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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 111 - 5/21/2003

So, You’re Dead. Now What?

What happens to our souls/spirits after we die? Is there an everlasting haven to which we retire? Are we reprocessed and reincarnated? Do we – as dearly departed spirits/souls -- have any say in the matter?

How have you coped with the loss of a loved one? Do you feel that this person/animal is still keeping an eye on you from beyond? Do you think that some of your present animal friends are really some of your old animal friends recycled? Would that work for humans as well?

Are you troubled over the thought that one day you will die? Why or why not?

 Reponses:   There are 59 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Not Exactly Sure... May 25th. at 10:41:04 am EDT

Owl Girl (Seattle Metro Area) Age: 26 - Email

I'm not exactly sure where our souls go after our bodies die. I am certain that there is something that is not completely physical about us (ie, a soul) that doesn't die. I like the thought of the Summerlands or Avalon or any of the names for a temporary sort of afterlife where souls rest between reincarnations. I do believe in reincarnation so I suppose the souls have to hang around somewhere while they're waiting.
Death is kind of a strange thing in that what makes it so horrible when people we love die isn't something that's likely to bother us when we ourselves die. It's horrible to miss the people you've loved and to feel left by them (even if their death wasn't self inflicted you still feel, left, or at least I do) . But I don't have any fear of my own death because I don't think I'll feel that way. But I'm also not sure. I guess I'm just hoping that faith will pull me through the experience since I have no memory of the last time I died, or any of the times I've died for that matter.

What I Have Heard May 25th. at 3:25:26 pm EDT

Kaitlyn (FL) Age: 13 - Email

I read this on the internet, it was written by Betty Bethards, an afterlife resurcher who wrote the book "There is no Death". She has worked with people who have had near death experences. She stated that there is reincarnation, which I persanaly belive, and that there must be some resting place because our soles, or spirits, or whatever wait about 80 to 120 years between lives. She also said that we usuually reicaenate in groups. I don't know if this is all true but it is what I heard.

As for if I fear death, well I think a little part of all of us fears what we don't know. But I do realize that some day I will die and I am OK with that, I don't want to die today, but I am not realy afraid.

What I Have Heard May 25th. at 3:40:28 pm EDT

Kaitlyn (FL) Age: 13 - Email

I read this on the internet, it was written by Betty Bethards, an afterlife resurcher who wrote the book "There is no Death". She has worked with people who have had near death experences. She stated that there is reincarnation, which I persanaly belive, and that there must be some resting place because our soles, or spirits, or whatever wait about 80 to 120 years between lives. She also said that we usuually reicaenate in groups. I don't know if this is all true but it is what I heard.

As for if I fear death, well I think a little part of all of us fears what we don't know. But I do realize that some day I will die and I am OK with that, I don't want to die today, but I am not realy afraid.

Death May 25th. at 4:03:04 pm EDT

Rae Windryder (Seattle) Age: 16 - Email

I do believe that our spirits pass on to something else, but it really depends on what we want to happen. For example some people may believe that they will be reborn and so they shall, while others may believe that the soul goes off to some sort of heavany place, and so they shall go there. And others may believe that their spitit will live on earth as a ghost after they die. I believe that all these are correct as to what will happen after we die. I'm not worried about dying. I've come close to death several times (suicide attempts, but I never followed through) . These thoughts of ending my life too soon gave me an understanding that indeed life is too short and one should wait for their time to come. At the moment I am a healthy and happy 16 year old teenager. I try to live my life to the fullest so when I die I have no regrets to not doing what I wish I could have done. ^_^

Just Living May 25th. at 10:12:33 pm EDT

Kerridian (Keller, TX) Age: 53 - Email

I believe that life and death are part of the same cycle and from the other postings it becomes apparent that no one really knows what the afterlife is like. It depends totally on what you believe.

From all of the religions that have been around over the centuries, you can find similarities between nearly all of them in references to an afterlife.

As far as spirit guides are concerned, they can be animal or in a variety of forms that you can relate to and respond to.

Death is not something that you should fear, but rather except as part of the life cycle. There is no life without death, no death without renewel!

Death As I Know It May 25th. at 10:14:15 pm EDT

bunnybee (Toronto) Age: 31 - Email

I am not afraid of death.... in the last 2 years since my husband crossed over, I have researched what people have said about death. And from what I have learned, death is a cycle we must pass through. As I have heard it: Our souls are like glasses of water, and our souls evaporate like the water until all that's left are the glasses (our bodies) .

What I have read is that our souls are energies that create paths even before being born. And if we deviate from those paths, we just have to do it again, until we learn the lessons we are supposed to.

In fact, should death take me, aside from my own doing, then I will be glad that I know that I have learned all that I should in this lifetime. Although I would be sad for my son who is too young to be without both his parents.

I'm Sure We Go Somewhere . . . May 25th. at 11:42:24 pm EDT

CopperLion (Los Angeles, CA) Age: 51 - Email

I've read many sacred texts on this issue from various religions (mostly 'cause I just like reading that kind of literature, but anyway) . I'm following a Druid path, I believe in the Otherworld and reincarnation. I've lost several animal friends in the last several years and each time have adopted new fuzzy friends to fill the void, and I've witnessed the "return" of my departed children in the personalities of the new ones. Its just too strange to be a coincidence. So, if they come back, why wouldn't we? As far as being afraid, I suppose I'd lying if said I wasn't (at least a little, you know fear of the unknown) . Let's face it we don't really "know" for sure, but I'm learning to come to grips with it 'cause it's going to happen no matter what. One quote I'm very found of is :"as you believe, so shall it be done for you". That's from Jesus, who I consider to have been one of the world's greatest Shamans. And, personaly i don't think he ever intended to start a religion, at least not one that ended up being like Christianity. I think he was trying to teach the principles of a spiritual path. There's my 2 cents worth.

My Thoughts May 26th. at 7:35:22 am EDT

Moon (New York) Age: 41 - Email

I believe that after we die our spirit goes to someplace in the cosmos to rest and wait to be reincarnated. I am not so much afraid of dieing but I am not ready to do it right now as I still feel I have not found my niche in life. I wish that we could be conscious of our past lives so we could better understand what we are to accomplish in our next one. Then, we could get right down to business when we get back here for the next round.

I find that since I have become wiccan, I am better able to deal with loss of loved ones. I have a harder time losing the pets in my life than I do the people....I suppose because it always seems to have to be my own personal decision to let them live and suffer or to put them down because of illness.

I do believe our pets and loved ones watch over us from beyond. I had to put a cat of mine down some years ago and long after he passed I could still feel him walking across the foot of my bed each night. I was sad when we moved and he didn't follow us to our new home. I use meditation to converse with my Grandmother who has been gone since 1976. It is like I never lost her because I can see her any time I wish and that is a great comfort to me. I know she is with me always because of the things I like and the thoughts I sometimes have....they are so her....and she gave me so much of herself while alive that she is with me every day.

I am not troubled by the thought that one day I will die. Actually, I look forward to the rest it will bring me as I have had somewhat of a tough go of it in this life and have somewhat of a tormented mind which I will be glad to dispose of if it is possible to do so. Hopefully there is a cleansing of the spirit in dieing that will help me to forget the things that torment me.

The Mystery Of Life And The Here-After May 26th. at 12:21:12 pm EDT

Mistaya Madison (Canada) Age: 16 - Email

As humans we are also searching for all the answers and the fact of the matter is that we simply don't know it all. Themystery of what happens after we die plaques mankind to the point where it frightens them. It is a venture into the great unknown, and as we all know, what humans fear what they don't understand.
J.M. Barrie said that "To die would be an awfully big adventure." and to take this step into such unknown territory is a terrifying concept for many. I, personally believe in the soul and that we all a spirit, but I also believe that what happens to us when we go beyond onto the spiritual plain is based on what we believe is to happen. If we believe that we go onto eternal happiness when we die, we will find that, if we believe that we will be reincarnated then the God or Goddess will grant us that so that we may know all and experience all. If we believe that we will simply cease to exist, then our own will, will cause us to simply blot our of existance. The druids said that Gods are given power simply because we believe. Our belief powers everything we do, and I believe that it continues to do so in the hereafter.

Death Dieing And Living May 26th. at 2:39:55 pm EDT

penny (tucson az, usa) Age: 50 - Email

being that i have some very vivid rememinates of fomer lives... i belevie we get to keep trying til we get it right. what ever right might be. We all have things we need to work on, and one life if not enough time.

as do dealing with the loss of loved ones.... we all handle it different... greif is real and should be expressed.... we hurt, we are lonely and at a loss.... but also we need to remember that we should also go on....they life still goes on.

i also believe that anyone who says they are not afraid of dieing is fooling them selves... i am..i am not ready... but if it comes.. well in that i am content..i did my best... that is all we can ask of each other...

may 26. 2003

I Have Been To The Other Side .... May 26th. at 4:05:35 pm EDT

Swan (East Coast USA) Age: 40 - Email - Web

I know what is there ......but I cant speak for anyone else .... we may surely all have our own unique experience .
I am always amazed at people who having found "AN ANSWER " believe it to be THE ANSWER for everyone.
Having said that , I can only tell my own experience, and what I believe to be true for me .Someone else may orbit Pluto for a few thousand years for fun , who am I to say ?Perhaps there are people who have incredibly similar experiences , and with whom I can share mine; and I am equally certain there are people whose experiences and outcomes are very different.
I know that I have some clear and some misted memories from many past lives. I know I have had great love and and deep joy and deep sorrows from this one, and will continue to experience that while here.
I have arrived at a theory, for myself; and thatis that .... part of the reason I dont have completely clear memories of past lives is for the purpose of being able to begin anew , fresh and hopeful like a child , and that as I incorporate that ability to remain fresh and hopeful , my ability to remember increases .But of course the focus is always here and now.
I do want another one , life that is ; not neccessarily just like the other one's. Maybe not even on this planet .Maybe I want to come back as nice soft pink cloud circling Venus for a few thousand light years .....Maybe I want to feel the storms on Jupiter .....or at the very least I want to retain consciousness of being alive and having some sense of self, and in a sense continue this life; but in another form .
Maybe I want to go where the people made of starstuff ( that I met once ) will take me , I know I loved them , and they are part of my original family. They were pretty wonderful . I know I have choices even on the other side ..........perhaps I will cross that bridge .... when I come to it ....
Love and HUGS

The Misty Veil May 26th. at 5:16:07 pm EDT

Selene (Washington state, USA) Age: 37 - Email

Questions about death and afterlife seem to be universal to the human experience. Every culture, religion, and mythology tries to deal with it in one way or another. At heart, I really believe there is much more to the spiritual realm than we can ever fully understand in the confines of this earthly existence. So, I do believe there is something that occurs after we die. I believe each individual personality continues on in some way.

A few years after my grandmother died, I had some dreams about her that made a strong impression on me. I had always been close to her but chose not to attend her funeral due to some longstanding conflicts with other family members. I always regretted not saying "goodbye" to her and was feeling guilty. One night I dreamt that she called me on the telephone. It was a very vivid dream and had a strong impact on me. In the dream, I told her she couldn't be calling me because she was dead. She said she certainly knew she was "dead" but had a message for me, and she told me not to feel guilty about the funeral; that she knew I loved her and cared about her and she was ready to go when her time came. This dream was immensely reassuring to me and seemed so real. I've also had other dreams about seeing her in the Summerlands, and these dreams also gave me peace and reassurance. Sometimes I go somewhere and get a whiff of a scent that reminds me of her garden or her perfume, etc. Plus, I look more and more like her the older I get!These are like special gifts, little reminders that her love will always be with me. I do sense that she watches over me and "checks in" from time to time.

I've also had dreams since childhood about past lives, even though I didn't believe in reincarnation until several years ago. As a child I would often dream of a beautiful garden with great hedges and a huge pond with a waterfall. I knew this place like the back of my hand. Years later, I was reading a book about a museum in Europe, and there was a photo of the exact place! I've also had dreams about giving people tours around this place, telling them certain things have changed since I lived there. I can't prove I lived there and don't know exactly who I was, but I feel a sense of connection to this place and know I've been there before this life.

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