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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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 Author:    Posted: Sep. 8, 2002   This Page Viewed: 24,968,429  

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Question of the Week: 35 - 4/2/2001

Pagan Web Surfing Likes/Dislike

Please don't list actual sites you like/dislike, but rather what YOU look for, if you find it, and what you liked or disliked about the Pagan sites that you visited. What would you like to see more or less of? Do you make use of 'Book of Shadows' information, such as utilizing the spells or rituals in them? Do you want more interactive areas such as chat rooms and message boards? More scholarly pieces? Less pop-up windows or advertising? What makes you go, "Hurray! I love this site!" or grumble, "I won't be coming back to this site in any century real soon!"

 Reponses:   There are 60 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

I Probably Have One Of The Slowest Dial-up Connections In The Country... Apr 2nd. at 9:37:35 am EDT

Sunfell (Little Rock, Arkansas US) Age: 40

I probably have one of the slowest dial-up connections in the country, and my current main computer has the wimpiest little video chip of its generation. When those two elements are combined on a graphics and Java-heavy site, the result is Yours Truly going somewhere else. Like Scotty likes to say "It canna handle any more or she'll blow up!"

I too join the chorus in preferring sites with interesting and original content, look and feel, and graphics. I don't care what awards you have, or that you're using the site to tell the WWW (whole wide world) that (gasp!) you're Pagan. That's like me using my site to tell the WWW that I'm blonde. Big deal. Now what?

"Now What?" drives me to either bookmark or delete sites in my now substantial collection. I'll go back and investigate sites I've visited, to see if they've added anything. If they're a 'cobweb'(abandoned), into the bin they go.

When I finally got around to building my site (several months on the drawing board), I decided that I wanted a metaphysical site that wouldn't scare away the casual browser. The background is easy on the eyes, there is no tacky music to make a browser leap for the mute button (my biggest pet peeve- either give a browser a choice to turn on or off music if you MUST have it, or ditch it alltogether.)no whirly-doodles or flashy things to distract the eyes, or ads or popups. Just plain, straight reading with an occasional graphic slotted in.

My site is only 3 weeks old, and it is a work-in-progress, but it's all original work, and from the heart. I expect that the 'subterranian' Pagan look will be around for a while, but hey! Lighten up! There are other colors besides black for backgrounds! And there are some wonderful image composition programs (I use MS PhotoDraw) that don't cost a bomb. And digital cameras and scanners are now cheap enough to allow you to make your own graphics instead of 'borrowing' others'.

We are an intelligent and imaginative group of people. Our websites were probably the first significant population on the Internet, along with fansites. We're pioneers and innovators. Let's stay on the cutting edge, and let the rest of the world follow behind.


Hey There!! As A Beginning Webcrater Myself Have To Echo What I've... Apr 2nd. at 9:57:22 am EDT

Deagan (jacksonville, Florida US) Age: 21

Hey there!!

As A beginning webcrater myself have to echo what i've already heard, but maybe add a bit on top. ORIGINAL GRAPHICS!! or at least alter them a bit on an editing program. ORIGINAL art, music, stories ect. I like to see Sites where content is separated by topic and age Ater all not all of paganism is child-friendly keep your great rite art in it's own section. INTELLIGENT pages get my vote, as do one with easy navigation and those who present something unique to me. leave the basics to the big pages and concentrate on what your interested in. NO POP UPS!!! I don't mind the occasional top banner but link after link will get you of my list of pages to visit and onto my pop up killer's list of sites to crush. FLUFFY BUNNY SITES...ugh. I recognize and enjoy fluff to a degree but please people if you really belive what you say you might treat it with a bit more respect. and lastly Humour!!! Make me laugh and i'll be back or sure!

Oh No! I Just Wanted To Read That Article And Now I... Apr 2nd. at 10:14:11 am EDT

Billie (Jacksonville, North Carolina US) Age: 27 - Email

Oh no! I just wanted to read that article and now I can't see it, and I can't even get this thing to go away! Bugs the cuss out of me, that pop-up stuff that says "update this" or "visit that" and sometimes they make it almost impossible to close without opening it. Next would be the "We are the most powerfull Witches in the Universe" type stuff, I have more respect for the young ones who say "hey this is some of my information if anyone wants to look and if ya'll have new stuff I could use it." Now on to the good stuff, when I can read it, I do! I like the message boards and places that ask for my humble opinion. Places like this who ask for "the witch on the street" ideas, and don't limit the information you recieve to the published authors, and 37th degree High Priestess of the Muckety Muck order of Divine Intolerance. THAT is the worst of all, sites where there is no place for the working mom solitary, who just wants to help the kids go to sleep and figure out how to recycle when you see the trash men dumping BOTH containers in the same truck!


I Have Three Sites I Visit Weekly For The Latest News. I... Apr 2nd. at 11:52:15 am EDT

Linda Daly (Milwaukee, Wisconsin US) Age: 53 - Email

I have three sites I visit weekly for the latest news. I really like dependable, regular, timely updates. Some sites just sit for weeks, months without updates. Even a small update, a notice or short message on a weekly basis would let people know the site was still active, still had a conscientious webmaster. Also when a site has an "under development" or "coming soon" message, it would be nice to include an approximate date. If it sits for weeks or even months with the "coming soon" message without an explanation for the delay, that gets frustrating for the site visitors. I know it is not easy maintaining a website, sometimes it is a thankless task. I appreciate knowing that donations are acceptable. That really makes me feel part of the site if I can donate when I have a little extra cash on hand.

It Bugs Me To Go To A Site That Will List Spells... Apr 2nd. at 9:34:09 pm EDT

A WitchVox Fan (Tacoma, Washington US) Age: 36

It bugs me to go to a site that will list spells to bend the will of another. They say "we dont condone these types of spells, but we are putting them here anyway." How is this setting a good example for our younger people or anyone new to The Craft? This irritates the heck outta me!

It bugs me to go to a site that is a specific tradition, but does not list any history on it nor list any deities for it.

It bugs me when I go to a site and have questions, only to have the contact persons email address bounce, or, the contact person doesnt bother to email you back. 9 times out of 10 their webcounter says less than 500 in a one year period. How much email can they possibly have to answer anyway?

It bugs me to go to a site that has awesome opening java or flash, but has information you've seen on a billion other sites.

It bugs me to go to my fav craft related sites and they dont change the main basic graphics and layout every year. The same look gets boring after awhile.

I love sites with new things, plenty of history and lots of info on deities.
I love sites with news that concerns the wiccan/pagan/witch community.
I espeicaly love sites that offer an email group ;o)

Specifically I Like The Feeling Of Commuity. I Have Been A Solitare... Apr 2nd. at 10:14:48 pm EDT

Terri Haft (Los Angeles, California US) Age: 42 - Email

Specifically I like the feeling of commuity. I have been a Solitare for 8 years. I had NO idea how many of "us" walked this plain, and find the different sites a comfort and a "point of courage", if you will. I love when people in the craft ask me how long I've been out of the "broom closet" . . . what closet?? I was supposed to be hiding??? ALL sites, good, dull, or too cute have been a great source of insight to me. Through these sites, the different people I could ask questions of, or whose experiences in the craft I could learn from, have brought me to where I am now. My doubts, fears, eager questions and sometimes off the cuff remarks like "ok, so how DO I turn the lawyers I work for into toads?" have all been met with honesty. I have read and learned much, and am proud to say that after much searching, with alot of guidance from the many different sites, I finally found a worthwhile teacher. I have just completed a beginning Wicca class, taught by a Fam Trad. I am learning more each day about the craft and with the help of the different sites I find more and more wonderful ways to celebrate The All and the Sabbats.
This year, for the first time, I will have a very, very special Passover, (aka Jewish Ostara-Easter-Spring Equinox). My teacher, my classmates and special friends of the store my teacher owns will be coming to my house for a very modern, very fun wiccan version of Passover (ok, so there's no lamb's blood on the door, I live in Los Angeles, Red crepe paper properly enchanted will do just fine).
Read the different sites, ask LOTS of questions. You too may find out what I have discovered . . . I AM NOT ALONE!!

I Love Good Grahpics And Color.i Like To Find New Info.-not... Apr 2nd. at 11:46:45 pm EDT

Autumn Nightsky (terrell, Texas US) Age: 40 - Email

I love good grahpics and color.I like to find new info.-not just reprints of the
same old stuff.I like original writing or artwork.Broken links are guaranteed to to keep my away from a site permanently-as is outdated or recycled information.


Well That Is A Good Question. I Have Not Seen Many Pagan... Apr 3rd. at 12:52:55 am EDT

Perrin (Denver, Colorado US) Age: 24

Well that is a good question. I have not seen many Pagan websites, but I have seen a lot of web sites in general. The web sites that upset me are the ones with all the ads, which keep coming after you've closed them. The other type that is annoying are the ones that won't let you download their graphics because they are "Copyrighted", I do agree with the copyright system, and I do not use anything that has been, but my vision is such that I sometimes need to see things up close. As to the sites that have "live webcams" they often have problems which do not allow you or me to log on to them, but I have not found a pagan site with a live cam. I do not mind a site with banner ads on the side, we all have to make $ somehow, which reminds me, the site I used to find this one is goinng under, I hope this site does not as well. I bookmark a site that I intend to come back to, which does not require a credit card, or other form of identification, if they do then I do not go in to those sites. I also refuse to bookmark a site that has outdated, or misleading material. Some people might think this is a site with misleading material, but I have not found an interesting site yet that had truthful, accurrate material, at least here I am pleasently supprised by the direction that this page usually goes.

As The Editor For The Pagan Personal Home Pages Directory On Apr 3rd. at 1:38:01 am EDT

Brandon J. Briggs (Ramstein Air Base) Age: 25 - Email

As the editor for the Pagan Personal Home Pages Directory on (a personally hand edited search engine that supplies it's database of links to sites such as MSN, Altavista, Yahoo, and others), it is my responsibility to go through each and every site and come up with descriptions that best describe each site.

It has been my experience lately that alot of the pagan sites out there are what I call "Copy-cat" sites. They have basically taken other site's content and either reworded or just redid the background pics. This bugs the hades out of me. I have to list it on the DMOZ, but "Copy-cat" sites get a VERY basic description. Sites with original content, and ease of navigation, get a very in-depth and concise description from me, because those are the sites that I personally love to goto. There are many original content sites on the web today, however, alot of them are snowed over by the use of affiliates, and ads...This also gets a no-go in my book.

I have been pleasantly surprised many times while editing the DMOZ links, and every now and then, I get a link to a personal site that is sitting on say geocities, or angelfire, but the content and brevity of the site are so overwhelming, that I will contact the owner of the site, and offer them web-space on my servers for free. This is a rarity, however, because of the simple fact that most "webmasters" are nothing more than folks that just wish to get their face on the web, and make $$$ while doing it.

While this is not always a bad thing, one does get tired of sites just showing a basic background of the person with nothing to offer in the way of personal opinions, or morals, but has a lot of "money making" ideas, banners, and links.

All in all, I would have to say that, in my opinion, a site should have:

1) A good navigational structure
2) A description of why the site was put up
3) What the goals are for putting this site up
4) Who the webmaster is with a basic background
5) What the "Webmaster's" opinions are on the subject of the site
6) Lastly, and good contact page listing all available methods of contacting the site owner.

Cloudrunner Fae Sprite

Likes:pleasing Appearance, Original Information, Poems, Spells, Rituals, Message Boards And A... Apr 3rd. at 1:38:21 am EDT

Autumn SilverFerret (Montoursville, Pennsylvania US) Age: 22 - Email

Likes:Pleasing appearance, original information, poems, spells, rituals, message boards and a good networking section(there is nothing as lonely as being a solitary Pagan). A site that unites us as a community.

Dislikes:Broken links, those annoying banner ads, hate mongering. Also I wish there would be more websites dedicated to the advanced Pagan. All I ever find is beginner information and it's the same info over and over. I think it's wonderful that there are sites dedicated to the beginner(I don't know what I would have done without them!) but it would be great to find something different. More original ideas and information.

~Autumn SilverFerret:)

I Really Can't Name Names? Let's Just Say That There's "this Site... Apr 3rd. at 9:44:15 am EDT

Kerry Marie McGrath (Union/Somerset Counties, New Jersey US) Age: 33

I really can't name names? Let's just say that there's "this site out there that just celebrated an anniversary" that's my version of the "New York Times." Need I say more?

Seriously, "look and feel" of a site is the most important thing to me. I can't stand clutter. I like a site that's easy on my eyes. I particularly LOVE "this site out there" because I could literally spend days researching all of the data inputted going back to the "conception." It almost makes me feel guilty that I gave such a meager donation -- I plan on sending more $ as an "anniversary present."

There is no way that I would be able to do constructive research on my new path without "these people." I've been lead to other great sites as well that I do enjoy very much.

Credit must also be given to my best friend's husband's wife, she knows who she is if she sees this - a webmistress and band leader that without knowing of her site I never would have found out about any of this stuff and went on believing in the RC definition of what a pagan is. (I've read that it's rude to "out" people - even though I know she's "outed" - it just isn't necessary to be rude.)

What do I try to avoid. Anything with an inverted pentacle. Anything that just appears to be outright evil. Proselytism. Negativity. Unnecessary clutter. Self-righteousness. (I just had a really WEIRD experience with one site...oh my!)

I don't mind the advertising as long as it goes toward the cause. A donation may be necessary to keep the site alive, so yeah, I'll purchase a t-shirt, or I'll sign up as a member, even though I'm still in my learning phase.

I certainly love to get the links to other pages that the sites like because I might like them also.

With that, back to work!

If you don't print this b/c of the many references to "this site out there, " I understand.

Peace. Out.

I Dislike Slow Loading Sites. I Would Rather Have More Print And... Apr 3rd. at 7:26:01 pm EDT

Lady Gwendolyn (Dothan, Alabama US) Age: 46 - Email

I dislike slow loading sites. I would rather have more print and less flash. I am not known for my patience (but, I'm working on it). I like news that is printed correctly, without bias. I like good references...not just "because I say so". I haven't found any adult, serious pagan chat rooms. I would like more scholarly pieces and less "fluff". I don't like the pop up windows. I get aggrivated everytime one pops up. I know that they are supposed to be a great money maker...but, it detracts from the site and makes it look like the site is only there to make a few cents off of every hit the site has.

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