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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 1 - 8/7/2000

Who are you going to vote for and why?

Which political platform or candidate are you leaning towards? Do you think that a level of political involvement is important to pagans? Are you registered to vote, will you vote and who -if you don't mind telling the world- are you planning to vote for (or against)?

 Reponses:   There are 233 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

I Think A Basic Level Of Politicalinvolvement Or At Least Knowledge Is... Aug 8th. at 1:24:33 pm EDT

Dan Fireheart (Silver Spring, Maryland US) Age: 46 - Email

I think a basic level of politicalinvolvement or at least knowledge is, for me, a vital, key part of a Pagan path. As we are all only too aware, there are those who would deny us and others our basic rights because we differ from their imagined majority.

But even beyond that, I think Pagans have a fundamental responsibility to make our voices heard in the political arena. To me, walking a Pagan path involves a values and a vision and perspective that is, sadly, not well represented in the political life of our nation. As someone who believes that the Earth is living and sacred and that all who dwell upon Her are interconnected and sacred, I feel a strong duty to oppose the policies of my government that rape the Earth and cheapen life, and to support policies of economic justice, sustainable development and genuine, participatory democracy. A primary litmus test for any program or government policy should be, "Does this enhance and respect Life, or demean and destroy it?" Forget about the stock market, nationalism, industrial development, or so called "welfare reform." Does it enhance and respect Life, or demean and destroy it?"

A Pagan path may not be for everyone, but I deeply believe that the nature and life affirming values of Paganism are vital if we're to have a future for ourselves and our progeny that would be worth living. Unlike other spiritual traditions, which have as their focus the attainment of an other worldly Heaven or Nirvana, Pagans are intensely focused on this world, believing that heaven is right here if we have the vision and courage to make it so. To opt out of political participation seem to me to be abandoning our finest ideals.

Right now I'm leaning strongly toward Ralph Nader and the Greens as the best representatives of my values in the Presidential race. I look forward to seeing the thoughts of others on these issues.

Dan Fireheart

On The Questions... I Am Personally Torn Between The Honestly Representative Platform... Aug 8th. at 1:25:08 pm EDT

Snorri Laurelsson (San Francisco, California US) Age: 31 - Email

On the questions...

I am personally torn between the honestly representative platform of Ralph Nader and the Green Party, and the electable, but not very representative platform of Al Gore and the Democratic Party.

Political involvement is critical the survival of any minority group in a democracy. To be uninvolved is to risk the tyranny of the majority, and possibly persecution and extinction. Mind you, this is what CAN happen. I don't think it likely, but that's not a reason to avoid the task.

I am registered to vote, do so in every election, and (for once in my life) I haven't decided just who I'll give my vote this time around...

Ok First Question - Yes I Am Absolutly Registered To Vote... A Wise... Aug 8th. at 1:27:33 pm EDT

Kyra St James (Radcliff, Kentucky US) Age: 26 - Email

Ok first question - yes I am absolutly registered to vote... A wise man told me a long time ago that if you don't vote you don't have a right to bitch... and let's face it I like to complain...

Now as to WHO I'm for? To be totally honest I am Democrat however - that doesn't mean that if I honestly belived that the Republican canidate was a better choice I would blindly vote for the Democrat.
That said - I have to go with Gore, for several reasons...

First - Gore is for the enviorment and in the time he has been in office he has actually sought to do more then TALK about what could be done for our planet.

TWO - He keeps it real, he's not afraid to change his mind as he learns and grows (Fancy that a politican that learns and grows from past mistakes - and come to think of it oh mercy my one who can actually ADMIT he makes them.)

On the other hand is Bush...

The man strikes me as a puppet for the Colitian and groups like it. I honestly fear for seperation of church and state if he is elected... he has already gone on record as saying that he will destroy the seperation and that he will ban pagans from the military.

All in all I would say that this time out it is not only a responsability but an act of self defense to go to the polls and vote... before everything we hold sacred is trambled beneath a giant Elephant bearing a flameing cross.

I'm Voting Democratic Because Social Issues Are Of Extreme Importance To Me... Aug 8th. at 1:28:19 pm EDT

Rebecca Bostick (Las Vegas, Nevada US) Age: 28 - Email

I'm voting Democratic because social issues are of extreme importance to me. I believe we should exercise our right to vote- I'm even a voter registrar who can register others to vote. Gore's position on environmental issues satisfies me and, though I'd like him to be more left, I'm willing to compromise and be pragmatic in order to get him elected.

I don't understand anyone in the pagan community voting for Bush, who clearly refuses to recognize witchcraft as a religion. Bush's "compassionate conservatism" is merely a thin veil for intolerance and promotion of his own ideals.

Quite frankly, Republicans like Bush scare me. I'll be voting for Gore and hoping others vote Gore, too!

I Must Lean Toward The Democratic Party 99% Of The Time. I... Aug 8th. at 1:39:42 pm EDT

withheld (Kansas City, Missouri US) Age: 31

I must lean toward the Democratic party 99% of the time. I just can't ethically vote for a party that espouses a Christian way of life. While I aplaude their strong faith and confidence in their beliefs, I do not necessarily agree with them. I agree they have the right to believe as they will, but so do I.

Just as when women and blacks were finally "allowed" to vote, I believe that pagans must also vote so that our freedoms are not allowed to be eroded away.

I registered to vote the day after I turned 18 and have re-registered every time I've moved. I vote in every major election and I vote in most local elections

I Feel That A Certain Level Of Pagan Political Involvement Is Almost... Aug 8th. at 2:33:19 pm EDT

Silver WindDagger (Johnstown, Pennsylvania US) Age: 17 - Email

I feel that a certain level of pagan political involvement is almost expected of us. Many people in society still view us as a part of 'fringe' society, living on the very edges of normalcy. Through voting and voicing our opinions in politics, we can hope to keep our seat on the cliff of so-called 'normal' society. Not that politics is the answer to anything, we certainly cannot sit back and wait for the politicians to work for us, we must work for ourselves! I am registered to vote in this coming election and I know, in my heart of hearts, that even if my choices are not elected to office, I can tell others that I did make a difference. Remember -- If you don't vote, don't gripe! In summary, Go Nader!

As Much As I Hate To Say It, I'm Inclined Towards Gore... Aug 8th. at 2:40:59 pm EDT

Paul (San Bruno, California US) Age: 27

As much as I hate to say it, I'm inclined towards Gore. George W Bush is the biggest Twinkie I've ever seen artificially elevated into politics. He's incompetent and not even not even that presentable. At least his father had some sense of statesmanship about him.

I grew up in a Republican family, and for the longest time I preferred the Republican candidates; I so much preferred Reagan and Bush (Sr.) over the lame guys the Democrats had come up with to run against them. I was disappointed when Clinton won in '92, and I still don't think he should be credited with a lot of the progress the country's made since then. However, Since Clinton won, I've not seen a Republican candidate come up to bat that seem to have had more than two brain cells to rub together. Maybe Steve Forbes, but I don't think he'd necessarily be a good President; his strength would've been in working with the US economy, but the President doesn't do that much for the economy directly (at least so far as I can tell).

I definitely think involvement is important for pagans, simply because we know there are religions actively working against us. Unfortunately, that means we can't be complacent in these affairs. Somebody nominate an atheist President, and he'll get my vote every single time.

Hi Everyone, I Definitely Beleive Pagans Should Be Involved With The Political... Aug 8th. at 3:36:16 pm EDT

Ed Hubbard (Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 37 - Email

Hi Everyone,

I definitely beleive Pagans should be involved with the Political process, or be left totally powerless to effect change. I am a registered voter, have worked on several campaigns, and have even lobbied our state house to prevent a law about Samhain to go through.

I am not voting for George Bush, even though I like a lot of what he says. Unfourtantely, He is to much a cross bearing man for my tastes. And I am note voting for Gore, because he is really dangerous to my way of life. He is even more Fundemental then Bush, and would turn his presidency into a personal misistry to save the nation's soul for christ.

So that leaves Ralph Nader and the Green Party, and I am hoping to Get his 5% vote. Without a long term third party, we will be in the equivelant of a one party system with two names.

We went to the Republican Rally this Sunday in Springfield and my comments can be seen at http;//


Although I'm Not Yet Of The Legal Voting Age, I Pay Attention... Aug 8th. at 4:00:34 pm EDT

melissa (naperville, Illinois US) Age: 17 - Email

although i'm not yet of the legal voting age, i pay attention to politics, mainly concerning religion ;). i'm truly frightened of bush being elected to the presidency. separation of church and state is vital, and if he breaks this separation, well... our minority religion is going to be even further discriminated against. frankly, i don't understand why *anyone* would allow prayer in public schools. common sense tells us that there are people of other faiths or no faith at all that would *not* appreciate jesus time. they may say that the prayers are non-denominational, but i think it's quite obvious they wouldn't accept a circle being cast, for instance. but i stray from the issue :) gore may not be the best democratic candidate, but i would much rather see him elected than bush. i'd rather lose my money than my civil rights, as i read at one website :) i'm registering as soon as i turn 18 and only wish i could vote in this election which could very well be a turning point in history. the number of people my age planning *not* to register is disgusting. if you don't vote, you lose the right to complain. it's vital that *all* pagans vote- we're small in numbers as it is (compared to other faiths), and it's important that we're recognized and allowed to have our opinons heard and respected. your one vote may very well make a difference.

As I Have Grown Into Adulthood, I Find Myself Aligning More And... Aug 8th. at 4:17:35 pm EDT

Sprite (Portland, Oregon US) Age: 25

As I have grown into adulthood, I find myself aligning more and more with the libertartian party. As a young pagan, the libertarian party ideals ring truer with me than ever. Their platform of personal responsibility and absolute freedom, so long as you do not initiate any form of force against another, complements the wiccan path. I do think pagans should be politically active, but not nearly so much as they should be socially active and a positive presence in their communities. We, and now I mean society as a whole, have a disturbing tendency to legislate everything that strikes us wrong, inconvenient, harmful, get the gist. A more meaningful method of effecting change is to work for social change. That way, change is voluntary, people's eyes and hearts are honestly open, and change is sincere instead of forced.

One Of The Hallmarks Of Nearly All Pagan Paths Today Is A... Aug 8th. at 4:32:44 pm EDT

Faramir (Farmville, Virginia US) Age: 29 - Email

One of the hallmarks of nearly all Pagan paths today is a reverence for and affirmation of the concept of personal responsibility. This is, to me, the most important issue in the election, and the biggest crisis facing us as a society today.

I plan on wearing black on election day, to mourn another year passing where the adults of this country decide to hand over their free will to a candidate who thinks he knows what's best for the people better than they do. I would prefer to vote for a candidate who pledged a smaller federal government, one who actually had the balls to cut federal programs, slash taxes, and get back to doing what a national government should do: regulating interstate commerce and protecting the borders. Anything else, the states can do better on their own.

I'd rather have 50 states trying 50 different solutions to the social problems of the day, some hitting, some missing, than have one blanket attempt at a solution that is so handicapped by compromise that it's basically worthless. The ability to attempt new solutions and adapt quickly is what has spurred our evolution as a species, yet we constantly try for a one-size-fits-all solution in our politics. And that can only result in frustration and failure.

But what about social programs and federal funding? Since it all gets administered by the states anyway, let the states pick the monies they need and let the states implement the taxes to collect it. Abolish the federal income tax. What we need to fund a smaller government can come from other sources. Use the extra money people save from their paychecks to fund social programs that the people themselves have not only the opportunity but the OBLIGATION to run themselves. It's time to put personal responsibility back into the vocabulary, and get the federal government out of the problem-solving business. After all, can any one here honestly say they've ever seen a problem that the federal government has actually solved?

If you want to help the poor, help the poor. If you want to save owls, then save them. Don't count on the federal government to do that, because that's not what it's there for--and in reality, all you're doing is pawning the problem off on them so you have someone else to blame if it doesn't work. People are so handicapped by dependence on the feds that they are unable to mobilize and do anything on their own when it matters. American citizens are in danger of becoming sheep. Let's hope lemmings aren't next.

Lest anyone think I'm totally heartless, I'm not. I would gladly give plenty of my time and money to worthwhile charitable causes; I'd prefer, however, to do that on my own, and not spend half of it in bureaucratic costs. And I'm damn tired of politicians telling me they know better than I do what's best for me.

As Wendell Wilkie once said, "Any man who is not something of a socialist before he is forty has no heart. Any man who is still a socialist after he is forty has no head." Quite frankly, both major candidates--and any politician who claims to know what's best for me--fit the definition here.

And as for me...I'm voting Libertarian.

While Some May Consider The Libertarian Party As A Club Of Gun... Aug 8th. at 5:03:29 pm EDT

maijetika (Stoughton, Wisconsin US) Age: 16

While some may consider the Libertarian Party as a club of gun toting rebels, it is a very intellectual party. I intend to promote the party, and their presidential candidate Harry Browne, this year. They advocate complete political, religous, and economic freedom. No democrats attempting to make the world fair by descriminating against the majority. No republicans trying to turn this nation "back into a nation under God." Utter freedom to act as long as it will not hurt others.

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