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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 98 - 2/10/2003

Would You Live In A Haunted House?

You have found the perfect house. But it’s haunted. Doors open and close. Lights flip on and off. Footsteps are heard in the hallway, furniture is rearranged and ghostly figures are spotted wandering the grounds.

Would you move in?

Would you be comfortable living with ghosts and/or paranormal activities? Or would you send the spirits an eviction notice?

What are your thoughts on paranormal manifestations?

 Reponses:   There are 166 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Not Your Usual Haunted House Feb 11th. at 1:12:12 am EST

Denise (Bremerton, Wa) Age: 40 - Email

When I was just into my twenties, my mother and I lived in of all places a haunted mobile home in a trailer park in the desert outside of El Paso, Tx.We lived there maybe about a year, but strange things went on from the time we moved in.Most commonly, We would see shadowy figures of both humans and animals.The most unusual experience was when I was standing in the kitchen fixing myself something to drink.The next thing I knew it felt like someome came up behind me and gave me a light, gentle, warm hug.At first, I thought it was my mother because she would do that.But, when I looked around there was nobody behind me.My mother was sitting at the far side of the livingroom, knitting and watching TV.It was just the two of us in the house.I have no idea who it was or why the ghost hugged me.But, I think it shows that not all ghosts are negitive.

Absolutely Not! Feb 11th. at 1:14:15 am EST

Lee (Erlanger, Kentucky) Age: 47 - Email

My house borders a large cemetary. It gives off a lot of Yin energy but other than poses no problems to me. I am not comfortable with the idea of ghosts or spirits in my house. Have felt several in the past, though not here, and my reflexive response is "Get out of here!" I do it before I am aware of it. An acquaintance who had passed on wanted to hang out around my kitchen once, making sugggestions for my herbs, and I sent him on his way.
I don't know why I am like this. My house has been heavily cleansed and warded--there is nothing here but me, husband, and many cats and it is staying that way. They have their space and I paid for mine.
I feel like they need to move on.
And I know it sounds terrible, I talked to my Dad briefly after he passed and ascertained he was allright (he was cheerful and happy) but told him he had to move on. I haven't heard from him since.
I probably got a bad name on the other side.

Ghosts!! Hehehehe Feb 11th. at 1:34:42 am EST

Squirrel (green bay, wi) Age: 42 - Email

I've lived many years with ghosts I'm quiet used to it.I've grown up around ghosts.I've lived in haunted houses before.Though I can say this, there were many places I have been that I couldnt even walk into a place, because of the bad vibes.Usually if something very bad happened in a house I cant seem to breathe or be able to enter the house.

Some People Like A Haunted House Feb 11th. at 2:58:27 am EST

Joe (Ft Worth, Texas) Age: 42 - Email

Several years ago I was disposing of several rent houses that I had acquired. I was not making enough of a return (this is when the stock market was shooting like a rocket) . I hired an agent and did some advertising myself. I had the properties fairly priced and they were in good condition. New paint, new plumbing fixtures in one especially. They sold in a few months except the one with new things in the bathroom. My last tenant would tell me of odd things like midnight pinches and mysterious bruises. That house would not sell, plenty of lookers but no contracts.
I sat down with my agent (pagan, of course) to brainstorm. Decent neighborhood, not too busy street. Why is this last house not selling?
I didn't change my newspaper ads, (don't need crank callers) but the realtor changed the MLS listing to mention a possible ghost in the premises. We were covered legally through Texas' strict full disclosure laws.
That house was sold and closed in less than 3 weeks!
I asked the buyers at closing (before the paperwork was actually signed and money changed hands) about the "supposed" ghost. He replied "my wife has always lived with spirits! That's why we bought the house."


JAMESCHRISTIE (Bay City, MI) Age: 32 - Email



Prerequisit For Buying Feb 11th. at 3:30:32 am EST

Morrighan (Cosmos) Age: 24 - Email

Assuming that I land this job that I want, I intend to buy a house. One of my prerequisits is that it is rumored to be haunted. I'm a bit of a danger bunny when it comes to the paranormal, though don't think I take situations like that lightly. There are many people who've had spirits/entities of various sorts almost destroy their lives.

I like an air of mystique in my surroundings. If my boyfriend ends up where I am, it will be harder to find a place that is significantly haunted. However, if I go to him, (England) then our chances of landing the house of our dreams (nightmares) are greater.

Stupid? Maybe, but as Daphne Zuniga said in, "A Sure Thing, " "I'm the kind of girl that likes to live on the edge."

Maybe. It Depends... Feb 11th. at 4:21:13 am EST

Owl Starlight (Aliso Viejo, CA) Age: 17 - Email

Ok, going with the prompt scenario dream house. Plus a few FRIENDLY inhabitants already who like to make their presence (s) known. If they're turning lights off and on, I can see where that would be a minor annoyance at best. I can also see where it might be a help. Rearranging furninture, that's another story. If I had to keep moving my furniture back, I'd get a bit annoyed. After the first few times, I'd ask them to stop. They have been here longer than I have, but it is my house now. If it doesn't stop, I would have to ask them to leave. The reasoning is, if we can coexist peacefully, there probably won't be too many problems, but if we just don't exist well in the same house, I'm not going to put up with it. A ghost has passed on, and doesn't really need a house here anymore. I'm still here, presumably for a reason, and I *do* need shelter.

On the other hand, if at any time I feel that they may *not* be friendly, they're out, sorry, no questions asked. I'm not going to put myself at risk like that, or any pets I may have, or friends or loved ones whom I invite in. But no ghost is going to stop me from moving into a house that I paid for. A house can be cleansed and consecrated. A chance, once passed up, is rarely given again and I don't know many people who get the chance to make their dream house their home.

Owl Starlight

I Already Live In A Hounted House. Feb 11th. at 4:53:22 am EST

Kat (Bellingham, WA) Age: 51 - Email

'Tillie' doesn't cause any real problems (thats the roommates job) , has never scared me, just turns on the TV in the wee hours, opens firmly closed doors to let the cats run wild, is really fasinated with the microwave oven. The house was the first hospital here in the 1880's, but I've never met any of the patients. Guess they didn't need to hang around this long. Tillie lived here since the 20's or 30's up until she died about seven years. When I first moved here I had a huge urge to plant peonys, later a neighbor told me that Tillies brother had dug up all her peonys after she died. Guess she wanted her peonys back.

Maybe. Feb 11th. at 6:09:05 am EST

amy wallen (southampton, england) Age: 22 - Email

I'm not sure if I could sense a spiritual presence that easily, but if it was a benevolent one I would have no problems with that. I'd try to find some way to communicate with him/her so that I could learn their wishes (as to whether they wanted to be sent on or not) .

I believe it doesn't really stretch the imagination to accept the paranormal. There's just too much evidence that ghosts do exist. My only experience of a ghost has been that one posed for a photo with my partner and myself in a reputedly haunted nightclub, but that's about it!

Bright Blessings. :-)

Would I? Feb 11th. at 6:44:09 am EST

clio (York PA) Age: 30 - Email

I would, if the inhabitant I was sharing the house with was benevolent :)

Been There. Done That. Feb 11th. at 8:11:10 am EST

Rosetta Fire (Gainesville, Fl.) Age: 29 - Email

Living in a haunted house isn't as bad as it seems. I did it for the first 11 years of my life. The thing is most people associate "hauntings" with malevolent occurances. These are acctually pretty rare, and the few that are malevolent (i.e. scaring the wits out of the home's inhabitants) are the ones you hear on the Discovery / History/ TLC channels. The majority of type 1 hauntings are very benign. They feel like someone is looking over your shoulder but when you turn to look there is no one there. This may frighten some but after a while it is something you get use to as if you were living with a roommate. You eventually ignore them.

So to answer the question, yes I would live in a haunted house since I have lived in one before and the reality of the situation is that they are not usually scary.

Not Only Would, But Have Feb 11th. at 8:21:10 am EST

Starwalker (Down East NC) Age: 54 - Email

Several of the places I have lived have had manifestations of various sorts... There were always "poltergeist" phenomena happening when I was a girl... we'd see door knobs turn and the door open, watched a Christmas ornament unhook itself from the tree and float about ten feet across the room before falling (it was the rustling of the tree that broght our attention to that one!) etc. Tends to run in the family. However I have LIMITS! When I moved into a home with friends in the mts. of NC some time ago, I ended up warding MY room against the ghost who had lived there for some time. HE moved out into the yard (I didn't kick him out of the house, just out of the ROOM, because I was getting no sleep as a result of his nocturnal play sessions with my three cats!)
It started the night I moved in, when there was nothing in the room but a bed, a kitty litter box, food and water dishes, me and the cats. They were literally bouncing off the walls, not disturbed, just playing! I watched them (unable to sleep because of their antics) for hours... I couldn't see their playmate, but it was very obvious they were playing with someone/some thing... and I made VERY sure there was not even a mosquito in there as far as physical beings they might have been stalking with that behavior.

It didn't get any better after a week (giving them time to settle and adjust to their new surroundings) and my friends told me there were often "presences" about... so when I did my routine cleansing/claiming ritual for my space, I added a little warding against uninvited visitors. The bedroom ghost moved to the yard, according to my friend's daughter, who was VERY upset when she arrived for a visit and found that I had kicked "her" ghost out (that had been her room in the past) .


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