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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 92 - 12/29/2002

What Do You See in 2003?

Even though many Pagans celebrate the New Year at Samhain, Solstice or Yule, the new calendar year is upon us. Do you have a resolution to make for 2003?

What do you hope changes? What do you hope stays the same? What do you think the world will be like at the end of 2003?

What national and/or world events will be played out? Will things be better or worse? Got any predictions to declare?

 Reponses:   There are 47 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

My Coming Year Jan 3rd. at 9:12:46 pm EST

ShadowSong, a.k.a. Nick Pearson (Stuart, FL) Age: 17 - Email

I personally am anticipating a year in which I can further the public understanding of Wicca. I want to expand my knowledge and to continue helping others, especially through this site. I expect that our community of Pagans, Witches, and other magickal persons will heal the Earth and make the world a better place. Everyone should make a personal committment to continue doing so. I am heartliy discouraged with such negative and pessimistic views concerning the coming calendar year. Each and every one of the peaople that reads my message will see that all it takes is focus and iintent to effect change. This, in fact, is half of magick. All of the Pagans that read this should come to realize that we, as the keepers of the Earth's sacred mysteries, can heal the Earth. And why shouldn't we? We heal ourselves and others at their request, so we should, in turn, heal the Earth from which we all came. Please, I ask you to try something: once in a moon cycle, or once a month, sit quietly in meditation in order to send healing energies to the Earth. However, don't simplly heal the planet; instead it is imperative that we also heal everyone on the Earth. If the entire Pagan community pulls together for a common purpose, no group could stop us. We have diplomacy, love, wisdom, experience, brotherhood, and, best of all, magick to help us reach our goals. Help the Earth-Mother and you help everyone. With that said, I wish all to have a joyful, prosperous, and purely magickal new year! Blessed Be!
Nick Pearson

What We Make Of It........ Jan 4th. at 8:22:45 am EST

Phoenix Flower (Georgia) Age: 36 - Email

The current turn of events is scary, but predictable.As long as Christians are allowed to assume that they are the National Religion we will face bigotry, abuse and real danger.And it isn't only Pagans.Many groups of citizens are damaged by their celebration of ignorance , medioctrity and intolerance.As soon as Bush came into office the Fundies hit the media like a tsunami, pouring the crud they push into every crevase of the airwaves, books and even in the streets.Our local military chapel commandeered a fire truck with loud speakers, and people were handing out icecream and candy to children with sunday school papers.Complete with sirens and free rides on the firetruck.Before this administration, they would not have been bold enough.We were there, pagan moms in the streets, telling them to go home and stop abusing power.To us it was an invasion.

Worldwide Conflicts Jan 4th. at 11:49:46 am EST

Spirit Walker (Selden, NY) Age: 44 - Email

With all that is going on in the headlines these days, it does not take a seer to predict that there will be kaos, conflicts, terror attacks and war.

Hopefully a 'war of words' will lead the head lines. Countries pushing out their chests, trying to impress other small nations or countries taking up the banner of 'we know what is best'. None of which can say to the world that peace is the best course and that they should live by our creed of 'harm none'. No wonder that they fear us, for we take the side of nature and peace.

But reality steps in and communications will break down and push will come to shove and we will all be the spectators to the 'games' that these countries will unleash upon our world.

No matter the 'names' of these countries, the end result will be the same...there will be war between the US and Iraq, which will ruffle the feathers of the Arab world which in addition to the terrorist attacks will hurt the world economy. This will affect every person on the planet in one way or another. Foreign nations will pull money out of other countries stock markets, further depressing them. This will make the stock analysts blackmail corporations into releasing more people into the unemployment lines, so that the corporations will show their stockholders that they are trying to become competitive.

The times will call for individuals to make tough decisions. These decisions can either be for the good of the world or the good of the 'ideals' of a small group.

I believe our only hope for peace is for someone to come out of the wings and take up he banner of the tough decisions that will end it all peacefully. Someone the people's of the world will rally around and change the course that looms in our future.

Prognostocator Jan 4th. at 12:03:54 pm EST

Timoto (PA) Age: 19 - Email

You're wrong about many things, but this sticks out the most. N. Korea is tryng to get a treaty with south Korea. Also, you can't expect all that to happen. You've looked down then darkened path, and seen nothing good. I however, have seen a different vision

2003 major events
1. N. and South Korea agree on treaty
2. Homeland Security Bill Declared unconstituitonal
3. Iraq allows all weapon inspectors in the first of saddam's palaces
4. Bush looses more poplularity
5. Left wing Gains suport
6. Death of the Right Wing

2004 major events
1. Bush fails to win election, Democratic Leader wins. Who, we don't see that yet
2. Weapons of Mass Destruction are found in Iraq
3. Bush declares war on Iraq, congress shoots it down
4. Right wing tries to ammend constitution again

George Dubya Bush Jan 4th. at 1:59:15 pm EST

Kestrel Song (London, England) Age: 20 - Email

As far as predicting what will happen in 2003 goes, I'm not too definate. George 'dubya' Bush will probably continue his so-called 'war against terror', until everyone realises how stupid they've all been in electing him in the first place. The UN weapons inspectors won't find any weapons of mass destruction, so he'll have to dig up something new to put against Iraq. As for the rest of the year, who knows?

Not All Good For 2003 Jan 4th. at 2:30:28 pm EST

Sue (Long Island, NY) Age: 52 - Email - Web

Greetings, I have lots of feelings, thoughts, visions concerning this new year, My personal ones,,, More work doing palmystry, starting more events and friends,more work in entertainment field, much growth spiritually. Deeper learning.More illness of my own, possibly death, Betrayal of so called friends,close relationship getting closer.
About out country, I see war, both away from here and here, distruction and death to some of our people, in the way of nuclear attack. It will be on the east and west coast. I see many large demonstrations, with riots,and injury, I see our mayer in seriously injury or worse from sniper. I see some of our people having serious trouble with other religions, and possibly getting hurt, especially the younger ones, around midwest. I see styles changing closer to the 80's styles, more flamboyant, people making statements with their clothing and hair styles,.I see a new drug that is dangerous and lots will od and die from it before the agencys can get a hold of what it is and where it's coming from. I see the west nile virus, contaminating large institutions and many sick people and dieing of weak and elderly. Suesybill

Growing Freedom Of Expression Jan 4th. at 4:48:55 pm EST

Cinder (Seattle, WA) Age: 36 - Email

I don't generally make New Year's resolutions; but with the new waxing year, I plan to let my Pagan flower bloom, and lie to no one who asks about my religious inclinations.

Nationally, I predict a similar trend of brotherly and sisterly love, despite our differences. It seems to me that Pagan symbolism is becoming more and more mainstream. With that, I hope that the general population (with the possible exception of rabid Fundies) will begin to normalize what we believe is natural and right.

Internationally, I think we'll need the brotherly and sisterly love thing so we can lean on each other during tough times.


I Have Great Hope For 2003. Jan 5th. at 12:11:35 pm EST

Rose (South Carolina) Age: 23 - Email

I have great hope for 2003.I am one for making new year resolutions ( although I did
it at Samhain) because it gives me goals to work on. (Because my husband is still seeking, I renew my resolutions on New Year's Eve to help him feel better.) Anyway, I feel that 2003 will be
a personally prosperous and exciting year for us. We will have ups and downs, but I feel it will
be generally more ups. I am going to be concentrating on incorporating the Craft more into my daily
life. I feel the country will always be in a state of "who knows" and that will not change. We just
need to continue to pray and hope that the Lord and Lady will guide our country through all the times ahead-good and bad. Some things are out of our hands but we can do what we can in our part of the world.If I had to sum up my feelings for 2003 in one word, it would be -Change. It will be a year of changes in every facet of life. Hope you all have a wonderful 2003. Blessed Be!

Anticlimax And Alter The Ante Jan 5th. at 8:31:46 pm EST

WolfFriend (Caldwell, ID) Age: 53 - Email

I answered a pole recently that asked the true and false of are we going to war with Iraq and answered false since there was no middleground.
I see that beginning as an anticlimax in the way that all will be led to believe it can happen near the anniversary or the last time. Well, a week later mabe, or a month later. The world waits.
I see instead saber rattling until about June when a series of cloaked events find us all in a whole new ballgame with a new "worst of the worst." Like playing poker and ante-ing up for the game and then finding you are in a different game and a different ante.
However, none of that concerns me as much as what I recently learned from talking to friends locally and on the internet. All is fine, living day to day life, each of us. Then for no reason a feeling of anguish and sadness and pain overwhelm us. It hits around 11am MST, which means for friends on the East Coast US, 1pm.
The feeling hit us on different days, hits suddenly and tkes at least a day to pass leaving us weak. It is the same kind of feeling you get when a loved one, somewhere is hurt or in trouble. You make calls, check kids, relalives and special friends, but all are fine.
This bothers me more than any threat of war.

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