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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 22 - 1/1/2001

What More Do You Want To Know About Paganism?

We hear time after time that Paganfolk want to see/read more in-depth articles/books about Paganism. Is there anything beyond Wicca/Witchcraft 101? Okay. Let's help them (whomever they may be) out here. What do YOU want to know more about? Magickal practices? A Pagan Philosophy of Life? Pagan History-ancient or modern? What is it that YOU want to know that you are just not getting information about? Be as specific as you can. Pretend that you are interviewing some Pagan of renown, either living or passed on and in any time era. What questions do you want him/her to answer?

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I Think People Want To Achieve A Much Greater Level Of Ability... Jan 6th. at 10:19:31 am EST

laura (Panama City Beach, Florida US) Age: 35 - Email

I think people want to achieve a much greater level of ability.
They are looking for the road to guru status.
I would say that anything being Witchcraft 101 is a personal adventure in understanding and knowlege.
All answers come to the person who is ready.
Eat well practice well and you shall know.

I've Always Been Interested In Why Something Is Done A Certain Way... Jan 6th. at 11:20:57 am EST

Donna Lee (North Wales, Pennsylvania US) Age: 35 - Email

I've always been interested in why something is done a certain way. Many traditions have been lost or subverted by whatever religion was dominant at the time, as anyone who has studied Wicca knows. I think it very important to find out about ancient tomes, archeological sites that yield information on pagan practices of cultures long ago, and other historical information. History is written by the dominant culture; and more research is needed to find out what has been found and misinterpreted by people with either an agenda, or ignorance or what they had come across.

My Magickal Wish List Would Include, As Many Have Said Over And... Jan 6th. at 6:23:16 pm EST

Elsu Sidhe Nu (Olympia, Washington US) Age: 22 - Email

My magickal wish list would include, as many have said over and over again...teachings of the "Old Religion". As a "newbie" in the magickal realm of Wicca, I've gotten lost off the path of enlightenment a few times, but because of my persistance, those moments of loss have actually captured many new areas that I'd like to study. But again, the problem that I seem to be running into is the fact that every book I read mentions the "Old Religion" and no where can I find even a mention of ANY sort of a book title or reference guide to just what the heck it is.

Currently I'm studying the Egyptian era, their belief system, magickal rites, etc. And thats just one of many ancient civiliations that I've found to be of similar beliefs and has helped me to come one step closer to that of my own divinity. The other that I've studied is Buddism...and I strongly agree with others who have responded, reading up on those religious studies is a GREAT way to understanding some old civilizations. However, not always are these to be the paths of many. And it CAN be reallllly confusing as to how to incorporate those religions with Wicca or ones own belief. Which brings me to my second point...I'd like to see references on how to combine the two or SOMETHING on association of two religions, with out being so confusing. (Hey!! If someone can make cliff notes to DantŽs-Inferno, someone can make cliff notes on incorporating two religions!!) Ok, so I live in my own dream world.

Thirdly I'd like to see scientific studies, or something of the like, about how truely different these religions are from one another. If one really thinks about it, we just have different names for pantheons, although one religion may have a different system. I'd like to see something about comparrisons of these systems...I think it'd make our own personal studies MUCH MUCH easier!!!

On another rant, where are our "How to raise a lil pagan" reference guides? I dont have children yet, but the thought of "how the heck am I going to raise a child to be acceptant of all these different religions?" or "what do I say when my child comes home crying because the trees didnt talk back?" The parents of current Wiccans/Pagans should join together and write a tutorial on the "How To" or a Q&A book on the "What If's". I know that what one does isnt necessarily right for another, however, I'd like a reference guide for the future. And who knows, maybe that will help me raise my parents(who arent Wiccan), to be a little more tolerant of NOT using my miniature bessom as a duster. (dreams are wonderful arent they??) :o)

I've Got To Agree With A Previous Poster- We Need More Resources... Jan 6th. at 7:48:18 pm EST

starchasm (Madison, Wisconsin US) Age: 19 - Email

i've got to agree with a previous poster- we need more resources on death. and i hadn't thought of it, either, until 5 people i was close to died in 21 days; one of which exspecially i was left scrambling to find something to ease the transition. while it is an extremely personal thing, and doesn't go by any set formula, i think if it was discussed more, we could learn from each others exsperiences.

A Bit Of Advice For Anyone Who Is Religious At All... (and... Jan 6th. at 8:21:11 pm EST

Steven Bragg (New Orleans, Louisiana US) Age: 24 - Email

A bit of advice for anyone who is religious at all... (And forgive me if this has already been said, but I don't have the time right now to read all posted opinions.) Although a "youngster" in the Neo-Pagan community, a problem I see is that many Neo-Pagans (and, yes, this applies to all religions respectively) confine themselves to only that which holds the labels: witch, wicca, pagan, neo-paganism, etc. This is a crippling limitation that stunts the spiritual growth of a person.

Instead of buying only Llewellyn (goans from some) or waiting on new texts to be published, expand your libraries to include present academic, historic, sociological, philosophical, and psychological books on religion and world religions. I believe that all things religious spring from the same source, therefore, each and every religious faith has something to offer for the total fulfillment of human spiritual development. More specifically, though, some religions have been around longer or have had more thought and work put into them. A prime example is Christianity; no other religion in the history of religion has had more study put into it. I'm not endorsing Christianity, or any other religion, but I'm saying that if one wishes to further develop in one's religion, and that religion has little written materials (like advanced Modern Paganism), then study the other religions that have these works. Study then, strip them to their bare bones, put it back together, observe what makes it all tick, and apply this to one's own spiritual path.

Sure, some academic and such texts can be "dry, " but if one is serious about furthering one's own spiritual existence, then nothing should be too difficult or boring. Brew the pot of coffee, or make a gallon of the tea, turn off the tv, turn the phone ringer off, light some incense, get comfortable (but not comfortable as to fall asleep), and crack the books. Then, when you finish a book or a chapter, talk a walk and ponder what you've just read. Apply this to situations at school, work, and at home. Quiz yourself. If you're reading about Hinduism, then ask what the Hindu Brahmins would say about the turning of the seasons and the symbology of the sun. Integrate these into your own faith. Keep at it until you've satisfied yourself for the time being. (Hint: The desire for some to further develop and learn about spirituality never really goes away, but sometimes it rests.)

Just don't loose sight of the whole forest because of the individual trees.

The Basics Have All Been Written Down For Those Without A Teacher... Jan 7th. at 9:51:00 am EST

Nighteagle (Southbridge , Massachusetts US) Age: 34 - Email

The basics have all been written down for those without a teacher or coven close by tolearn from. However the best teacher are the Goddess and God themselves. Go out to any wooded area, preferably away from city noise and take in the beauty of the forest, listen to the birds sing, watch squirls as they play and gather food, sit near a bubbling brook and listen to the water wash over the rocks, clean up a littered area, open your heart and mind to the natural world.Take the time to help those less fortunate than yourself, help out at the local soup kitchen, visit the elderly in hopitals and nursing homes who get no visitors.the next time a homeless person asks you if you can spare some change, take him/her to a resturant and buy him/her a meal and try to make that individual's life better. only then will the Goddess and God teach us the deeper things that Paganism is all about. Blessed Be :-)

I Have Been Practicing For Over 30 Years. I Would Like Additional... Jan 7th. at 4:03:41 pm EST

Susan Morrison (South Plainfield, New Jersey US) Age: 43

I have been practicing for over 30 years. I would like additional education in practical spellcraft and seek specific references I can study.

Leaders Are Very Much Like Teachers. Both Can (with The Words They... Jan 7th. at 11:49:18 pm EST

Irebera (Fresno , California US) Age: 46

Leaders are very much like teachers. Both can (with the words they speak) change the world and those around them. They have the ability to listen and hold the attention of those around them.
To listen without passing judgement shows an willingness to understand.
Many don't realize that their leaders until someone points this out to them.

I Thought You'd Never Ask! :) Death & Afterlife (what Is The Summerland?) Karma... Jan 9th. at 6:12:33 pm EST

Colleen Fischer (Santa Cruz, California US) Age: 22 - Email

I thought you'd never ask! :)

Death & afterlife (What is the Summerland?)
Children: Teaching Tradition
Childcare/Lessons & active explorations of the Divine
Sanity and Insanity: Pagans with chemical disorders
The threat of going too deep?
Modern Wiccan/NeoPagan fiction (novels)
Pagan Spiritual Ecstasy & Inner Peace
Pagan perspective on dreams/astral travel
Priest/essing and counseling Pagans
Art & Symbolism
Embracing and celebrating Pagan eclecticism, acceptance, egalitarianism, and individuality
Pagan views on the human body
Pagan Ecology
Pagan Social Ideals & Communal Lifestyles
Homosexual Paganism (deities, beliefs, practices)
Ethnic (non-white) Pagans
Native American belief systems and practices
Sex magic
Menstruation - rituals, beliefs
Pagan Childbirth

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