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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 40 - 5/7/2001

What is Your Guilty Little Secret?

Fess Up! What are you hiding? Do you watch 'Survivor'? Do you even watch reruns of the ORIGINAL 'Survivor'? Still have your Barbie dolls-and still change their outfits once in a while? Collect stamps? Think David Cassidy of The Partridge Family is still the babe of the century? Tell everyone that you 'never really watch television', but you're really clocking in some impressive miles with the remote control every week? Hate Celtic music (gasp!) Have a crush on someone? Don't recycle your plastics? This is your chance to come clean and tell all.

(In the interest of fair disclosure: Fritz has the DNA of a sugar ant. He has to have his bowl of ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie chaser every night and he only eats a vegetable about three times a year-and then only if it can be dipped in melted butter. Wren liked Duran Duran before it was cool to like Duran Duran. Of course, it has NEVER been cool to like Duran Duran, so this is a really brave confession on her part. There goes another carefully crafted reputation down the sacred well....)

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I Sometimes Listen To Rush Limbaugh And Dr. Laura On Talk Radio... May 7th. at 1:13:28 am UTC

the ShadowDancer (Tucson, Arizona US) Age: 47 - Email

I sometimes listen to Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura on talk radio. I don't feel guilty about it, but many of my friends give me strange looks when the subject comes up. (Generally I don't live my life to impress others, only myself).

Although I don't subscribe to many(or most) of their views, I like to stay balanced and well informed. Rush is extremely insightful, though biased to the point where sometimes I just turn him off. Dr. Laura has the guts to stay on her soapbox even when it is clearly in her best interest to get off it(I do think she might need some Premarin).

Actually, I listen to them much less than I used to, as both are so repetitive that I already know what they will say on almost any given issue.

Believe it or not I started reading "Wren's Nest" for the same reason exactly that I listen to conservative Talk Radio-- to stay balanced and well informed.

I Love All Three Of The Mighty Ducks Movies. I Never Get... May 7th. at 1:41:40 am UTC

Amber MacLeod (Laramie, Wyoming US) Age: 19

I love all three of the Mighty Ducks movies. I never get sick of them. My friends really make fun of me for it, but I don't care! The first movie was actually the thing that got me into ice hockey as a sport and now I'm obsessed.

Alright, I Confess... I Really Like Army Of Lovers. (yes, That Extremely... May 7th. at 4:42:56 am UTC

Jem Moonchilde (Jyvaskyla, Finland) Age: 22

Alright, I confess... I really like Army of Lovers. (Yes, that extremely campy Swedish pop group from the 80's.) Doesn't exactly fit in with my oh-so-carefully maintained Goth image. *grin*

To top this embarrassment off, I'll admit I also watch Charmed - and sometimes, Goddess forgive me, I can't help but enjoy it. Now that all the world knows about it, I think I'll just crawl into the nearest closet and stay there 'til all is forgotten...

My Horrible Habit, Goddess Forgive Is My Obsession With Altars And Shrines... May 7th. at 5:30:21 am UTC

RowanOak (Billings, Montana US) Age: 22

My horrible habit, goddess forgive is my obsession with altars and shrines, I feel I make one in almost all parts of my home and am spending significant amounts of money on fragrant flowers in spring, citrus fruits in summer;gourds, apples and pumpkins in fall;silver candles in winter;and my Yule altar costs around 150 dollars to create including the sacred evergreen, yule log, ornamantations for the yule tree, etc.I take great pride in my religion, and feel that god/ess, earth mother, sky father, and the spirits of the sacred 4 deserve beautiful shrines and altars as representations of my respect for them. Not to mention I am a closet fan of '70's music, enjoy drinking soy sauce straight from the bottle , smolder honey as an incense on charcoal incense tablets, and I refuse to kill flies, moths, spiders, that enter my living area.I think earthworms are beautiful, and am considering becoming a member of PETA, even though I am surrounded by gun-crazed rednecks who shoot at anything that has more than 2 legs and does not walk upright.

My Guilty Little Secrets...boy, Is This A Can Of Worms! I... May 7th. at 7:03:55 am UTC

Adaryn (San Giovanni, Italy) Age: 23 - Email

My guilty little secrets...boy, is this a can of worms! I watch soap operas. My house is a disaster 24 hours a day and I'm a stay at home mother. I can't cook anything that doesn't include soup of some kind. I don't listen to music that was made after 1985. I dress like the lost Ramone. I dance naked in my living room and sing (badly) as loud as I can. I have boxes of stuff from when I was in school including Rocky Horror Picture Show pins, Toxic Avenger comic books, and Monkees records. I love old country music. I own The Craft, Practical Magic, and Blair Witch Project on DVD. I listen to Eminem. I haven't touched a vegetable except powdered mashed potatoes in years. I watch B movies. I'm not a feminist. I don't drink milk without 3 huge tablespoons of chocolate. And I love who I am.

Major Shop-a-holic. Basically Addicted To Anything And Everything That The Peruvian Connection... May 7th. at 7:47:40 am UTC

Kerry Marie McGrath (Warren, New Jersey US) Age: 33

Major shop-a-holic. Basically addicted to anything and everything that the Peruvian Connection has to offer (well, what I can afford, anyway...) Have an issue with my bedrooms -- no matter where I live, every bedroom is a mess. It's like walking through a mine field (but my cat loves it - lots of fun places to hide in Mommy's little jungle...) Know how to cook but will do everything to avoid it. Always treating myself to nights on out the town -- on plastic. Usually put off until 3 days later what I should be doing now.

Gee, what a way to start the week -- nice guys, very nice! (I'm kidding -- actually, this is a good time to reflect about all my quirks...)

PS: Love to get the groove on when ANYTHING from the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever comes on... I guess disco really didn't suck that badly (well, not that album anyway...) I guess it all comes from being raised in NJ...when I hear "Night Fever, " I've just got to groove when I cruise...

Well.... First Thing In The Morning I Grab A Pepsi, A Cigarette... May 7th. at 8:45:09 am UTC

Lilith MoonDragon (Jefferson, South Carolina US) Age: 43 - Email

Well.... First thing in the morning I grab a Pepsi, a cigarette & then my compulsion sets in! Off to the computer to check the e-mail & log on to WV to check on the daily news.....can't start the day without at least 30 to 45 mins on WV!!

I Watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer, That Really Isn't A Secret But... May 7th. at 10:04:28 am UTC

Artemis Moonshadow (Kfar Saba, Israel) Age: 15 - Email

I watch Buffy the Vampire slayer, that really isn't a secret but still ya know.
I'm somewhat of a nhilist, I don't like children, except my soon to be nephew, I'm out of the broom closet but not out of the other one (yes that one, I'm a closet bisexual to my family, but not my friends) unfortunatly my Mother knows as does my sister, I shouldn't havr told them so soon.
I'm also a trekkie, go Star-Trek go!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a snob and I like swearing, I cry when I argue with my brother, not on purpace, my brother used to call "the water fountain" actually he still does.
I love drinking diet coke, I really wish I could recycle, really, but in Israel there's no recyceling, boo hoo.
My friends call me a tree hugger, becasue when I see a plastic bag in the vicinity of a trash can I throw it away. I'm an Existensialist Atheist Witch, of jewish decent.
You can see there's nothing really secrety here but... oh well.

Blesses Be.

Ooh, "dirty Little Secrets", Huh? Heh, Heh... I Listen To Npr. I... May 7th. at 10:27:52 am UTC

Sunfell (Little Rock, Arkansas US) Age: 40

Ooh, "dirty little secrets", huh? Heh, heh...

I listen to NPR. I hate 'pop' music, and 99% of what is on TV- I killed my cable last month and don't even miss it. I love DVD movies- I think that I am becoming a cineaste. :-)

Both of my computer monitors at home and at work are miniature shrines, with crystals, Bast figures, Intel "bunny people", Ankhs, and Microsoft InSider pins. Yeah, I mix my idols- what else can a TechMage do?

I collect Beanie Babies- but only the cats. The Goddess Sekhmet is quietly teaching me about her 'blue' side.

I spend way too much time writing, researching, reading, and being by myself- I need to de-hermitize myself...but not today. :-)

I pop over to TWV first thing each Monday- I've learned that the site acts whacky if I try to view it while Fritz is uploading it on Sunday evening!

I think that Dove Dark Chocolate should be adapted as the Daily Sacrament by all Pagans, no matter what their path.


Mine Is A Bad One: I Am Extremely Fond Of Chicago Dogs... May 7th. at 11:43:21 am UTC

Aedh Rua (Prophetstown, Illinois US) Age: 35 - Email

Mine is a bad one: I am extremely fond of chicago dogs, St. Paul style coney islands, bratwurst, Italian sausage, chorizo, Hungarian sausage, and in general sausages of many kinds. This will eventually kill me, of course, but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that the preservatives in the sausage will make certain that future archaeologists will have my still undecayed body to examine.

I do recycle, but sometimes the leftover food in certain bottles is so disgusting that I throw it out. This will no doubt send me to hell without so much as a chance of appeal. Oh, that's right, we don't believe in hell. What a relief......

Oh, and I like to surf sicko websites for laughs. My current favorite is, a truly depraved little "human meat" distributor. I just pray it is a joke put up by vegetarians. I am also fond of hate sites, if they are sufficiently out of touch with reality, and paranoid conspiracy sites of all types, particularly those involving the liberal- gay- pagan- ufo- secret- government- cia- nsa- trilateral- communist- majestic- cattle- mutilating- one- world- government- new- world- order- secular- humanist- united- nations- black- helecopter- mib- conspiracy- to- take- away- our- guns.

What can I say?

Okay, I Admit It. I Play "diablo" When I Should Be Working... May 7th. at 11:47:01 am UTC

Darcie (Lawrence, Kansas US) Age: 40 - Email

Okay, I admit it. I play "Diablo" when I should be working on my dissertation. I also want to update my operating system for the sole purpose of being able to play "Diablo II." Finally, I watched the first Survivor and cheered for Richard Hatch from Day One!

My Guilty Secret? Well, I'm A Major Sucker For Any Kind Of... May 7th. at 12:28:38 pm UTC

Rhiannon Solana (Somewhere In, Texas US) Age: 19 - Email

My guilty secret? Well, I'm a major sucker for any kind of Broadway showtune, no matter the cheese factor...I have no shame. I sing along loudly in my car, with the windows down no less. *sigh* I feel so much better now! And while we're on the subject, I'd just like to say that I'm addicted to the Open Diary...I can't stop writing in mine! What else? Oh yes, there's a bag of bite size chips ahoy in my desk at work. I think that's all the confessing I can take for one day!

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