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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 22 - 1/1/2001

What More Do You Want To Know About Paganism?

We hear time after time that Paganfolk want to see/read more in-depth articles/books about Paganism. Is there anything beyond Wicca/Witchcraft 101? Okay. Let's help them (whomever they may be) out here. What do YOU want to know more about? Magickal practices? A Pagan Philosophy of Life? Pagan History-ancient or modern? What is it that YOU want to know that you are just not getting information about? Be as specific as you can. Pretend that you are interviewing some Pagan of renown, either living or passed on and in any time era. What questions do you want him/her to answer?

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Yes And No Is The Answer To This Question. While I Do... Jan 1st. at 10:35:51 pm EST

Night's Aqua Tiger (Liverpool, New York US) Age: 16 - Email

Yes and no is the answer to this question. While I do wish that more in depth books were avaliable to me, there is the whole problems that someone just in the Craft for kicks could go medling and screwing around. As a teen seeing that happen would be quite scary cause I'm not sure I'd know where to go for advice on dealing with the situation. Granted I know the Lord and Lady could interfer with the spell but it's always been my belief they don't interfer unless we have tried everything else first.
So is there a way to write books and have them avaliable to the general public, and yet have a safe guard against this sort of happening?
Maybe, if we complied those type books into a person's home in an area, and then were able to borrow them without necissarily joining a group or anything but there's all sorts of legal stuff that that can cause. Anyways I'm not sure how we could do it and prevent people who are interested in ideas like the ones in the movie The Craft to actually go through the studying process.

I Am The Type Of Person That Loves To Learn And Especially... Jan 2nd. at 12:17:30 am EST

NightFire (Baton Rouge, Louisiana US) Age: 18 - Email

I am the type of person that loves to learn and especially loves to read- so when it comes to being Pagan, I feel that these come in handy. I read everything about PAganism that I can get my hands on. I find that there is tons of information out there that I find covers not only the basics, but a lot of more advanced/ deeper (however you want to put it) Pagan-related subjects, but I do find that though they are sometimes difficult to understand, that is what makes it interesting (at least for me). One thing that I have learned lately- which I do not find is stressed all that much in today's Pagan community and/or in Pagan readings is that a lot of the past-the-basics info is found in nature around us and through practice.... It actually took me a while to realize that not everything about Paganism can be learned in books, on the net, etc. I find that there is too much stress put on doing things a particular way, or with particular materials, etc. and not enough stress put on exploring things (nature, the way you want to practice, ritual, energy, magick, etc.) yourself...

Also, I find that there is so much to learn from others that cannot always be put down on paper... With today's ready-to-sue-you attitude, I find that Paganism is taking a big blow. There is so much to learn from other's- their experiences, their failures, their traditions, etc. that you can't always find in a book or on the net... Paganism has been in the closet for so long that I think many are afraid to come out and share...

As A Writer In/for This Community, You Should All Know That... Jan 2nd. at 8:25:11 am EST

Trish Telesco (Western, New York US) Age: 40 - Email

As a writer in/for this community, you should all know that we ARE listening. I isaw this survey and immediately emailed it to one of my publishers so they too could keep in touch with what our people need/want.

202 books are definitely a new venue but as someone here pointed out, it's one with some drawbacks (namely making sure the information doesn't get used by people looking for fast power instead of real responsibility, or minimally that it's presented in such a way as to encourage the responsibility necessary for advanced workings).

Cultural books get difficult because so many publishers see them as too narrow for a large reading audience -- so perhaps a book that examines a variety of cultural paths in a comparative setting (that leads to more focused efforts) would be one idea.

Ritual and spell books have been done to death so the key here is finding a new way to say old things LOL.

Urban books are becomming more prevalent and I'm excited to say you guys can expect some technomagick books in your future (smile).

Finally I do want to see more books that blend science with magick to provide some solid foundations.

Greetings! (f) As Someone Who Is New To The Pagan Scene, And... Jan 2nd. at 10:59:51 am EST

AndmeO (Preston, Lancashire, England UK) Age: 27 - Email

Greetings! (F)

As someone who is new to the pagan scene, and as a lover of interfaith dialog generally, I would like to see more ancient history notes and practical connections spelt out, that might enable me to trace where the common ground exists between various pagan & non-pagan traditions... From having so many wonderful people cross my spiritual path, Im tempted to think that people are not so very different at heart really... As someone who is new to the pagan scene, I cannot but help admire the diversity of expression on the one hand and the acceptance for such individual diversity on the other. Since your site serves to inform the unimformed as to the nature of the multifaceted phenomena that many term "paganism", it might be helpful to have a section that could dispell the myths and prejudices as to what the public think paganism is and is not... A section on the main branches of tradition might also be helpful, as many - like me - are guilty of lumping pagans altogether for lack of knowing anything about individual schools of thought...

Happy New Year, and Blessings upon you all! (F)

I Have Many Questions, But To Only Ask One I Would Have... Jan 2nd. at 1:17:42 pm EST

heather d keckler (forest, Ohio US) Age: 29 - Email

i have many questions, but to only ask one i would have to ask, how can a solitary practioner tap into the psychic abilities one has?

I Am Still Relatively New To Witchcraft, But I Have Read Every... Jan 2nd. at 2:50:29 pm EST

Moonsong (Watertown, New York US) Age: 19 - Email

I am still relatively new to witchcraft, but I have read every book and webpage I can get my hands on, and have had many a theological discussion with others of like mind. but that still doesn't seem enough, what I would like to see is more books on the theological and spiritual aspect of paganism and wicca. not those boring old dust covered books I find in the library filled with so many old out of date phrases and "dark, hidden occult" secrets.

I would love to read discussions of modern day beliefs and theological practices, of women and men of the 20th and now.. 21st century. not things hidden behind spells and alter designs, and rituals, but the basic beliefs.

how is the goddess and god envisioned here, what are other's opinions of karma and the three fold law, how does the rede apply to your beliefs ?exactly what are this traditions beliefs on "creationism" and "evolution"

I've heard a million times before, the best way to learn and build your own ideas, you have to read everything about everything and draw what strikes you as true into your own system. And I believe that, I have my own ideas and beliefs, but I'm curious of what others believe.

Intelligent Treatises Of Pagan Philosophy, Theology, Ethics And Metaphysics. How-tos Are Good... Jan 2nd. at 2:55:49 pm EST

horse (Missoula, Montana US) Age: 26 - Email

Intelligent treatises of pagan philosophy, theology, ethics and metaphysics. How-tos are good for the beginner, or those wishing to explore new paths, but what I really find lacking in our community are the works of thought that move a religion into the mainstream.

Questions I would like to see treated in a logical, coherent way are things like: what is the nature of the pagan soul, the pagan idea of Karma, the pagan consciousness. Also, meatier questions of pantheism, deism, spiritual planes, spirits and elementals. Questions of the physical, metaphysical and other workings of Magick.

I am looking for original thought applied to these questions, not the same ideas rehashed in a slightly different manner. I know that these are sensitive questions that have a very divisive potential, but I think it is important to get pagans really thinking about these things. These are the kinds of questions you can spend a lifetime wrestling with, if you have to 'go it alone', but with a community rich in intellectual thought, we should be able to make some sense of the world in a distinctly pagan way.

I Would Like To Know What The Exact Translation Of Wicca Would... Jan 2nd. at 4:05:23 pm EST

Ishtar (QuŽbec City, Quebec CA) Age: 20 - Email

I would like to know what the exact translation of wicca would be in French. Although I am bilingual, my mother tongue is French, but I cannot seem to find any really good books in that language. I would also like more information about raising children in the Craft.
Blessed Be!!

I've Been Doing A Lot Of Studying For The Past Few Years... Jan 3rd. at 12:24:16 am EST

Crystal (Edmonton, Alberta CA) Age: 17 - Email

I've been doing a lot of studying for the past few years on the subject of paganism and lately have begun to actually practice and appply what I've learned. One thing that still confuses me though, is what exactly is a familar? I've read lots of articles and whatnot but none of them really explain it in clear terms or explain how you know if you've found your familar or how to find one.

I Would Have Loved To Sit Down With Scott Cunningham And Learn... Jan 3rd. at 1:14:30 am EST

stephanie lynn (Sharon , Pennsylvania US) Age: 22 - Email

i would have loved to sit down with scott cunningham and learn what he knew. to see what it took to accomplish all he did in so short a time as was given to him. i think i'd ask him something like how many times did it take to refine your recipes before you got them "right". what were the funny mishaps that happened along the way? i'd love to hear his responses.

I've Been Conciously Paracticing Wicca For About Ten Years Now. I Have... Jan 3rd. at 1:31:39 am EST

Maythen Apple (Redding, California US) Age: 23 - Email

I've been conciously paracticing Wicca for about ten years now. I have been fortunate to find others that shared some of my passions and interests. There are so many wonderful books out there for those of us just starting out on this path. But when you get past basics, there seems to be no where to turn. I can go to my book store to learn basic candle magick, how to get started in Wicca, and how to begin in many aspects of the Craft such as herbalism. The problem begins when you start looking for anything beyond the basics. Not all of us can look towards others for these answers. A solitary often has no one around to help us when we have a need to move beyond the "Beginners Books". I would love to see books that move deeper inside the theory and practice of this religion. It's terribly frustrating to purchase a book that claims to be more advanced, only to find this wisdom couched in sophisticated psychobabble. Even more daunting is finding a wall of shadows and secrecy, half truths, and even outright lies. I can certainly understand the need that others feel to protect their ancient ways. But perhaps the need for such secrecy is coming to an end. I certainly hope so. There are many of us out here that are hungry for that knowledge. I'm hoping that there are those with wisdom and compassion who are willing to share the knowledge they have gleaned with those of us who are unable to locate a teacher. There is a world of magick before us. Let's all work together to teach each other.

I Have Been Drawn To The Craft All My Life, But Only... Jan 3rd. at 3:28:59 am EST

Scarabia-LeoMoon Flower (Gauteng, Saudi Arabia) Age: 25

I have been drawn to the Craft all my life, but only recently over the past year or so have I actually been reading and putting to practice what I have learned. Now what I am fining is that the information that is available in books and on the web sites that I have seen is that there is information for the beginner and the advanced practitioner, but nothing for the intermediate.

I am in many ways a beginner but I know the basics, of basics and now I need to know the relevance of the locations of the planets for spell workings.

As well as the significance of the planetary hours with regards to spell casting. I would also like to know more information on the Gods and Goddesses and weather you can incorporate Egyptian Mythology and Norwegian Mythology together, i.e.; use the Egyptian Goddess Hathor and Norwegian God Odin in your spells, and exactly how would you do that?

I would also like to know the dos and don'ts as far as making your own spells. Many books tell you the basics of casting a spell but forget to tell you that if the moon happens to be in the wrong sign then the spell won't work.

I would also like to know more about the other aspects of Paganism such as: Druids, Bards and Magicians. I have found societies for these religions but no explanations on what the belief structure is and of the practices of these religions.

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