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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 40 - 5/7/2001

What is Your Guilty Little Secret?

Fess Up! What are you hiding? Do you watch 'Survivor'? Do you even watch reruns of the ORIGINAL 'Survivor'? Still have your Barbie dolls-and still change their outfits once in a while? Collect stamps? Think David Cassidy of The Partridge Family is still the babe of the century? Tell everyone that you 'never really watch television', but you're really clocking in some impressive miles with the remote control every week? Hate Celtic music (gasp!) Have a crush on someone? Don't recycle your plastics? This is your chance to come clean and tell all.

(In the interest of fair disclosure: Fritz has the DNA of a sugar ant. He has to have his bowl of ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie chaser every night and he only eats a vegetable about three times a year-and then only if it can be dipped in melted butter. Wren liked Duran Duran before it was cool to like Duran Duran. Of course, it has NEVER been cool to like Duran Duran, so this is a really brave confession on her part. There goes another carefully crafted reputation down the sacred well....)

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Secrets? Oh, I've Got Lots Of Those. It Must Be An Aquarian... May 10th. at 1:31:11 pm EDT

LoneCat (Somewhere, Texas US) Age: 20 - Email

Secrets? Oh, I've got lots of those. It must be an Aquarian thing, but I really just don't understand people, and they don't understand me either. I really think someone up there made some sort of mistake and I wasn't meant to be a human being. I am much more comfortable with animals than I am with people.

I talk to animals and plants like they were people, and if I don't have any around I talk to myself. I talk to myself whenever I'm alone, which is a lot of the time.

It's no secret that I like the Beatles, but few know the extent of it. I used to practically worship them as gods, and now I still do a special ritual to honor John Lennon every Dec. 8, who is my idol. I like music from the 60s and 70s much more than anything new, although a good song comes along every now and then. I could probably win at Rock and Roll Jeopardy, as long as they don't ask too many questions about new stuff or hip-hop.

My mom never weaned me off baby bottles, so I still drank a bottle of warm milk every night before I went to sleep until I was 8, when I kicked the habit myself.

I don't smoke or do any other drugs except 4-Way Fast-Acting Nasal Spray. I've tried to give it up many times, but whenever I get a cold I go right back to it. I wonder what the long-term effects of it are.

I'm totally into organic gardening. I don't care about flowers, only herbs, fruits, and vegetables. If I ever get a second career after I become a wildlife biologist (which I'm studying to do), I'd be an organic farmer.

I can't take horror movies. Even cheesy ones keep me up at night, and the X-files are way too scary for me too. I avoid scary movies and shows as much as i can.

The Lion King made me cry. A lot. That was a great movie.

On a darker note, I was planning on committing suicide my senior year during Christmas break, but I chickened out, not because I wanted to live, but because I was afraid of death. My high school counselor thinks I suffer from chronic depression, and referred me to a shrink, but I have never called. I keep putting it off and making up excuses not to call.

In high school my best friend was a 30-something year old guy I met on a Beatles newsgroup on the internet. It wasn't sexual in any way, more like a brother-sister relationship, but I don't tell anybody because I know what they would think about it.

I lost my virginity when I was 19 to my first boyfriend (after I had been dating him for 7 months). I later got pregnant by him and had to have an abortion. Somehow, I'm still with him after a year and a half. I'm still uptight about sex, and never masturbate. Nobody believes me if I tell them that, but I just don't like it.

Oh yeah, one more secret. I'm a pagan. A few people know I'm interested in it, but nobody knows I actually practice at night in the privacy of my room. Shh, don't tell anybody.

My Little Secret The Goddess Heres So Many, Buit Well... May 10th. at 1:54:58 pm EDT

rob (chicopee, Massachusetts US) Age: 21 - Email

my little secret the goddess heres so many, buit well i for a time liked the spice girls...dont ask why i really dont know and also a lot of those older shows (newhart, wings, the glodne girls) i still like to watch them despite protesting from my lover chris. Okay now let the firey stone rain apon me lol. ^_^ Guilt Pleasure.... I Would Have To Say My Guilt Pleasure... May 10th. at 10:40:55 pm EDT

delstar (houston, Texas US) Age: 20 - Email guilt pleasure....

I would have to say my guilt pleasure is watching 7th Heaven. Normally, that wouldn't be wierd, but considering that i'm a 20 year old male whose style is somewhere between grunge and gothic, it kind of scares some of my friends :-)

My Guilty Little Secret? Well, Umm....ok, I'll Tell. But Remember- You... May 10th. at 10:48:48 pm EDT

Cary "Sketch" Vandever (Long Beach, California US) Age: 19 - Email

My guilty little secret? Well, umm....ok, I'll tell. But remember- you asked for it! ;) I'm an artist (art is my life) so over the years I've built up quite a collection of supplies. You know those little gray art gum erasers that are kinda moldable like clay? Well, I sometimes get a thrill out of sculpting "questionable" little sculptures and then waiting to see how long it takes for people to see them and giggle and blush or gasp and scold. It usually takes a few minutes, and then someone will lean over my desk and ask, "Hey, Sketch- what did you make this time?" When they see my new masterpeice, the look on their face is priceless- well worth the scolding. :)

Heeey, Dis Not The Duran Duran ... Honestly, I Feel Like My "guilty... May 11th. at 1:18:49 am EDT

Dream (Grand Rapids, Michigan US) Age: 30 - Email

Heeey, dis not the Duran Duran ...

Honestly, I feel like my "guilty little secret", at least musically, is enjoying a couple songs by Kid Rock. Misogynist little turd that he is, I feel he is one of the few mainstream accepted performers to actually speak his mind.

Oh Dear. I'm Sure I Have Many Lying About The House. I... May 11th. at 6:33:52 am EDT

Ivy Dockal (Laramie, Wyoming US) Age: 208 - Email

Oh dear. I'm sure I have many lying about the house. I can think of two right now that's weighing heavily on me. One is I'm a terrible procrastinator (and coupled with my bad luck it gets worse!). I had a paper due two weeks ago and was printing it (after I wrote it at the last minute) and my computer crashed. Got an extension and I've been going so nuts with other exams and starting a new job that i never did's due in a few hours...I just spent half an hour (see how bad i am?) calculating the lowest grade I can take on the final exam while not turning in my paper so I can still pass the class.

It doesn't help that the class is completely ridiculous and does nothing for my major. besides...i'm sure my A will balance an F out...

Another one is I think I knew Bono (U2) in a previous life. Every times he comes on VH1 Classic (another secret...I spend hours watching VH1 Classic's continuous music vids form the 60's-80's) I just stare at the screen in rapt attention. I love U2, but I'd never actually seen what the members looked like until a month ago. Must have been a previous life. Only other explanations are he looks exactly like someone I know that I've either forgotten or have blocked, or I actually know him but have forgotten it because it's so improbable.

Oh yeah...I love disco.

And Duran Duran. What? You mean it's not cool to like them? Since when? I challenge that!

1. Spiders. Saw One About Two Hours Ago (it Dropped Down From... May 11th. at 7:29:43 am EDT

MW (Cleveland, Ohio US) Age: 16

1. Spiders. Saw one about two hours ago (it dropped down from the ceiling), I ran into another room, saw a moth, thought it was another spider, and started screaming. (Didn't wake anyone, thankfully.)
2. I hate to say Like BIG fish. As in fish that are anywhere near the same size as me, or bigger. I went to the zoo once, saw this freaking HUGE fish, and ran out. It gave me nightmares (And for this I shall remain anonymous. It's embarressing. :))

My Secret? Okay, This Is Probably The Only Place I Can 'fess... May 11th. at 8:02:39 am EDT

Jools (Rhyl, England UK) Age: 34 - Email

My secret? Okay, this is probably the only place I can 'fess without anyone finding out ( deep soul cleansing coming up!) I have a HUGE crush on my boss - big, dark-haired, cute, intelligent, wonderful backside, brilliant sense of humour - and I carry a photo of him round with me. I know there are a lot of you out there thinking "bunny-boiler", but I'm not that bad, honest! Anyway, HE's got a crush on a woman in the office nextdoor ( and has photos of her on his pinboard above his desk), so it's all unrequited stuff, and will ever remain so - but he's just soooo gorgeous, I can't help myself! There, now you know!

Guilty Secrets....ummm... 1. I Actually Own An N'sync Cd As Well... May 11th. at 9:49:10 am EDT

Phoenix (Cameron, Missouri US) Age: 17 - Email

Guilty secrets....ummm...

1. I actually own an N'Sync CD as well as one by the Backstreet Boys (they were their first ones, and they have sentimental meaning because we listened to them all during a float trip I went on my freshman hear of HS)]

2. I can't stand spiders or snakes...sacred creatures of the goddess they may be, but I can't stand 'em!

3. I actually *like* school..there I said it....I'm graduating in 8 days and I'm terrified! I want to stay in high school, but they won't let me :-(

4. I still desperately miss my kitty. this may not sound so abnormal, since she just died 2 months ago..but I only had her for 6 months before that....I met her when my father's fiance moved in...and we fell absolutley in love...she was my baby..but she passed over because of feline cancer :-(

Wow...feels good to admit those :-)
BB all

Barry Manilow Was My First "rock Concert". No, Really - My Mom Dragged... May 11th. at 10:47:53 am EDT

Lhiannon (Cedar Park, Texas US) Age: 28 - Email

Barry Manilow was my first "rock concert". No, really - my mom dragged me to see him when I was eleven years old. The really scary part about this? Now, don't tell anyone... but I liked the show. Even screamed and raised my hand, waving it in the air as far and as fervently as I could make it go so he's pick me to run up on stage with him to sing "I Write the Songs"...

While I could blame that on my mother and my youth, I still like the BeeGees. And Wren isn't alone - I still miss Roger, John, and Andy Taylor, and am at least thankful that Nick's still in the band and still wearing make up - growing up just hasn't been kind to poor Simon.

What the heck was "The Reflex" about anyway? Anyone know? :)

Oh Boy, Here It Goes...i Have Always Been A Huge Stryper... May 11th. at 11:54:11 am EDT

Matt (Michigan US) Age: 23 - Email

Oh boy, here it goes...I have always been a huge Stryper and Rick Springfield fan. *face turns bright red*

I've Considered Myself Pagan For Over A Decade Now And Have Taken... May 11th. at 12:25:41 pm EDT

Gwyddion (Binghamton, New York US) Age: 24

I've considered myself pagan for over a decade now and have taken on various leadership positions in the pagan community. I love a lot of pagan & secular music... that's no secret... but my favorite music is done by a Christian Rock band, Sixpence None the Richer. Can't figure how this ever happened?

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