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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 110 - 5/14/2003

What’s Your Favorite Element?

Do have a special affinity for one of the elements of Earth, Air, Water or Fire? Do you find one of these easier to work with than the others? Do ritual objects or other items associated with this element just seem to find their way to you?

On the flip side, do any of these elements – or what they represent – give you trouble? (For example: If you are drawn to the Fire principle, do you struggle with the emotional or spiritual aspects related to Water?) How do you balance out the elements within yourself? If you are ‘missing’ an element (or more than one) in your astrological chart (few or no Air, Water, Earth or Fire signs), do you consciously make an effort to enhance or strengthen the influence of that missing element(s) in some way?

What symbols, tools, animals, compass direction, emotions or spiritual guidance do you associate with the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire? And what does Spirit represent or mean to you?

 Reponses:   There are 119 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Earth/air May 16th. at 11:16:30 am EDT

Julie (Brooklyn, ny) Age: 17 - Email

i'd have to say My affinitys lie with earth and air..when i did my birth chart mojority was earth..i can be stubborn but air is deffinitly part of me because I i'm also intelectual (did i spell that right :) ) and i'm an artist.When i was little i had my own wand and would call winds and i would always dance in a circle while doing it.But earth is also there...i am powerful but slow to get to where i need to be or go..i assume that since earth or trees/plants create air i am sorta like that all i need is to get a handle on fire and i'd be good :)

Nine Elements In Asatru May 16th. at 11:16:35 am EDT

Rede Seeker (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) Age: 48 - Email

The primary elements in Asartu are Fire and Ice; the secondary elements are Air and Water; the other elements are Venom, Salt, Yeast, Iron, and Earth.

Ice is my element of close kinship. It comes to me when I need a shield, it also induces clarity by slowing chaotic forces around me. There is also the aesthetic beauty of ice, glistening like gems.

The Asatru saga of Ragnarok (Surt and the singer-of-twigs) is fire-based world annihilation. Perhaps, that's why I am very uncomfortable around unattended fire. I'm usually the one standing guard around candles or incense during a ritual and I've extinguished them if I see they are not being attended.

Seven To Nine Elements If Old Celtic Traditions May 16th. at 12:18:26 pm EDT

Ariotanos Yuranantatios (The Woods of Wisconsin) Age: 37 - Email

Depending on your version of old Celtic traditions, there are seven to nine elements, which correspond to the parts of the body. One Gaulish version, which I use, follows:

Waitos (blood) = Mori (sea)
Kikos (flesh) = Talamu (earth/ground)
Knamis (bone) = Krakon (stone)
Anatlah (breath) = Wetos (wind)
Mentos (mind) = Dengwos (mist)
Enyepos (face/honor) = Sahweliyos (sun)
Anatiah (soul) = Tanos (fire)

Note that the spellings are deliberately incorrect, but should be able to show an English speaker how the words are pronounced.

Light Me Up! May 16th. at 1:07:33 pm EDT

RuneWolf (Reston, VA) Age: 44 - Email - Web

“I have only one burning desire –
Let me stand next to your Fire!”
-Jimi Hendrix

Yeah, there’s no doubt about it – Wolfie is a Fire sign! I have always had a fascination with the Destroyer, since my earliest childhood. Autumn and winter were my favorite seasons, because my parents used the fireplace in our house, and when they stopped using it around the time I was five, I was very upset. So I took to starting my own fires, in novel and inventive ways. To this day, my friends still laugh over some of the fire-related escapades I was involved in, and my mother still cringes over some of the close calls!

I appreciate the other Elements, but prefer them mixed with Fire: I love the eerie and terrible beauty of fountaining lava, the endless variations of lightening, and a good, hot steam-bath. But Fire itself is my first love. I like nothing better than to gaze into a roaring fire, or into the mesmeric, flickering embers that come later. (Have you ever scryed in the embers of a large fire? Try it some time, but be prepared…) As much as I like the night and the gentle light of the Moon, I love basking in the raw heat of the summer Sun at pool-side, slowly roasting under a slathering of cocoanut butter. And a ritual without candles is like a day without sunshine!

Next to breath, Fire is most often synonymous with Spirit – the “imbas forosnai” of the Irish Celts: “I am the God who puts fire in the head…” I work with Spirit-Breath because that is traditional in most of the Eastern practices that I use, but I also work with Spirit-Fire, and I find the effects altogether different, and every bit as powerful. Beyond even the Goddess and the God, in the terrible and ultimate realm of the Absolute, the source of everything is the Sacred Flame, which burns in each of us, and in all of manifest reality, and which is spoken of and eluded to in many cultures and traditions, under many names.

The boon of Prometheus is our friend and our servant, our enemy and our master. Fire brought us up from the Beast, and may yet be our ultimate doom. In Ragnarok, the world shall be consumed by the fires of Surtr, and when I read the words of the volva, I can’t help but think of the Elemental Fires of the sundered atom…

Difficult To Say... May 16th. at 6:15:07 pm EDT

Skye Silverstar (Edmonton, Alberta) Age: 19 - Email

Of the five elements I'm used to (earth, air, fire, water, spirit) I'd say spirit is my favorite. That's mostly because I love all the elements.
I love plants, and want to be an herbologist someday. Doesn't it just make you feel good when you notice for the first time that spring has brought green growth to you?
I love water, and for some reason it just doesn't feel right if I live somewhere where I can't see water everyday. Edmonton is the first place I've lived (that I liked) where there isn't a large body of water. But the river here is nice.
I love the wind and the things you can feel just by standing still and breathing the air. Have you ever stopped to consider just how much information comes from smell, even if we don't realize it? I'm light sensitive, so I don't know if this works for everyone, but I can see the light in the air between myself and other objects. It's beautiful, if somewhat painful.
I love fire, how can you not? It's beautiful and colorful, and has an energy you don't regularly see in anything else.
Fire has a sort of life all it's own, and I feel that when I'm looking at it.
To me, while spirit is till it's own, separate thing, it encompasses all of the other elements, and the feelings I get from each of them. On it's own, spirit is important to me beacause... it's difficult to explain. I don't hate. I never have. There are things I don't like. I know everything has both good points and bad - in differing ratios maybe, but it's there. I've never understood disliking someone because there black or gay or christian, or anything else that might be different than me. I have never in my life emcountered someone I thought was ugly physically. People are fascinating creatures, ESPECIALLY if they're different!
I've been told this makes me too innocent or naive to be normal, but I like it this way. It's not that I don't know these views and beliefs exist, it's just that I don't understand them. I just let everyone else think whatever makes them happy.

Air I Am... May 16th. at 11:01:45 pm EDT

Beluriel (New York, NY) Age: 30 - Email - Web

I would have to say that Air is without a doubt my favorite element for several reasons. Firstly, I am a fivefold Libra, which is Cardinal Air. I also fit the physical description of the suit of Swords in the Tarot, which is the suit that represents Air. I identify with and possess the traits associated with Air: Intellect, creativity, etc.

While I love all of the Elements and all they represent, I consider Air to be the most omnipresent of all of them. It exists no matter where you go on Earth, while Earth, Fire and Water rely on certain conditions to exist in any one place.

The physical manifestation of Air, other than what we breathe to survive, is wind. Perhaps I'm alone in this, but when I'm standing in a stiff wind I become suffused with energy. It's an incredible sensation.

Hmmm... Yes, I think I'm an Aerophile.

Do I Have To Chose.... May 16th. at 11:58:00 pm EDT

Celticmoon (Oklahoma) Age: 53 - Email

I love and respect all the elements. It's almost like asking me to chose a favorite among my children.

I do know that water relaxes me. The sound of water relieves stress. I have six fountains in my house, and fountains in my garden.

Air gives me vitalizes me. I love standing outside, arms outstretched and face raised, to feel the energy in the wind as a thunderstorm approaches.

Earth centers me and gives me peace. To lie on my back, against the Mother, and marveling at the sky and clouds with the sunlight on my face. What more could one ask for?

Fire gives me passion. The passion I use to try do the right thing. To speak out for a become involved.

Then there is Spirit! Spirit binds the elements and all things together. The essence of being!

How could I possibly choose?

Blessings to All

I Do Not Knnow What To Put Here Sorry... May 17th. at 12:24:07 am EDT

Aymarwhiynn (Lake Charles LA) Age: 14 - Email

I am new to all of this but I think my favorite Element would have to be fire. I don't know why (maybe someone might know) but I have always had this weird dream of me in a circle of fire but I didn't feel afraid or anything I felt clam and peaceful like the sky was open and talking to me in my fire circle... OK now ... sorry about that well any way fire is my favorite element.

My Views May 17th. at 1:38:43 am EDT

littlebig wolf (Mauckport, Indiana) Age: 16 - Email

I have to say that I have found fire elementals being easiest to work with seeing as how that was the element I was born of. But I also find that wind elementals are very easy, I mean even easier than fire, to control and use to gain my goals with. Though, water elementals, seem to dislike me greatly, even though I like to be in the water swimming, even on cold days, than just about anything.

One May 17th. at 9:26:58 am EDT

willow (Ottawa ON) Age: 41 - Email

I have to agree with CelticMoon on this one.. they work together as whole.. like family (like family OUGHT to be) .. i cannot choose one over the other...

When i sit quietly and allow my senses to take flight, i am drawn to a cliff by an ocean... the cool wind caressing my cheek, the soothing vibration as the engergy from the cool earth flows through my body through my feet and up through the top of my head... the warmth of the nearby fire keeping me safe and igniting that passion deep within, and the euphoric peace and connectivity of spirit earth and sky within....

There are no favourites for this girl.. as they are one.. :o)


Thee Is Balance W/all May 17th. at 4:05:10 pm EDT

Kenn (Sin city) Age: 39 - Email

I like all of the elements equally because they all bring balance within us and are world .Some are more favored from time to time but without one there would be no balance and harmony .We would feel incomplete without one missing.I see that there are different elements corresponding to the body and Asartu .They all bring balance to there wholeness as ONE.

Elemental Affinity May 17th. at 6:02:25 pm EDT

Ryan Bradley (Fresno, CA) Age: 20 - Email

I am the most familiar and comfortable with Fire. My Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising Sign are the three Fire signs in the zodiac, so I guess I was born to it. The down side is that any time I work extinsively with Water, I find many issues stemming from the flowing emotions and fluidity associated with Water, but this is something I do very regularly during the fall, being that is the season that I associate with Water. The other element that is lacking in my astrological chart is Air, but I find that much easier to work with, almost a breeze. I do try to balance the elements within myself as well as my Craft. I usually associate the Elements and Quarters thusly, Earth to the North, Air to the East, Fire to the South, and Water to the West. For Earth I tend to visualize a bull, or wolf. For Air, I see an eagle, or sylphs. For fire I envision a dragon, or sometimes just the flame itself. And for Water I visualize a dolphin, or salmon. Usually I tend to associate the Elements with the seasons, as well as different aspects of the Lady and the Lord. Spirit to me, is always the last called during a circle, but is always present as it resides within us and the Elements themselves. I see Spirit as the infinity symbol, and I trace that over the altar when I call upon it. Spirit is in my opinion immanent in all things, and can be seen in many forms, from the Elementals, Devas, to the Lord and Lady themselves.

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