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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 100 - 2/24/2003

Why Are You A Pagan or Heathen?

Why are you a Pagan or Heathen? What first attracted you to the Pagan/Heathen religion or path? How or where did you find out about Paganism?

How long have you considered yourself to be a Pagan/Heathen?

What is the most satisfying or meaningful aspect of the Pagan/Heathen religion, path or lifestyle for you?

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Why Are You A Pagan Or A Heathen Feb 26th. at 9:35:13 pm EST

Beltanegirl (London, UK) Age: 16 - Email

I used to be a devout christian and for a long time i was content to be so. Then Istarted getting really depressed suicidal even i would dream of killing myself about the same time my best friend starting reading about wicca as I already had a major interest in the supernatural I was interested and started looking too. I found links to some bad sites and good ones and concentrated on the bad ones I was pretty going the right way about completely destroying myself. this was all happening whilst i was being bullied horrendously and had few friends. I started making new friends at school and got a lot happier and started getting into wicca in earnest about 3 years ago which was about 18 months after i first heard about wicca. I converted from christianity to wicca about two years ago.

I became a wiccan because it just felt like the right thing to do and it has brought my life back under my control and it has made me a better person it has helped completely changed my life to the extent that I can barely recognise the person I was before.

The part of the craft i find most interesting is using runes. I use them for everything spells divination everything. the part i find most useful is my growing knowledge of herblore as it has practical uses (I am a solitary witch and happen to believe that all witches should know at least some basic herblore) and spiritual uses and certain herbs can be uses in spells or to aid divination ie sage (which smells vile, tastes worse but is incredibly useful for divination) .
I'll shut up now bye bye

Born OK This Time, Too. Feb 26th. at 10:57:43 pm EST

Kathryn (Uniontown, PA) Age: 40 - Email

I became a student of the Wiccan religion about seven years ago, after a long, fruitless search for the truth. I can't remember exactly where I first became aware of Witchcraft as an actual belief system rather than something you see on TV. I do know that I have become a completely different person because of the lessons I have learned over the past seven years. I still consider myself a novice, and will probably continue to be a novice throughout this lifetime. I hope the seeds of Wicca are planted early the next time around so I can enjoy a more informed and involved experience of the wonderful traditions and practices. As it appears, we, as pagans, may have to become more involved in the public forum of politics, or I fear that this profound enlightenment we have all experienced will be for nothing. We must become one voice...not in how to cast a circle, or which color candle is more appropriate, but to keep the ideals of the Pagan movement moving forward.

How I Found The Real Me Feb 26th. at 11:15:34 pm EST

Ness Nightclaw (DeKalb, Illinois) Age: 21 - Email

When did I become a Pagan? I think I have been pagan all my life. I was raised in the Christian religions, but i was never comfortable. I always thought I was missing something in my religion. BAck when I was a kid I didn't know there even was paganism. I naturally assumed that paganism was a myth or that it had been wiped from the face of the earth with the introduction of Christianity. It wasn't until my freshman year of college that I found myself. I learned that paganism existed and I finally found where I belonged. It felt right.

I haven't been in paganism long, but what free time I do have i try to learn as much as I can. Wicca is a big interest to me, but at the moment I don't have the neccesary free time available to immerse myself in it. All in all, I am very happy and comfortable with myself in paganism. Its what I believe in and I love every minute it.

My Dedication To Kemet And Ma'at Feb 26th. at 11:36:49 pm EST

Catherine V. Bidwell (Bridgeport, Pennsylvania) Age: 25 - Email - Web

Hotep everyone!
(That means "peace" in ancient Egyptian.)

I found my Lord and God Set 10 or 11 years ago through becoming disheartened with what I was finding written about Him. I just knew it wasn't true - somewhere in my heart - though I never heard of this God or had much care for Kemet in whole until that young age. It all came about through a friend of mine in Florida who had the teen/young adult magazine called Danae's Sun. She was a follower of Anpu and Sakhemet. Sakhemet's name did not strike a cord with me, but Anpu's did. I decided to do more research at the local and school libraries. In that, I came across Set and the myth of how he murdered Ausir. I was at first "Okay, an evil God, no problem, " and just moved on. But it was like over night that love for this God just grew in me - and I became angry with what was being written and said about Him. I wanted to throw many of the books that I've had come across the library in frustration and heartbreak. So, it was then, when I had also come across a few months earlier, the publisher Llewellyn, that I decided to learn from the source - actually go to Set and ask Him what was the truth. I purchased the book "Invocation of the Gods" by Ellen C. Reed (now published under another title and publisher, "Circle of Isis") . I used her 8-beat chant structure, made some honorable words for Set, and called to Him. First Anpu came and then Set did. All Set said to me was "open your eyes, " and he was soothing and smooth - in no way evil, cold or cruel. What I saw was Set materialized in my bedroom! He knelt there, looking at me, holding his golden Was sceptre (which also faced me) . His skin was a pure snow white. He was slightly muscular, His hair was scarlet (coke-can red) and flyaway, just below shoulder length and straight. He had his animal head, and the fur was strawberry-blonde. His eyes told a story though - He was extremely sad. His eyes glowed a white-blue, and lit up his head and chest like a halo. It was a marvelous site - BEAUTIFUL! :) I felt no fear, no anger, no hatred, no evil. I slipped into sleep. When I woke up I knew that this was my Lord and the God I was to be a priestess for and serve for the rest of my life.

Later on, a few years down the road, I learned that my Mother is Ma'at-Sakhemet-HatHaru. She also has work for me to do - but whether it will be in the priestess category, or in my overall cosmic destiny, I have yet to find out. I pray though that she will be with me, lead me not astray, and that she love and bless me with prosperity and the ability to do such work.

This has not been all fun and game for me though. I am serious about wishing to worship my Father and Mother in the correct Kemetic fashion (I am not a member of Kemetic Orthodox.) I am learning from a few Kemetic Groups at a time, to not pass up anything or miss something important. I also frequent the boards of INK, International Network of Kemetics. I've had many trials and tribulations in the astral and spiritual realms...not because of my choice - or their choice - of Lord and Lady, but because of other things that seemed to be attracted to me for what ever reason - which through divination I found out. At times, I become extremely frustrated with the Kemetic Community, all of them - but I would never leave the Nutjeru for anything! I just hope I survive everything that goes on! :) LOL

And that is my story... Link to More info related to this post -- HERE

Comign To My Path Feb 26th. at 11:51:51 pm EST

Cardomancy (Waco, TX) Age: 31 - Email - Web

Coming to my path was a little different than most. But I will share it with you.

Like most I had been pagan, but didn't know it. I was VERY active in my church, but as my psychic abilities and my studies grew I felt that my beliefs didn't not go along with the churches view.

A friend gave me a book, a Scott Cunningham book. Needless to say I was hooked after the first chapter.

Bright Blessings!

The Whys And The Wherefores Feb 27th. at 8:24:34 am EST

clio (York PA) Age: 30 - Email

My Pagan/Wiccan journey has been a long and rather convoluted one.

The seeds were planted in my mother and father's divorce when I was ten. That was a traumatic event, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise. To make a long story short, my mom let me be what I wanted to be and she let me figure things out for myself, for which I am grateful. I turned away from Christianity, the religion of my family, for a couple of reasons. The intense patriarchy made my feminist sensibilities nauseous, and I saw, and still see, a lot of hypocrisy in a lot of the Christian theology.

I was first exposed to Wicca in the early '90s. Two of my best friends at the time were practicing Solitaries and I browsed through a lot of their books. I didn't start seriously practicing and learning the Wiccan Way until just about three or four years ago (1999, 2000-ish) , as I went through a long phase of anti-religious sentiment--ANY religion was included. I dabbled in a lot of studies in the five or six years in between, but finally I took a look at what I was doing. At that moment, I realized that I was on a superficial Wiccan Path already--following the Wheel of the Year and talking to the Full Moon. I then decided that the time was right to acknowledge what was already there and continue learning and strengthen my beliefs (and I have been doing so ever since) .

What about Wicca attracted me? Well I was drawn to the respect for Mother Earth and all of Nature. That was a natural extension of the environmentalism that my dad instilled in me when I was little. I was also attracted to the concept of Lady and Lord, Goddess and God. Discovering the existence of the Goddess was a freeing realization for me. I could escape the patriarchy.

The most satisfying part of my journey? As a Solitary, I can study as I choose and set up my rituals the way I want to. Only one person can tell me what to do and how to do things and what to believe and that person is me.

I Am What I Am - Blessed Be. Feb 27th. at 9:45:04 am EST

Selena (Ohio) Age: 44 - Email

I was born and raised a strick Roman Catholic. Refirmed my confirmation, was re-baptized and reborn. I almost joined the order, but I had issues. The big one was a psychic ability that I did not know how to handle and neither did the church. The best answer I received was from an elderly priest who said, "It is either a gift from God, or the devil." It was up to be on how to use it. (I think it scared them more than it did me!) . I felt like a caged tiger. Pacing back and forth, impatient for release. The power within, always felt like it was ready to explode! So I kept to myself, gritted my teeth and bidded my time.
Then I started researching religions for a romance novel I was going to attempt to write. I always loved to write and was half-way decent at it. I figured channeling some creative energy would help release some of the bound up energy within. I researched all the way back to the legendary, mythical Atlantis. What I found astounded me and brought me a large measure of peace.
Pagan, yes, I am pagan; but I am also so much more. I am a child of the universe, looking forward to becoming one with the engery that surrounds and flows through all of us. I am old, but yet I am so young.
I still am learning how to deal with the tiger within, but now, she's not so restless. Learning to how to ground that engery helped, learning how to send that engery helped even more. I chuckle when I think back to almost becoming a nun. I would of missed so very much of what actually happens around us. To me, they have a very narrow view of a very wide exsistence.
Yes, I wear a pentagram ring and pendent and when someone is courageous enough to snidely remark; "Oh, you're a witch?". I just smile and say, "You have no idea!"

(Oh, yes, I'm still writting that book. Entitled "In The Moment Before Twilight". I'm now on ch.15, and a previous english professor, who I mail the chapters to proof read, keeps after me to finish the dang thing and get it published! But there isn't a wide market for this genre - yet.)

Several Reasons Feb 27th. at 11:24:07 am EST

amy (southampton, england) Age: 22 - Email

My parents brought me up with no religion but sent me to a Catholic primary school, where I found out about all the contradictions in Christianity. By the time I was introduced to Witchcraft I was drifting about looking for the right path for me. I'd already rejected Christianity and I felt Buddhism was too pessimistic. For me, Witchcraft addresses the feminine divine, is tolerant and inclusive, and shows an understanding of the sacredness of this world as well as the world of the spirits.

I heard about the Craft 5 or 6 years ago from a friend in 6th form. Once I'd got hold of some good books I was in, and it did feel like I was at home. Strangely, my cousin, to whom I am very close, came to Witchcraft about the same time, without either of us being aware. I think this consolidated things for me a lot more.

I am not sure what it is about the Craft that is most important to me. I certainly feel inspired by the tolerant yet responsible ethics, and the room for further debate, exploration and evolution. For me, the monotheisms are very limiting, and the Craft is liberating in comparison.

Bright Blessings

My Pagan Path Feb 27th. at 12:05:09 pm EST

Shay (Joliet) Age: 39 - Email

I consider myself a pagan, and although I've been studying the Craft and participating in some circles and classes, I still consider myself "new". My journey on my path began when I found a book called "Practical Solitary Magic". It was purely accidental (or was it?) as my husband and I were in a bookstore in Bloomington, Ill that we did not have in Joliet. The title just grabbed me as I had always thought a witch had to be in a coven. I devoured that book, and from the bibliography found more, and more. Then a shop we had been going to for stones and crystals had an introduction to Wicca course. I signed up, and learned more. What was taught about the Goddess and the God just made perfect sense to me, like it was a link that had been missing in my spirituality. Then I read "When God was a Woman" by Merlin Stone, and it just blew me away. When I was young I had read every type of mythology I could get my hands on. And despite having gone to Catholic grammar school, most of the books I found were in the school library. The stories always seemed real to me. I would dream about the goddesses and the gods, Mighty Thor was my favorite afterschool cartoon. The moon always seemed like she was watching me as I did Her. Then there were the movies, as much as they always portrayed witches in a negative light, I somehow always knew that it wasn't like that. Unfortunately at that time, I didn't know where to go or how to find out anything. I'm fortunate that I have a very supportive husband, who while he chooses to remain Christian, has had experiences with at least one goddess and a few animal guides. He also accompanies me to circles on Sabbats (when we can get to them) and participates wholeheartedly. I am just getting to the stage where I am starting to consider spellwork. I felt it was more important to focus on honoring the Lady and Lord first. After all, spells are prayers with props (tools) . It's been just over two years now, I still have a long way to go on my path, but I've taken the first steps. Blessed be, everyone. May you find your path and know within your heart it's the right one.

Pagan Why Of Course, What Else Is There For Me To Be? Feb 27th. at 12:06:35 pm EST

Farrah Skye (Gales Ferry, Ct) Age: 25 - Email

Yes I am witch, a pagan. One of many masks. I celerat the passing and comings of the seasons and the times. I have always been. I was that child that never quit fit in. So I would go for walks by myself and "talk" to the trees and other living things around. I found trees espally comforting to me. When I "found" witchcraft" I was still in high school. But I wasn't as much as a change as it may have been for others. It was only a name of where I come from. I have since learned of other ways, besides what I first did. I am now a mixed bag of different things that I do and come from. Native ways for example really are my heart way also, I've found. So for me there is no other way. The mother is behind our feet. Her heartbeat is ours. The drumbeat is alive and well in us all. It is just how you use that engery.

Morning Star Farrah Skye

Something Old, Something New.... Feb 27th. at 12:28:55 pm EST

Elf (cornwall, england) Age: 23 - Email

I was brought up in the countryside of Cornwall and felt very isolated from society for years. When I reached the age of 16 I left my loving parents, which upset them deeply, and went to live in a city 25 miles away. It was a shock to me and I had to learn a lot in a very short space of time. During that time I wanted nothing more than to get away from the boring countryside which I felt imprisoned me.

However, during my time in the city, at the age of 17 I met the man who i feel is my soul-mate and life partner. It wasn't long before I longed to leave the city. It was ugly, I felt cut off from beauty and I felt suffocated. I would try to get away to the park to feel the land but I couldn't feel a lot there, it was too trapped itself.

One day I went to the moors and was wandering around looking at plants etc. like I often do, and I found some small mushrooms which I knew to be hallucinogenic. I ate quite a lot, which I wouldn't recommend because they can be dangeorus. However, I knew the dosage and it felt right so I decided I was willing to risk it and deal with whatever came.

What came, fortunately was an experience which changed my whole way of thinking forever. I felt the pulse and power of the planet, I heard the birds chatter and as I laughed they mimicked me. I went to this amazing level and felt the power of it. It was overwhelming, deep, intelligent, pure power. Animals came and sat near me and watched me, I could feel myself ommiting light. Then it went up a level and everything exploded into millions of eyes, except they were all one eye. She looked right into me.

I wasn't sure what to do but I thought, I couldn't bow before her I just had to let her look into me and hope she liked me. Seeing as now I know I am part of her, as we all are, it was ok. It just took my breath away. I knew then that everything feels, as one - everything is connected. There is this huge intelligence, the Goddess and we are part of it as is everything, like one beautiful creature. We are just a form of her consciousness.

What could I do after that but love Gaia, worship her in her different aspects. I am interested in magic, although I don't know much about it. I am very respectful of these magic plants as they are very powerful. You may not print this but I wrote it because I feel the mushrooms are a source of knowledge which the earth makes available to us. They must never ever be abused - they are hard work and not for fun. However, they are there, they are of her body and they are there for a reason. Since then I realised that my beliefs were of a pagan type and to me the most satisfying aspect of paganism is simply being part of this beautiful dance, watching the way she changes with the seasons, and knowing that life is pure magic and I am part of it....

Why Am I Pagan? Feb 27th. at 2:41:49 pm EST

Nichole (Canada) Age: 28 - Email

I like so many others was raised as a Roman Catholic. I have always been interested in "WitchCraft" but my family told me that I was just trying to be something greater than a normal human being. I am a very new Pagan, but I continue to learn as much as possible about the religion, and hope to meet others involved as well.
My sister and I have shared the same "Psychic" ability from the time that we were very young, but it wasn't something that we were allowed to talk about without being ridiculed, so we fell silent. Now I have broken out of the silence, and I talk freely with my immediate family about what it is I do.
I have been practicing now since (Ironically I tried my first successful spell) October 31, 2001. I plan to continue on my path, and fill myself with the love, compassion, and peace that is wiccan.
Blessed be!

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