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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 99 - 2/16/2003

What Moon Phase Are You In?

Consider the phases of the moon: Waxing (strengthening, enlarging, increasing), Full (powerful, energetic, extroverted, public), Waning (banishing, forgetting, diminishing, retreating), New (hidden, secret, introverted) and Once in A Blue (unexpected, outside the norm, quirky, special).

Which such ‘phase’ is your life, emotional state or spiritual growth in right now?

Do you consider and/or utilize the moon phases in your spell work or rituals? How so?

 Reponses:   There are 70 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Hide Away Feb 20th. at 1:02:09 pm EST

Anjie (north dakota) Age: 20 - Email

I would say that I'm a new moon. I feel like, at this point in my life, i'm a bit of a spectator, observing and gathering information quietly and staying generally out of site. It's not a bad feeling at all.

Blue Moon Rising Feb 20th. at 4:02:51 pm EST

Uruloki (Bozeman, MT) Age: 20 - Email

Personally I have been trying to keep my life in a new moon phase, I mostly have been trying to lay low and keep people out before I let the new moon rise. however judging by the amount of unexpected things occuring in my life right now, the new moon on the horizon is probably a big ol' blue one.


All Of The Above Feb 20th. at 5:06:21 pm EST

Manea (Denver, CO) Age: 32 - Email - Web

Waxing (strengthening, enlarging, increasing) , This is my knowledge of politics, new job, and hypnotherapy practice that is building
Full (powerful, energetic, extroverted, public) , This is my Colorado Pagan Community Circle, 9 3/4's, Pagan community involvement aspect of my life.
Waning (banishing, forgetting, diminishing, retreating) , as the things that are inportant to me take up more time, people who are negative, groups that are whiny, I can't "feed" anymore.
New (hidden, secret, introverted) This is my private love life... no one really understands.
and Once in A Blue (unexpected, outside the norm, quirky, special) This is my normal mode of operating.

Which such ‘phase’ is your life, emotional state or spiritual growth in right now? It's listed above.

Do you consider and/or utilize the moon phases in your spell work or rituals? How so? I think I use it without realizing that's why I picked the moment I did to do a spell.

New Moon.... You Saw Me Standing Alone... Feb 20th. at 6:40:10 pm EST

lilith (lost angeles) Age: 33 - Email

from time to time i am hyper aware of the moon phases and the effect they potentially have on my workings, and other times it is completely irrelevant. i dont know if this has something to do with the polarity of the earth or the radius of the orbit of the moon around the earth or what, but i walked outside the other day under a newly waning moon and found the energy to be so intense and strong that i could have worked any number of spells that are traditionally undertaken only when the moon is new or rising, and i know it would have come off brilliantly.

as for myself i would like to think i am in a new moon phase, and not just a snivelling little asteroid twirling about thinking it is waiting to slam into the earth and knock it off its axis only to discover when i do slam into the earth i am exactly five inches around.

Our Mirror Feb 20th. at 7:19:58 pm EST

Dolcimer (Kentucky) Age: 59 - Email

Since change is the only evidence of life, all things have a beginning, a middle and an end. Our beautiful Moon has always been a reflection of the Sun. As the Sun is too bright to look upon it's fierce light due to its size and position in the Universe we do look to the Mother Moon to direct our lives. The Lunar calendar was first recorded as the phases of the Moon repeated themselves..ever without fail. It has been a truly solid sign that gave security to us all. Eight times in the full lunar cycle a year had begun, fulfilled needs and then ended, to be reborn again each cycle. Our life timekeeper is always a shiningg example of the renewal of nature. As we are part of nature, we too are renewing with each turn. As our Mother Moon moves through the year with measured movements she determines the rhythm of the tide, the surface tension of all fluid on the surface of Mother Earth, sheelfish activity and marine life, not to mention the moods of her children. During the time of the full moon, the surface tension of all fluids is increased, this does have an effect on our bodies, because even our bodies consist largely of water...and during the fullness of the moon, we too retain that fluid. Of all parts of our body that can't readily expand with this fluid, the skull with its brain cells doesn't have its normal space. No wonder we animals have difficulties with our emotions during this phase. Of course since phase is controled by Mother Moon, she can change her mind. When we study the phases of this wonderful Moon, we learn the very basic schedule that we should follow. The first phase of the cylce is the New Moon, the time to begin new life, whether it be to plant a seed (an idea) or truly plant a seed this is the starting point. Not every seed is expected to sprout, nor will every project reach it's goal. But in setting the plan into motion the new phase begins. In a short time, the Waxing Moon, a Crescent Moon, the seed begins to sprout. Examining the new life developing, any revisions needed should be added now. Things are beginning to form. The first quarter Moon, known to some as the Quarter Moon, the roots are reaching further and getting stronger. The promise of the new beginning, has begun, if any obstacles may appear now...we are so close yet so far. It is time to be a survivor, hang on to patience. Now the waxing has completed itself, there she is in her full glory, the Full Moon has brought the flower, the acheivement is ready to harvest. Either you will shine with your completion, or you will not see the glory in your planting, instead it could be a howling at the moon for no fruit or joy. As the moon begins her journey away and wanes, the time has come to reflect or pick the fruit from the vine and reap the benefits. What ever final form, we are responsible and need to accept it. As the Universe continues on its path, it is time to close the curtain as the Dark Moon is upon us. We can return to the drawing board and make note of those things that worked during these phases of Mother Moon, or replan our next full circle. During this last phase we can meditate and know that we have another time for our life's journey to be blessed.
Blessings Be! Look to Mother, she always did know best. Returning to the use of the Lunar makes our lives more productive.

Waxin', Baby! Feb 20th. at 10:22:31 pm EST

Aedh Rua UiMhorrighu (New Richmond, WI) Age: 37 - Email - Web

My group is growin', my ideas are creative, my knowledge increases, my job is stable and good, my love life suddenly filled with magic. The class handouts I have prepared for my group can be worked into a book, with bit of effort, assuming no one steals my ideas. If I work to prevent that now, then it can surely be prevented.

I am finally in a decent town of nice people, on the edge of the best cities in the world. When I need entertainment, it is but 35 miles through lovely forests to find plenty of it. I was worried that I finally found a good life just in time to be on the receiving end of the second Holocaust, but now it looks like Dubya will ruin his Presidency invading Iraq, and when the smoke clears, the fundies will be discredited, but Paganism will be stronger than ever.

Friends, we are going to survive and to grow. If we play our cards right, then surely we can wax into fullness, nourishing the world with our overflow of light.

Full And Once In A Blue Feb 21st. at 8:55:02 pm EST

Black Mountain (Georgia) Age: 17 - Email - Web

Sometimes I consider the moon phases, but other times I don't. I try to override the influence of the moon on important spells that have to be done right away (if it's in a phase that is opposite of what i need) .

I'm In A Vortex Feb 22nd. at 10:15:35 am EST

Phynix (Marietta GA. USA) Age: 33 - Email

Right now I have to say I am in a waning moon, things in my life are at a negative stand still, I feel as if everything bad is just sticking to me at a rate I can't catch up with them. My home was flooded, my best friend is in a very negative state, and I have to be the one to asorb it. My job messed up my W-2's and I owe money, and so on. So I am trying to stay away from spell work and rituals until my energy is back to normal. But I am keeping a positive mind about it all. I have to because there is something I need to learn from this, and it isn't being easy to find out what. But on a lighter note I have this feeling deep down in that a major change for the good will follow. I just have to keep myself from being drawn in to the negative.

The Secretive Dark. Feb 22nd. at 6:18:23 pm EST

penimoon (Crestline, Ohio) Age: 44 - Email

I'm in the new moon phase, What I call The Dark Moon. Kind of hidden, quite and secretive. Just want to think about things, keep them to myself. Because some times, one can see better in the dark. Blessed Be!

FULL FULL FULL Feb 22nd. at 6:42:09 pm EST

Jade Moonraven (Shawnee Kansas) Age: 16 - Email - Web

I am the biggest social butterfly one could ever meet so I would definitely have to say the full moon! I also try to do everything in a positive manner (even though sometimes it is impossible) just like all positive spells are done on a full moon.

Waxing, New, And Once In A Blue Feb 22nd. at 11:49:43 pm EST

Karen (Bham, Al) Age: 26 - Email

I believe that my personality is all three: Waxing, New and Once in a Blue. There are different aspects in my life that make me feel like I am all three. The Waxing because I am constantly learning and enjoy growing in knowledge. The New because I have parts of my life that not a majority know about and because most of the time I am introverted. However, once I feel comfortable around someone or a group of people I am more extroverted. The Once in a Blue because I believe part of my life, in some groups, are consitered outside of the norm. And, I feel that I am special.

My spiritual growth is stagnet, it isn't growing but it isn't deminishing. Hopefully soon it can start to be growing again.

In, my rituals or spell work...for the majority do not consider the moon phases. If I note that the moon is waxing I might do a different spell then if it was Wanning...and usually I try to do most of my rituals around the full moon. Besides that I do not consider the moon phases...because imo I would start to get to techniqual...would start trying to figure the planet aligments, and astrology, and the day I was doing a spell on...would be come to complicated.

Take care,

Out Of Orbit Feb 23rd. at 2:00:39 am EST

Finn (Venezuela) Age: 14 - Email

How often is it that one's country erupts in violence and hate in a passionate fight for justice? And how often is it that one (who so dearly wants to live the fight through) is evacuated?

I don't know about you, but once in a blue moon for me. I was evacuated from my home in Venezuela... My reality was shifted drastically, forced to live among people who have no idea what we're fighting for in the first place, forced to go a new school... It's safe enough to say I've changed, drastically. My friends back home wouldn't recognize me now, I don't think I've fully laughed once. Every moment is nerve-wracking, I'm on the edge, waiting for the phone call that will let me go home.

I've never looked up the moon phase in a calendar to mark the dates, or waited until a certain phase. After you've lived in a place for a while, you can feel the energies and the mood the moon sets without looking up. Everything sort of flows together, and the moon certainly plays a part in it... And if the general atmosphere seems right, I'll do my rituals then.

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