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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 18 - 12/11/2000

Your Gift, Craft and Holiday Celebration Ideas!

Over the last few weeks, TWV has tried to offer a balanced assortment of gift, craft and Yule/Solstice planning/celebration ideas. Gifts can be homegrown and homemade and some other ideas may send you off to "shop 'til you drop". We would now like to hear about YOUR gift giving ideas. Are you making some gifts or craft items this year? Would you like to share your favorite 'bargain spots on the web" secrets with us? Do you have any good projects for Pagan children or ideas for coven/group/family special 'traditions' that can help to make the Holidays especially meaningful or spiritual? C'mon! Give!

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Well, I Like To Work With My Hands (even Though I Can't... Dec 14th. at 11:50:24 pm UTC

Erin (HB, California US) Age: 17 - Email

Well, i like to work with my hands (even though i can't type worth jack), and so i am making deco-poche boxes. i go to pearl crafts or micheles, and by inexpensive tan coloured paper machae boxes, paint, colourful paper picures (rapping paper works) and deco-poche glue spread. well, when you put it all together, it looks awesome. they also supply crestent moons, and sunburst papermachae figures. they can be anything, like cut a hole in the top, and a slot on the mouth, and you have a cute piggy bank! or they can hang there and be decorative. they come out beautiful, and i love making them. however, time is needed, like always. i hope some of you out there like this idea!
Merry Met, and happy tidings!

Since I Have Little Money This Year, Most Of My Presents Are... Dec 15th. at 11:13:36 am UTC

Sylver Hawke (Worcester, New York US) Age: 18 - Email

Since I have little money this year, most of my presents are homemade. I decided everyone loves cookies at Christmas. There's where my idea began. I found a recipe booklet with difficult-looking cookies that are simple to make (like walnut balls, carmel-lace cookies, and pistachio fingers). Then I knew they needed to be put into something so I had some old tins from the boy scout's popcorn. I wrapped body of the tin with wrapping paper held on with spray adhesive. Then I cutout shapes and image from wrapping paper and cards and did a collage over that. That way the tins had a Christmas theme that I had made and could take pride in. I put some paper doilies lining the bottom and filled them full up with delicious cookies. I think this gift is more meaningful than anything I could have bought at a store.

I'm A Crafty Kitchen Witch, So I've Always Got Projects That I... Dec 15th. at 4:13:59 pm UTC

Lisa Bashert (Southeast , Michigan US) Age: 43 - Email

I'm a crafty kitchen witch, so I've always got projects that I make for those I love. This year I made paper ornaments with cookie stamps (Check out the pagan cookie stamps at Take several sheets of cotton bond white paper, tear into 1" x 1" bits and soak for 15 minutes in a bowl of water, then buzz in blender until pulpy and smooth. Press out most of the water. Add glitter if desired. Take a lump of pulp slightly smaller than a pingpong ball and press hard onto the cookie stamp, squeezing out as much of the water as possible. Completely cover the stamp -- the ragged edges of the paper add to the charm when these are dry. Then press the stamp and paper hard against two thicknesses of cotton towel. By now, the pulp should be as dry as possible. Gently pry the pulp off the stamp -- you may need a paring knife to loosen it. Set aside to dry. When the ornaments are completely dry, they look like sparkly snowflakes. Gently pass a threaded needle through the top of the design to hang.

My Idea Was To Make Wands For People This Year, Even Nonpagans... Dec 15th. at 5:57:16 pm UTC

Amethyst Moon (Waianae, Hawaii US) Age: 18 - Email

My idea was to make wands for people this year, even nonpagans and then they are just used for decoration.

A Little More Involved Than Most People Like To Get: This Year... Dec 15th. at 6:44:39 pm UTC

Tabeth (Akron, Ohio US) Age: 25

A little more involved than most people like to get:

This year, my husband got tons of tattoos--a big Green Man backpiece, a Celtic Tree-of-Life sleeve, Celtic zoomorphs on his chest, etc. My family kidded him and teased him ceaselessly about what tattoos they'd get, if only they were as "cool" as him. Therefore, we took all their suggestions and are silk-screening long-sleeved T-shirts with their tattoo ideas. My grandfather, a retired Marine, is getting the Marines bulldog with "Semper Fi" across the chest; my uncle, a motorcycle punk, is getting his name on a Harley Davidson logo; my mother, who dreams of Japan, is getting an elaborate traditional Japanese design of koi-fish.

It's Going To Be Hard For Me This Yule Because I Just... Dec 16th. at 9:43:42 pm UTC

Adelandaya BirchGrove (DeKalb, Illinois US) Age: 28 - Email

It's going to be hard for me this Yule because I just lost my job and was barely staying ahead of creditors as it is. I have craftmaking tools but am feeling unmotivated to use them. I was planning to make some little presents for some friends who've been giving me emotional, spiritual and financial support. See, I just deconverted from evangelical Christianity July of 1999, and made myself a pentacle this past June when I finally realized, "I'm a Pagan, damn it, and I don't have to wait and save up $40 for a really cool pentacle when I can make my own for much less!" So I got several small wooden circular disks, some hemp, some eyebolts, and a few paints and varnish and whatnot, and made my own. I planned to make some more necklaces with the holy symbols my friends give honor to for Yule, but I'm feeling so down that I don't know when or if I'll get to it.

They aren't difficult to make. Any craft store will have small wooden circle disks for less than 50-75 cents each, hemp's not bad, the paint and varnish and such like will be the most expensive so just getting red, yellow and blue helps cut your costs. I got a quick drying varnish so that it takes very little time to make one. The only problem I have is that I don't have access to a microdrill, but if you have one (or a drill with a very small bit) you can put a tiny eyebolt in the top once you're done, string some hemp and have a very nice present. I made a Unitarian Universalist chalice necklace for my mother, and I have three pentacles and one Celtic cross to make.

My best to you all for a very good holiday.

My Neo-pagan Family History Begins With Me. Christianity Has Always Left Me... Dec 18th. at 11:19:45 am UTC

Archer (Cleveland, New York US) Age: 46 - Email

My Neo-Pagan family history begins with me. Christianity has always left me cold, and it wasnŐt until almost 2 years ago that I realized that I had an awful lot in common with folks that call themselves Wiccans and Pagans. At about that same time, I began keeping a journal, and occasionally I take material from my journal and other sources and put it into something akin to a Book of Shadows.... but my book is nothing that I want kept in the shadows. It is more like a book of light to me, and in it I am saving writings, pictures, and other human expressions that help me connect with the force that ultimately links us all.

I plan to pass this book on to my children with the hope that they might find some value in it, and perhaps use it to help find their own paths as well. I have always been reluctant to impose any religion on my children, Paganism or otherwise. I want them to be exposed to a variety of thought, and make up their own minds. ItŐs not important to me if history recognizes these times as "a historical moment in Pagan history, " butÉ it would please me if history remembers these times as when we all learned to respect each others visions of deity.

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