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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 111 - 5/21/2003

So, You’re Dead. Now What?

What happens to our souls/spirits after we die? Is there an everlasting haven to which we retire? Are we reprocessed and reincarnated? Do we – as dearly departed spirits/souls -- have any say in the matter?

How have you coped with the loss of a loved one? Do you feel that this person/animal is still keeping an eye on you from beyond? Do you think that some of your present animal friends are really some of your old animal friends recycled? Would that work for humans as well?

Are you troubled over the thought that one day you will die? Why or why not?

 Reponses:   There are 59 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

So You're Dead. Now What? May 26th. at 10:52:19 pm EDT

Freya (Raleigh, NC) Age: 28 - Email

You're home!
For some R & R , and that might just be Rock 'n Roll at that :)

Death Of Loved Ones May 27th. at 9:53:46 am EDT

Dianne Grooms (Maysville, KY) Age: 51 - Email

I lost my husband at the age of 48 to cancer. He was my best friend of 28 years. My grandmother told me when I was a child that as long as someone lives in one heart that person truly never dies. I believe this to be true and after three years alone, I can still feel my husband with me daily, dealing with all aspects of my life, which include our sons and grandchildren (he will never know) . I see a part of him in each of our three sons and am so grateful to him for giving me those years. I know I will be with him again someday, in some form. I am learning to build a different life without him--not a new one--a different one. I can't remember ever being afraid of death, as it is the circle of life. No one really wants to die until it is their time. I watched my husband reach his time and his acceptance of his death in the end made it easier for me to understand it is not something to fear. It is an end of one life and the beginning of another. He will always be with me as long as I am living and will be there waiting for me someday.

After We Die, We're... May 27th. at 4:09:18 pm EDT

Stephanie (Minnesota) Age: 50 - Email


After Death? May 27th. at 5:27:16 pm EDT

Epona (Durham) Age: 15 - Email

What happens after we die? that's a very good question and each one of us will have our own opinion on the matter. Personally I believe that once we die, our spirits are lifted from our physical selves and we live in spirit form. Either human or animal or whatever you may become, we watch over the Earth with the Lord and Lady and protect what we have. Some spirits when they are lifted may be troubled and restless and can't go in peace until something is completed or worked out. Like unfinished business. That's why here on Earth we have to all live in harmony, spirit or human alone.

I Agree With Swan. May 27th. at 5:41:12 pm EDT

Maleciah (Oregon) Age: 25 - Email

I too have seen what is on the other side waiting for me due to a unique expirience that I had with crossing over to the summerlands. While this is my expirience and mine alone. I know it is right for me. I am happy/ relieved at the knowledge my expirience gave me, but I am not neccessarily in a hurry to get there either. This life still holds alot of wonder for me and I am not done exploring this plane.. everyones after life is what they make it.. and I am of the firm belief that there is no "one thing that happens after you die" I would hate to be in a processing line in heaven. LOL

when family members die.. I try not to mourn their loss cause to me they are still there. and I can still communicate with them. but what I do mourn is the fact that I will never be able to hug them or feel them on a physical sense again. that pains me.. While I know in the overall that reason for mourning does sound a bit selfish. but we all pine for that touch.. the physical proximity to you that made you feel a certain way.. realizing that you will not have that again from them is what makes me sad. but I want to party in honor of them making it over where there is no pain, no war, no terrorism, no money. just an enlightend state of being. if anything it should make us jealous.. just something to think about.

love to you all!


I'm Dead... Now I Get To... May 27th. at 8:11:20 pm EDT

hoo_pak (colorado) Age: 27 - Email

well, i'm dead... now i get to...
i get to travel...
i am not afraid to die, because even if there isn't a place in which to spend the next part of my life, i will at least get to roam, wanderingly into my friends (and enemies) lives and keep track of those i left behind.

What's After This Play On This Stage?? May 27th. at 8:12:48 pm EDT

Raven Uprising (Auburn, NY) Age: 25 - Email

As someone who's experienced her fair share of death touching closely her entire life ( Mother, grandmothers, best friend, lover.. the list goes on) , to the point that at lower moments I wondered if it was something about me, something I did so horrifically wrong previously in another life that drew it to me, and those I loved. Yes, I realize it sounds incredibly stupid to wonder if you're cursed, but I have those moments. But I will say, having to deal with death so often really makes you think about what will or might not come after.
So, it's my opinion here, only mine, but I often feel those I've loved and lost, and truly believe I've seen the spirit of the mother I lost at three reborn into my half sister. I've had others see my best friend at my side at times when I would have needed him most, and I myself was blind to the sight of him. Non-believers have seen him, and had their own ideas shaken. ( Not much fun for me, afterwards, I might add. People tend to blame.) I've dreamt the dreams of those dead, some saying goodbye, some giving their love and approval to certain undertakings in my life.. or to make me tell them the truth, that they were dead. My best friend has appeared in many a dream, and I never realized he didn't know his own death ( he was murdered) until almost five years after it took place. Telling him that, even in a dream, was the hardest thing I could think of ever doing to him. Even though now I sincerely believe he's finally accepted it, and feels I'm safe enough now, and has moved on. ( He was a protective bugger) Maybe I need to believe they move on to rest and the bliss they deserve, before they come back again to lighten the world with their presence again. Even if it's not my life they fill with their love again, I can't begrudge those who they will enrich.

Don't Worry About It - Enjoy Life While You're Here May 27th. at 9:15:20 pm EDT

Persephone Phoenix (Indiana) Age: 27 - Email

I've spent a good portion of this past year researching life after death and to be honest, I don't know anymore than when I started out. At first I hoped that I would find proof of reincarnation, but I have to ask myself, would I really want to live life all over again? Ask yourself that.

When You Die........... May 27th. at 9:43:50 pm EDT

Herne Phoenix-Star (Chicago, IL) Age: 33 - Email

you cease, but your energy goes on. My energy will be part of trees, animals, the forces of nature, and other people, but I will no longer exist as an individual. For me, an eternal, dreamless nothingness, but my memories, experiences, and knowledge will go on, and enrich the world as a whole.

And, I believe that in part because I want to. In her post, Persephone Pheonix asked, "would you really want to come back?" And that's a good question isn't it? Do you really want to go through all the same old crap again, and again, and again? Could you really stand even a heaven for _all eternity_? For, say, hundreds of millions of years, and you are still only starting out? Wouldn't even endless growth and variety lose its, well, variety, after that long?

For that matter, unless there is some kind of built-in mathematical repetition-preventer (a _deliberately_ non-repeating infinite series is possible) , eternal existence, with or without reincarnation, becomes meaningless, not meaningful. Think about it: if life is really _eternal_, then the same patterns must not only recur, they must recur _infintely many times_, in _infintely many different permutations_. This means that everything you do, you will do over and over, at varying intervals, forever, but with no overall patterns because ifinity by its very nature subverts such a pattern. If you really live forever, then the whole idea of progress or spiritual growth is utterly meaningless. Progress _toward what_? And how do you prevent your growth from being unmade by the sheer vastness of time?

I want all that I have done to mean something, so I want it to survive, and become part of something greater than me. But, for me, a good life now followed by eternal sleep is the only kind of eternity I can stand to contemplate.

Life May 28th. at 8:46:06 am EDT

Anna (Wisconsin) Age: 55 - Email

and death, I believe are like the seasons. We/they come and go. Natural. Life and death are what we make them to be. We have choices.

You Get To Watch Over Your Family. May 28th. at 11:24:47 am EDT

Tore Pusateri (Minnesota) Age: 17 - Email

I think you hang around abit after you die so you can watch over your family and make sure they are ok. I just lost an uncle to a rare cancer and I always feel that he is always with me and keeps me company when I'm feeling really down. But I also think that you can be riencarnated to your favorite animal.

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