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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 94 - 1/13/2003

Who Would Make Your Pagan/Heathen Who’s Who List?

If you were compiling the Pagan/Heathen equivalent of the famous ‘Who’s Who’ list of influential people, which Pagan or Heathen names would make it on your list? Why did you choose these people?

Which non-Pagans, but still people who are/were influential in some way to issues important to Pagans, should be on the list?

What qualities or accomplishments did you consider to be the most important in making your choices?

Finally, which people of your own acquaintance would make your private ‘most influential people in my life’ list?

 Reponses:   There are 91 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Who's Who Jan 16th. at 11:25:08 am EST

Angela (Washington, DC) Age: 32 - Email

Big Name Pagans
Issac Bonewits
Oberon Zell
Gerald Gardner
Doreen Valiente
Selena Fox
Ronald Hutton

Local Leaders Whose Names People Usually Forget
Donal - founded the Pagan Night Out in Houston back in the 1990s, a concept which has spread throughout the US
Dag and Cec Dewyr - started International Pagan Pride Day Project, leading to PPDs all over the world
Shea Thomas - Mystic District Planning Coalition & Open Hearth Foundation
Orren - founder of Four Quarters Sanctuary

The countless people who spend enormous energy making pagan events happen in the real world - nothing would happen to bring our communities together if it were not for these people having the vision and handling the sweaty details.

My Chosen Jan 16th. at 12:33:21 pm EST

James (Tx) Age: 18 - Email

Half of these people listed may not be recognized by modern pagans.. Before I make my list, I would like to say that people who write new-agey books which are filled with nothing but lies IE: "witchcraft is a "goddess" religion" "paganism is a religion" "wicca is the old religion".... these people do not make the list... there is nothing "pagan" about them.

Nigel Jackson
Evan Jones
R.J. Stewart
Michael Howard
Robert Cochrane
"Robin Artisson" Who can be found here:

The Elders In The Trenches Jan 16th. at 1:15:34 pm EST

Steve D. (N.J.) Age: 43 - Email

While credit is due for the Big Names; Isaac Bonewits, Ravenwolf, just to name a couple. The big credits should go to the elders who are leading the covens, giving the "101" classes and hosting the local Sabbats for the Solitaries who would have no where to go and be with their fellow Pagans. Without the efforts of the "troops in the trenches" Wicca would be lost. Who's Who to me would be my first teacher and HPS: Indigo.

Non-fluffy Who's Who... Jan 16th. at 3:56:53 pm EST

HrappR (New Jersey, USA) Age: 36 - Email - Web

Garman Lord, Swain and Eric Wodening, Edred Thorsson, James chisholm, Steve McNallen, Valgard Murray, Piperskegg Ullerson, Lavrans Reimer-Moeller, and all the others in the forefront of Heathenry. Some are authors, some are leaders, one or two are just doers. All are fine folks.

A Short List Jan 16th. at 4:14:40 pm EST

Kea Erisdottir (US) Age: 38 - Email

Tamarra & Richard James, Wiccan Church of Canada -- They've done long term, meaningful work in terms of Pagan/Wiccan education, temple building, clerical support of their community. The prison ministry of the WCC, at last asking, has a recitivism rate of ZERO because of the thoughtful way in which prisoners are brought back home and helped back to a productive life.

Tarostar -- Who, among other things, is an amazing man whom I admire because of his towering knowledge of the occult and his high personal standards.

The Church of the Iron Oak -- Who fought their case until they won against the local governments who were complicit in their persecution and attempting to limit their religious freedom.

Hadrea@Sword and Shield -- Who runs a very good BBS for Pagan Polytheists and well-behaved visitors of other faiths.

Drew Campbell -- For his ground breaking work in Hellenic Reconstructionism. One of the principles of Hellenion.

Kyrene Ariadne -- Founder of Hellenion and now working on a mysteries project called Ai Mystai. I personally admire her strong vision.

Sannion -- A Hellenic writer whose essays are thought provoking and entertaining.

Kveldulf Gundarrson
Freya Aswynn
Edred Thorsson

Influential Pagans Jan 16th. at 4:24:56 pm EST

Datura (South Africa) Age: 20 - Email

Hi there!

I would like to just add my quick thoughts here, with a perhaps not so popular opinion.
Thinking back over my journey of discovery these past four years I would have to say the most influential people were my friends and teachers here at home.

But one of the most influential public pagans would have to be the webmaster of Now I know a lot of people look at that URL and immediately get incensed - but there really is a lot of well thought out, rational, intelligent and honest work to be found on that page. I highly recommend it to anyone new to the path of Wicca who has learnt most of their religion from the multitude of "Wicca for beginners" sites scattered around the 'net. Aside from correcting a number of misconceptions this site also points newbies to well researched, academic and accurate sources for learning about witchcraft, magic and the history of pagan religions.

So - to 4 at WWS - thanks for helping me and so many I know snap out of self-delusion and embark on a serious path of research into religion and magic.

Datura Link to More info related to this post -- HERE

Who's Who List Jan 16th. at 5:04:27 pm EST

Max Tucker (Alva, OK.) Age: 27 - Email

1. Scott Cunningham
2. Gerald Gardner/Alister Crowley
3. Raven Grimassi
4. Farrar/Farrar/bone
5. Isaac Bonawits

I would ad these people to any pagan who's who list. For, at least in my opinion these 8 people have done a lot for pagans, in regards to opening the mind's eye.

So Many... Jan 16th. at 5:33:16 pm EST

Jennifer (Indiana) Age: 35 - Email

Pagan: Gerald Gardner, Aleister Crowley, Alex Sanders, Laurie Cabot, Isaac Bonewitz, Selena Fox, Margot Adler, Scott Cunningham, the Farrars, Sybil Leek, Doreen Valiente, Diane Stein, Kerr Cuhulain, Raymond Buckland, Wren & Fritz Walker, Gwen Thompson, Tempest Smith...Ronald Hutton and Robert Graves.

Non-pagan: Matthew Fox, Stephen Hawking, the Dalai Lama, Joseph Campbell, Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi.

Personal influences: Karen, Connie, and Lucky...they know who they are.

My Top Ten Jan 16th. at 5:52:29 pm EST

Shea Thomas (Washington, DC) Age: 35 - Email - Web

I may be cheating because not all of these folks are still on this side of the Summerlands, but a few of my own personal who's-who would be:

1) Isaac Bonewits (Founder of the ADF)
2) Doreen Valiente (Wrote most of our major poems)
3) Gerald B. Gardner (Among other things, initially popularized Wicca)
4) Gavin and Yvonne Frost (Founders: Church & School of Wicca)
5) Raymond Buckland (Among other things, helped start the idea of solitairy practice)
6) Llewellyn George & Carl Llewellyn Weschcke (Of Llewellyn Publishing)
7) Lady Gwen (Gwynne) Thompson (Its hard to find a tradition that hasn't borrowed from her)
8) Ronald Hutton (An amazing academic scholar... and he writes about Pagans! Oh my!).
9) Starhawk (The Spiral Dance, The consensus decision making model, and Reclaiming).
10) Dana McLean Greeley (First President of the Unitarian Universalist Association formed in 1961)
11) Wren Walker & Fritz Jung (Oh, no particular reason).
12) Robin Wood (Artist and writer extraordinaire and maker of an amazing Tarot deck).
13) Cecylyna Dewr (Founder, Executive Director, International Pagan Pride Project).


My Who's Who... And Pagan Hate Sites Jan 16th. at 6:00:24 pm EST

Jen Forrester (KC, Kansas) Age: 57 - Email

Datura Dearest, I really hope you have some postive influences and real names to add to your who's who list - surely you must.

What is oddly missing from WWS is WHAT this guy/gurl IS FOR or personally believes in. All I see is bitchy and sarcastic rhetoric not unlike that found at your every day pagan message board . (good looking web site though)- His/Her approach is classic and pulls in folks that buy into this sort of 'speak' - "wow, we are needy, insecure and want to be powerful and for sure..... WE DO NOT WANT TO SUCK! so remind us of how wrong we are and how dead-on you are". - How sad.

"I have no problem with Wicca. It's the Wiccans I can't stand." - (Nice! - Tell us more oh wise one! - Who CAN you stand?) Not surprisingly the younin' that crafted WWS has no name, no email, no icq, and no forum (although he/she promised one last september).

So who are MY influences? my Who's Who? People who HAVE names and DO Create things... Dorreen, Gerald, Janet & Stewart, Sybil, Wren and Fritz, COG, Issac, Alex, Raven G. AJ, Selena, Laurie, Ainsley, Margot, Starhawk, Kerr AND the many KC Pagans that have had a wonderful influence in my life; Mike N, JD, Angel, Randal Mitzi, etc... I thank these Pagans here and now for caring more about going somewhere than just bitching.

Don't worry WWS... Hate sites will always have an audience.

Auntie Glenn Jan 16th. at 7:07:02 pm EST

Sue McCullough (Oakland, CA) Age: 43 - Email

I'd nominate Glenn Turner.

She owns the Ancient Ways store in Oakland, which has been to the San Francisco bay area what Magickal Childe was to New York. She has been organizing PantheaCon for 10 years now. She's also been organizing the Ancient Ways Festival for 19 years. She's one of the founders of the NROOGD tradition, which started in San Francisco in 1967, and she deserves the lion's share of credit for keeping the tradition going when other founders had moved on with their lives.

She's been active in Interfaith work for I-don't-know-how-many-years, and was the first Wiccan member of the Berkeley Interfaith Counsel. She was one of the founding members of Covenant Of the Goddess (COG). And I'm sure I'm forgetting 20 other things she's done...

Without Glenn, the face of Paganism in this country would be very, very different. Link to More info related to this post -- HERE

One Missed One Jan 16th. at 8:02:44 pm EST

Daven (Nashville, TN, USA) Age: 35 - Email

I think that we are missing Mike Nichols. He's been around for a long time now, writing his essays that have found their way into just about every Book of Shadows.

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