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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 109 - 5/7/2003

The Broom Closet Revisited: What’s Your Current Occupancy Rate?

Are you living more or less in the broom closet since last year? Does the current political climate make you more or less open about your beliefs with strangers or casual acquaintances than you used to be?

Are you worried or have you ever seriously considered that a modern day ‘witch hunt’ might target Pagans in the next few months/years?

Have you taken extra precautions to protect your private information or Pagan identity on the internet? At work? In your neighborhood?

Are you more or less inclined to speak up and/or identify yourself as a Pagan when discussing or writing about political, religious or social issues these days?

 Reponses:   There are 129 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

"Child Of Satan!" May 9th. at 7:35:56 am EDT

Hongatar (Western Finland) Age: 15 - Email

Yes, Folks. I have been shout at like that, nearly. I still have one foot at broom closet at least, or ratherly, I don't really shout around being wiccan.
But as I have been seen surfing ar wiccan sites at my computer's class, rumors have spread... And much of people here link word witch to mister Satan immedetially. I have been hearin' alot of things since about my religion. But I don't really care if it doesn't get serious.
I would speak openly about my religion, for they say that "understanding things is a beginning to accepting them". I think not knowing what wicca is biggest reason to prejudice and witchunt.

Ideas May 9th. at 9:21:49 am EDT

Jenn Woodward (Charleston) Age: 17 - Email

I am worried about the fact that people don't even get to know/ give people a chance before they judge them or say they are going to hell. I as a new wiccan am in the broom closet except to those I hold close to me or are one as well. I feel it almost is not safe to let others know for I work in a church as a singer (this has nothing to do with my faith) but the people even childeren are very judgemental. They are upper class conservative people. It just worries me that I will be issolated or harrassed if they think just gothic people (I am one from time to time) worship Satan. How do you deal with that and then say I don't believe in your god. I think I might be stoned.

The Closet Is Cozy May 9th. at 9:57:39 am EDT

Shea (Alabama) Age: 17 - Email

I can't say that I am out of the closet yet because my family would probably burn me at the stake. I must say that I am so glad that I found this web site because it lets me know that I'm not alone and I have people out there that I can call my family.

Wow, Its Not Too Bad Out Here..... May 9th. at 10:49:03 am EDT

Monica Leisey (Richmond, VA) Age: 38 - Email

About 3 years ago i wrote an essay (posted here somewhere...) concerning my fear about leaving my little closet. Since then amazing things have happened. Not only have i invited numerous people in, but i have ventured far away from the door. Although i still leave the door open, i am very rarely found inside anymore. I think i finally realized that we really do create the universe and the truth that we live, and i did not want my daughters (or your) to live in a place filled with fear. So, while i honor those who are having a hard time letting go of that fear, i celebrate with joy those of us who live their lives out in the open, creating a place of trust and authenticity. I am not blind to the possibilty that things may go wrong ( i remember those times too) but i refuse to add to the fear that creates such situations with my own. I invite you all to come walk with me, for only in working to create a world of love and trust will one be built.

Out And Proud May 9th. at 10:51:14 am EDT

Jenny Head (Big Rapids Mi) Age: 30 - Email

I live in a very small town. I work at the University in the town. I am out in my neighborhood, at work, and at the local clergy meeting. I have found some of the local christen clergy to be some of my strongest supporters. I know many of them have had members of thier congregations come to them about the witch down the street or in the office. They often respond to them by saying oooh you are talking about Jenny you should just talk to her. She is a really nice person and will be happy to answer your questions. I want to tell about us people it helps to end misconceptions. I wear a large pentical all the time. and in responce to an earlier post I have been shopping in my robes and I've been happy to have coversations with store clerks too. I also carry cards with me to give to folks who are pagan and new to this area.

One Foot In And One Foot Out May 9th. at 12:25:27 pm EDT

Star Devil (Glendive, Mt) Age: 22 - Email

I am currently living in a small town in a VERY big christian/Catholic society. Church is what everyone here lives for. Every sunday my inlaws go to church ( well just mother in law's brothers and sisters) . My brother in law goes to youth group. Everyone is baptised the same religion from the same church and they have all lived in this small town for as long as they can remember. SO here it is a little hard for me to be completely out. My mother in law knows and supports me but due to problems in the past she has asked me not to inform a big part of the family so that I am not ostracized from the town. My husband is totally supportive of me and there are a couple other pagans in my area that I do get to meet up with and talk to.

Now I have only been like this in this town. I lived in Phoenix for 9 years prior to this and I was totally out from the start. My mother, still after 8 years, thinks it is a phase. My father bought me my first tarot deck. And I got to know a big portion of th epagan community when I was still living there. It has been a tough road here in this small town but I have a feeling that with as many people who know and the openness I have recieved from most of them along with the support of my family eventually they will be able to talk about it and nto criticize. I will just have to wait and see...

Love and LIght,
Star Devil

Opening Doors May 9th. at 2:37:21 pm EDT

Christine (upstate NY) Age: 47 - Email

I'm very out of the closet. I wear a pentacle, but I don't advertise the fact that I'm a witch. In this small town I don't need to. I work for a county agency and the public library and no one has ever given me or my children a problem about our beliefs. I do get a lot of gardening/herb/health questions. I believe in letting my life speak for my beliefs. I'm active in the community, I volunteer in the schools, my kids are normal kids who play sports and have band practice, my husband works his "magic" fixing computers, we shovel snow and mow the grass. How, when, and where we practice our faith is never an issue. Sometimes I might get a question about my religion, but it's usually just passing curiousity.

) O ( My Closet Is Only A Reach In May 9th. at 3:25:06 pm EDT

Laura (Pittsburgh, PA) Age: 28 - Email

I was blessed by having a father who is a stealth/closet pagan, and a mother who believes " as long as you believe in something". My older sister is much more boisterous than I, I prefer my triple moon ring and pendant, and only occaisionally actually wear my pentacles.

For those of you who have experienced or are experiencing Religious discrimination, we have an advocates group (for those who don't know) called W.A.R.D Witches Against Religous Discrimination, and they are online, and national.

I am not worried about the decidedly Christian turn of things. Our "good Christian" brethern thought they had gotten us all 300 years ago. Their hate and ignorance is focused on their little brother, Islam.

The Goddess is Coming and she IS pissed!
Blessed Be Sisters and Brothers.

Broom Closet? What Broom Closet? May 9th. at 3:37:12 pm EDT

Alex (New Jersey) Age: 31 - Email

I used to hide what I was from my mother till that fateful day I came home to find my mother reading the books I had borrowed from a friend.

Talk about shock and horror. Then she sat me down and asked me about how I felt about what I was reading. We talked for hours about Wicca and Paganism. She said that after reading the books she didn't mind if that was the path I wished to take. Went out with me in fact to buy my own set of books (so I could return them to my friend) and to get the supplies to set up my first altar I could call my own.

The only warning she ever gave me was to not burn down the house with the candles.

Since then I've never realy felt the need to hide. I don't go screaming down from the mountain tops that I'm a solo-practitioner in Wicca, but I don't hide it either.

I've been lucky for the most part, I've joined groups of free thinkers who invite each other over on weekends for tea and discussion (ok so it's more like Coke and Chips) on all subjects from Religion to UFO's to Last weeks episode of Babylon 5.

I have run onto the odd closed minded person on occasion but I usually can ignore them, or leave them trying to get thier feet back under them after I blew them out of the water with original thought.

Most of the people of the cloth that I've ever dealt with on a regular basis fit into one of two classes. Either they are open minded and secure enough in thier own beliefs that *mine* do not pose a threat to them, or they freak out when I tell them what I am.

The first kind are fun as they like to talk to see my point of view and I in return try to do the same. It's fun discussing comparative theology at a church whilst one is trying to drop kick thier server back into operation. The other kind is almost as much fun since they tend to be so closed minded that they trip over thier own dogma. They also tend to freak not so much at me but that I would *dare* to be any religon other than thiers.

Broom Closet? Nah. I'm wiccan and if you can deal with that little fact then you are welcome. If not then stay away and we can avoid each other till the end of days.

Broom Closet? May 9th. at 3:52:32 pm EDT

Mathair Cat (Clarksville TN..USA) Age: 30 - Email

First off I have never been in the broom closet. I am very open with who and what I am. However, I know how to "cloak." That is, I am me but I don't go to strangers exclaiming I am Pagan and it's blessed wonders of being one. For acquaintances, if I get a good feeling off of them I tell them enough information that I think the need to know. Need to know information here lol. Of course some tell me that is the broom closet, I don't think so. I think it's being catious..I have been like this since I have had my children in the bible belt.
Of course I am worried about "witch hunts". Especially living in TN. I am very protective person and I have toned down my ways to make sure my children will not feel the brunt of it, of course-again--I have been told that isn't being true to myself. I call it being a responsible parent who knows there are dangers out there.
Geuss that's the best way I can describe myself.

I Yam What I Yam May 9th. at 4:12:58 pm EDT

Dark Moon Panther (Rolling Hills of NJ) Age: 40 - Email

I went through this evolution regarding my self-identity as a pagan, which I guess many out there will identify with. First, I tended to be a bit secretive (although I was never fully in the broom closet, even in high school) . Then I went through my "I'm Pagan and proud, I'm in your face and loud!" period. Now, I don't feel the need to be either of those. I just am. Been that way for about 10 or 15 years now.

So, have I been more or less in the broom closet? Neither. However, I am a Scorpio, and thus tend to feel that many things just aren't the business of others. If you ask, I'll tell you as much as you want to know. If you make a misstatement about my faith, I will set you straight. If you tell me I'm going to Hell, I will respond that it is your Hell, you burn in it, or something to that effect, depending on my mood at the time. I don't wear a pentacle or other pagan jewelry all the time, but I do wear it when I feel like it. I don't go about dressed in "witchy" clothes (meaning either Gothic, or big flowing things) , because I prefer outdoorsy clothes like jeans, hiking boots, and flannel shirts (infinitely easier to navigate in the woods dressed like that, by the way) . I don't go out of my way to proclaim my path at every turn, but it would be hard to know me for very long without figuring that SOMETHING was different.

Am I worried about a modern day "witch hunt"? Yes, but not one that targets pagan-types specifically. I fear that those who are "different" will be targeted, whether that be by ethnicity, religion (especially Muslims or those that might be mistaken for them, like Sikhs) , sexual orientation, that sort of thing. I feel that our civil rights are being infringed upon to a degree never possible before, through the so-called Patriot Act and the TIA system. Worse yet, most of these information-gatherings are overseen by secret courts, and the citizen cannot even find out who his accuser IS, much less face his accuser. I am concerned that the current administration's open contempt and active quashing of opposing viewpoints will lend legitimacy to those individuals who want to oppress those different from themselves. I am concerned that the HUAC may return, although they will name it something else of course, and its focus won't be on "Commies", but on "Threats to National Security". I won't change my actions due to these concerns, though, but rather fight any battle as it comes.

As to protecting my info, I have always been a bit paranoid about identity theivery, especially via the Net, and via certain forms of junkmail, like credit card offers. That level has not changed recently, though.

Finally, I have not changed my inclination to speak up about my religious affiliation when in discussion. I often don't find it directly relevant to political and social discourse, however. I prefer, as other respondents have stated, to base my politico/social arguments on logic, rhetorical skills, and available data, rather than appeals to religion. In religious debates, of course, religion is central, and I try to articulate my positions clearly and in a manner that neither proselytizes nor implies that other religions are "wrong".

I understand that my corner of the world is perhaps a little less blatant about intolerance than others areas - although it does occur, even here - and thus can respect the decisions of those who feel the need to stay hidden.
I hope that by behaving in a respectful manner towards my fellow humans (as much as I can - I'm nowhere near perfect, after all!) and my world that I will help to create a world where no one needs to fear practicing their religion openly.

Dark Moon Panther

Happy In The Closet - For Now May 9th. at 5:21:56 pm EDT

Thalia Grove (Ontario, Canada) Age: 30 - Email

As someone relatively new to the Pagan lifestyle and Wiccan path, I am sittling happily on the floor of my broom closet, feet planted firmly against the door and reading by candle light.
This is a funny image to me, but also not far from the truth - however it IS temporary. A beloved friend of mine introduced me to Wicca this past year, and I am currently researching and reading everything I can find about it... and fully enjoying the overwhelming sense of peace I get from each word, page, and practical experience. I believe in the power of witchcraft like I have believed in few things before, and I intend to walk the Path to the best of my ability for a long, long time.
That said, I have told no one about my new change, and don't intend to for quite some time. Please know that this has nothing to do with fear or shame - but rather a proud, private peace that is mine and mine alone to enjoy right now. I am revelling in my newfound freedom and beliefs, and look forward to sharing it with my family and the world when the time is right for me. I also want to make certain that I can pass this peace on to others in a concious, open way and that also means having all my own questions answered before trying to ask for the understanding of friends and family.
So for now I compromise - I have a full alter, but pack it away before guests arrive; I wear the Chinese symbol meaning 'change and transformation' instead of a penticle, but I know what I'm changing into; and at the moment, I read evermore on the floor of my closet... until the day I invite the world inside. And I think of it that way - wanting the 'outside' world to come in and learn about the new me that's been brewing in this little room. Besides, it will be less scary for them by then - at my rate it ought to resemble less of a closet and more a small library!
Peace to all,

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