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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 92 - 12/29/2002

What Do You See in 2003?

Even though many Pagans celebrate the New Year at Samhain, Solstice or Yule, the new calendar year is upon us. Do you have a resolution to make for 2003?

What do you hope changes? What do you hope stays the same? What do you think the world will be like at the end of 2003?

What national and/or world events will be played out? Will things be better or worse? Got any predictions to declare?

 Reponses:   There are 47 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Ok, On To 2004 Jan 2nd. at 10:03:08 pm EST

Yet Another Prognosticator (New Richmond, WI) Age: 37 - Email

The further out I get, the less accurate these are going to be, and the sketchier, but here goes:

January, 2004: The last, starving North Korean troops surrender. Large numbers of American troops are quietly arriving home from European countries that no longer want them.

February, 2004: By this time, the situation in Egypt has become like that in Algeria -- the government and the Islamists have turned the country into a bloody mess where unveiled women might get tortured to death by paramilitaries, but dissidents are also tortured to death by the government. More attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. Attempts to deal with attacks in Afghanistan lead to clashes between American and Pakistani forces.

March, 2004: Attacks on Hindus in Bali cause India to become embroiled in the Indonesian mess. India's one and only carrier task force inflicts a drubbing on Indonesian Islamists, saving a fair number of Bali Hindus from being massacred. China begins quietly giving aid to Indonesian Islamic forces. Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other SE Asian nations in turn begin making overtures to India, hoping to avoid Chinese domination. Thinking that India is overextended, Pakistan steps up terrorist activity in Kashmir. Saddam Hussein is executed. More riots in the Middle East.

April, 2004: More terrorism in Kashmir. India responds by shelling across the border, but Pakistan does not back down. The Selective Service Bill passes Congress. Riots break out on campuses across the nation. Still more students and activists are detained. The Dow is still around 3000, with unemplyment hovering around 20%. The crime rate doesn't even bear thinking about. Most urban gangs have enjoyed a considerable resurgence since early 2003, and are being to feel genuinely powerful. They are.

May, 2004: India invades Pakistan. Pakistan immediately "goes nuclear", destroying one major Indian city. India responds by destroying every major urban center in Pakistan. At least 30 million people die in minutes. The Indian economy collapses, but Pakistan looks like "Mad Max", except in areas occupied by the Indian army. The BJP falls in the Indian parliament, and is replaced by a revitalized Congress Party. Religious nationalism will be out of fashion in India for decades, assuming India survives.

June, 2004: More riots as the draft is organized. This time the students are joined by the unemployed, and by gangs from the inner cities. Imagine the LA riots of 1992. Now, multiply them by about two, and imagine them in every major city in the country. Police forces are just swept away, completely unable to control the situation. Martial law is declared in every major city in the United States. Troops begin fighting the protestors, who shoot back, this time. Casualties mount.

July, 2004: More offensives in Iraq and Afghanistan. This time, the Afghani guerrillas, without their Pakistani patrons, are badly beaten. The last Pakistani forces surrender to India. Casualties in the Indian War are approaching 50 million. Pakistan looks like Somalia, only radioactive. Most major American cities have been pacified. Casualties on both sides in the Draft Riots are in the thousands. Bush pushes a plan to declare national martial law, and to detain millions of Pagans, gays, leftists, and others, and attampts to force the military to do his will when they demure. After conferring, the Joint Chiefs act. Elements of the 101st Airborne occupy the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court. It is a remarkably bloodless and civil coup. The coup leaders appear on television and declare that they have taken their actions to safeguard the Constitution, and outline what Bush had proposed. They do not depose the President, but "request" that Congress take up the matter of his impeachment at once. Congressional leaders agree. The coup leaders are much more ruthless with John Ashcroft, and with the leaders of the FBI, CIA, NCS, Bureau of Homeland Security, and other "intelligence community" organizations. All such people are arrested and imprisoned.

August, 2004: The 2004 Presidential campaign begins to heat up. The military leadership announces that it will not interefere in the campaign except to enforce a free and fair election. It quickly becomes apparent that Americans are becoming increasingly radicalized by recent events. Unfortunately, they are becoming radicalized in several different directions. The impeachment trial of George W. Bush gets underway.

September, 2004: Polls and primary elections reveal an electorate more split than any since the Civil War. The Republicans remain popular only among the Religious Right, a group shrinking with remarkable speed. The Democrats, however, do not have the confidence of the public, either. The Green Party is polling very well in the northernmost states, while the Independence Party does well in the middle and the far west, and various White Supremist factions have a disturbing popularity in the South and Midwest. The American people are all very angry, but they can't agree on what to do about it. The economy still is at a Great Depression level.

October: George W. Bush is impeached, and removed from office. He is succeeded by Vice-President Tom Ridge, Cheney having died earlier in the year.

November, 2004: The election of 2004 is the most confusing since, well, 2000. The Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, and Independence Party all take a few states. The neo-Nazi vote is divided among a number of splinter groups, so they don't do well, but it is still a very disturbing sign. Even the Natural Law Party and the Socialist Workers do well enough to get matching Federal funds, and a few Representatives. The election goes to the House, because no one is anywhere near a victory, with so many parties competing. The coup leaders quietly inform the House that they will _not_ pick the Republican candidate, who came in third, behind the Greens. This hands the election to the Democrats, whose candidate did best, and who are the only other party the Republican Representatives can stomach.

So, we end our scenario here. The new President, a Democratic Dark Horse from the South, will face a Congress with no party even close to a majority, an economy still in roughly the same condition in was in in 1932, two medium-sized wars still going on in the Middle East, a world out for American blood, and an American population in semi-revolt, but with nothing like a majority of the people supporting the same philosophy.

On the bright side, he is virtually certain to end detention without trial, and to restore lots of civil rights. And, despite, or maybe because of, Dubya's persecution, there are more Pagans than ever. Pagans are the main force in the Green Party, for example, and have influence in many other areas. Of course, the Pagans of 2005, having faced three years of persecution, have been radicalized to an extent unimaginable at the end of 2002. Paganism is now a fierce, well-armed religion, with some major payback to deliver to certain Christians..........

Political Predictions Jan 3rd. at 1:18:05 pm EST

G.C. (Seattle, Wa.) Age: 29 - Email

These days are like the relative calm before the storm. The Right-wing government will have near absolute rule in the coming years. This is quite unfortunate for this nation and the world, for the policies and practices will have an overwhelming effect on the world's economy and international relations. The damage done to our Republic will be staggering; virtually all liberties will be destroyed, and the entire world's population will/have lost confidence in us.
However, the political cycles will continue to turn. Every 30 - 40 years the dominant political force switches from left to right, back to left, ect. The 30's through the 60'/early 70's were decidedly liberal/left. The mid 70's to current was and is very much to the right. Within 10 years the prevaling political movement will be moving leftward. Part of this is due to reactions of those negatively affected by the dominant forces.
Given all of this, I predict these days to be quite dark, with opposition mounting and tempers flying. I think the terrorists will strike again, knowing the more they attack, the more power Bush gets, and thus their aims are fulfilled--that of taking our liberties from us. I bekieve there will not be war with Iraq, Bush needs "the bad guys" for his political fortunes. I think the economy will get worse, with a growing debt, and right-wingers will flood the Judiciary--gutting our rights for the next 30 years.
All of this sounds horrible, but there is a very bright light at the end of this tunnel; when the cycle comes our way, we shall make extensive, permanent changes, and shall have as close to total freedoms as is possible, and thus the next generations will benefit tremendously. Indeed, I believe the medium range future is quite glorious!

Going To Be A Rough Year Jan 3rd. at 1:43:34 pm EST

DolphinSmile (Austin, TX) Age: 21 - Email

I'm not sure if it will go as far as Prognosticator's predictions, but part of me almost hopes it does. It seems that that may be the only way to wake us Americans, and all of us human beings up to the horrible state we're in. I guess we'll just have to see. Bush getting impeached does sound awful good, although I'm sure I will be among the detainees.

Anyway, my plans for 2003 will first be to lose 10 pounds and get in shape by taking an exercise class. I will also be looking for a part time job somewhere, which may be quite difficult. I also need to apply for reasearch internships for summer, to get experience for graduate school. Oh yeah, and I also really should start researching graduate schools, and find out about the GRE.

So summer of 2003 I will hopefully be off somewhere doing research, then for the fall semester I will move into my own apartment at last, and ditch the dorms! I will then live as a starving student, hopefully having enough money for both food and textbooks while this war rages on and the economy continues to worsen. While my fellow natural science students in fields useful to developing technology for making weapons, or genetically engineering goats with antibiotics in their milk, will be getting lots of nice scholarships, I will be getting nada for studying the effects of global warming on migrant butterflies, or how much polar bears like oil pipelines, or whatever I end up studying.

I will also continue to fight this war, by going to anti-war rallies. I already went to one, and I am sure there will be many more in 2003. I hope I don't get arrested or something (and I REALLY hope they don't go Kent State on us!). Since I am a liberal, Pagan, anti-war, ecology major, if I'm not on somebody's list yet, I predict I will be put on one sometime in 2003.

I Am Looking Forward To The New Year Jan 3rd. at 1:52:08 pm EST

Stella (Pasadena, CA) Age: 24 - Email

I am not going to make any world predictions or even personal predictions, but I have a good feeling about the new years, personally. I feel like I am finally moving into the next phase of my life, and putting the appropriate things behind me. I am finally over being freaked out that I will turn 25 this year (I know, it is a totally silly thing to be freaked out by, but I was). If I can keep my momentum going I will be doing really well.

As far as the world goes, I am not really into predictions or doom and gloom scenarios. Many of my New Years resolutions involve doing my part to make the world a little better. I have started a recylcling program at my job and I am trying to start a volunteering program at work as well. I think our focus for 2003 is going to be helping animals and shut-ins.

Prognostocator Jan 3rd. at 8:09:42 pm EST

Avian (Canada) Age: 22 - Email

Holy gloom and doom -

Though, I personally have not been terribly optomistic on what I see in the coming year, I don't think it will be as bad as all that. The reason, the government NEVER moves that fast. I don't think that Bush will actually even launch an assault (if he is still foolish enough to do so) until the summer. I personally don't really think he will do it at all this year, and then next year is a campagning year, so that is what I think they will be spending most of this year worrying about.

They know how many citizens disagree with what he is doing and if he alienates so many voters, then he can kiss another term in office goodbye. He's got to be thinking about bolstering his image at home this year, as well as not looking like a wimp over seas - the pressures of poor, poor Dubya.

My Coming Year Jan 3rd. at 9:12:46 pm EST

ShadowSong, a.k.a. Nick Pearson (Stuart, FL) Age: 17 - Email

I personally am anticipating a year in which I can further the public understanding of Wicca. I want to expand my knowledge and to continue helping others, especially through this site. I expect that our community of Pagans, Witches, and other magickal persons will heal the Earth and make the world a better place. Everyone should make a personal committment to continue doing so. I am heartliy discouraged with such negative and pessimistic views concerning the coming calendar year. Each and every one of the peaople that reads my message will see that all it takes is focus and iintent to effect change. This, in fact, is half of magick. All of the Pagans that read this should come to realize that we, as the keepers of the Earth's sacred mysteries, can heal the Earth. And why shouldn't we? We heal ourselves and others at their request, so we should, in turn, heal the Earth from which we all came. Please, I ask you to try something: once in a moon cycle, or once a month, sit quietly in meditation in order to send healing energies to the Earth. However, don't simplly heal the planet; instead it is imperative that we also heal everyone on the Earth. If the entire Pagan community pulls together for a common purpose, no group could stop us. We have diplomacy, love, wisdom, experience, brotherhood, and, best of all, magick to help us reach our goals. Help the Earth-Mother and you help everyone. With that said, I wish all to have a joyful, prosperous, and purely magickal new year! Blessed Be!
Nick Pearson

What We Make Of It........ Jan 4th. at 8:22:45 am EST

Phoenix Flower (Georgia) Age: 36 - Email

The current turn of events is scary, but predictable.As long as Christians are allowed to assume that they are the National Religion we will face bigotry, abuse and real danger.And it isn't only Pagans.Many groups of citizens are damaged by their celebration of ignorance , medioctrity and intolerance.As soon as Bush came into office the Fundies hit the media like a tsunami, pouring the crud they push into every crevase of the airwaves, books and even in the streets.Our local military chapel commandeered a fire truck with loud speakers, and people were handing out icecream and candy to children with sunday school papers.Complete with sirens and free rides on the firetruck.Before this administration, they would not have been bold enough.We were there, pagan moms in the streets, telling them to go home and stop abusing power.To us it was an invasion.

Worldwide Conflicts Jan 4th. at 11:49:46 am EST

Spirit Walker (Selden, NY) Age: 44 - Email

With all that is going on in the headlines these days, it does not take a seer to predict that there will be kaos, conflicts, terror attacks and war.

Hopefully a 'war of words' will lead the head lines. Countries pushing out their chests, trying to impress other small nations or countries taking up the banner of 'we know what is best'. None of which can say to the world that peace is the best course and that they should live by our creed of 'harm none'. No wonder that they fear us, for we take the side of nature and peace.

But reality steps in and communications will break down and push will come to shove and we will all be the spectators to the 'games' that these countries will unleash upon our world.

No matter the 'names' of these countries, the end result will be the same...there will be war between the US and Iraq, which will ruffle the feathers of the Arab world which in addition to the terrorist attacks will hurt the world economy. This will affect every person on the planet in one way or another. Foreign nations will pull money out of other countries stock markets, further depressing them. This will make the stock analysts blackmail corporations into releasing more people into the unemployment lines, so that the corporations will show their stockholders that they are trying to become competitive.

The times will call for individuals to make tough decisions. These decisions can either be for the good of the world or the good of the 'ideals' of a small group.

I believe our only hope for peace is for someone to come out of the wings and take up he banner of the tough decisions that will end it all peacefully. Someone the people's of the world will rally around and change the course that looms in our future.

Prognostocator Jan 4th. at 12:03:54 pm EST

Timoto (PA) Age: 19 - Email

You're wrong about many things, but this sticks out the most. N. Korea is tryng to get a treaty with south Korea. Also, you can't expect all that to happen. You've looked down then darkened path, and seen nothing good. I however, have seen a different vision

2003 major events
1. N. and South Korea agree on treaty
2. Homeland Security Bill Declared unconstituitonal
3. Iraq allows all weapon inspectors in the first of saddam's palaces
4. Bush looses more poplularity
5. Left wing Gains suport
6. Death of the Right Wing

2004 major events
1. Bush fails to win election, Democratic Leader wins. Who, we don't see that yet
2. Weapons of Mass Destruction are found in Iraq
3. Bush declares war on Iraq, congress shoots it down
4. Right wing tries to ammend constitution again

George Dubya Bush Jan 4th. at 1:59:15 pm EST

Kestrel Song (London, England) Age: 20 - Email

As far as predicting what will happen in 2003 goes, I'm not too definate. George 'dubya' Bush will probably continue his so-called 'war against terror', until everyone realises how stupid they've all been in electing him in the first place. The UN weapons inspectors won't find any weapons of mass destruction, so he'll have to dig up something new to put against Iraq. As for the rest of the year, who knows?

Not All Good For 2003 Jan 4th. at 2:30:28 pm EST

Sue (Long Island, NY) Age: 52 - Email - Web

Greetings, I have lots of feelings, thoughts, visions concerning this new year, My personal ones,,, More work doing palmystry, starting more events and friends,more work in entertainment field, much growth spiritually. Deeper learning.More illness of my own, possibly death, Betrayal of so called friends,close relationship getting closer.
About out country, I see war, both away from here and here, distruction and death to some of our people, in the way of nuclear attack. It will be on the east and west coast. I see many large demonstrations, with riots,and injury, I see our mayer in seriously injury or worse from sniper. I see some of our people having serious trouble with other religions, and possibly getting hurt, especially the younger ones, around midwest. I see styles changing closer to the 80's styles, more flamboyant, people making statements with their clothing and hair styles,.I see a new drug that is dangerous and lots will od and die from it before the agencys can get a hold of what it is and where it's coming from. I see the west nile virus, contaminating large institutions and many sick people and dieing of weak and elderly. Suesybill

Growing Freedom Of Expression Jan 4th. at 4:48:55 pm EST

Cinder (Seattle, WA) Age: 36 - Email

I don't generally make New Year's resolutions; but with the new waxing year, I plan to let my Pagan flower bloom, and lie to no one who asks about my religious inclinations.

Nationally, I predict a similar trend of brotherly and sisterly love, despite our differences. It seems to me that Pagan symbolism is becoming more and more mainstream. With that, I hope that the general population (with the possible exception of rabid Fundies) will begin to normalize what we believe is natural and right.

Internationally, I think we'll need the brotherly and sisterly love thing so we can lean on each other during tough times.


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