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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 59 - 9/11/2001

911 America: Talking Through The Terror...

Talking Through The Terror... And helping each other cope with the tragedies that struck at the very heart of the United States. The Witches Voice has opened up this forum in order that Pagans may express their thoughts on the terrorist attacks that took place in NYC and DC on September 11th. As the full realization of what happened and the toll numbers begin to come in, Americans have many challenges ahead.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? How are you feeling? Feel free to post any magickal workings or other support gatherings planned in your area.

WebNote 9/16/2001: Since we launched this on 911 this forum as become laced with powerful inspiration and critical information, feel free to use the search functions on your left to better define the info you are looking for. Search for your area, famous Pagans, key words etc. Also check Wren's Nest News for the latest news related to our community.

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May The Gods & Goddesses Bless And Heal The Families Of Those Killed... Sep 12th. at 4:16:50 pm EDT

Herwodis & Matthias Brusse (Boone, North Carolina US) Age: 22 - Email

May the Gods & Goddesses bless and heal the families of those killed and aid those searching for survivors in their quest. AMERICA YOU ARE IN OUR PRAYERS.
If anyone should feel the desire, we have set up a memorial site & guestbook at the following address:
Our prayers to everyone.

Perhaps I Am Niave In This Day And Age, But I Can't... Sep 12th. at 4:17:57 pm EDT

Angela (levittown, Pennsylvania US) Age: 33 - Email

Perhaps I am niave in this day and age, but i can't understand why things like this still happen in our world. How can people carry so much hate around with them. The thoughts of any type of war with all the horrific possibilites today(nuclear, biological etc) is more scary then the attacks yesterday. How does one get over an event like yesterday? How do you heal your soul?

September 11, 2001 A Day Of Tears, A Call For Hope Much... Sep 12th. at 4:28:13 pm EDT

Christine (Port Clinton, Ohio US) Age: 36 - Email

September 11, 2001

A Day Of Tears, A Call For Hope

Much has been made today of the Òquiet angerÓ, or in many cases, not so quiet anger, that the American people supposedly feel in response to the stunning events of this day.

I can fault no one for wanting revenge, for comparing this massacre to Pearl Harbor, for equating the defense of our people with offense toward those responsible. I too am angry.
Perhaps an explanation of my anger might help someone else today.

My anger does not stem from the atrocities at hand. They are most certainly horrible beyond description and I have grieved the entire day for the tremendous loss of life and security that we as a nation have experienced. We will all grieve for this day for the rest of our lives to some extent. My anger is fueled by another set of events.

When I first learned of the World Trade Center attacks, I endeavored to remain calm. I had a business to run after all, and was just beginning my weekly staff meeting. I even discouraged talk of the event within the room. Then, my secretary informed us that the Pentagon had been attacked as well. I dropped to my knees at the head of the conference table. Others cried. Somehow we got through the meeting.

Afterward, I simply sat at the head of that conference table, staring into space and feeling the numbness seep from my heart through my body and mind. Around me, some left in shock while others continued with Òbusiness as usualÓ. I found myself being chastised for my reaction and talked to as a child about inevitable hostility and death and that life goes on no matter what.

THATÕS when I got mad. I asked WHY we would want or expect life to go on as it had? HOW could my friends, relatives, colleagues and millions that I had never met continue on as though these tragedies did not impact them? Just because those lying dead and dying
didnÕt live in our town, I was not to feel? Our lives must change. We cannot allow business as usual. To do so is to deny our feelings.

When the time has come for ÒretributionÓ, everyone will come forward in earnest ÒdefenseÓ of those who perished innocently. Our leaders will suddenly feel that they
personally knew all those who died. And will encourage us all to do the same in the name of revenge. We will not be asked so much to grieve as to hate. Already, we hear the rumblings from our body politic for ÒpunishmentÓ- not only for those who perpitrated the
crimes, but for those who Òharbored them.Ó

I was thankful to know that although my body and mind may have been numb, that my soul was in tact and in pain. Pain for all those who were just living one moment and dead or dying the next. Pain for each person who survives a loved one who is no longer with us.
Pain for each and every other soul that inhabits our planet.

For although we live in America, we are far more than Americans or even World leaders. We are HUMAN BEINGS. First, last and always- we are human. Body, Mind and Spirit. No matter your religious beliefs, nationality, geography, age, sex, or color of your skin-
you are made of the same stuff I am.

And even as I grieved for those we lost within our borders, I sat in my car sobbing repeatedly for those yet to be lost in what is sure to be a bloody and vengeful conflict. For the tens of thousands we have lost, the retaliation that will follow will likely kill hundreds of thousands, or even millions of other souls just like ours.

Is it the fault of a small child playing under a tree in his back yard or dreaming in his bed that terrorists killed others? Of course not, but in our Òeye for an eyeÓ attitude, we justify
his death by saying that some insane and evil soul was allowed to dwell within the same imaginary boundary as he.

Countries are made by drawing an imaginary line in the sand. We Choose to call ourselves Israeli, Arab, Canadian, American... We didnÕt land here one day and find a country carved out will bold red lines and the words United States of America on it! Neither did
the Japanese, the French or the Germans. We MADE these lines. We Choose our borders. We Choose our spirituality. We Choose Who We Are and Who We Want To Be.

Choice is risk. To make a decision is to cut off any other option. Just this once, why not CHOOSE TO BE THE PEOPLE WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO SEE US AS?

If we can grieve for those we have lost here, how can we not grieve for all the other souls that will be lost? If we can feel revenge or hatred toward those who perpetrated the evil, how can we not feel anger toward those preparing to rob others of their lives? Who do we want to be?

The Archbishop of Los Angeles spoke on CNN tonight. (I find it very interesting that even the media will only give five minutes to the spiritual ramifications of this event-while the entire day has been filled with former Secretaries of Defense, Secretaries of
State and other assorted politicians.) He called for families to band together and discuss these tragedies in the context of their spirituality and to light a candle. By the time the word candle was out of his mouth, mine was in hand. He suggested placing a lit candle in your window- which I did at once. I plead with all citizens- worldwide- to follow my example.

Perhaps millions of tiny flames of hope and light can influence events. Perhaps millions of small prayers can change feelings. Perhaps this hideous tragedy can serve to unite our
planet and ALL its citizens in understanding. But WE have to choose it.

Choose Life. Choose Love. Choose Hope.

And may we ALL be blessed.

Love & Light,

Port Clinton, Ohio

I Am Numb By All This. On A Nice Clear Day, The... Sep 12th. at 4:31:17 pm EDT

Ciarrai (Central NJ, New Jersey US) Age: 34 - Email

I am numb by all this. On a nice clear day, the Twin Towers were a beautiful view, from, sheesh, EVERYWHERE that I have lived in New Jersey. Working in corporate America, I manned the phones, and two of the people that I support had family that worked at the Twin Towers. I was running around, finding people, trying to break this senseless news to people that needed to rush out and find their family and friends. On person that I support has a sister that is missing. I don't even know the woman and I have been so upset for her and her family. I just learned that my best friend was on the train right beneath the Towers. I just couldn't get a clear line to anywhere in New York. It is hard enough to get through to anyone in New Jersey.

After work, people just drove home looking like zombies. Central New Jersey is in a state of shock. NYC is our backyard.

I'm glad to see that it is really impossible to get into any blood bank right now. They are all mobbed to the hilt.

I'm impressed with myself in the fact that I am not jumping to negative conclusions about any particular "people" b/c indeed as someone noted earlier terriorists come in all colors, shapes and sizes.

Inasmuch as I would like to pull a Mussolini on these people, I know that the most important thing is to worry about the people that our hurt right now.

To any of you that have someone that is missing, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


I Think What Is Most Disturbing To Me, Among The Many Things... Sep 12th. at 4:33:01 pm EDT

Ronda Armstrong (Los Angeles, California US) Age: 25 - Email

I think what is most disturbing to me, among the many things about yesterdays events that were disturbing, is that as I watched from the presumed safety of my own home, I realized that I felt as though I was watching it happen in another country and that, in fact, I have watched so many similar events in other countries. Also troubling was that the Palestinians could ever celebrate death and destruction. After what they have been through, how could they celebrate the death of others? The pain of others?

I was in the Army for two years and while I feel that protecting ourselves from others is so important, I can only hope there will come a day when protection from violence will not be an issue. Violence has, in my opinion, never resulted in a permanent, fair resolution of conflict.

I do believe our country should seek retribution in some way simply because our world is not ideal and not countering would invite more attacks and terrorism.

I believe we have all lost at least something from this, but to all who lost loved ones, my deepest sympathy is yours. Many people all over the world are thinking of you and care.

Ronda Armstrong

Speaking As A British Witch, May I Just Say That The Vast... Sep 12th. at 4:33:52 pm EDT

Autumn (Derby, England UK) Age: 22 - Email

Speaking as a British witch, may I just say that the vast majority of Britons are in the same paralysis of horror as our American brethen.

Goddess knows, I'm not the only one who's gone online to check that all my American friends are okay. Even if you haven't got anyone in particular keeping a friendly eye on you from a foreign computer, rest assured we are thinking of you, praying for you, and I'm sure I speak for a lot of British witches when I say that we're here for anything you need.

You have my sympathy, and I wish you all the best. Goddess help us all if we're headed for a war.

May The Lady And Lord Bless The Families Of The Victms. May... Sep 12th. at 4:34:12 pm EDT

Lisa (Sacramento, California US) Age: 25

May the Lady and Lord bless the families of the victms. May they protect us from further harm. I have to admit that I am truly frightened of any further action by the terrorists and even from our own government. Everyone around me is saying that they hope we will go to war. I cannot fathom that prospect. I cannot fathom the thought of not waking up next to my husband every day. I keep worrying that this is the beginning of the colapse of our society as we know it. The people of Afghanistan, especially the women, are a terribly opressed society. The Taliban has made sure that all human rights for women have been suspended. Lets pray for their safety too as they are innocent victms of their government too.

I Have Overcome My Shock And I Have Shed My Tears. Now... Sep 12th. at 4:35:19 pm EDT

Amber (Lancaster, Ohio US) Age: 20 - Email

I have overcome my shock and I have shed my tears. Now I am just really pissed off. The audicity of not only bombing our nerve system (the Pentagon), but to also bomb buildings in which approximately 50, 000 civillians work is barbaric. It also takes balls of steel.
This is the first time we have ever been attacked on our own turf. Pearl Habor, devastating as it was, was one military attacking another (Hawaii didn't become a sate until the late 1950's). This was a deliberate attack upon the United States. Whoever did this had every intention of thumbing there nose at us. What frightens me is that no one has taken credit for it or made any type of demands. Which makes me think that whoever is behind all of this is not finished yet. I mean, you don't spend the years of planning that it obviously took to pull this off so smoothly, do just devastate one of the most powerful countries in the world and be done with it. It just doesn't make sense to me.
My heart truly bleeds for those whose lives have been lost in this tragedy. I know that there is nothing I, or anyone else, can say to take this all back, to make things the way they were, but the United States will rise from the ashes. We will find out who is responsible for this horrific act and retribution will be paid.
It just absolutely blows my mind. Do you realize that the approximate death count is equivalent to the population of the town in which I live? It is insane. I cannot fathom how anybody could possibley commit such a horrendous act of terrorism. There are two 110 story buildings just gone. GONE!!! This is catastrophic.
My prayers go out to those who still have not heard from their family members, I share the relief felt by those whose family and friends are alive and well, and most of all, my condolences to those of you who have lost someone dear to you in this tragedy. Let not those who have died, have died in vain. We must mourn the loss of so many live cut so short, but we must also send a message out to the rest of the world. Although we have received a devastating blow, we will not be broken, WE WILL GO ON, WE WILL STAND TALL, AND WE WILL REGAIN OUR FREEDOM.

The Shock And Horror Is Unspeakable. I Pray To Great Lady And... Sep 12th. at 4:36:00 pm EDT

Tracey (Pacifica, California US) Age: 44 - Email

The shock and horror is unspeakable. I pray to Great Lady and Lord to comfort those in need and suffering, help the spirits of those crossing over in this sudden, violent manner. I Pray for wisdom and evenhandedness for our leaders. I pray that this brings us all closer together for the good of humanity and our Mother Earth. Tonight I will meet with my Magical Family and we will cast a circle for healing.

I also want to pray for the Arab/Islamic community is this country. They are too frequently targets for fear and anger generated by these acts of terror by extremists who look like they do. I called a local Islamic Community center to offer my support and received heartfelt thanks and we shared our horror at yesterday's devestating events.

Blessings on us all,


S.o.s.!!i Am Speaking For A Few Witches Her In Australia. We... Sep 12th. at 4:38:04 pm EDT

Danny (Sydney) Age: 17 - Email

I am speaking for a few witches her in Australia. We are concerned for the state of the earth. If the American president declares war, it could quite possibly be WW3, which has been fortol by one of our kind to be the end of Earth and all life on it. We are gathering as many witches worldwide as possible to cast a peace spell on all concerned in the hope things will be sorted out by talk, not fighting. The time to cast it if you wish to do so is set at 9pm, Saturday, 15th september.
Please mail me at if you are able to help. Cantacting me is not required however.
Blessed be.

Yesterday Morning In Manhattan On The Upper East Side, The Morning Was... Sep 12th. at 4:40:42 pm EDT

Denise Ann (New York City, New York US) Age: 33

Yesterday morning in Manhattan on the Upper East Side, the morning was brightly lit by the Sun blazing in a summer-blue sky. The humidity was light and the breeze pleasant. I was laughing and joking with my coworkers. The day was so normal.

Then my friend called me up to tell me what she was watching on the news in her financial office. A plane crashed into one of the twin towers. She told me there was a gaping hole with flames flashing and smoke billowing in thick black clouds into the serene sky. One of my coven sister said she thought, "oh that crazy drunk pilot". But then there was the other suicide crash and I knew that it was terrorists.

Their is fear and disbelief on the faces of otherwise stalwart New Yorkers. I just want to cry all the time with the pain I can feel coming from the sight and all around me. I could feel the wave of sorrow wash over me after the second plane hit.

The emails came in asking if I was alright. I heard about a friend of mine who worked on the 45th floor in one of the Towers and carried an injured coworker down 45 flights to safety.

I have such mixed feelings; I want justice, but the US, I feel, gets involed with others affairs in a very invasive way and now we have brought this home. In positive and negative ways, we are truly a global village.

People were living their lives and then they were blown up! The news reported the buildings "melted". The people were inside, did they melt too? Dust blowing through Manhattan (where I work) and over Brooklyn (where I live) is not just dust of the building material, but people. I'm sorry if this sounds gruesome, but it's not impossible. I want revenge for my shaken sense of security and the deaths of thousands of innocent people both on the ground, in the air and their friends and families.

I don't want escalated violence, but ... so many people. I just can't get beyond the pain. I cry at commercials, this is overwhleming.

Blessings of Peace and Protection to you all,
Shadowfolk Coven, NYC

I Am Horrified.. Scared, Saddened.. I Took For Granted The Safety Of... Sep 12th. at 4:52:59 pm EDT

AradiaMoon (Milton, Florida US) Age: 19

I am horrified.. scared, saddened.. I took for granted the safety of our country. I never expected that anything like this would happen to us. This is the kind of thing that is supposed to be read about in history books, like the JFK assasination, or the Holocaust. It isn't supposed to be seen on live tv.. I am scared of what this could mean for our wonderful country.. many expect a depression. Gas prices have gone up to five dollars a gallon in the midwest, and prices have also gone up where I live in the panhandle of Florida. No one should have to live in fear like this. I cannot believe the.. lack of humanity that was demonstrated just a day ago. It was cruel, to say the least... I don't know what else to say.. I have so much more, yet I cannot put it into words.. the anguish, the pain, the tragedy, the fear that the entire country is feeling. I pray that we do not get into war.. that is my worst nightmare, a nuclear war. Goddess forbid anything like that should happen. )o(

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