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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 82 - 10/20/2002

Your Samhain/Beltaine Musings

What have you been musing about at this time of the changing seasons? What lessons have you learned? What hopes do you hold for the future? How will you honor/mark/celebrate the Holiday? If you have rituals, poems, stories or links to seasonal lore and/or activities, feel free to share them here.

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All Hallows For Us -- Froma Mixed Religion Family Oct 25th. at 9:48:49 pm EDT

Kathryn Moondancer (United States) Age: 21 - Email

Our happy little home is a mixed religion family, and what we do for all hallows is do a harvest feast thanking the divine for the things we have recieved throughout the year, tribulations included as they are learnign periods for us. We also thank various members of the family, living or not, for their copntributions to our life. Then we get dressed up and go trick or treating for a few hours before it gets too cold, and afterwards usually go to a friends house to celebrate and play games such as Dungoens and Dragons (even letting the kids 5 and up play as the things they dressed up as!). If you think this is sort of interesting, wait until yule/xmas!!

Big Changes Oct 26th. at 11:16:39 am EDT

Rigel Star (New York City) Age: 25 - Email

I will be celebrating by moving into a new apartment! This is a big step because my old apartment came with a lot of problems and a lot of baggage. This is a new chance for me to change my life and I am looking for forward having a small sabbat in my new home!

Samhein Oct 26th. at 4:22:41 pm EDT

Lily (Labrador City, Canada) Age: 20 - Email

I've been thinking about the past a lot as we come closer to Samhein. Contemplating on the many things that have changed in this past year for me and the things that have stayed the same. I've also been thinking a lot about people (and animals) that I care about that have passed on, not just in the past year, but through out my life.
I've learned that I need to face my troubles head on instead of running from them, realize my limitations, and to accept help from others.
The hopes that I hold for the furture are much the same as everyones hopes. World peace, end of world hunger, etc... But I also hope that the people in my life (and all people) can just be happy and accept that everyone has to follow their own path.
I plan to spend my Samhein honouring their memories in a private ceromony. I also plan on thanking the Goddess for all the gifts that She has bestowed upon me and the strength that She has given me in this past year. I also want to say a final goodbye to the person I used to be.


The Hunt Oct 27th. at 12:24:31 am EDT

Wren (TWV) Age: 51 - Email

The Darkest Night
Has come around
The bay of Hounds
The only sound
As star-white steeds
Race through the wind
And branches rattle
And dry leaves spin.

Flashing silver
Pierces the moon
Swords held high
Against the gloom
Wheels of fire
Roll on by
As shields are raised
Against the sky.

Gwynn ap Nudd
In white and red
Heads the Hunt
Of the Ancient Dead.
Into the realm
Of darkened light
A mighty Band
Is in swift flight.

The night holds both
Beginning and end
The wheel has come
Full circle again.
The past and future
Come into our sight
As all becomes one
On this dangerous flight.

Between the heavens
And the earth
The way now opens
To bring forth
The Hosts of those
Who passed before-
Hush! They come riding now
Through the open Door!

Dark Wild Hunters
Racing the year
And time stands still
As past and future appear
Embedded within
The dark and the light
Bound together again
On this Samhain Night.

Samhain, Beltaine, All Hallows Eve, Falloween, Halloween Oct 27th. at 1:12:07 am EDT

Perrin (Hades) Age: 26 - Email

Merry Meet All.

Regaurdless of what name this holiday has, it is one of the few that even I observe. Baphmisto always enjoyed a good feast, but thankfully His tastes and ours are not the same. This festival has a special meaning to me given my current location. I was working in Golden when the infamous Hayden Fire broke out, at fisrt no one payed attention to it, but then it got larger, sweeping homes, animals, plants away as if they were not there. As my luck usually ran I had an empty gas tank, decided to walk home, and then I heard metal scraping on metal, for the Reaper was scraping on my car door. I was just starting to smell the fire when He asked for a small favour, and I agreed to it, but there was one catch I could never go home again. The Reaper was having problems getting His horse to breathe as it was unused to our altitude. So I had a lemmon in with my lunch, and rubbed that gently around the nose of that fine jet black steed, and to my suprise, it was alive, but hungry enough to eat the lemmon. This was not good as the horse chocked and died before I could get it out. The Reaper was in a bit of a hurry, so I gave Him the keys to my van, and off he drove. Thirty feet later He walked up to me and was most displeased with my attitude towards Him, and wanted to bring me to the lowest Hell he could find, but settled on this limbo instead.

He did want to pass this along, He no longer rides a horse, but a hearse with a V-12 which uses human blood for fuel. It can not eat vegitables any more, He advises you to give them to the little kids, instead of sugar.

Bright Blessings


Samhain Oct 27th. at 6:46:19 am EST

Auralia LVX Interna (Sweden) Age: 28 - Email

Now is the height of autumn...such a short season but so impossibly beautiful. The leaves which adorn the trees near my home are brilliant...bright hues of gold orange and red. The wind blows hard in from the sea and the days are dark and oh so cold...nature preparing for the long great sleep. The first magick that I ever worked was natural endless source of inspiration.
I will build an altar to the dead...honoring my grandparents, a dear friend I lost as a child, and my mother in law (whom I never had the privledge to meet here on earth).
I will go to the market and hunt out the delicacies of the season...chestnuts, sugar pumpkins, swedish apples, root vegetables, dark leafy greens...and cook up a large feast for myself and the ones i love, making sure to set a plate outside my door for wandering spirits.
Of course I will carve a jack-o-lantern...
And make merry with my friends...
The rest is solemn and secret...
I also celebrate Hallowmas on November 1. This is a day of quiet rememberance.
Make a place in your heart for the dead, and offer to them your love.
Happy Halloween,

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