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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 98 - 2/10/2003

Would You Live In A Haunted House?

You have found the perfect house. But it’s haunted. Doors open and close. Lights flip on and off. Footsteps are heard in the hallway, furniture is rearranged and ghostly figures are spotted wandering the grounds.

Would you move in?

Would you be comfortable living with ghosts and/or paranormal activities? Or would you send the spirits an eviction notice?

What are your thoughts on paranormal manifestations?

 Reponses:   There are 166 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Living With The Dead Feb 11th. at 6:47:28 pm EST

Rev. Kelley Stephenson (Casa Grande) Age: 27 - Email - Web

Living in a hunted house is fine, in fact, I grew up in a rather active home. It is understanding how to live and communicate with the former residences that can make life interseting.
In my experance of living with "ghosts", the things they do are just to get the livings attention. Most of the time it is either a friendly "hi, how are you doing" or they are just carring on their normal activities.
The house I grew up in had several inhabitance. One was a little girl, about 10, who would be heard on cold nights. Others were evil imps, very similar to the Dark Is's from the MTV animated shorts "the Maxx". After my grandparents were killed in a car accedent, they visited several times, also my great-grandmother was seen on occation.
Other houses I lived in had spirits. The first house I lived in, in Colorado, was active. But Colorado, in general, is very active. Disimbodied voices were heard often, any time day or night. My mother recalls a few "get out"'s and I remember three-way conversations on the phone when I only called one person. When that house was to be sold, I got permition from my then coven to cleans it. We chased out a few nasties and left the benine spirits there. My third residance in Colorado was active, but that was because we left the door wide open to anyone who wanted to be there. The house doubled as a Covensted and housed the full coven. We created a temporary safe haven for wandering spirits. People would come, stay a while and then leave. However, the old saying about how news travels it true, even in the spirit world, our house was a popular destination, a spirits vacation destination.
The place I live in currently is rather calm, no activity to speak of. Now that all of my grandparents have passed over, I think they visit us more.

Would You Live In A Haunted House? Feb 11th. at 7:43:18 pm EST

Amoriah (Ontario) Age: 41 - Email

I have lived in a haunted house in London, England many years ago. The hauntings there could be rather startling at times. There would occasionally be an item flying through the air just missing someone's head, items going missing for weeks, and re-surfacing in the exact same place they disappeared weeks later. Sometimes an icy coldness and the feeling of someone staring at you.
Today, I would be a little more cautious as to how benevolent or violent the entities were, rather than worrying about the hauntings themselves.
Doors opening and closing and lights going on and off would probably be more annoying or irritating than frightening to me. Anything else in that genre, probably wouldn't worry me. If the entities were violent, I would definitely think twice about staying there, and if unable to rid them and send them on, I would move for sure.
Some manifestations can be a good thing, as on one occasion in that house, I had fallen asleep leaving a pan on the stove downstairs, that I thought I had turned off.
While in deep sleep I felt something gently shake me awake, and I awoke to see nobody there. As I got up and started to leave the room, I could smell a faint burning odour coming from downstairs.
Whoever it was was alerting me to impending danger of a house fire.


Depends On The Info I Get From Previous Residents . Feb 11th. at 7:54:58 pm EST

Wanda Custance (Jacksonville, Oregon) Age: 50 - Email

Most of the time ghosts are pretty harmless. I have been around a few.
So if it is the doors slamming, cold spots, sorry just floating through
and the price of the house was good, or the rent was cheap, no termites etc.
I would give it a go. But, and I mean this, sometimes you run into a mean one,
and this is where you need to do your research. Sometimes something even
more heavy duty, a crossing point, or a bad juju place. I once stood outside
a place in Savannah, GA that had been closed down since the late '70's because of problems.
It was a bad energy spot, I couldn't stay on the same side of the street as the building.
Of course there are ghost busters, if you need them. I think you could
call them ghost counselors, they try to get the ghost to move on.

Haunted House, Where'd That Pen Go? Feb 11th. at 9:14:46 pm EST

Lucian Nailo (Corpus Christi, Texas) Age: 16 - Email - Web

I sincerely doubt that I would be able to live in a haunted house. The sort of paranormal phenomena that you describe would bother me too much for me to be able to dwell in the residence for longer that a lunar cycle or so...

I Probably Will! Feb 11th. at 10:16:03 pm EST

Warlock Mark (Philippines) Age: 24 - Email - Web

Though i never been in a house that is descriptively like a haunted house, i would try to live in one. I had a friend that has father that already past away, and makes me feel like his spirit are just some footsteps away from me (coz i sleep in their house-sometimes alone!) . And because i practice a craft and invoke some spirit, i see no problem living in a haunted house full of ghost. And I will not try to send them away coz i know they just need a shelter and ahome they want to call theis own, and in fact i will let them stay but they should not disturb me in any way.

I Kind Of Do Already Feb 11th. at 10:50:02 pm EST

Etain (Ohio) Age: 31 - Email

I live above a funeral home at the moment. The apartment has been in my husband's family for years. The first two weeks we lived here we were scared. Partly due to the bad neighborhood, but also because we weren't sure what to expect....haunted house wise. Yeah, it's creepy but I guess we're used to it. I've seen some weird stuff. But then I blew it off thinking, "I must be seeing things". I think I'm in denial but somewhere inside of me I know where we live is a very transient place for spirits. Most of the time they go on their merry little way. But sometimes, once in a while, some stick around.....very creepy. I have to smudge and clear alot. No, I wouldn't choose to live in a haunted house. It takes a lot of energy and up keep to keep the environment in balance.

Live With Respect Dead Or Alive Feb 11th. at 11:17:52 pm EST

Katherine (Canada) Age: 23 - Email

I believe that no matter where you are there will always be "ghosts" wheather it be in your home or when your going about your day to day routien. A manifestation that is not real can not hurt or harm you in any way the only way it can is if you let it. That is why the living and the dead must respect one another we are all shareing the same liveing space ( the earth ) would it not be easier if we shared it respectfully.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Feb 12th. at 12:33:20 am EST

Charlene Rowan-Kemple (Houston, Texas) Age: 50 - Email

Regarding question 98

My husband and I currently live in a haunted house. Our lovely spirit seems to be a young girl who acts up occassionally when certain TV shows are on, or an argument arises. Throwing picture frames and loud banging on the upstairs floors always lets us know she's upset. She manifests herself occassionally walking down the stairs and out the front door, or sometimes in our master bathroom or bedroom.
We always thank her for watching over us and our 2 cats Alpha and Omega, and for keeping away unwanted people. So far, it has been a wonderful experience. Our spirit seems to enjoy fresh flowers and the herbs I grow, as well as watching me as I make my herbal blends for my natural soaps, bath salts, and lotions for my small business.
I can always "feel" her when she's around and personally love the company when my husband is away on business trips.
By all means invite a spirit or two into your home. It can be a very rewarding experience.

C. Rowan-Kemple

I Would Live In A Haunted House Feb 12th. at 1:11:29 am EST

Mike (North Carolina) Age: 22 - Email

I have actually lived in a haunted house, it was in Merkel Texas. I was only 12 at the time but remember the different things that happend vividly. I dont suppose it was really that long ago. To tell you the truth i miss it. I just remember never feeling alone, and it wasnt a bad thing. At times i even felt protected or guarded. So I would live in a haunted house depending on the spirits or entitys that also inhabited the house.

I Would'nt Have It Any Other Way Feb 12th. at 2:21:07 am EST

Nateseia (Winnipeg, Canada) Age: 40 - Email

I have *alway* live in haunted house...every single one of then since the age o twelve.
I think my mother, being a Wiccan herself, could not imagine a house without them. She taught us not to fear, but incorporate
our lives with them in terms of accommadating the reasons they might need to hang around for
a while. She turned the initial fear we kids had into curiosity. I'm not saying that we did not cling to her skirts when the back door would slam open, and someone would walk down the basement
stairs ( that was a regular one) , but in time, we realized that was all they did. We still played in the basement. It held no fear for us.

As I grew up, and lived in various apartments and homes, I realized that everytime I walked into a new one to inspect it, my first instinct was to feel for
an existing energy and what it might be. If the homes did ot have this energy, I got a 'dead' feeling from it (no pun intended) and would'nt move in.

Currently, I have been in my house for ten years and the spirits provide me with no end of entertainment and .....yes...saftey.
If on any given night, they are being particullary noisy and fullof antics, I ask then to settle down. If they do not desist, I yell at them.

For my children, this is the norm in which they grew up. If one spirit insists on acting up, despite what the pleas of the kids are, I'm usually able to intercede and create a
little down time.
I'd be very lonely without them. Their presence reminds me constantly of our connection, and
how infact, normal it to not only live harmoniously with entites that you will some day mirror, but that our circles and prayers,
rantings and ravings are by those who sometimes make themselves known in ways we least expect.


Haunted Houses Feb 12th. at 2:23:16 am EST

Colleen (RAF Lakenheath, UK) Age: 28 - Email

It all depends on what is haunting the house. My aunt had a ghost who came out of the cold cellar in the basement. She wasn't very friendly, so we were always told to leave her alone. The family lived in that house for over 20 years though.

HauntedHouses Feb 12th. at 8:52:11 am EST

TheHollow (Vancouver, Canada) Age: 21 - Email

I've lived in many haunted houses over the years from the age of 2, possibly since I was born. I believe that is hard to aviod spirits and other worldly happenings b/c anywhere you go there is a presence of those who have exsisted before. Old homes of course have more history and thus are more likely to contain ghosts. I have had experiences with residual history (where something that has happened in the past overlaps and plays agian and agian like a looped video tape) , ghosts and my own personal poltergeist (he moved things, turned lights off, etc.) .
Mostly I have not had bad experiences with ghosts and residuals don't really do much. I have, however, had some scary encounters with frightening and potentially evil presences. I think it may be best to have a conversation with the entities in the home and inform them that you mean no harm and try to share your space with them. But if their is a frightening, menacing, or violent force at work it may be a good idea to seek help with someone who knows how to handle the forces at work.

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