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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 107 - 4/21/2003

Would You Be A Good ‘Reality Show’ Contestant?

Would you eat crickets for a hundred dollars? Sit in a tub of worms for a thousand? No way?

Reality shows just keep getting more popular. And more bizarre! Would you ever really consider doing some of those crazy stunts just for the cold hard cash?

Would you like to be on a show like ‘Survivor’? How about Jerry Springer?

‘Fess up now! Do YOU watch them? Which ones? Or do you experience quite enough reality in your own life, thank you very much!

If you could produce the Pagan version of a reality show, what would you have your Pagan contestants do?

 Reponses:   There are 49 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Enough Is Enough... Apr 22nd. at 5:29:02 am EDT

amy (southampton, england) Age: 22 - Email

"Or do you experience quite enough reality in your own life, thank you very much!"

That's my position totally. I enjoy watching documentaries but reality shows are ridiculous. They place a person in a false lab-style environment and see how they react. Shows like Big Brother, I would argue, are not even realistic because the people involved are not allowed any contact with the outside world, and are under 24-hour surveillance. This does not induce most people to act normally.

I don't mind a good dose of reality now and then but this pseudo-realism is absurd.

Bright Blessings

Um.. No Apr 22nd. at 5:29:34 am EDT

squib (oregon) Age: 33 - Email

ok first i haven't had a TV in 11 years, so i've really only watched bits of those shows anyway, at friends' houses, etc. It's easy to get caught up in them, for sure.

Would i want to be on one? Naw.. i'd rather be on some kind of game show like Jeopardy or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. I mean, i'm in a band and i get to be on stage and act like an idiot and get paid for it, and there's not much better in life than THAT. And in talking to people, seems the average person would be terrified to even do THAT. But there's a limit to the idiocy, for me.

Reality Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder. Apr 22nd. at 5:49:49 am EDT

Kenn aka smartbehr (Sin Cty Las Vegas , NV) Age: 39 - Email - Web

I'm not into those type of programs.Or any of the other dating, marriage, belittleing Bull sh*t .I have better things to do in my life , Like being in the present moment and letting Mother/Father God guide me in having a more fulfilling experience in this life I have chosen.Moving past all anger from my past &and no fear of the future. I feel very impowered in the present where all the answers to all the questions I will ever need to ask are.And where I can help other in need. Blessed Be, smartbehr

Reality TV Apr 22nd. at 8:33:32 am EDT

Eclipse (Virginia) Age: 25 - Email

An oxymoron right up there with military intelligence.

No, I would never want to be part of a reality TV show. But I occasionally enjoy watching them in small doses. It's a nice reminder, if I'm feeling bad about myself, that there are a lot of people out there far sadder than me (what can I say--I have a shallow streak) .

I do have to confess, I watched Joe Millionare from start to finish. But only because I found out that an acquaintance of mine actually went to high school with the guy. And yes, in case you had any doubts, he really is not the brightest crayon in the box.

Gone Too Far Apr 22nd. at 9:50:44 am EDT

Ananke (:NYC) Age: 35 - Email

Yes, I believe the whole Reality TV "phenominon" has gone way the heck too far. It reminds me of the talk show craze of the mid to late 90s with Springer et al and their contrived, actor "guests". TV has its fads just like the fashion, literary and film world. This is just one of them.

I don't watch the shows where the idiots of either gender submit themselves to being "chosen" by some catch of a man or woman or where America gets to arrange their's pathetic and of course they'll almost all wind up divorced.....that is just a perfect example of how little people think of the institution of marriage and how unseriously they take making an oath or vow.

Anyway, moving onto the real topic, I have watched every installment of Survivor and I enjoy the show. We watched the first 2 Big Brothers, but didn't enjoy it as much. Reality TV is a misnomer if you ask me because these are very contrived situations they're putting these people in and a more competitive environment than reality normally contains on a daily basis. As far as the mean back-stabbing people being the only ones to make it on Survivor, that's simply not true. There have been several times where that type hasn't won the big money. One time a guy even set himself up to lose the big prize to another contestant when he had control over the situation, simply because they had made a promise to go there together.

Anyway, would I go on one of these shows? I MIGHT do Survivor if I got myself into tip top shape. But I very well might starve while there. I can't eat most of the stuff they wind up eating. And those eating challenges with the live bugs and worms and whatnot......that is a big GIANT NO DARN WAY! And as for shows like Fear Factor which make you layeth down with serpents and things like that.......NO NO NO NO NO. Not happening.....that's another misnamed program.....should be ICK factor...or perhaps "Let me show you how little I value my safety, life and reputation for CASH!".

I used to think Springer was funny for the occasional view when I was getting ready to go to work or out somewhere. But after awhile it got very old and contrived and repetitive.

As for a pagan reality wouldn't work. We'd never get enough pagans to agree to the rules for the game..not that we'd want to either. I'd like to see some open pagans participate in Survivor just to see how they'd fare...probably not much differently than anyone else. People are people. There ARE things I would to for a million dollars and there are many many more I WOULDN'T do......even for a billion.

Final judgement: I enjoy only Survivor....but if it were cancelled tomorrow, I probably wouldn't miss it all that much now. The time of Reality TV being as big as it is is almost here. YOu can always tell when the shows get more and more far-fetched and ridiculous. YMMV

Couldn't Pay Me Enough Apr 22nd. at 2:10:05 pm EDT

Silver (USA) Age: 45 - Email - Web

You could not pay me enough to be part of "reality" tv. I'm not much of a tv watcher but I have watched episodes of a few shows, such as American Idol, the Osbournes, and once in a fit of insanity, the Anna Nicole Smith show (I'll be working off karma for that one the next 20 years) .

It was done before, with an attempt to record the daily life of the "average American" Loud family in the 70's. But if I remember subsequent interviews correctly, the Louds said that they were given directions on how to act and what to say. That, and things I've read from other reality show celebrities leads me to wonder if "reality" and "tv" can ever really mesh.

If I could or would produce a Pagan reality show, my focus would definitely be on helping others perceive us as ordinary people with a different belief system, not a freak show. That is my worry about the new program that the Sci-Fi channel is currently planning that pits "normal" people against "vampires, witches, voodoo priests, yoga master and a psychic".

I Don't Think So... Apr 22nd. at 3:42:20 pm EDT

Mothrae (Pennsy USA) Age: 38 - Email

I never cared for these shows. I watched the first Survivor and that was enough thanks. And as bad as the shows are they are just fluff filling between commercials.

I can't handle the talk shows. I don't watch them. The judge shows aren't much better.

Would I appear on any of these shows? Nope.

A Pagan reality show? Don't think it would work. A group sitting in Circle chanting for a period of time sure wouldn't sell much soap or keep the general public interested for long. The alternative would be "Pagans doing ridiculous things on camera." So much for dignity.

My TV, when I watch it, is mostly Discovery-History-TLC. Sad to think how little is worth watching with 200+ channels on my satellite service.

Oh, The Ridiculousness Of It All! Apr 22nd. at 5:22:29 pm EDT

Autumn (Middle O' the Woods, Pa) Age: 37 - Email

I watched just a few minutes of The Osbournes...pathetic people who need to get a grip on their teenagers! I have to give Sharon alot of credit for putting up with it all for so long!
The Survivor Series---watched about 15 minutes of that and thought it was all bunk. Pitting ppl against each other was the only way to keep the public eye watching....I bet the natives in these places just sat back and laughed their backsides off watching these bumbling idiots!
Joe Millionaire---I have to admit, I was curious which woman was going to "win"...hubby and I guessed it right off, although we didn't even know the show existed until the last week!
And as for the other "reality shows", has anyone noticed that the contestants all look like supermodels, superjocks and nothing like the "real person off the street".
I was listening to the radio, which I do more often than wasting my life infront of the boob tube, and they announced this morning that there will be 22 new reality shows this summer season!! Geesh! What has the media come to?

Ewwwww. Apr 22nd. at 6:18:37 pm EDT

Ali (Clearwater, Florida) Age: 18 - Email

Eh, I don't really watch those reality show things. First of all, it's -not- reality!! Don't even get me started on the Osbournes ...

I have watched a few episodes of "Fear Factor" though. As disgusting and ... well, weird as it can be, I think I would like to give it a shot some time. It's not about the money. It's just about doing it and having fun! Unless they want to stick needles in my arm or, ya know, somethin' like that. That's NOT fun.

A Pagan reality show? Now there's an idea ... I'd make everyone do an impromptu ritual or something. :) Seriously, I don't know. That's a tough question.


Be On One? I Won't Even Watch Them! Apr 22nd. at 7:38:45 pm EDT

Owlglass (Albuquerque, NM) Age: 49 - Email

Even the science fiction channel has been infected by this rampant nonsense. The promos, and what friends who do watch them, have told me are more than enough. I can't believe people are willing to humiliate themselves in public like this, or that other people are willing to watch, as entertainment, no less, people being tortured. Which is what these "reality shows" are: people being tortured for your entertainment. Sad comment on the land of the free and the home of the brave.

...... Apr 22nd. at 7:46:09 pm EDT

Dragonhawk (ontario) Age: 16 - Email

what a stupid question!!! who cares if you would be a good reality show contestant or not.

UnReality TV Apr 22nd. at 11:50:29 pm EDT

Alex (New Jersey (Exit 74)) Age: 31 - Email

I haven't had access to TV for three years now. You know what? I don't really miss it anymore. Were it not for the fact that I need one for my DVD player and Playstation I'd not even own a TV.

I've seen survivor and was turned off by the one scene where this woman wants little more in the next care package than a fluffy towel...only to find one, and get to watch as this one guy tosses it into the lagoon out of spite. Never seen Fear Factor before and decided to look it up on line to see what it was. Never do that during your lunch break.

As for getting me on these shows...well that would never happen. The first time I went up against that woman from "Weakest Link" and had to lister to her abuse I'd...probally leave the set. That woman would try the patience of even the stoutest followers of the Rede. Frankly when I need a dose of reality I go out into the woods with my books and find a nice shady tree to sit under.

As for a Pagan based Reality TV show, I don't think such a thing could exist. It seems that these games are based upon conflict. Pagans (with of course exceptions) would not bring themselves into that kind of level where that is required of them. I certainly have never seen two Pagans going at each other based on differences in ritual...well at least not like on a RTV show. Most I've ever seen and have been have been debates and we have been pretty vocal about our views (every tuesday night in fact) but know what? We all go down to the Diner afterwards and have a fun dinner laughing about everything.

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