/ spirits to watch over you, guard you or aid you in such magickal endeavors? Do you think that the recent events will change how you usually celebrate or participate in Samhain rituals?

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A Simple Spell That We All Can Do Was Shown To Me... Oct 20th. at 11:12:05 am EDT

Maeve (Laurel, Maryland US) Age: 36 - Email

A simple spell that we all can do was shown to me by some of the folks from the Nomadic Chantry of the Gramarye here in Maryland. Actually, it's two variations on a theme. The first one is based on the Qabalistic Cross - like so:
Raise your right hand above your head and say "North Pole". Bring your arm down, pointing to earth and say "Key West". Then touch your left shoulder and say "Hawaii". Touch your right shoulder and say "East Coast" (Or pick a location.) Draw a circle around the four points saying "Peace and Protection, So Mote It Be. ending with hands in "prayer position" Do this a total of
three times.

The other is an Invoking Spirit Pentagram. Start with your hand at Earth. Visualize and say "Hawaii". Go to Spirit, and say "North Pole". Go to Fire and say "Key West". Go to Air and say "Attu" (Attu Island is the westernmost point in Alaska) To Water and say "Prince Edward Island" or P.E.I. (the easternmost point in North America) Return to Earth. As before, draw your circle "Peace and Protection, So Mote It Be", ending with hands in "PrayerPosition"
Repeat a total of three times.

(For those of you who might not work with Pentagrams, Earth is your Left
Foot, Spirit is the point above your head, Fire your Right Foot, Air
your left arm outstretched, and Water your right arm, outstretched.
Always come back to where you start)

I live in Prince Georges County, MD, which lost the most people in the Pentagon of any of the surrounding areas. Most of them were civilian employees. I was at an Internet research conference on 9/11, and the Pentagon attack happened right over my head while I was in the first session. Thank the Goddess that I didn't lose anyone I know personally, but a friend lost three co-workers at the Pentagon, and another friend has an aunt who worked in the WTC who was injured, but is thankfully alive and okay. I feel personally violated because the Pentagon hijackers were staying in a cheap motel a few miles from my home and took lessons at an air park where another friend takes flying lessons. Others learned how to fly near my in-laws' home in Florida, and the PA plane crashed near where I went to camp as a kid.

As for doing any kind of rituals of retribution or karmic justice, I believe that we do need to make sure that the deaths of thousands of innocent people are answered for on the metaphysical plane as well as the physical one. Bin Laden and his Taleban friends are responsible not only for the deaths of people in the US, but the subjugation and murder of women and religious minorities in Afghanistan, the deaths of people in Tanzania and Kenya, etc. This is a cancer on the body of humanity, and it must be surgically removed.

Please pray for all of the military who are involved in this effort, especially our Pagan military members. And, don't forget to take action in the physical world. Send money to the relief efforts, send letters and goodies to the troops, have your kids send in dollars to help the children of Afghanistan, buy some of the crafts that RAWA and other feminist groups are selling.

Whhat Do You Plan To Do? I Plan To As Much As... Oct 20th. at 11:52:15 pm EDT

Perrin (Denver, Colorado US) Age: 24

Whhat Do You Plan To Do? I plan to as much as I can to stay out of the line of fire as much as possible. I have had some contact with the departed on 9-11, and they are afraid that this is playing into the hands of the father of flies. This may be the start of Rigammarrol, or Armegedon. The Talaban minister of defence was wearing a blue turban, & if any of you look at Nostradamous' predictions, an Arab with a blue turban starts the last war. I have had a lot of visitors lately, and Iam afraid to cast into the ether as I used to do. All my protections are vanishing without a trace, I am seeing visions of blood when I sleep, and torment beyond all sanity. If there is a hell I think we woke it up. I think if we are luckly some of us may live through this war, but then again our luck may have ran out. The moment we decide that old glitch has come up for air at last is the moment I am taking
my last breath. I may follow the black goat, but evne I don't wamt to end our time on this Earth.

The rats are loose in Bethlehm once more, but this time they have a leader.

I Invite You All To Join Me In A Ritual Of Love... Oct 21st. at 1:34:13 am EDT

Earthfire (Seattle, Washington US) Age: 37

I invite you all to join me in a ritual of love and healing on Samhain night. Join your energy with all beings in ring of love and healing for the earth and all her children, both living and dead. Let us blast through the negative energy with the light of love for all.

As I read everyone's thoughtful and thorough responses, I keep returning to the idea of the incredible psychic resonance of the fear and pain of the dying on 9-11. Add that to the pain and grief of the city of NY, the pain and grief of the Pentagon and Washington, DC, and the collective grief and fear of our nation, I can't help but think that some sort of ripple- or tsunami- in the energy that we are all a part of must be horribly out of whack and breaking over us in a drowning force. All of this pain and suffering unleashed on the world is.... unimanginable.

As a junior high school teacher, I have been able to see first hand the effect on the children and on their behavior. They're more negative, anxious, and frightened. They're also more violent, having been involved in a record number of fights. I think its because of the energy that was released into the Universe by this event, and that we all feel.

I plan on doing some protective work for myself, yes, on Samhain, but also for the troops, and also for innocent victims of oppression all over the world. In addition I plan on sending energy back to the people of 9-11 to lessen their pain and fear, and in the hopes that somehow I can find a working that will do something to transmute the dark energy around us into peaceful and loving energy.

This is a departure from my regular Samhain ritual (I'm a hereditary solitary) in that rather than just my family, I've invited friends to come and remember their departed loved ones and their ancestors, and then I'm going to ask the ancestors to welcome and heal the spirits of those who are newly and suddenly among them. Then I plan on asking all spirits, whatever their plane of existence, to send the white light of love and healing to the earth and the people she protects. I invite all pagans to join me in channeling peace and love and healing energy to the earth and all beings on Samhain/Beltaine.

Yes, I Have Been Doing Spells. Immediately After The Second Attack On... Oct 21st. at 6:06:11 am EDT

Destiny Shadowlynx (Chandler, Arizona US) Age: 37 - Email

Yes, I have been doing spells. Immediately after the second attack on the WTC, I grabbed my athame and pointed it skyward while saying, "This must stop now!" A bolt of energy shot upwards and outwards. I have sent healing energy to the victims and the survivors of this tragedy. I've also added more wards around our home, two more Chaos dragons and three more Undead dragons. The binding ritual was a tough one though. After wrestling with the "harm none" in the Rede for about a week or so after the attack, I realized that if I didn't do something to bring these terrorists down, then what's to stop them from attacking us again? We cannot afford to sit back like sheep, expecting the Cosmos, Gods & Goddesses to "take care of it" for us. We have a responsibility for our safety and well being too. At that moment, I knew I had to become proactive, stop being afraid, and take action to bring bin Laden and other terrorists 'to justice'. They broke the Universal Law and now must be held accountable. On a Tuesday night during a waning moon, I lit a very large black candle inscribed with the symbols of Saturn, Mars, & Scorpio. I arranged some tarot cards over bin Laden's photo, put another photo of him with his name and any terrorists who think like him inscribed on the back, in a jar with four thieves vinegar, and sealed it shut with candle wax. Then I called upon Hecate, Kali, The Morrigan, Sekhemet, and The Furies, explained the situation to them, and then asked them to deal with bin Laden and any terrorists who think like him using whatever means they chose. I let the candle burn until it was consumed. On Samhain, in addition to our usual celebrations, I'm doing a follow up ritual which will include burning another large black candle and burying the jar upside down.

No, I Haven't. But It Isn't For Lack Of Wanting To! It's... Oct 21st. at 2:40:12 pm EDT

Night MoonFlame (Tidewater, Oregon US) Age: 13

No, I haven't. BUT it isn't for lack of wanting to! It's actually for lack of knowing how. I'm like literally JUST starting on my path. But I'm getting a book for beginners this week so maybe I'll be able to do something then!

Merry Meet All, This Samhain Will Certinally Be Different For Me And... Oct 21st. at 7:12:45 pm EDT

Wisper Dance (salamanca, New York US) Age: 35 - Email

Merry Meet All,

This Samhain will certinally be different for me and my family. If 2 months ago you would have asked me about the current events, I would have been screaming BOMB, BOMB, BOMB...But on September 11, 2001, I had taken my daughter to NYC...We were a block away from the WTC, when something told me to turn around and go in the other direction, it was but a few moments before the first plane hit, then the second, then the intire building...that was a sight I will never forget, nor will my daughter. So now, I have done several spells for peace, to turn over the man responceable for all this tradigy, to keep our men and women safe as they protect this country, and to help all those familys to heal without bitterness, and last but not least to help all the lost sould cross over.

I have planed a full night for Samhain, I hope there will be many others that will be doing the same thing. It would be nice to turn them back, and have them release Bin Laden, but untill then there is a lot of healing to do right here, right now !!!!

Love and Light

Other Than Prayers For The Departed, For Our Soldiers, For The Innocents... Oct 21st. at 7:19:46 pm EDT

Bryony Ravenwillow (Kansas City, Missouri US) Age: 33

Other than prayers for the departed, for our soldiers, for the innocents in Afghanistan, etc., I haven't done anything really magickal since 9/11. I am saving my energies for Samhain, which in my time zone occurs on a Blue Moon.
Prior to Samhain, I've been doing a lot of housecleaning, trying to get the house spic-and-span both physically and metaphysically. Though ordinarily I am not a 'clean freak', I have this feeling that everything must be cleansed and purified before I do anything of magickal intent. So I've been cleaning beyond the regular dusting and vacuuming.
I haven't yet written out my ritual for Samhain, though I've had several ideas, and it will probably be modified from the ritual I used last Samhain, one which I found very powerful and healing. I just hope that I can use the Blue Moon energies to a powerfully positive effect. I keep listening to the Lady and Lord and my own intuition to do the right thing.

Love and Light,


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