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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 84 - 11/10/2002

Between the Veils: What Did You See?

In the times of the thinning veils, did you look into the past or the future? What did you see?

What forms of divination do you use? Do you have an unusual technique that you would like to tell us about?

Have you had some (or all) of the things that you divined in the past come true? What is the most profound insight that you gained through divination? Do you think that the future is fixed or can it be changed?

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This Year Was Pretty Special. Nov 15th. at 12:25:01 pm EST

Anneka (Nevada, USA) Age: 24 - Email

I got married on Samhain this year. My grandfather had died about a week before, and I never got to spend much time with him while he lived, but I was lucky enough to share my wedding with him through the veil. Reminds me how much the little things in life mean.

To Caitanya Darshan Nov 15th. at 2:25:58 pm EST

lilith (la ciudad de nuestra senora de los angeles) Age: 33 - Email

i thought a lot about yr post and the troublesomeness of the dead. the dead have never particularly bothered me, though i have had to be firm on occasion and say No, you cannot do that any more, you are done, yr time is done, etc. depending on the circumstances of course, since if i know the dead its different from the occasional strangers i've had dealings with.

since no one told you about yr father maybe he just wanted to make sure you really knew for sure that he is gone. i think it must be just as murky on their side at times, trying to make contact with us, as it is for us on this side making contact with them. yr never quite sure if the message got through.

anyway, thought i would respond here in the forum. my family has all kinds of ghost stories, my favorite one being of a distant cousin who died and then set his chair to rocking when part of the family that had gone out of their way to steal his property and hurt his children moved into the house, and it didnt stop rocking no matter what they did so they left. i assume the chair stopped after that. the dead can be upsetting, but they are cool, and sometimes they just need to make a point. thats my opinion.

Totally Awesome... Nov 15th. at 4:25:16 pm EST

moonwind (indiana) Age: 39 - Email

My father slipped to the otherside on nov. 1 at 12:25a.m. a couple of weeks ago and it was the most spiritual and faith affirming gift i have ever had.He was in much pain for a short time and knew he was dying,i refused to accept and told him i was scared,he told me not to be..I lost my mother 9 yrs ago before i found my wiccan path and didnt handle her death well at all.As my dad lay in the hospital bed hurting,slipping in and out of conscience,and sick he held my hand .I cried for my mother to find him and help him,at that moment the wind blew through the willows outside his window then the t.v. stand swayed and I knew my mom had come..I felt love and peace and calmness like never before..She had found my dad and was taking him home!!That night my baby brother came in from out of state to visit my dad and when he came he held my dads hand and cried and told him to go,it was alright ,he could go..then my dads heart slowly stopped beating and within 10 minutes he was gone..The nurses freaked,they said they couldnt believe he waited for my brother to come to let we were in the parking lot getting ready to go home the willows softly blew and i totally felt my mom and dad with me and I felt peace..I miss my father all the time,he had spent the last year living with me but I have no doubt he is totally in my moms care and everthing is excellant..Thanks for letting me share.Peace and love.. gentle breezes,Karen

Correspondence From The Other Side. Nov 16th. at 5:21:04 am EST

BearMother (KS) Age: 31 - Email

after three weeks of being followed around by Grandma Fleeta, I got an email from her son, my estranged father. It had been years since we last spoke, but Fleeta had given me a 'heads up' about his correspondence and reminded me that his problems were not mine. {I responded to let him know that the fam and I were ok, and that all past harms, (real or perceived) had been forgiven.} She had died of breast cancer when I was a little kid, so I never really knew her. The most resounding impression I got from her was to be weary of denying myself the simple joys, or my body could turn on me too. My only real memory of her was an event that Mom relayed, as soon after my birth, Fleeta insisted on stripping me and looked for birthmarks. Mother was afraid of Fleeta and remembers only the fuss Grandma had made over getting the kitchen warmed up before making my 'inspection'.

Wrinkle In Time Nov 16th. at 9:04:40 am EST

Siara (Annapolis, MD, USA) Age: 41 - Email

This Samhain my niece came up to me with a flower and said she wished it could last forever. She didn't realize she was standing right under a framed, pressed flower that was sitting on the mantle. The flowers were identical in species, size and color. The framed flower had been pressed by my grandmother when she was a girl ~ 100 years ago.

I took the pressed flower off the mantle and explained who had made it and how old it was. I then showed her how to press her flower to make it last (in a heavy book). I am looking for a frame that is similar to my grandmother's frame.

I wondered if, 100 years from now, HER great-granddaughter would press a flower. The experience reminded me that time is not linear and some things are more powerful than time.

My Divination Technique... Nov 16th. at 11:10:24 am EST

John Scholes (Sacramento, ca,) Age: 24 - Email

My name is John I have been a practicing wiccan for about 11 years now. I have used many different divination tools but the one I use the most is fire scrying.I find that a good size fire in my fireplace will produce the same effects, as if I were to be using a mirror or water. I have been able to se the birth of my best friends first child, I told her she would give birth to a baby boy and she was shocked to find out I was right.I have seen may other personal things with fire. Fir me it is the best way of divination. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.

Knowing My Child Before Birth Nov 16th. at 1:05:09 pm EST

Chandra Shakti (Kansas) Age: 32 - Email

It was November 1992. The name Twanda kept rolling through my head for a week. True I had seen Fried Green Tomatoes a few months before but this was Twanda and not Tawanda... Anyway after a week of this I felt a presence. I knew that the name belonged to the presence. She introduced herself and told me she would be my firstborn. Her presence came into my life periodically for a few years after that. When I met her daddy in 1994 she pushed me at him. Once her dad and I were together she quit coming around so much. She was born August 1997 nearly five years after she first made herself known to me. She is a wonderful, loving, strong-willed individual. She helped me find Paganism and she always pushes me to become a stronger, gentler, better person. To my daughter - Thank you for choosing me as your guide into this crazy world in which we are living.
I do not know if it is specifically divination, but most of my adult I have talked with ghosts - dis/nonembodied spirits if you will. I do not see them. I feel their presence. I do not hear them, but I converse with them. It is a wierd experience, like listening to someone else talking on the phone. I only hear my half of the conversation even though I am a participant. Meeting my daughter was by far the most dramatic result, but I have often been pushed in a particular direction by the ghosts. Usually to my benefit. Never to my bane.

I Always Knew........Something Was Going On Nov 16th. at 5:24:14 pm EST

Myst Walker (Cushing Maine) Age: 57 - Email

I have only had the name Wicca to use for a few years,but have always known and belived in the strange powers that are out there for all of us to use.I was in the 3rd grade when I was walking from the bus towards the school one very cold and snowy day.I had fixed in my mind,the warm class room for which I was headed and it was quite a walk form the bus to there.(A couple hundred yards)I have no recall of the walk what so ever,but was there.
One other time( a lot more recent)A friend of mine called me up and asked me If I had moved my boat,which I kept on a mooring( I now live in a coastal town)and I said I hadn't.Well he informed me it was gone and as it was late at night I knew I had no chance of finding it that night.I sat down to watch the news and as I did I kind of phased out and thought of my boat.I'm no master of wind and tide,but was able to form a picture in my mind of where my boat was.I called my friend and told him I knew where it was.Ha asked me how I knew(thinking someone had called me)so I told him I just knew where it was.It was there and just as I had pictured it.It was the only soft sandy place in our area.I live on the coast of Maine and anyone who knows of the coast,knows it is almost all Rocky.I question if I willed the boat there or it was there and I found it with the gifts of the great Lady(Which I still didn't have a name for)I do now have the name and embrace Her with all my being.Anyone with any insight on this is welcom to reply and I will be glad to hear from you.
Submitted with an open heart
Myst Walker

Samhain Nov 16th. at 6:04:01 pm EST

Auralia LVX Interna (Sweden) Age: 28 - Email

The Dark Lady, Nepthys, has called to me of late and I struggle with my own imbalances...praying that I may cultivate the strength and wisdom due to Her...and thus make myself fit to deserve the title of Her priestess.

I have spent so many years working the light currents of Healing and High Magick I must redefine my own definition of the Darkness so that I may achieve balance, within and without. And the darkness is not ignorance or evil in the classical sense, although the two may breed there and breed there profusely. For the Darkness is fertility...the silence of the womb and the black soils of Malkuth. The darkness brings higher perception...for only when the sun of conscious thought has set and vanished can the true briliance of the heavens emerge in infinite totality. Darkness is peace and holy silence. Darkness is the realm from which our dreams come forth.

As for techniques of Divination, I am partial to the Thoth Tarot and the I Ching...although lately I have commenced upon a study of Geomancy. Scrying by the Elements can also bring visions...although they seem more vague and open to interpretation.

The best Divination is, however, the Direct Line. Devote yourself and let the Gods speak through you...become the Oracle.

In Love,

One More Thing... Nov 16th. at 6:13:51 pm EST

Auralia LVX Interna (Sweden) Age: 28 - Email

For all you lovers of the Thoth Tarot and the artwork of Lady Frieda Harris, let me present this site to you. It contains digital reworkings of the original photograps of the cards and also some amazingly beautiful fractal images. Currently, this is my favorite site on the web and the images truly must be seen to be believed.

So go to
or click on the link below... Link to More info related to this post -- HERE

A Natural Ability To Nov 16th. at 6:48:26 pm EST

Daniel (Maine) Age: 26 - Email

As a rule durring Samhain imiges become more vivid. I usually use the Tarot 1JJ deck however at random moments I an prone to flashes of enlightenment regarding both past and future. Each time this occurs the number three can be applyed, weather it foccus on three hours, three days, or three weeks.

My Views Nov 16th. at 8:10:43 pm EST

Otter Woman (Florida) Age: 31 - Email

1st - Danielle, Danielle,... you wouldn't be a Christian Fundamentalist by any chance?

2nd - I do belive in many ways of "seeing". I use a deck of Tarot cards for answers to
questions. I like to keep a journal of the layout and question, date and time. I like to
reconfigure the layout to rediscover additional information not originally seen.

I once asked my High Priestess, and friend, to read her runes for me. The answers were
incredible to me, considering that she was not privey to the question. I found the reading
to be so different than the energy I get from my own reading of my own questions.

I do not read for others, believing that my own knowledge is not yet great enough.

I also believe in signs. I believe that the animals and creatures of the world try to lead
us along our path. I appreciate all that the natural world can give to me. Even the clouds
have their own messages for us.

Dreams, I go to places and experience great things in my dreams. I would love to remember more
more of them and what they are trying to tell me. However, being the mother of 3 little girls
their needs for breakfast and clean diapers out weighs my need to write the dreams down.

Thank you each for letting me expression my opinions.

Blessed Be,
Otter Woman

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