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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 88 - 12/8/2002

Are We Alone in The Universe?

Is this Earth the only planet inhabited with intelligent life? (Yeah. I wonder about that "intelligent" part sometimes, too!) Is Life a fluke? Are we unique? If there are other life forms out there, do you think that we shall ever meet them? How far into the future might that happen? Will they find us or will we find them first?

Do you think that the discovery of inhabitants on other planets would change our world view? How would the existence of aliens affect the religions of this world? Do you think such a concept as "religion" might also be found on other worlds?

Have we already been visited by beings from other planets? If an alien did come calling, what might you show him/her/it about life on planet Earth? Would you like to travel to another planet?

 Reponses:   There are 67 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Are We Alone... Dec 12th. at 10:35:00 am EST

Psyche (Wales) Age: 17 - Email - Web

I really don't think we could possibly be the only planet which has intelligent life on it. I mean, how many planets are there in the universe, can we really suppose that only ours supports intelligent life (well, life anyway)?

Are We Alone? Dec 12th. at 12:17:12 pm EST

Equinox (Pittsburgh, PA) Age: 28 - Email

No, of course not. Relativism aside from the standpoint of whether or not its intelligent, there are things out there, whether they are aliens, spirits, angels, etc. traveling between worlds dimensions, and the like just as we are here tooling around day to day. Some choose to mind their own, and others like to poke around. We do not even know all of the life that exists here on earth let alone in the far reaches of space. Every day we are discovering new plant and animal species, and that's just in our own backyard.

REMEMBER ROSWELL??? Dec 12th. at 1:49:06 pm EST

Dragon Lady (AZ) Age: 0 - Email

As a life-long abductee, the question is moot. They've been here since the earliest civilizations arose on Earth. There can be no logical reason to think that "WE" are alone in the Universe... what a waste of space that would be! The gov't knows, and has known all along. They refuse to release this information b/c they are fearful of the reaction of the "religious right," a very powerful organization that would, in essence, loose that power if the presence of aliens was revealed. The religious hierarchy would come crashing down, and, with it, the wall of secrecy built by the gov't and the military. No doubt there would be some mass hysteria, but it would most lkely be fueled by the religious hierarchy, whose very existence would be at stake. Would *I* like to visit another planet? "Beam me up, Scotty!"

Of Course We're Not Alone Dec 12th. at 3:14:36 pm EST

DolphinSmile (Austin, TX) Age: 21 - Email

The universe is so incredibly big, I think it is just impossible that this one little bitty planet could be the only one that has life.

That said, the universe is also so incredibly big, I doubt we will ever make contact with any other life forms. At least not for a really, really, REALLY long time! Everything in the universe is just so far apart. I am skeptical about claims we have already been visited. I mean, why don't they just show themselves to everyone? Unless they're keeping us as some sort of nature preserve or something. Have you seen those animal shows where they dart the animal with tranqualizers, and then put a radio collar on them, and then put them back in the wild? I can imagine them going back to their families going "oh my gosh, you would not believe what just happened to me!" Maybe aliens are doing the equivalent to humans.

But actually, I really doubt we have been visited by aliens, and I doubt we ever will be.

Now I would LOVE to be wrong! I would love to see the form life has taken on different planets, even if it isn't "intelligent". Heck, extraterrestrial equivalents of plants and bugs would be awesome enough. I wonder if they would be pretty much the same as they turned out on Earth, or if life took an entirely different form.

Also, if there were "intelligent" life, what would their culture be like? Would they have art and religion and politics? Maybe they would have the same problems we do. Maybe they'd have totally different ones.

Sadly though, I am pretty sure I will never live to see the day any of these questions are answered.

I Don't Think We're Alone Dec 12th. at 7:30:31 pm EST

Amber Heathen (Cornelius Oregon) Age: 22 - Email

No, I don't think we're alone in this universe. I think it's kind of selfish to assume that we're the only "intelligent" life out there. BUT, I doubt they even know we're here. Maybe they're out there on their own planets, living their lifes wondering if THEY are the only intelligent life in the universe. That and I would doubt they would want anything to do with our planet ;)

To whomever it was that was talking about the South Park episode--That was Starvin' Marvin in Outer Space (one of my favorite episodes lol).

Alone In The Universe - HA! Dec 12th. at 11:54:29 pm EST

LadyofVirtue (Holyoke, Massachusetts) Age: 23 - Email - Web

I seriously do not believe we are the only planet with 'intelligent' life. There are many systems that we have not visited nor I believe will ever get to visit. Since the universe IS so vast. As far as real contact has already been made, I like the ending of Men in Black both 1 and 2 we maybe a little molecule in a alien's marble or running around as dust in an alien's locker for all we know. Again, the universe IS vast. Heck, for all we know roaches are the aliens and they refuse to leave us alone. :) There are so many possibilities out there. And honestly, I don't believe we'll be intelligent enough to properly deal with the answer if it comes to us.

Do I think that a space ship landed in Roswell, probably, and we probably killed our definite answer to knowing if life is out there. Honestly, how much information does the government gives us anyway? :) However, if alien life forms were to show up on earth, I do NOT doubt that people would form some weird religion worshipping this new creatures. I seriously, wouldn't doubt it. People are always searching for answers, and a new life from another planet would allow tons of questions that we would not be able to answer but this new being would. It sounds rather synical but that is how people are at times. Sometimes you want to believe so much you'll do or say anything to make it happen.

Research Project Dec 13th. at 12:43:33 pm EST

Gren Brid (Alaska) Age: 36 - Email

As a Witch, I have always known there are intelligent entities within and without our small blue planet. Several different members of my family, at different times, two of them very pragmatic people not given to "flights of fancy", have had UFO encounters, and I believe them. As a biologist, I can't help but wonder if the human race isn't just some universal graduate student's research project, and they come down to check on us from time to time and run studies. Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants? Blessed Be.

The Odds Are.... Dec 13th. at 1:33:06 pm EST

Hazel (Regina SK, Canada) Age: 27 - Email

I had a wonderful Physics teacher in high school and he once said, 'How can there be so many wonderful places to see in the universe without anyway to get there?' I agree. The odds are pretty good that there is intellegent life out there and that we (as a race) might live to meet it). It may not be what we expect to see or what we might consider intellegent, however. Hopefully, we will have stopped making stupid movies like Independance Day and Starship Troopers by then.

I have a link to an interesting essay on this subject...Just select 'forums' and choose 'science' from the menu that appears. The essay is called alien evolution. Link to More info related to this post -- HERE

Not A Chance ... Dec 13th. at 3:36:44 pm EST

Crispy (Somewhere ---) Age: 17 - Email

I find it very unlikely that we are only in the universe! Simply because its so EXTRMELY huge!!! There must be some remote place that is exactly like earth (or close enoguht), so life can evolve ...

And no! I don't think that alinens have visited earth! Its just the American goverment testing new stealth helocopters (or whatever) ...


Alone? Dec 13th. at 4:48:24 pm EST

O'Connolly (Oklahoma) Age: 28 - Email

I think it is quite arrogant to believe that we are the only intelligent life, let life period. For all we know, there could be civilizations out there that look at us and say "there's life, but is it intelligent?" I do believe that we have been visited. The Wormhole Theory would make the travel very possible. As does the Theory of Relativity (or what's left of it), as an object speeds up it shrinks and time for that object slows down.

Carbon-based Dec 13th. at 5:17:06 pm EST

Mica (FL) Age: 32 - Email

I also think it is arrogant to think that we're the only intelligent life in the Universe and that Earth is the only planet capable of supporting life. And I also think many religions on our planet (particularly those that assume themselves to be the "right" ones) would be thrown for a loop if we discovered intelligent life on other planets. Have we encountered aliens already? I suppose it's possible, but they would have to be a fairly close neighbors to us. The universe is pretty vast and it would be a long way to find little Earth from the other side of the universe.

One thing my college chemistry professor once said has stuck with me. Life on this planet is carbon-based, but he thought it entirely possible that life on other planets may not be carbon-based, but be based on some other element, like sulfur. Interesting.... I wonder what a sulfur-based life form would look (or smell?) like. Haha.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss! Dec 13th. at 6:46:27 pm EST

Diane Dickinson (Peoria Illinois) Age: 54 - Email

Merry Meet,

It would be awful arrogant of us to think that we are the only living enities in the universe. As for the reaction of the world well. I think they would be glad to know about other beings. Maybe we... through them could learn to except each other as we are. No matter our race. As to religion it would be hard to say if aliens worship a higher being. It would seem to me that if they live, breathe and reproduce they would have to consider a higher power. Unless of course they have lesser intelligence than us. I think that we have been found and a lot of our medical treatments and technical knowlege comes from the aliens. If I could have an Alien for a day I would show him/her the rivers mountains,forests new born babies and old people.

Diane Dickinson

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