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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 88 - 12/8/2002

Are We Alone in The Universe?

Is this Earth the only planet inhabited with intelligent life? (Yeah. I wonder about that "intelligent" part sometimes, too!) Is Life a fluke? Are we unique? If there are other life forms out there, do you think that we shall ever meet them? How far into the future might that happen? Will they find us or will we find them first?

Do you think that the discovery of inhabitants on other planets would change our world view? How would the existence of aliens affect the religions of this world? Do you think such a concept as "religion" might also be found on other worlds?

Have we already been visited by beings from other planets? If an alien did come calling, what might you show him/her/it about life on planet Earth? Would you like to travel to another planet?

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Teehee! You're Funny! Dec 10th. at 10:29:51 pm EST

WakingIris (Iowa) Age: 19 - Email

Alone? What a waste of space! (no pun intended) Who says there are only three dimensions? And for those that use the "we would be overrun by UFO's by now" theory: if you were an alien species would you really wanna let yourself known, let alone stick around on a planet where it's "higher" beings can't seem to get it through their thick heads that war is bad?? C'mon. I say they came around, some FBI agent convinced 'em mosquitos are an endangered species and saved the world (ok, so I've seen Lilo and Stitch too many times. So sue me, it's a good theory. :}) Common sense alone says there is life out there, either that or it's all a big conspiricy and the universe is nothing more then a complicated holigram and we are all really in hamster cages driving hot wheels cars. Right, time to get some sleep...


I Think It's Rather Basic... Dec 10th. at 11:03:13 pm EST

Lilac (Alberta, Canada) Age: 14 - Email

... to think we're the only forms of life in the universe. As far as we know, the universe is infinite. The idea that only our planet can contain any sort of life seems a bit naive. Also, you have to take into account not only our dismension, but other ones. I think the very idea of existence is a fluke within itself. But if nothing existed, then would space still exist?

Anyway, I think we'll probably stumble onto them. I think that either they're primitive by our standards, or they've already seen our actions and basic alien philosophy and decided it was a better idea to stay where they were. I'm not even going to start on alien psychology because that's all speculation. Who knows, maybe they don't have anything that we would consider to be a 'mind' or intellect.

I think that if human civilzation does manage to make contact with alien, then we will eventually end up battling them, and become parasites, moving on from world to world, using their reasources until we've dried up the planet. Buahahaha!!!! ::grabs hat with antenni and giggles insanely::

We Are Not Alone. Dec 11th. at 1:10:14 am EST

Kirsten (Johannesburg, South Africa) Age: 17 - Email

I feel if would be pretty arrogant of us to assume that our planet around our sun, out of all the millions of suns and subsequint planets out there is the only one to support life. I'm sure there are other planets out there that have an atmospheric environment capable of supporting life. (Don't forget, small micro-organisms have been found on Mars. They just ran out of oxygen because of the lack of tecttonic forces).

Other inteligent species may not have a religon. Or they might have one that is startilingly similar to one on earth. Or they may have one that's totally different. I don't see how it is possible to know.

There is also the pretty big thing about the Great Pyramids being the in the exact same shape as the constalation, Orion. Also, thos pyramids would be difficult for us to build now in this day and age. How did the Ancient Egyptians build them when they had none of the technology we have? Maybe some aliens helped them, gave them the technology. A more far-fetched theory of mine is that the pyramids were a way of markin our planet so they would be able to find it again. Whether for invasion, or to teach us, or even just to know how we evolved.

*snicker* Alone? Dec 11th. at 8:42:00 am EST

Timoto (PA) Age: 17 - Email

We're not alone. I can not even think why we would be! The Gods, more likely the 'Source, the One, or Diety' wouldn't be that LAZY. Come on, people! We know they don't look like us, move like us, or talk like us! No because tehy are more advanced, because to be more evolutionarily advanced you have to have been part of that Evolutionary cycle, but because they are from different places! I know that they aren't the Gods, because the Gods are removed. They are probably at the same degree of Evolution (civilized, basic space travel, Republicans) because if the Gods wanted us to meet, (EVENTUALLY WE WILL) they don't want us to be scared, actually, we're probably only halfway to the meeting point.

Sorry for rambling

No - We Are Not Alone Dec 11th. at 2:00:43 pm EST

cold wind (Colorado Springs, CO.) Age: 58 - Email

We have never been alone. If you observe the actions of life all around us on a daily basis you will see young and old and all thats between moving in an intricate dance of birthing - living - dying. The universe obviously functions in the same way. To look at the night sky and think that we are the only ones to see and marvel at its great expanse and the immense population of stars, knowing that our unaided eyes can only see a very tiny percentage of what is out there is insanely egocentric at best.

We continue to find life, microbal to be sure, in some of the most unexpected places. It has been found in the coldest and driest places in Antarctica, in the solid rock of oil well bores plunging 5,000 feet below the surface and in the "black smokers" of the mid ocean ridges. Life seems to be just about everywhere you look. Intelligent life is extremely rare though. And highly intelligent life may perhaps be the rarest of all.

The late Carl Sagan ounce did a mathmatical excersise in which he followed a .1% of 1% reduction through several steps to calculate how many possible worlds in the Milkey Way galaxy, our home town, would possibily support not only intelligent life but societies that would become space faring races. As I recall, sorry I don't have the article handy, the formula went through 6 steps and ended up by multiplying the max number of stars in the galaxy by .000001%. Dr Sagan came up with the estimated number of potentially star faring races of approximately 62,500 in the Milkey Way galaxy alone. Then there are all of those other Galaxies out there. About 4-500 billion of them that we estimate to exist.

So much for scientific reasoning on the subject. Then there are those of us who are aware of "other planes of existance" ( for want of a better descriptive phrase ). How do we map and explore what our senses only vaguely hint at under the best of conditions? I include the mind as a "sixth" sense here - both because of its unknown powers and seeming sensitivity to that which we cannot see. I don't have an answer for this one and neither , it seems, does anyone else.

The late Robert Heinlein summed it all up very concisely when he said " The universe may not only be stranger than we imagine - It may be stranger than we can imagine". We are not alone and we do not know what our neighbors look like. Perhaps a little scary - but VERY interesting.

Just As Sure As The Goddess Made Huge Swimming Mammals! Dec 11th. at 4:14:29 pm EST

Mel (Northern CA) Age: 21 - Email

I doubt that the universe is devoid of intelligent life when this marginally habitable planet has given rise to at least two wildly different intelligent species. :)

The real question is why any visiting aliens would want to talk to us. Personally, I'd be much more interested in what a whale has to say, since they have survived so much longer and achieved harmony with thier enviornment.

Marklar! Dec 11th. at 7:36:58 pm EST

Ruth (Florida) Age: 23 - Email

Anyone who watches South Park can probably already tell what my answer is... In the "Marklar" episode (I don't remember the actual title), we discovered intelligent life on another planet, and some people (ahem) immediately made it their mission to tell them the good news about Jesus and make sure they converted to the "true" way.

Yep, I think there is intelligent life out there somewhere. I imagine they either wonder the same about us, or already know the answer (and the silence in our corner is deafening... lol). And I think if they ever paid us an official visit that much would be made over whether or not they "know the true way".

It wouldn't change my worldview much, but it would certainly make things interesting. However, since some of us here have difficulty getting along with our neighbors (who are more like us than we sometimes like to admit), I doubt it would be smooth sailing all the way. I'd LOVE to visit another planet, just to see what their lives are like.

Life Out There? Dec 11th. at 8:22:52 pm EST

Ahnvil (Los Angeles) Age: 29 - Email

There are many possibilities of life in the universe some that we probably cannot imagine. I think if you are questioning you are close to an answer, and that answer lies within.

In the Movie Contact we have an incredible being presenting itself to our brave and awe stricken explorer Ellie, played by Jodi Foster. The being comes to her in a fantastic landscape on a universe distant from ours with a message, a small one, "baby steps". Who would be ready for such an encounter individualy? Could our cultures and governments handle such an impact. The balance of power and order could be thrown into such a disasterous state I am sure that the "life out there" is hesitant to contact us. The ramifications are uncountable, religions, philosphies, histories, the orgin of life, all of these things will be put into a perilous state.

These things happen "in their own time" and it's best not to rush them.

One of my guides is not "from here". I don't presume to know where from or what the nature of what "not here" is. I know that I can trust him and his group and that they have always been with me, always assisting in the most beneficial ways. Good guides do that. They guide and not command.

I have never heard anyone describe anything like them because they do not look like the commonly known (pop-culture) Grays or "little green men". I have SEEN them once and never again, most times they are just a near pressence, a warmth and feeling, a complex thought snuggled deep in my psyche.

My answer to your question? I believe that there is life out there in the almost entirely unknown universe and as we progress, and if we don't destroy one another, we may find it. I believe it must happen as a world culture, that no particular country should be the "first" or that any people will be treated differently. I do not envision Contact occuring unless we can all learn to work towards it together. Until we do, I think, we will wonder.

The Equation Dec 11th. at 8:31:38 pm EST

Ahnvil (Los Angeles) Age: 29 - Email

This is called the drake equation:

They Mean To Win Wimbledon! :) Dec 11th. at 9:01:55 pm EST

Gwydion Canu Bleidd (Oneonta, New York) Age: 34 - Email

Yes, the blancmanges are on their way--when they arrive, they will turn the entire population of England into Scotsmen and begin settling in South London near Wimbledon, and they will be seen practicing on British tennis courts everywhere. Just look to the planet Skyron in the galaxy of Andromeda... :) (OK, OK, maybe Gwydion has been watching a bit too much Monty Python just lately!)

Are we alone? Not at all. But given the vast gulfs of space and light-years between us and other planets containing intelligent life, it seems unlikely that we will make any sort of contact with them in this, or any other, lifetime. There's no telling how highly evolved these other beings are, or how they may be able to survive a journey through space that would take hundreds or even thousands of years (assuming they have ships that can travel at the speed of light). They might be just as limited in their technology as we are in ours. Until such a thing happens, however, it will continue to fascinate (and occasionally horrify) the human mind.

I Think We Are Alone In The Universe But Dec 12th. at 6:00:03 am EST

Ceridwen (Wales) Age: 43 - Email

this makes life on earth all the more precious

Are We Alone In The Universe? Dec 12th. at 6:14:31 am EST

Bryan Deakin (Bonnybridge, Scotland) Age: 17 - Email - Web

I believe that we are not alone in this universe. I find it so hard to believe that out of all the planets in all the solar system that we are the only intelegent life form out there.

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