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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 82 - 10/20/2002

Your Samhain/Beltaine Musings

What have you been musing about at this time of the changing seasons? What lessons have you learned? What hopes do you hold for the future? How will you honor/mark/celebrate the Holiday? If you have rituals, poems, stories or links to seasonal lore and/or activities, feel free to share them here.

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Samhain Plans Oct 23rd. at 8:44:49 pm EDT

Gwenhwyfar (Elmira, NY) Age: 31 - Email

As the sabbat quickly approaches I find myself wondering how another year of my life could pass so quickly by. My goal for this new year obviously is to downsize my commitments and try to take time to smell the roses.
As usual I will dress-up, visit my loved ones resting sites to commune with them, pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, hold my feast and invite any ancestors to attend with myself and my cats, and then at midnight say goodbye to the old year and its' pitfalls and hello to the New Year and ask the Goddess and God to guide me safely toward my goals.
Blessed Samhain to everyone and stay safe!:) )0(

My Halloween Plans!! Oct 23rd. at 11:03:07 pm EDT

Lil' Shinigami (New Milford, New Jersey) Age: 15 - Email

Halloween,or whatever u wish to call the holiday,i am going to mostly be w/ my covent and doing rituals to bless the Goddess & God, and to protect our friends and family. I also plan on dressing up as a gal in a covent...(sry not good @ describing the oufit!!)get my candy, bless the candy I give out to the little kids,and do a few spells!!! I am looking forward to this day!!! Happpy Halloween!!!!

A Time Of Change Oct 23rd. at 11:50:43 pm EDT

Silver Butterfly (Edmonton, Canada) Age: 19 - Email

This Samhain season is different from the ones of the past. This past year has been a full of lessons for me, both in the magical realm and the everyday realm. I've found a lot of things out about myself but like everything in life there was a cost to these lessons. I experienced the death of a relative, and I also was put in situations that needed me to rethink the ways that I look at my life and the world around me. This Samhain, I intend to reflect on the things I've learned. I plan on probably dressing up and handing out candy. Later I will look back on the lessons I've been taught and the events and people of the past year to leave it behind. I plan on welcoming in the new year quietly and without much fanfare. Have a wonderful Samhain everybody.

Two Samhains Oct 24th. at 8:31:29 am EDT

Charlayne (Friendswood, Texas) Age: 45 - Email

Our family celebrates Samhain a bit differently. My coven will have their rememberance this week since Samhain night falls on Thursday (our regular class night). It's a traditional Samhain ritual and feast, with all the memories of those who have passed on before us.

Next week, actual Samhain night, is always a "family time". It's my 9th handfasting anniversary, my daughter and son-in-law's fifth wedding anniversary, my son-in-law's birthday and we always have a family Halloween Party that night.

Having been dubbed the "Addams Family" by friends, we always have lots of food, dress up, greet the trick or treater's, decorate the house (this year, as last, it's at my daughter's) and we have a blast with our friends and chosen family.

Samhain itself is a time of rememberance and for families. In our celebrations, we are building our own memories to give to our children, grandchildren, and friends. The bigger the party, the more memories are built in.

Last year my son-in-law spent the night "painting" the teens who were too cool for real costumes with fake blood (karo syrup and food coloring) so that at least they LOOKED like they tried to have a costume. We had so much fun.

This year will be even bigger and better.

Yay For Holloween! Oct 24th. at 2:00:13 pm EDT

Waking Iris (Iowa) Age: 18 - Email

Part One"

I loved holloween even as a kid. When asked in class what our fave holiday was, mine was always holloween. X-mas isn't my fave 'cause my birthday is Dec. 4. Talk about getting gipped on gifts. But anyway, Holloween,which is easier to pronounce than Samhain since it's all pheontic (sp?) like, is my fave holiday mostly because it isn't quite as comercialized as all the others. "What!?" you say, "you've got to be kidding me!" but it's true. You will probably never see a "Holloween Favorites" cd come out. Or be bombarded by the need to spend hundred's of dollars on everyone else, not to mention always in the store that plays the WORST music over the intercom. Sorry folks, but some carols are best left to the family where you can pretend that it sounds bad only 'cause lil' Johnny hasn't grasped the idea of pitch yet.

All in all, Holloween is great. Fun and cheap. My kind of holiday.

Part Two:

I will be spending the holiday in my dorm in silent prayer and reflection. It's been an eventful year for me and I have a lot to be thankful for, not to mention plenty of hopes for next year. I will have my fun with friends first of course, then retire to be alone. I can't wait. It's been awhile since I had an excuse for some solitude.

"A dream is a wish your heart makes, while you're fast asleep." Dream well friends.


Blessed Be... Oct 24th. at 2:50:12 pm EDT

Autumns_Embrace (Duluth, Minnesota) Age: 30 - Email

Samhain is celebrated in our home as our time for renewal, reflection on the past Turn, and lessons learned... My favorite sabbat is the Samhain... No hiding the true self this day!! my kids, my husband, and I break out the cloaks and pictures of our family... We speak lovingly of our passed friends and relatives... and invite them to be present to bless our festivities and we put together a family dinner.... We spend time with our friends... There is no school or work on this day... if we can help it... We play old divination games... carve pumkins... Durung our ritual we write down our habits we want to get rid of, events that upset us , ect... and we put them into the cauldron to burn them away... We say goodbye to the Goddess and she leaves the Path... and welcome the God as he sets his Foot upon it... We go trick or treating... afterwards, we leave some candy by the old tree out back for the spirits, and we bury one of our pumpkins.... and hold a fire... We give thanks for the help through our trials and blessings we have recieved... This year we have and extra blessing born this past January... a 13lbs. 1.8oz baby boy born on the 13th.... We have had a truely blessed year this Turn....

No Witches Here! Oct 24th. at 7:52:46 pm EDT

Diama White (Wayne MI USA) Age: 46 - Email

Our holiday will be quiet and simple.
Just to share something: we are all going to dress up for Halloween where I work. My boss, a zealous Carasmatic-Catholic, has asked that no one dress scarey. No mummies, wolfmen or witches. I asked her, "What makes that day different than today?" One of these days I will come out of the broom closet.
)O( Peace to all in this happy season!
Diama White

Change Oct 24th. at 8:56:51 pm EDT

Debbie (Upstate New York) Age: 47 - Email

This is my favorite time of the year. I think about my family and friends and bless them with all the peace and happiness they deserve. I remember friends and relatives that are no longer here and hope that on this night they honor me with a visit. I learned that even the youngest child has something to teach. Blessed Be.

Hmm... Oct 25th. at 2:50:29 pm EDT

Urytevaera (Canada) Age: 21 - Email - Web

With the death of 2 family members since 2000 and a friend that
died only 16 days ago I have really pushed anything related to
death away from me.

The past couple of days though, my thoughts have been turning around.
I have noticed that there is good in the bad that I have seen; death has
brought our family closer (something I thought wasn't possible),
seeing people die that are around your own age makes you realize
that there is still soo much that you can and should do every day.

I don't know what I will be doing exactly for Samhain but
I do know that I won't 'push out my heart'...perhaps a ritual, or a
prayer or even a poem.

I will not forget the things that I am being
taught this year from my soul;
it will all definately be written down.

Hellos, Goodbyes, And The Like Oct 25th. at 3:47:36 pm EDT

Janet (Virginia Beach VA) Age: 38 - Email

I have been contemplating the Triple Godess this Samhain. My dad is in the final stages of emphysema--additionally, we lost my dad in law very quickly (from diagnosis to death, 20 days) of brain cancer last month. Yes, some sadness, but more, seeing mercy from the Crone. Thankful for Her wisdom when we lack it....Feeling very close to my 12 yr old son, who is going to his first ritual with me this Samhain...and feeling close to my 16 year old daughter who has chosen her path (non Pagan) after a week long stint in the hospital with major depression...grateful for the Mother for my children---all three, to include the ever active 17 month old daughter...I am going to do a "Dumb Supper"...we have decorated the house for Samhain and am looking forward to the ritual next week....

Samhain/beltane Oct 25th. at 7:59:52 pm EDT

dan (indiana) Age: 65 - Email

hi.............the rain soaking farm land the full moon the leaves of many colors all make me realize my crone and I look forward to dying and then rising again fresh and new forever.

Im Getting Ready...and Im Looking Forward To It... Oct 25th. at 8:44:10 pm EDT

Silver-eyed Kimberleigh (Detroit) Age: 16 - Email

I will bear witness to the events which take place around me
and I will be more aware now... Ever since the recent death of my
Cousin I am making sure i attend some things in his honor.
He and i shared a connection of the same beliefs so i hope this
holiday will make him proud of me and let him know i still
will continue beliving in him and that he will come back to me one
day. I will give myself to the holiday once again and surrender
my soul to it, give him the proper burial he deserves from me...

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