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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 76 - 9/8/2002

America 911: One Year Later. What's Changed? Are we Safer?

September 11th, 2001 set in motion various changes in the way that people view the world. From personal tragedies to governmental policies to global military actions, many stories have emerged from that one fateful day. Has YOUR life changed since 9/11/01? How has the world changed? Are you feeling more or less secure these days? Do you think that 9/11 is too much the focus for current events/ policies or are we really living in a different world today? Will the 'war on terror' ever be over? Will you do something to commemorate this day or do you just wish that all of the hype would go away?

You can review the original posts from last year's 9/11 Perspectives at: Responses to 9/11

 Reponses:   There are 103 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Has The World Really Changed Since 9/11/01 Sep 10th. at 4:55:25 pm EDT

Stephen M. Schneider (Reynoldsburg, Ohio) Age: 34 - Email

Has the world really changed or has the American people become more aware of the other nations out there. I thought it was a time for Americans to wake up and be American. Things of tradition were going to the wayside before September 11, 2001, like showing the singing of the Star Spangled on
TV before a sporting event. We were too worried about what we were going to do next to realize our responsibility to our country. Responsibility for our country's well being is placed on the shoulders of every US citzen whether they like it or not. That is what our country is all about. It's a shame that it took an event such as 9/11 to open everyones eyes to whom they really are and why.

Responsibility Sep 10th. at 5:47:23 pm EDT

rain dancer (the united kingdom) Age: 16 - Email

our responsiblities are not just to our own witches we should understand that our race sex age and nationality, does not detrmine who we are loyal too. how can we expect to progress toward world peace and equality when we concetrate our loyalty only on our own countries and way of life. of course acts of violence and cruelty are utterly intolerable.but europe and america cannot proclaim themselves rulers of the world and believe me thats exactly what they have done,and then be as irresponsible as they have been,in the ways of using aid to the 3rd world as bribary and imposing our way on other cultures purley to make money,without expecting to be resented,alot of people resent the americans,for there insuler irresponsable approach, to worl politics, im not critisizing americans them selvs but the american goverment,who as most people know is controled by,meaga corporations,im just flipping the other side of the coin, the loss of life pain and suffering and general misery created by the 9/11 is intolerable,but the unimaginable suffring imopsed on third world peoples as a result of western foreign policies is also unacceptable.
brightest blessings and healing to all those who mourn loved ones as a result of 9/11 and hope to all those in less fortunate parts of the world, may the tables balance out one day, and may the earth our mother, remain intact to see that day.
blessed be ,
rain dancer

What I Think. Sep 10th. at 6:01:26 pm EDT

Mellynda Ravenstar (California) Age: 24 - Email

I think swe've gotten safer, but the prejudice against Muslims has gotten even worse ince then. I'm not a Muslim, but I'm friends with a couple of them, and I worry about them all the time.

Let's Look At It Sensibly Sep 10th. at 6:37:15 pm EDT

Molly Browne (Washington State) Age: 17 - Email

While I mean no disrespect to the victims of the 9/11 attacks, I do not agree with our current course of action. As someone who has traveled to other countries and studies political history as a bit of a hobby, (I know, I'm a nerd) my current impression of the United States is that of a bully going "Please hit me. C'mon, right here, I'm open! ...He hit me! *machine gun fire, bombs, dropping a 3-ton anvil on the other guy's head* Whee! Die! Fight, fight... He started it!"

Firstly, America has been meddling in the Middle East's affair for decades, giving weapons and money to Israel (whom everyone else there hates, because they are booting out the Arabs), and then we expecting that they won't retaliate in any way. We try to tell tham how to run their countries and then act surprised when they don't like us. They didn't attack us because they were jealous, or they thought to strike at the "shining example of democracy" (there are alot of countries more democratic than us) They attacked to try and tell us to stop sticking out noses in what they consider their business.

Secondly, America was wide open for an attack. The airport security was a joke. I know this, because I have traveled on over 15 airplanes to 4 different countries, and America had by far the weakest standards. Japan, Russia, Taiwan, all much higher security, and much less reason to expect attack. How many children died because of American embargos on food and medicine? I'm not saying tha America is a monster, just that we have done many things to many countries that have made a whole lot of enemies. When you throw a snowball at someone, you run, hide behind a fort or have a whole lot more snowballs ready in case the other person throws back, you don't stay in the open and take off your waterproof coat while saying "I got you good!" unless you are begging for a fight. And remeber Osama bin Ladin? My brother is a retired SEAL and he and his special-op friends all say that the American special forces had Osama under observation before 9/11, but every time they had a chance to take him out they would recieve an 'abort' order. Aparently, the government didn't think he was a big enough threat.

Thirdly, this Saddam thing? What proof do we have? Remember, it was the AMERICANS who let him remain in power when the rest of our allies were screaming for blood. As for his refusal to co-operate with the U.N. - who just refused to let our soldiers be tried in international court for war crimes? Who has invaded (or sent troops to)countries when the U.N. has specificly said don't? If you bother to check, you'll find that America has flouted more of the U.N.'s decisions than ANY country. But of course, we're the good guys, so the 'normal' rules don't apply to us. Before, we had communism, to hate with a blind passion, then it petered out, so now we're going back to the Middle Ages for a reason to fight someone: Crusade! They're evil! "Let's go destroy these evil people!" Sound familiar? Since when has America cared about China's human rights infractions? Since they started being profitable trade partners? Come to think of it, before 9/11, did Bush show ANY sign of caring about ANY international Human Rights issues?

And lastly, the War on Terrorism? U.S. constitution clearly says that America may only go to war with a "Sovereign State." Terrorism is an IDEA an ACTION! Our constitution says, in black and white, no fighting ideas! This war against evil? Unless evil just became a Sovereign State and neglected to tell us, we can't do this! It's against the constitution, plain as day, simple as that.

The New War. Sep 10th. at 7:12:28 pm EDT

Aravan Windwalker (Maine) Age: 37 - Email

When the constitution was written and the rule about attacking only soverien states was made, noone
would have even considered attacking the way the terrorists did on 9/11.
When the Colonists first fought the British for independence, the very thought that they would hide behind rocks and trees and not stand in lines was considered radical and Guerrilla in warfare.
Whomever is behind these attacks, be it Saddam or not, made themselves targets by attacking. They didn't attack the government, or cause damage that would hurt like a military instillation or missle site, they attacked a civilian target, a center of many people. They intended this to go to us, the people of the U.S. not our government.
Granted, they attacked the Pentagone, but in retrospect, it was a drop in the bucket of what had already happened. As far as the plane intended to head for the White house... If they had wanted to get the president, they would have paid attention to his public appointment and had a plane to hit the school in Florida... This had nothing to do with the government... this had to do with being a cowardly group who have nothing better to do than cause damage to civilians. They are nothing but a bunch of Mass Murdering Maniacs.
But... as we can all see, they did not stop us, they did not hurt our spirit... in fact, all they did in the words of the Japanese Admiral after the attack on pearl harbor..."...we have awakened a sleeping giant and he is filled with rage." So to all who subscribe to the Terrorist Creed, You have brought this on yourselves and you will reap what you have sown.

Stop Blaming America Sep 10th. at 7:27:55 pm EDT

sapphire (Alameda) Age: 700 - Email

I'm tired of the politically correct rhetoric from citizens who did nothing before 9/11, nor after it it to prevent "America" from "doing a lot of bad things." "A lot of bad things" must mean U.S. foreign policy, although few are specific. To the people who say this, your whole life and lifestyle is dependent upon "all the bad things" America does or its foreign policy. Ready to change your whole lifestyle so that you aren't a hypocrit? Did most of you protesting U.S. foreign policy (or domestic) get out there and do anything about it? I doubt it. If you try to do anything about it, you'll find out that it is so much more complicated than American foreign policy and that there are mutual foreign (and very powerful) complicitors, glad to go along with our policies, (but not on the face of things)including Middle-Eastern governments, charities and businesses. America is just a yarn in the blanket of self-serving corruption and more scapegoated than solely to blame, with other foreign and wealthy governments among others, not taking any reponsibilty for going along with U.S. foreign policy.

Are you ready to completly upheave your life for a change in U.S. foreign policy? Because that is what it would require. From the shoes on your feet, made in Taiwan, to the car you drive to the fruit from Chile that you eat everyday. Rethink the labor issues involved in that comb you're using. were the workers from a maquilladora not able to go to the bathroom that day? Not to mention rethinking working for the man in your small town, the only place you can find work right now. Picketing as frequently as possible in front of the Capital or whereever else it's needed is going to require planning on your part. People are just blaming the U.S. because it's popular and they're uninformed. American foreign policy is flawed but we are a democracy and YOU must get out there and be heard and stop the mechanisms yourself if you truly believe you live in a democracy. Stop what you're doing and do something about the problem and embody empowerment on a personal and national level if you don't like American foreign policy.

Resurrection... Sep 10th. at 7:58:47 pm EDT

Aminata (Halifax) Age: 23 - Email

As some of you who have read my essay on this site, about spirit guides know, I am what could be termed a "Skyscraper whisperer".
I have always related to skyscrapers not only in terms of their physical forms, but their spirits within. Seeing the hideous spectacle of the Twin Towers wounded as they were was sickening to me. Oddly enough, I had no tears at the time, but they came later. Seeing those gaping wounds, I wanted to do something, anything to make them whole again.
When South Tower fell, the feeling of grief emanating from its twin was simply awful.
During their short lives, those magnificent towers gave the gifts of wonder and inspiration to millions the world over, young and old alike. Now their physical forms are no more, although their spirits still watch over, waiting to see what we will do next, where we will go.
Those Towers gave me a great deal of inspiration over the years, and perhaps the only way to repay this is to fight for them now.
It saddens me to see the rebuilding effort in NYC..Politicians doing nothing but kiss up, pander, and waste huge amounts of time and money, achieving nothing.
Professional activists crawling out of the woodwork, with some of the most bizarre plans for urban renewal. Achitects who never liked the WTC from the beginning, trying to "re-imagine" the city in THIER image. It saddens me.
Just as Hiroshima, and so much of post WW1 and WWII europe rose phoenix-like from the ashes, just as my own city resurrected itself after its own meeting with disaster, so should NYC.
We can memorialize the dead and do the living proud at once, there is plenty of room there for both.
Rebuild and remember forever

Blessed be.

Which God? Sep 10th. at 8:38:42 pm EDT

Kathleen (Succasunna, NJ) Age: 47 - Email

I've been having a very tough time this past week. I've had laryngitis since Friday, and I'm sure it's due to 9/11.

Sometimes I'm scared. Not of another attack, but of what other people, in the name of God, are trying to take away from me. I fear that I will be unable to follow my spiritual path in peace. I don't know if I'm "pagan," but I do know that spiritual reality is a lot more than I was ever taught. But the biggest thing is that I can no longer believe in this God that the three peoples of the book (as Muslims refer to Jews, Christians, and themselves) seem to believe in. He has too much blood on his hands. Sometimes I think that there are two Gods in the Bible, one who would appear to you in person and sit around the fire with you, and another who hides in burning bushes and dark, angry clouds. And for that I feel sad, for I have always felt God somehow present in my life--maybe I've always believed in a different God than the one in the Bible.

On the other hand, I feel that I'm living through a very important time in human history. There's a big change coming in how we see ourselves and our world. What we have to do is not despair. I think in the future people will wonder how we ever lived the way we did.

Go forward in love and peace--Kathleen

Love Or Fear? Sep 10th. at 9:52:14 pm EDT

Sunwind Serpent (Dortmund, Germany) Age: 28 - Email

Since I am born and raised in Germany I certainly have a different view of 9/11. What still fascinates me is that huge wave of empathy with the United States that emerged here in Europe and all around the world and connected our hearts in a totally new and unique way. The events from 9/11, though terrible and utterly sad, opened all of our hearts - something a lot of people have not allowed themselves to do that on their own. Maybe it had to happen. Maybe it was time to look at the pain that is hidden deep inside of us. It certainly was a day that asked us a very important question. Will we react with love or with fear? Will we allow the fear to turn us into terrorists ourselves, or will we embrace our pain with love for life, our world and all of humanity? For me 9/11 was a turning point. I realized that I will not continue sending out fear instead of love. Okay, that´s a lot more work. So what? Let us all trust a little more into Creation/ the Goddess/ however you call her/ him/ it.

Compassion Sep 10th. at 10:12:29 pm EDT

Denise (Pennsylvania) Age: 32 - Email

I can't believe some of what I have read here...on the day before the anniversary of 9-11 I refuse to join in the bickering and the blame...yes, I have my own thoughts but this should be a time of compassion and remebrance...compassion for those who lost someone dear to them...remembrance of those who are gone...yes, many things have changed and some have remained the has changed me in many ways...
The one change that is prevalent in my thoughts at the moment is that I have learned that I have the compassion and ability to cry for those I never even knew...
Although, I do not need to be reminded and I will never forget, I will not turn off the tv and ignore the replaying of the show my respect for such an anniversary I will watch, and I will cry...those that lost loved ones cannot simply turn the tv off and forget...this is one of my memorials to those that are gone and to those that cared for them...

Where I'm At Sep 10th. at 10:54:51 pm EDT

terri (oswego, ny) Age: 40 - Email

Tomorrow is the day. One year. Seems like it only happened yesterday. I am still afraid. I am afraid for my country and its people because of the uncertainty of what is yet to come. I am afraid for myself because predjudice and distrust have grown in my heart like I never knew they could....predjudice for a people I can never understand and distrust of our government that seems to have let us down yet again. A great sadness has enveloped me for the last 365 days of my life. I didnt know anyone that was killed that day but and yet I knew them all. I feel like kicking out every immigrant in this country and closing the gates forever. But then I would be throwing out myself as well and there is no place else I really want to be. And, I am tired of the war games our government seems to love playing. As a wiccan I should hold all life sacred and yet I cant help feeling like we should just nuke the hell out of every one of the Middle Eastern countries that we are playing these war games with. I am not a politically minded person and I dont understand all I probably should about all this. But I understand what bullshit is and I am tired of hearing it all. I feel like we are dancing a ballet when we should be bombing the hell out of everything in sight. So, I can now officially call myself a hypocrit because, even though I want to feel the right thing and do the right thing, I am angry and frightened and cant make up my mind which way to turn. The melancholy lives on inside me and I have no idea what will make it go away. Maybe it never will. Maybe there is nothing to fix the stupor we are still stumbling around in. Maybe time is our best friend here. I dont have the answers. All I have are the residues of the saddest day in the history of my life and the unanswered questions of a nation that continues to mourn its losses.

Surreal Times Sep 10th. at 11:08:18 pm EDT

Amy Viazanko (Maryland) Age: 31 - Email

My life seems to be in a state of limbo since 9/11. I don't feel safe and secure, and my faith in humanity (when in some respects it should have maybe been restored) has been shattered. I admit that I am an overly sensitive person, but I am just unable to concieve that we as human beings have not learned from our history.

We are clearly still barbarians, and that has proven to be a dangerous mix with an age that is so technologically advanced. On the same token, I am more appreciative of my loved ones and try my best to live in the moment and seize the day. It is a constant inner struggle that I realize may stay with me for the rest of my life, and it is all thanks to 9/11.

I don't know whether that is good or bad, thus the "Surreality" of the issue. I will just go on with my little life and try to spread the best Karma possible while at the same time try and see the good in my fellow human beings.

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