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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 98 - 2/10/2003

Would You Live In A Haunted House?

You have found the perfect house. But it’s haunted. Doors open and close. Lights flip on and off. Footsteps are heard in the hallway, furniture is rearranged and ghostly figures are spotted wandering the grounds.

Would you move in?

Would you be comfortable living with ghosts and/or paranormal activities? Or would you send the spirits an eviction notice?

What are your thoughts on paranormal manifestations?

 Reponses:   There are 166 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Would I?? I Did!! Feb 12th. at 10:32:39 am EST

Amethyst_Soul (Burlington, WI) Age: 37 - Email

The house I where I currently live is full of activity, both of this world and outside of it. I am not sure exactly what attracts such a variety of spritits to this place, but for the most part we all get along. There are several who have chosen to stay long term and many seem to just pass through. It is not unusual to have cuboards, doors open or close, lights go on/off, or to see an entity wander around both inside or outside. All of my family has had encounters of different types, and several freinds. The house has a warm comfortable feel to it. Do we get scared? At times there have been encounters that has risen the hair on the back of our necks. If someone passes through that seems to have a negative energy, our long term group seems to encourage them to move on. Frankly I wouldn't trade it for the world. Concidering our spiritual path I don't think it is unusual to see the spirit of those who are waiting for the next journey.

Haunted Houses.. Feb 12th. at 10:44:29 am EST

Daniel (TN, usa) Age: 26 - Email

I grew up with spirits around me, our family home in El Paso, TX was a gate way, because of how the city grew, our home was built in a Cherokee burial ground. No one knew until my grandmother who was a Cherokee medicine woman walked through the front door for the first time.
Spirits are all around me in my everyday life. If could live a day without seeing or experience them I could. I find it more of a curse than a gift. I don't hear them, but see them. It makes life hard, especially when growing up. But since I can't and I have excepted what goes on around me. I can live with them. My wife and I live in a home that has turned into a gate way because of my presence in the home. We have gotten used to setting "rules" of what we expect for living together. If those "rules" of the house are not followed, my wife and I will make sure they don't return. In rules I mean, spirits are not allowed to contact the children in a harmful manor, they are not to be tricky with the children or my family. Darkened spirits are not allowed period.

Lived In Haunted Hauses? I Alreadydid. Feb 12th. at 12:00:33 pm EST

kiki (chicago, ill) Age: 13 - Email

well I've lived in haunted houses all my life. Whenever we were asleep we would hear footsteps in our living room and in our hallway. Sometimes the plates in the kitchen owuld fall, or our pictures would fall on the floor. Now were I live there are ghosts too. Every night I would see shadows around my house. Sometimes when I'm watching T.V. I would see someone staring at me , but when I turn around they hide. One night I was watching T.V. and I was getting sleepy , so I turned it off. But as I did, the T.V. turned back on by itself , and I turned it back off. My school, too, is haunted. When me and my friends were in the library fixing the books, the teaher had some really freaky dolls . So when I turned to see the doll , the doll was staring at me and it's eyes were red. When I told my friends to look at it , the doll seemed normal. But when I turned again the doll was looking at me with it's red eyes. So as you see all my life I've been around ghosts or as you may called them spirits of the dead.

Miss My Hauntings : ( Feb 12th. at 12:40:02 pm EST

Fire Rose (Tampa, FL) Age: 28 - Email

I grew up with the knowledge that many houses were haunted. This persisted for years right up until my grandmother died. She never left! Then when my grandfater passed away, it got worse. He still flips the light switches and flushes the toilet in the night. To me, it is a normal experiance. I do miss my spirits where I live now. Noone has come to move in yet.......

It Would Depend Feb 12th. at 1:03:21 pm EST

Tracey (Vancouver, British Columbia) Age: 37 - Email

Reading through all the other responses, I must say I am truly amazed at how many people either live or have lived in haunted houses, I thought it was a fairly rare occurrence (I never have lived in one) I would for sure love to experience it, (a friendly experience only) but I'm not so sure if I would like it in my home.

If I found a house that was truly my dream house, but was haunted, I think I would ask the owners if I could spend a few nights in the house to see if I get a feeling to whether they are friendly or mean spirits. If I felt they were friendly, I would buy the house, If I was scared or nervous, I wouldn't. I wouldn't want my dream house turning into my nightmare house. I've read about cases where the hauntings were so disturbing, and word gets around, that these poor people lose everything because they can't sell their house, no one else wants to buy it, but they have to move, they can't take it anymore, their all going crazy from fright no sleep. So now their stuck with a mortgate and no home! A true nightmare!

But when I think about it, never having experienced ghosts or spirits before, I don't know if I would appreciate the feeling of never being alone and I would always feel like I'm being watched (I'd be too shy to makeout with my husband on the couch, while watching a movie, in case somethings watching!!) and that might creep me out whether their friendly or not. I really enjoy my limited alone time so I don't know if I'm willing to share it, even with a ghost. If I had, however, already bought the house because I felt the spirits were friendly, but didn't really enjoy them there anyway, I would try to find someone to help them pass on, because that's why I think they're here anyway, some might not even realize their dead and should move on, or they've some unfinished business, or whatever. I don't think they want to be ghosts haunting a house.

Nothing New! Feb 12th. at 1:35:28 pm EST

Cailtin Rose (Kalamazoo, MI) Age: 39 - Email

The home I am currently living in is the first that wasn't haunted. I don't believe that spirits can be evil, mearly agitated. I believe that my reaction to spirits and their reactions to me determine the "living arrangement."

Mixed Thoughts Feb 12th. at 2:52:59 pm EST

Feribear (Western, MA) Age: 30 - Email

I lived in a house for a while that has, well, a personality. Actually it has several .... and not all of them are friendly. The house has been standing for almost 40 years and all 3 of the families that moved into it have imploded, ours included. I won't go into details, but the events are not such as happen to families under normal conditions.

There is one "entity" (for lack of a better word) that just watches. He especially liked my sister and would simply stare at her where ever she was ... which made taking a shower something of violating experience. He never really *did* anything, so I guess you could call him a peeping tom.

One of them is a prankster. He's a real card! He would move stuff and try to sneak up on you if you were busy with something like preparing dinner or watching TV. He always tried to catch me when I was alone and when I ran him off by hollaring at him to cut it out, I swear I could hear him snickering.

The last one was (is?) the most vicious, hateful, creature I have ever encountered. I can remember as a kid having to get past him to get to the second floor and praying that he didn't actually get a chance to throw the dagger he had poised at my back before I got to the top of the stairs. I belive that this wretch is responsible for the destrucion that has occurred in the families that have lived there. I tried to banish him, but he seems to be permenantly attached to the staircase in some way.

Things are much calmer there than when I was a kid. There was massive structural damage to the house due to flooding and 85% of the house was either rebuilt or redecorated. That seemed to chill everyone out. I went in afterwards to bless them on their way, but the damage is already done.

I can't say that I would ever live in haunted house again. Part of me would really enjoy it. I am a supernatural buff and the prospect of sharing my house with a spirit intrigues me. But after living with something that was so very nasty, I am not sure that I could do it again.

Sure Thing Feb 12th. at 3:51:45 pm EST

Ken (Illinois) Age: 21 - Email

My wife and I have both lived in haunted houses, as have meny of you. Hers is the worst that I have ever heard of second hand. This house should be in a book somewhere. When they first moved in, they were moving out of an apartment. They heard noises in the night (walking up & down the stairs) , and thought they were "neighbor noises". Since they were used to neighbor noises it took them a bit to realize that they didn't have neighbors. Stranger things did go on and most of them I don't know.

The most common was this; In the kitchen was the back door. It was one of the old doors that are 1/2 wood and 1/2 glass. While in the kitchen you could also see the front door, which had 3 windows in it. I think nearly everyone who has entered the house has seen someone in the reflection of one door, turned around, and seen them in the reflection in the other.

The scariest one goes like this: A friend of mine was over at thier house, and he had to pee. The rest of us were watching TV. He was in the bathroom for 5 min (a little long for a guy to pee) , and came out as white as a sheet. He looked at my sister-in-law and said "Your house is wierd" and sat back down. When we asked what had happened he told us that when he went to wash his hands the face in the mirror was not his.

Wierdest: My wife's cousin was over (he was about 3) and he continually went into thier dark, wet basment. On the plane ride home he asked his mom "Who is that neat old guy that lives in aunt Sherri's basement?" He was singing songs from the 30s that his parents had never sung.

Other random things were always happening. Money gone for 2 weeks to show up in the same spot. Scissers, shaveing cream, tools. My father in law lost his power screwdriver, yelled at everyone ion the house. He kept it at the top of his tool chest. 2 months later there it was at the top, it never worked again. My wife still can't find her history books form high school, set them on the table and they were gone. They have moved out of that house on some unfriendly circumstances and took every light bulb out of the house.

I would live in a hounted house, I mean if someone else was so attached to leave an imprint on time, it can't be that bad of a place...

Our House Is Haunted! Feb 12th. at 6:05:00 pm EST

Linda Nunis (Big Island, Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mts.) Age: 53 - Email

Our house was built in 1812, according to the Bedford County Courthouse. Since the very first day of living here, we have sensed and felt the presence of someone who is "stuck" here. This house still has the original stone fireplaces at either end, and is of typical Irish build - the front door opened into a long hallway that ended at the back door, so that spirits could find their way out and not become "lodged" in the house. We are the first to own this house outside the original family. When my son was 2 years old, he woke up one morning absolutely terrified and screaming, "She wants me to go with her!" We did a ceremony so she would go away, and have not seen her since. I can feel a man (definitely male) pat me on the shoulder and then run his hand down my back. The first time this happened, my children (then 4 and 8) were very upset. We can all feel his presence in one of large upstairs bedrooms, but we can hear his presence in the hallway upstairs. He walks up and down the hallway, pacing, and then shuffles papers. I get a picture in my mind that he is at least 6 feet tall, dressed in his "Sunday best" (Was he buried in this?) , and he is writing things down. This was a working farm from the early 1800s on into the 20th century, and we live in the "big house". My husband (a staunch "disbeliever-until-proven") swears there is someone who sits on the bed beside him; I have felt it too. The man is not a problem, but I feel that he does not know he's dead. I have tried to "speak" to him, but he will not acknowledge me. Friends and some family members will not sleeep in this house. To us it is more like having a friend who will live here indefinitely. But, hey, Mister, pleases stop stealing my gardening gloves!

Ghosts Are Harmless Feb 12th. at 7:03:54 pm EST

MoonBard (louisville ky) Age: 44 - Email

I was afraid of ghosts and leary of haunted houses until a friend told me how to deal with them. Ghosts do not like to be "touched", so if you encounter one, simply reach for it and it will vanish and never bother you again. Oh, you may hear it again, but you won't see it again.Too simple ? Perhaps, but it works.

Would I Live In A Haunted House? Feb 12th. at 7:06:23 pm EST

Lessie (Azle Texas) Age: 19 - Email

The answer is yes I would. I would also be comfortable living with ghost etc. and no I wuold not make them leave they were there first, but I would try to come to a understanding with them, that we live together peacefully and not get in each others way. My thoughts on paranomal manifestations are if they want to stay here for whatever reason it may be then let them do so peacefully instead of forcing them to leave after all they are dead.

Live In A Haunted House? Why Not? Feb 12th. at 7:11:07 pm EST

shy_angel911 (Vinita, OK) Age: 18 - Email

Yes. I would definately livve in a haunted house. As long as the spirits aren't bothering anything, they have as much right to be there as I do. So, why not? It's not going to bother me to live with ghosts. They're all around you, everywhere you go. A few doors opening and closing, lights turning on and off are nothing to worry about. Sure it might get a little aggrivating, but it would be harmless. I would live in one just for the curiosity of it. It might not be a bad experience.

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