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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 81 - 10/13/2002

ExCUSE Me! Has Common Courtesy Become A Thing of the Past?

Is it just me or are people crabbier, ruder and less courteous than once was the norm? Have you ever received an email without any sort of greeting or salutation, but which ‘demands’ that you must do such-and-such for him/her and right now as well? Or perhaps had a parking spot stolen? Been given the one-finger salute? Been behind the person in the ten-items only line who has at least twice that amount? (C’mon! I know that you count them, too!) Held the door open for someone who obviously thinks that it must be your job or something and so has no need to thank you for YOUR courteous gesture? Tell us your horror stories! What can we do to make the world just a little better mannered? For some background info, talking points and helpful suggestions, see: Courtesy by Chuck Gallozzi.

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Pass It On.. Oct 16th. at 8:25:33 pm EDT

Starr (Saskatoon Canada) Age: 31 - Email

I for one having worked retail all my life know all too well how some people can be so rude and inconciderate to people who show them even the smallest glimmer of an act of kindness.

The WORST things I see here are CHILDREN.. Are kids now days being taught no manners at all??

There was an elderly couple at the mall last week who were preparing to leave the mall behind a couple of Mid Teen boys.
The Boys passed through the door and ON PURPOSE pushed the door closed behind them and nearly hit the elderly woman in the face.

Having MY 3 boys with me I hurried over, made sure they were ok and instructed MY boys to hold open both doors for them.
The Couple was grateful, and I proceeded to make certain that my children learned the lesson of common courtesy.
One that I, as a parent, shall push with my children.

Teach them young...and they might just turn out OK in the end.
Remember.. One day THEY will be deciding what Old Folks home they put you in!

Just Today..... Oct 16th. at 11:21:08 pm EDT

jeannette (san diego) Age: 25 - Email

I was crossing the street today in Balboa Park. I was at the intersection in the parking lot and their was a "stop" on the curb where the cars are supposed to stop and assess if their are any pedistians (me for instance) or other oncoming traffic. These rude people (yes, it was more than one rude driver-three to be exact!) just zoomed past me when I had the right of way. It was dark out and I could have been ran over. HMMPH!

The Truckers Rules! Oct 16th. at 11:49:58 pm EDT

Cynthia G. McCaffery (Winnipeg, Mb.Canada) Age: 45 - Email

My husband&I have driven truck for years through-out Canada & The U.S.A. We have a running contest to see who wins for the rudest state or province every once in awhile. Being Canadian we do tend to be more layed back when it comes to someone being rude to us but there is a limit. The only reason we have rude people is we aren't teaching our young to have the manners they should have right from infancy.I still get a kick out of the surprised looks I get when I hold a door open for someone. It doesn't take much but I still at my age like to hear thanks for a kind deed. I think Canadians in particular are more apt to let things slide when we should be standing up and asking for a please or a thank-you.
Cynthia G. McCaffrey

Courtesy Is The Key To Civilization. Oct 16th. at 11:59:27 pm EDT

Cairnwell (Northern Lower Michigan) Age: 55 - Email

Where has it gone?
It is still there. But few know how to turn it on.
It can be infectious and you should spend it about you freely.
Most do not know how to act when courtesy is presented. Greet it with thanks.It will multiply.
The price we pay should we not indulge this practice can be surmised in the words quoted from an up-coming novel, where the protagonist states, "There is an odd thing in this life. One can never really be sure whom you are dealing with." Many are near the edge and havent the faintest clue on how to pull themselves back.
Our task is to not push, but rather offer a hand to pull toward a better world. And in doing so, you will have the thanks from your soul, knowing that you have done a good thing.
Should you be lucky enough, the person you help may in turn thank you, or better yet, help someone else.

Door Mat Oct 17th. at 12:15:16 am EDT

John Sneed (Indiana) Age: 28 - Email

I'm a locksmith,and no matter the job its a door and I cannot count the times people believe me to be a door mat.The door is open so knock the guy over so they don't have to put out the effort of opening the other door.After getting hit in the face by a door I was working on I have since came up with a nice way of not getting stomped on.I have my a sign stating this entrance closed for repairs.But there are people out there who naturally engore me,the sign,and still like to run me down.

Retail Jobs... Oct 17th. at 3:22:21 am EDT

Lavender Feline (Denver, CO) Age: 20 - Email

I've worked at many retail jobs but the WORST is working at video stores. I currently work at a Blockbuster and you wouldn't believe the way people treat you! Let me just say - if you don't want late fees then TURN YOUR MOVIES IN ON TIME! If you don't like how much the rentals cost then RENT SOMEWHERE ELSE! O.o
I have had *so many* people say things like "I just hope you know your company is a HUGE rip off and you can get this dvd SO MUCH cheaper at Best Buy or K-Mart!" Well, why don't they go there, then?!
"I turned those movies in on time! I swear it! You guys didn't check them in! Your computer is late! BLAH BLAH BLAH!"
Let me tell you - even if it ISN'T the store's fault (which it is only probably 5% of the time) I will take off fees for people if they are polite. Almost everyone that rents yells at me, even if they don't have fees.
Everyone has something to complain about.
Remember: The customer service people that work at the places you shop in might be younger and more uneducated than you, but if you're nice to them you're going to get treated well. Be rude and we aren't as prone to going out of our way for you.

Let's Blame Society. Oct 17th. at 4:51:15 am EDT

Chris (Tokyo, Japan) Age: 18 - Email

We haven't always had the internet, nor the television, automobile, or even the phone. As these devices have dawned, they seem to have streamlined communication and interaction to the degree that we can live and survive without ever needing to see the face or hear the voice of another living person. And while the majority of us of course have a degree of interpersonal interaction throughtout the day, I'd venture to say that it's generally become weaker and shallower than in times before.

Quite simply, we're with people less, we interact with them less, and even when we do, we're all the more detatched.

Just look at a child who spends hours watching television who would once have played outside with the neighborhood kids; look at the millions upon millions of single-passenger car commuters who once walked or took a train; look at the empty stands of local sports teams whose fans now sit home watching televised professionals; look at the roaring dance halls of the earlier century that don't even exist anymore; look at online banking, and think to when the tellers used to greet you by name; look at the handwritten letter, which nearly demanded a degree of etiquitte and politeness, compared to the blunt and formless emails we get today; look at old communities, complete with a thriving downtown and vibrant neighborhoods, and then look at the faceless stretches of sprawl and suburbia, where the town center is a conglomerate mall and our neighbors five doors away are no more familiar than neighbors five states away; simply look at the unending facets of our life that have starved the interpersonal, interactive sense of community that once was the very definition of civilized life.

We've created so many devices and means to make our lives convenient and interconected, and yet it seems we've never had to endure so much anxiety and isolation. Our countless amenities created in the guise of improving communication have done little but impede and weaken it.

So when we see a society that has lost its sense of etiquite, and when "please" and "thank you" seem as antiquated terms as "golly gee" and "fiddlesticks," I think we only need to look around us to understand why. Even as we're deluged in stimulation, where communication and information have never flown more freely, I think we've lost many of the links that connected us the world we live in. And as this happens, courtesies which used to be indispensible have now gone the way of the corner grocery store. We can now pour out a stream of anger, indifference, and inconsideration without the slightest ramifications.

Think of how telling it is when salespeople today need to undergo thorough training simply to know how to treat clients with a bit of courtesy. And on the flip side, think how effortlessly we can growl and complain right in someone's face without ever realizing how inconsiderate we're being.

Anyway, next time we hold the door open for someone, it's just a little something to think about.

Rude = Social Ignorance Oct 17th. at 4:52:36 am EDT

Araelus Stormwolf (England) Age: 32 - Email

Just for the record, I work as a Security Officer working in a benefits/welfare office, and in England, that means unarmed. I know that in the States many are armed, I have to make do with a my ready wit, thick skin and a smile. Perhaps a sidearm would act as a deterant to the ignorant. (Not that I'm advocating Violance you understand. It's just that sometimes I'd like to throw the occaisional Lightning bolt.) I can't even write down some of the things, that I've been called. This wouldn't be published if I used such language, but I get called Animal, Vegetable and mineral, and get told to do things that are bordering on the impossible, my spine doesen't bend that way. So Screwing myself is out of the question. I just smile at them, I'm six foot tall and kinda bear-shaped. So I get these halfwits making weight jokes. They also mumble these just loud enough for me to hear as I pass them. If they had anything of note to say, thay should stand up and say it to my face. But they're cowards, So remember when this when someone calls you a name, you should pity them. When they're rude, rather than get mad, pray that they get smarter. It's dumb to be rude. Only stupid people are rude in my opinion. these are just the socially ignorant.

Blessed be.

Stormwolf out

Not Dead - But Very Ill Oct 17th. at 8:34:38 am EDT

Trish Telesco (New York) Age: 42 - Email - Web

I travel regularly and am amazed at how many times when I use the words "please" "thank you" "sir" or "mam" do I hear this response: Wow, I haven't heard that in a while - thanks! That's really sad IMO, and in fact I've begun sharing with people the need to make "common courtesy" really COMMON! Like so many things in life, we didn't appreciate how much those little words and phrases meant until many people in a couple generations never actually learned them!

The key is first changing our own behavior. We can't bitch about courtesy if we don't give it. Next, teach our childre in word and deed. Every time my kids go to a friend's house I remind them to mind their "Ps and Qs" and always ask the other parents if they were mannerable. Additionally my 16 year old is constantly getting the lecture about "it's not just WHAT you say - it's HOW you say it"

I know that I can only make a lasting difference in my little corner of the world, one day and one person at a time, but I'm going to try. I loved the idea of random acts of kindness - paying the guys toll behind you, saying "have a nice day" and really meaning it. We have become thoughtless with our words, and actions followed in kind.

I hope it changes. I think we can help bring back the fine art of courtesy, but we have to begin in our own back yards. Link to More info related to this post -- HERE

Are Their Lives So Miserable......... Oct 17th. at 9:35:56 am EDT

Phoenix (South Carolina) Age: 45 - Email


In my opinion, those who show anger, hostility, rudeness, etc...
towards others are in and of themselves miserable and unhappy...
with their life, with their situations, with their family problem, and most
of all with themselves.
I was raised to show manners and concern for others. It was
basically drilled in me from the time I could understand directions.
Like others I worked in Retail for afew years. For the most part I found
if you show others respect then they will return it..But there are those
few that just don't get it...
I appreciate when someone does something for me that would not otherwise
be done..and I always respond to them even if it just a "Thank You" and a smile.
Next time someone is rude or obnoxious to you, remember, they probably
don't love or care for how can they love or care for others.
This is not meant to be an excuse for them. Just a sad reality.

Bright Blessings

Do As You Would Be Done By, As My Old Granny Might Have Said Oct 17th. at 12:42:30 pm EDT

Adorian (Florida) Age: 33 - Email

Well, I've worked in payroll and, coincidentally, I've also had to call payroll to find out why they screwed my pay up on more than one occasion. I therefore know from experience that if you want anything doing, a mistake corrected, (your pay any time soon) then you stay civil for the sake of pure self interest, iffor no other reason. If you want someone to do you a favour then you have to make them want to. If you want someone to calm down and stop throwing abuse at you, you need to make them feel like you actually want to resolve their problem - don't give them anything back but courtesy. Courtesy, in my experience, is contagious. And even if the person you're dealing with doesn't catch it from you, hey, you're the better person, right? And maybe, just maybe it'll give them food for thought when they've gotten over their hissy fit.
To me courtesy is about being aware that, strange though it may seem, the world does *not* revolve around me. Whether calling, writing, emailing or dealing with people face to face I try to think about how the situation appears from their point of view. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone did that? Say after me: "Yes it would!"
As for time keeping, don't get me started. OK, so I'm really bad at it but I *know* I'm likely to be 15 minutes late for whatever I'm doing and I warn people accordingly. Mostly my friends just tell me an earlier time so we're all happy, but if it's really important then I make myself be early. (Early I can do, just not on time!). Unfortunately it does seem that a lot of people (yes, it's not merely a pagan affliction in my experience) really hold no value for other people's time. Forty-five minutes late for a two hour class? What were you thinking? Obviously not about how you'd feel if someone did that to you.
Sorry, started to drift into a rant. To answer the question, I don't know. Maybe in "The Good Old Days" (tm) there was less travel, less email, less telephone - less ways to get in immediate contact with strangers. With a letter you have plenty of time to think about what you're saying before you actually comunicate it to the addressee, plus there's politeness inherent in the structure. Maybe also, back in "TGOD" (tm) communities knew each other better so there was more benefit to being courteous (everyone else in your town wouldn't bitch behind your back about how rude you were).
Oh, and rude drivers? That's just people who don't have the self awareness to realise that they're behaving in a primitive territorial way and that actually they don't own the fifteen foot radius around them. We should pity them, not try to teach them a lesson by, oh, I don't know...cutting them up or tailgating? Cos when we do the lesson teaching thing they, oblivious to their previous rudeness, are probably just thinking, "Jeez, what's their problem? How rude!" End that cycle now!
Yes, alright, I've said more than enough and should just move on. Thanks for letting me vent. :-)

Spreading Courtesy Oct 17th. at 3:20:44 pm EDT

Catdra (smalltown in Texas) Age: 42 - Email

I try to be polite ESPECIALLY since I have a temper. Many,many times I have had to hold my breath or walk away. Whats worse I work for a private ambulance company people will cut us off on the road or will not let us change lanes. This happens even when we are going lights and sirens!!!! The only solution is to try and keep on being courteous and pray that your courtesy is catching! After all what you send out comes back to yoou threefold!

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