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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 106 - 4/13/2003

What Is Your Inner Animal?

Do you tend to ‘bark’ at people? Howl at the Moon perhaps? Do you have catlike reflexes or can your psychic ‘whiskers’ pick up nearby energy vibrations? Do you have a ‘nest’ or like to ‘burrow’ under the covers? Do you actually even growl sometimes?

What animal traits do you think that you sometimes exhibit? Has anyone ever told you that you remind him/her of some animal?

How much of an animal nature do you think that we humans might retain? Should we attempt to completely conquer or tame the ‘animal’ within? Or do you consider your inner animal to be an ally or alter-ego?

What is the name of your inner animal? If you share space with an actual animal, does the animal (or animals) consider you ‘one of them’? Can you and your animal friends communicate in mysterious ways?

 Reponses:   There are 127 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Cat Apr 17th. at 6:44:38 pm UTC

Jeremy Permenter (Pasadena, Texas) Age: 16 - Email

I think my inner animal is definatly a cat, because when someone throws something at me, I don't think, but everything seems to slow down one or two maybe even three notches and I catch it without thinking. I also seem to get along with all the cats around, its almost like we are all best friends. I can also see in the dark, and that is the part that confuses me, because I will be sitting in the dark, and so far everybody would ask me if I could see what I was reading or not, and I of course said yes because it's true. I also seem to be Nocturnal. Well if you have any information, just email me at, I will be happy to talk with others about there opinion on my or his/her inner animal.

On Fox Footsteps Apr 17th. at 7:32:41 pm UTC

Bonny Dupler (Cache, Oklahoma) Age: 23 - Email

My inner animal must be a fox. I'm an excellent problem-solver when I want to be. ;)
I try and live in the simple honesty that foxes do; living my truth utterly and completely.

My Inner Animal... Apr 17th. at 7:43:47 pm UTC

Remy (Orange County, CA) Age: 28 - Email

Would be a wolf...

I seem to share a lot of qualities with them as I'm protective over my close friends and loyal to those in my life...

Claws, Teeth&Arctic White Fur Gold And, Red Glowing Eyes Apr 17th. at 8:18:02 pm UTC

Lobo Di Noccento (Milwaukee) Age: 32 - Email

I am very much a Wolf and, rather proud to be one if not for us there would be no trail to follow;

Most other animals would be lost with out our trails to follow or, our navigational skills;

We are one of the founders
for family and, societal superstructure;

We are incrediblely good Hunters
We Do mate for life and,
have no problem defending our
family to the very bitter end;

Our Most hated Enemy is Man
Even though Man is a relation
Via the great Hoop,
the Earth Mother and, Sky Father
He has proven himself to be spoiled rotten
and, many cases an intolerable brat;

Some Humans are Good and do have redeeming values
But, unfortunately the many that are bad in this case usually outweigh the few that are good

It Should Be Obvious... Apr 17th. at 9:06:15 pm UTC

Dragon Lady (AZ) Age: 0 - Email

I feel such an affinity for the mythical Dragons of Pern, soaring the skies, unfettered by gravity, telepathically linked to those they are bonded to. There is also another lurking beneath the surface of this human body I presently occupy, that of the Dolphin, skipping freely and joyously thru the waves with loved ones. (The latter is a past-life memory.)

Birds Of Prey Apr 17th. at 10:32:29 pm UTC

Andromeda (Hillsborough, NC) Age: 27 - Email

What is the name of your inner animal? If you share space with an actual animal, does the animal (or animals) consider you ‘one of them’? Can you and your animal friends communicate in mysterious ways?

When I was younger, my affinity used to be with horses. I loved unicorns and winged horses like Pegasus, and I would often pretend to be one. But as I am older, I find myself more akin to many birds of prey.

I don't know that I exhibit any qualities of these magnificant creatures, except that I am a hunter of truth and I yearn to soar in absolute freedom. They have a beauty and grace in flight that inspires awe, and a vicious appetite. My grace lies inthe path that I am flying, my appetite is a hunger for knowledge. I like to think that I could hold my own if the going got tough, and I would desire not to have to fight due to being so intimidating.

I consider the osprey and the falcon to be my inner birds, my totum animals, if you will. I've never tried to communicate with them...I may have to start.

Pounce! Apr 17th. at 11:31:12 pm UTC

Devin Blaine (Military Service) Age: 22 - Email

My animal would most likely be a cat. I like to pounce on and play with my mate, I like shiny things, and I feel energy around me (especially when I enter a room) . I can sleep for a day sometimes. I like to climb trees, and I lick my wounds. Got milk? I'm fresh out.

Inner Animal Apr 18th. at 12:13:00 am UTC

Danii (Lynchburg, VA) Age: 19 - Email

I'm a wolf. Sometimes I act like a bit of a dog, but that's probably cause I'm still growing out of being a cub and have a while to go.

....after All I'm A Big Cat. Apr 18th. at 12:55:26 am UTC

Galeena (Humacao) Age: 26 - Email

Some times i'm a lion, sometimes a panther, sometimes a wild cat, it all depends on the enviroment and the situation. It all comes around because I have like a animal sense (7 sense) does not matter if I know them, or not...thats me..after all.

Wolf! Apr 18th. at 1:44:42 am UTC

Allusearna Wolf (QLD, Australia) Age: 17 - Email

I’m a Wolf, through and through. I’m loyal, and my friends always tell me that they feel as if they can trust me. Wolfs take a mate for life, and I share that view too. Most girls my age might ‘be in love’ with a guy one day, hate him the next, go out with another one for a few months, then dump him and find another. I could never do that. Nor do I like the whole divorce thing, except where really necessary. I take my time in giving my trust to others, but once I have, I am completely loyal.
I have always had a special connection with canines in general. We live in a street filled with dogs, and I have a dog myself (who I look to as a friend, and have long conversations with. Not in words, but we understand each other) . In recent years, I have been drawn to Wolfs, and even though by day I walk with dogs, and by night with wilfs in my dreams, I believe that the Wolf never leaves me side, as he is both within me, and without me.

Inner Animal Or Animals? Apr 18th. at 4:09:08 am UTC

Raven Wolf (Calgary. Alberta) Age: 30 - Email - Web

I don't know if i could say i have a inner animal but rather a combination of many.I have always loved nature and her creatures, so I spent alot of time in forests, coast lines and so on.Once I enter the wilderness I become a diffrent person.I rely on my sences more, become hyper and have an uncontrolable urge to run and use every fiber that is me.I have been accused by friends of being a squirel for the speed in which I run up trees and move through them.I like to stalk deer shadowing their moves to see if I can get close enough to tackle one if I wanted.I have noticed that when I run up really steep inclines (or stairs) I run on my hands like the larger primates.I have friends who tell me I run through the woods like a wolf on the sent of a deer because of the way I run over, around or under the fallen trees.I'm sure we all have at least one animal trait even if it is unknown to us.We have to remmber that we are animals first before we are anything else.Unfortunatlly most of society has forgoten or chooses to denigh this.So yes! I think we retain much of our animal nature and should explore and imbrace it as long as it causes no harm.No! I don't think we should completely tame our animal nature because it is part of what we are and can help us more clearly understand who we are.I definality consider our inner animals an ally and not an alter-ego. An alter-ego would mean the inner animal was seperate and not part of us.I personally belive it to be an asspect of us all that helps define our personalities and veiws of the world around us.I share my space with two snakes and two lizards, now if they consider me as one of them I couldn't be sure but they certainly are visably more relaxed with myself than anyone else.As far as communicateing goes we have our own little system.I have allways understood animals better than most people I know but personally I think if you spend enough time with someone regardless of species you learn to communicate well enough. Raven Wolf

Raccoon Apr 18th. at 10:34:32 am UTC

Meryl (Connecticut) Age: 16 - Email

I'm closest to a raccoon in liking the night and being curious about things.

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