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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 56 - 8/27/2001

What Would You Like to See at The Voice?

By most measurements, TWV is a very successful site. YET, it is always in a constant state of change. This week we ask "What if YOU Ran the Witches' Voice - What would you change? In fact, feel free to post ANY suggestions that you may have related to this web site, its look, feel, design, content or tone... We have literally hundreds of ideas but would love to hear yours. Why? Because TWV has been built on your suggestions since day one... It's time to ask again! Kindly, keep your suggestions constructive.

 Reponses:   There are 65 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

I Would Like To Change The Look. There Should Be Lots More... Aug 31st. at 8:11:13 am EDT

Reetta Pirinen (siilinjarvi) Age: 15 - Email

I would like to change the look. There should be lots more colours, and things that make wicca/pagan-pages look like wicca/pagan-pages; animals, symbols and flowers. But not too much! they look nice as bullets, backgrounnds....
Thenx u have great sites!!

Merry Meet Wren And Fritz- If I Ran The Witches Voice, I... Aug 31st. at 12:00:40 pm EDT

barry aka skyeyes (homewood , Illinois US) Age: 43 - Email

merry meet wren and fritz- if i ran the witches voice, i would change nothing, unless a majority of useres and visitors requested it. i would leave the present set up as it is, and keep it going until visitor input from enough members, requested it. this is the community's page, and there would be no changes unless the comminuty wanted it. i would be the caretaker of our webpage. the international community. this is our vital link to each other. granted; changing with time time is a neccesary thing. but i would would maintain the current standing of the voice as it is in any case.


Hello There :) First I Would Like To Say That Witches' Voice Is... Aug 31st. at 1:19:17 pm EDT

Leimu (orivesi, Finland) Age: 16 - Email

Hello there :) First I would like to say that Witches' voice is indeed a wonderful site - in my opinion best of the world! I especially like the look, as it's conservative (so you can view the pages at work withoyut your boss asking any questions), doesn't take long to load, and still is very beautiful and "pagan" in nature (mostly thanks to the pen6tacle graphics)...
What I would change - I would add a book reviews section, where people could post reviews of books, Amazon style. I would also add a witchcraft course or two, of different traditions - I'm sure there are some people willing to write/publish one, and thousands of people seeking for them!
I would also add chat pages. There should be more than one chat room, though, because there are so many visitors... but I'm sure the chat rooms would be highly popular, and not much trouble!
I love your wonderful work, thanks for it!

I Think I Would A Page With Basic Information For Beginners Or... Aug 31st. at 3:10:03 pm EDT

Jessica Gunter (Watertown, New York US) Age: 17 - Email

I think I would a page with basic information for beginners or people just curious in learning about it. I my self am a beginner and I've found myself jumping from page to page trying to learn what could be put on one page as an introduction. I know there are a lot of young people becoming interested in wicca and most of us dont know the the terms you use in certain titles. Perhaps adding a glossary of terms for us new guys could help in our learning. I personally have found it difficult, in general, learning about wicca due to lack of basic information for those interested in just learning more. I'm sure that with a beginneres guide more young people would become interested, perhaps making the world a better place for the future.

Well, First I'd Definatly Get Rid Of The Black Background. White With... Aug 31st. at 9:41:38 pm EDT

L.G (OKC, Oklahoma US) Age: 26 - Email

Well, first I'd definatly get rid of the black background. White with black text is easiest to read.

The week's features page could be broken down, for me it is a hassle to scoll down to find things of interest. Wren's Nest would be nixed or at least moved to her own page. I know some people enjoy it, but the way she writes, refering to herself in the third person is annoying. It's very Bob Dole.

Better navigation, and a more constistant look on all the pages. Links with underlines under them.

Obits, yes, those people will be missed, but I think they belong on a seperate page. I didn't know those people have never heard of them, but obviously you did. This makes me wonder who you have to know to get your picture/name on the pages.

The page hits, page counts, raw counts, I have no idea what those are and don't care, can you say 'hit slut' I also don't care how about how many emails were sent out, how many returned or how many removal requests were done. Yes, you do a wonderful job keeping the place free of dead links and it isn't a small job but when I clean my house, I don't point out every little nook and crannie that I dusted to everyone who walks in the door.

Why just cats? It's like you're encouaging the stereotype that witches have cats. I don't, my landlord says no. I don't like cats even. How about a general pets page broken down into dogs, cats, birds, snakes and exotics?

Traditions have to be 'established' to be featured on the traditions pages. I'm a solitary and would like to read about other solitaries experiences. Maybe recipes they use for Beltaine or a simple ritual of thanksgiving. Or child's craft that is enjoyed at Yule. Just some fresh ideas. Nothing long and involved but don't exclude someone because their tradition is just a group of friends under the full moon or they don't have one at all. I get enough exclusion in the real world, thank you very much.

Rereading this I realize I may sound mean and nasty, but a few days before you posted this question I was looking at my pagan bookmarks and seriously considered removing The Witches Voice from it because of the things I listed above. I get the impression that Fritz and Wren have almost a loathing to turn over other parts of the site to other people. As a result I see a stagnation within these pages. Yes, it's a huge site but it won't implode if someone else takes over a bit of it. Again, I don't mean to be nasty or unconstrucive.

Thanks For All Your Work! Here Are My Suggestions. 1. I Think... Aug 31st. at 10:56:33 pm EDT

Nicole (SF Bay Area, California US) Age: 26

Thanks for all your work! Here are my suggestions.

1. I think the site needs some reorganization. You have so much info that it can be hard to locate things. Maybe how Yahoo or Google have it set up?

2. I agree with the white on black scheme not being eye friendly. White backgrounds can be kind of harsh, so I think beige would be great!

3. Wren, leave your nest and rants alone! I love them!

4. I would actually like to see MORE articles, essays and editorials. I like what Utne Reader does--they compile articles around a theme from a variety of magazines. I don't have the money or time to keep up on all the pagan media, so something central would be nice.

5. Please archive the photos. I love seeing pics of the community. Actually, something like the cat pages for community pics would be wonderful.

6. More trad info please! FAQs on lots of trads/paths would be useful.

7. I'd use a chatroom. Especially if meeting times were set up around specific issues, holidays, trads, etc.

Again, thanks for all that you do!

Hmmm - Okay.... What Would I Do? Maybe... A Little Better Organized, It... Sep 1st. at 8:21:51 pm EDT

Artemis KnightStorm (Wellington, New Zealand) Age: 13 - Email

Hmmm - okay.... what would I do?
Maybe... a little better organized, It is kind of fun searching for stuff like a maze but sometimes when I'm in a hurry it would be eaisier if I could find what I want faster - actually now that I think of it, instead of doing a massive reorganisation, why don't you guys just set up a site map?
Okay - um I thought the cat photo page was an excelent Idea, I love it - If you're so backlogged with photo's wouldn't it be a good idea to make a photo page for all those other photo's that you're bogged down with.
hmmm what else? I'd love to learn about other people's traditions - like one of the other posts said, it would be really nice if we could get some FAQ's up.
Several people have said Chatrooms - And I compleatly agree, chatrooms and/or a message board would be great, expecially if you had scheduled chats.
(and if you do have scheduled chats, remember to say what timezone your talking about and if possible put up what the time is in that zone so us world-wide witches can work out when they are for us - I've just had the experience so many times when mericans or people from the UK somehow expect the rest of the world to fit in with their timing.)
what else? *racks her brains for a few moments* um.... oh I know, some pages where people could feature their pagan artwork/writings would be great - seeing as you've already got the whole Pagan music thing going - Which I LOVE by the way.
Someone said to take Wrens nest out! Oh my! NEVER EVER DO THAT! The rants are inspiring - and besides - I realise this is a community site and all but wren does put a heck of a lot of her time into it - shouldn't she be allowed to rant on her own page? Leave them right where they are. Or else....grrrr
Um anything else? hmmm well it would be really cool if we could get some stuff about how other pagans manage with their careers and some discussions about pagan parenting. (Not that I really need the parenting thing just yet seeing as I'm only 13!) I'm sure people would be willing to write about how they've managed in the big wide world.
Okay I really can't think of much else...I love this site to bits! All the articles and essays are great.
Oh I know maybe the layout could be changed a little so you don't have to scroll down quite so much - maybe with a side bar like you have in most of the other sections.
Thats really all I can think of!

If I Ran The Witches Voice The Site Would Probably Only Consist... Sep 1st. at 9:08:59 pm EDT

Amber (Brisbane, Queensland AU) Age: 22

If I ran the Witches Voice the site would probably only consist of a few pages of rehashed information, be rarely updated and be covered in gaudy freeware graphics, with the hit counter reading 510. I am continually impressed by the time and dedication you guys devote to creating a great community website of originality and integrity. Overall I think the site is excellent with the rants, Wren's Nest and Trad Profiles being my favourites. Although like most people I do have a couple of suggestions:)

Apart from TWV's great Global Networking system a majority of the site's information tends to be US-centric, I know this is bacause you're US based and so are a majority of your contributors but it would be good to see some articles about Pagans in the Southern Hemisphere or Europe.

Also, apart from the Trad Profiles TWV's information tends to be mostly Wiccan orientated. It would be nice to see information of a broader scope eg. articles on Hermetics, Shamanism in the modern world, Druidism or Vodoun.

Anyway, keep up the good work, you are doing a great community service and it's deeply appreciated.
PS. I actually quite like the black background and navigation layout.

The Only Thing That I Would Change Is The Set Up For... Sep 1st. at 11:04:53 pm EDT

nick (Shakopee, Minnesota US) Age: 20

The only thing that I would change is the set up for the 5000 working links. The way it is now can make it hard to find exactly what you are looking for. the catagories are very genralized and many subjects are missing from those catagories. I think that it might be easier to find what you are looking fore if it was set up like a web browser. Otherwise I would change nothing. witchvox is one of the best pagan sites out there.

I Think The Witches Voice Is Absolutely Fantastic. Although I Feel I... Sep 1st. at 11:05:41 pm EDT

The Miracle Man (New York, New York US) Age: 20

I think The Witches Voice is absolutely fantastic. Although I feel I have to take issue with the amount of brazen nudity I've witnessed on the website lately...there hasn't been nearly enough!

What Would I Change If I Ran The Witches Voice, Well There... Sep 2nd. at 12:23:26 am EDT

moonstar (Independence, Missouri US) Age: 17 - Email

What would I change if I ran the witches voice, well there are two different perspectives I could use.
1: The webmaster perspective.
From the perspective of someone who knows all that goes into making a webpage, and knows what constitutes a good webpage, ABSOLUTLELY NOTHING the site is technically fantastic, very well done, and updated often enough, its great. The only thing I may do, if I had the recources, which I probably wouldnt after making such a great site, is maybe get my own #witchvox irc chat, or provide email, both of those would be really cool, but I would not change anything, its great
2: The Pagan perspective.
As a Pagan, I would have to say the same thing, the site is fantastic, the only thing that confuses me is that the updates are on time, on real time, howcome I have to run on PST, but the witchvox staff doesn't. Seriously though, YOU GUYS ARE DOING GREATE, PERFECT, WONDERFUL, REALLY REALLY...GOOD, just keep it up.

It Would Be Nice To See A Craft Corner For Those Of... Sep 2nd. at 4:04:39 am EDT

Nikki (Bremerton, Washington US) Age: 24

It would be nice to see a craft corner for those of us whom perfer to make ritual items/supplies. You know " crafts for the crafty witch." Maybe a message board were we could swap ideas, trick, hints, and designs.

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