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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 1 - 8/7/2000

Who are you going to vote for and why?

Which political platform or candidate are you leaning towards? Do you think that a level of political involvement is important to pagans? Are you registered to vote, will you vote and who -if you don't mind telling the world- are you planning to vote for (or against)?

 Reponses:   There are 233 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

I'm 20, And This Is The First Time I Get To Vote... Aug 8th. at 6:43:23 pm EDT

Amanda (Providence, Rhode Island US) Age: 20 - Email

I'm 20, and this is the first time i get to vote for president. I really don't know who to vote for. I went to a bunch of different homepages for parties to see what they're like. I went to the Bush page, and looked at what he said he did, and what he said he's going to do, and all the places i could click so i could donate money to a worthy cause. And then I went to go see Gore's page, and it was pretty much the same thing. I looked at the libertarians, the greens, the socialists, and a few others. They didn't have any pleas for money on thier pages, and that's an immediate plus. I'm in college and i have no money to spend on that sort of thing.

I like the libertarians. I don't think they'll ever win, but I like them. I think I'm going to vote for gore because bush scares me. People keep saying that he won't matter because the courts will overturn his plans, but I keep wondering if they'll do that forever, especially when he starts appointing the judges. It scares me so much to think that the Supreme Court could be all pro-life, approve prayer in schools, and i don't know what else. When you start taking the little freedoms away, then what's next? I don't particularly like the Democrats. They, like the republicans, have been around too long uncontested and have gotten fat and comfortable where they are. Maybe i will vote third party then just to shake things up, but i doubt it. It's just all so confusing. Democrats act like Republicans and Republicans act like Democrats for 6 months at a time just to get votes. I wonder who would vote for who if both parties stayed true to what they were supposed to be no matter what? Ah, idle questions.

yes, i am registered, and will even go the extra step to request the absentee ballot. yes, i will vote, just to say i did. Who will i vote for? I don't think i'll know for sure until i step into the booth and actually do it.

The Supreme Court Is Getting Older.....and Older.....the Next President Will... Aug 8th. at 7:09:52 pm EDT

Sharon Reddy (Phoenix, Arizona US) Age: 52 - Email

The Supreme Court is getting older.....and older.....the next president will have the choice of new positions. It is EXTREMELY important that an open view to diverse thinking is upheld. I'm sure that a Republican president, as well as a Republican congress will not support those views, nomatter what was said at their convention.

I feel this is the single most important element in this election by FAR. Not only women's rights, but the rights of everyone will be threatened by a Republican president.

Not to mention the fact that Geo W. is an intellectual vacuum. He seems not to have any inner-dialogue at all. (Speaks from the "no lips" so to speak).

I support Al Gore for President. I may have supported Ralph Nader if so much wasn't at stake here. Now, I am disturbed at RN for taking votes away from Al Gore...Cutting your nose off to spite your face never solves the problem.

I Usually End Up Voting Against Someone Rather Than For Someone And... Aug 8th. at 8:04:27 pm EDT

Jeannine (Goshen, New York US) Age: 41

I usually end up voting against someone rather than for someone and this election is no exception. The republicans generally strike me as being rather frightening, and this year GW Bush is especially so. I will be voting for Gore/Lieberman. I often consider one of the third party candidates (such as Nader) to be more worthy of the office, but unfortunately, they don't win and I really don't want to see Bush elected.

I'm Going To Vote For Bush. He's Not My Favorite Candidate, But... Aug 8th. at 8:19:09 pm EDT

Randy Morobitto (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania US) Age: 33 - Email

I'm going to vote for Bush. He's not my favorite candidate, but there are other considerations. You can pass all the regulations you want regarding pollution, morality, or whatever subject you wish, but the only thing what will change people's behavior is their own desire to. I realize "W" comes from a strong Christian background, and I realize that many non-Christians consider themselves persecuted by Christians, but there's that pesky little thing called the Constitution. Yes, laws can be passed, as they always have and always will, by the "mainstream." Is it not up to us to challenge these laws? If we claim to be responsible for our own behavior, without any of that "the Devil made me do it" garbage, then why are we afraid of some elected politician? I come from a primarily Libertarian point of view, so I have disagreements with both sides. The Bill of Rights, which we unfortunately have to remind our government of, is the guide for social issues, regardless of party affiliation. I vote Republican at the Federal level, only because I know they are less likely to raise my taxes, and yes, it DOES quite often come down to money. It's the money *I* work for that puts food on the table and keeps the furnace
running in those cold Pittsburgh winters. As for social issues such as Welfare, *I* can do something for someone without having a bureaucrat redistribute my earnings, with 50+% being sucked up by "administration." Yes, I do believe in smaller government, with fraud cut out as much as possible (for a gov't to do, anyway), and the Republican party is the closer of the two to that goal, as I see it. This is particularly true if you've read the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and understand how little the Federal Government is really permitted to do.

Just a TOTALLY wild concept: Look at which side is more likely to leave you alone overall; it's probably going to be the Republican party. Make your donations and write your letters. Since everyone reading this has at least access to a computer, make sure you put one of the many Pagan symbols available by your name, whether a Pentagram, an Ankh, or whatever. Yes, they'll notice. Let them know that we don't want special rights -- special rights is discrimination against others -- we want to be given the same value for our beliefs as the "major" religions receive. When Congress-members such as Bob Barr make negative comments about those beliefs not-in-their-understanding, write them and tell them they are mistaken, and why. Do NOT use the four-letter words, because they'll never make it to the desk. Compose YOURSELF before you compose the letter.

If social issues are your big concern, then YOU donate to a cause, whether it be a charity or organization; if you can, volunteer ON YOUR OWN. Encourage people to work together. Forget about what spiritual path others are on; work together as PEOPLE; perhaps even learn about the beliefs of others. Eventually, the "Religious Right" will be frozen out; not by some great battle of protests, but by everyone ELSE acting in concert for the greater good of all, and those who hate in the name of God will be shown what true love and concern for others is really about -- not the name by which you refer to the Creator of All Things, but by how you emulate those who've walked the walk.

It's less who you vote for, and MUCH more what you DO.

'nuff said.

I'm 18, And Registering To Vote Very Soon So I Can In... Aug 8th. at 8:52:36 pm EDT

BayingOak (Palmerton, Pennsylvania US) Age: 18

I'm 18, and registering to vote very soon so I can in this comming election for president. I know alot of folks do not vote, which I think is a pity. Even if the decision is made by the electoral college, you should have your proper say as a citizen. Just like sitting in the stands and cheering at your favorite baseball team's game doesn't effect the outcome of the game...You support them anyway, because your a FAN. So be your canidates fan too.

I digress... I'm leaning torwards Bush, because I think a Conservative president with guts is more important then a liberal one. However, I am very upset about Bush's comments torward Wicca. I think, perhaps a president that has to learn the hard way about witchcraft (ACLU or Congress talling him Wicca IS A RELIGION and keeping it on military bases would be a wonderful publicity event and help get Paganism across the entire country. Yes, Gore won't touch religion or military issues...but is that what we want? Maybe if Bush makes a stir about Witchcraft America will have to learn what it's about for once. Clinton didn't touch it either and things just stay the same. Well I'm getting off my soapbox now. BB

As A Newspaper Reporter By Trade, I See On A Daily Basis... Aug 8th. at 9:30:29 pm EDT

Morrigan-Aa (Woodbridge, New Jersey US) Age: 25 - Email

As a newspaper reporter by trade, I see on a daily basis the importance of politics. Like it or not, this nation is a republic which accords its citizens the right to vote. In order to have a voice in what goes on nationally, it is important for everyone - including Pagans of all stripes - to go to their local ballot box.

Why? Because in some states (thankfully not mine), school boards are being stacked by the religious right, as well as others who oppose the teaching of evolution and sex education and support the blatant promotion of Christianity in the classroom. The reason they are able to do this is because virtually no one - except their constituents - votes in school board elections. The turnout in some communities is 15 percent or below - and this for the governing body that sets policy for our schools, and comprises the lion's share of local property taxes. Municipal elections - which in some cases can influence whether a town surges toward development or seeks to keep some land as open space - draw little more. This is disturbing in my opinion because political power starts locally, where it has the greatest effects on citizens' lives.

Needless to say, I'm registered to vote and I don't think I've missed an election. While I opted for Nader in the last presidential election, this year I might vote for Gore, since he does have a good record on the environment. And he's not George W., whose dedication to the rightwing movement I fear as both a woman and a freethinker.

Is There A Good Candidate? Neither Candidate Really Makes Me Feel Comfortable... Aug 8th. at 9:47:18 pm EDT

The Guide (Denver, Colorado US) Age: 30

Is there a good candidate? Neither candidate really makes me feel comfortable.

Mr. Bush has made statements in the past that he did not support Wicca as a faith, and he gives at least small attention to conservative religious groups. Before anyone asks, yes I did read Mr. Bush's speech from the recent convention, and I noticed many references to a conservative Christian veiw point. Is that bad, not necessarily, unless he tries to legislate that conservative viewpoint to the rest of us.

Also, what cannot be forgotten is the president elected this year may have a far reaching arm in the Supreme Court. There is a strong possibilty the next president will nominate at least two and possibly three Justices to the high court during his time in office. Clarance Tomas and Anton Scallia have already demonstrated a very conservative viewpoint on may topics including religion.

However, Mr. Gore, is not much better a choice. I'm not sure he is strong enough to lead the nation, but I will withhold final judgement until I know more about his views.

Yes, I am a registered voter and I plan to vote this November. And Pagans should be involved in the polictical process as much as anyone of any other faith. If you wnat your voice heard and your ideas considered, you have to be involved.

In the end, I will probaby vote for Mr. Bush, because I do sgree with some of his economic and foreign policy ideas. I will have to hope that clearer heads will prevail if either candidate trys to legislate religion.

I Refuse To Vote For A Body Of People Who Would Not... Aug 8th. at 9:53:36 pm EDT

Richard Steven Bennett (Atlantic Beach , Florida US) Age: 42 - Email

I refuse to vote for a body of people who would not now the truth if it bit them like a serpent.its come tothe point where the ones who write the laws are worse violaters of the laws then every one else


Hi, Yes I Am Registered To Vote. I Rarely Miss An Opportunty... Aug 8th. at 10:02:01 pm EDT

Nancy Brant (Gibsonton, Florida US) Age: 50 - Email

Hi, Yes I am registered to vote. I rarely miss an opportunty to put in my two cents worth. I probably will vote the Democratic ticket. They usually are the party that cares the most about the freedoms our constitution guarantees us. Its very important for Pagans to vote. Some of the politicians are absolutely undemocratic and we need to do what we can to keep them out of office. To quote one of our founding fathers, "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." I intend to keep an eye on the poitcal scene and vote for whoever is the best leader for me and my children.

Green Party/ Ralph Nadar Absolutely Yes, Every American Pagan Must Be Politically... Aug 8th. at 10:05:01 pm EDT

jean Marie Zirger (Mena , Arkansas US) Age: 56 - Email

Green Party/ Ralph Nadar Absolutely yes, Every american pagan must be politically active for we are among the most at risk when the constitution gets circumvented by our oppressers.

I will vote for greens and independants in the national elections. Liberal lefts in local events.

Most People Would Call Me A Moderate, In This Election, My Vote... Aug 8th. at 10:05:18 pm EDT

Timothy m. Bagnell (Greensboro, North Carolina US) Age: 19 - Email

Most people would call me a moderate, in this election, my vote is caught between the lesser of two evils. Our concerns for religious equality, as best as i've been able to divine from the candidates public speaches, are not addressed hardly at all. However, given the increadibly blatent religious overtones that were adopted today by the Gore/Lieberman campaign, I am going to have to say Bush/Cheney. For us, as it has been for centuries since the last of the burning times and inquisitions, ignorance has been our shield. To most people today we are the stuff of legends, and halloween, and movies. While we should (and do) strive for religious tolerance, understanding and cooperation, the less we are brought up in main stream talk, especially politics, the less of a target we are.

I found it utterly astounding how much the media raised the alarm (pushed the panic button) on the "sudden increase of anti-semetic sentiment" today. MSNBC, CNN, and others were doing full exposes on the Klan and other White supremacist groups, all because Gore's running mate happens to be Jewish... Did I miss something or did Church and State suddenly re-merge.

The pagan community, world wide, is probably the LEAST organized, and thus least politically active and powerful. The Republican's somewhat (okay very) haughty attitudes about societry and minorities lend to our veil of secrecy and shadow. Until the isolated pocket sof pagan activism unite under some group that is stronger than something like the Witchvox here (no offense guys at TWV, you are doing a wonderful job, given the limitations you've impossed upon yourself for potitical commentary).

We are coming out in force, but we shall do it smart. The Pagan revival will have its time in the lime light. I just pray that that time comes after we have united under the banners of understanding, not just for relationships between the Pagan faiths and other more mainstream faiths other faiths, but for the myriad of faiths that make up the global pagan community.

I Am Leaning Towards The Libertarian Party And Harry Brown. Yes, I... Aug 8th. at 10:44:06 pm EDT

Jason (Lancaster, California US) Age: 27 - Email

I am leaning towards the Libertarian Party and Harry Brown. Yes, I think political involvement is important. I am registered. If I don't vote for Harry Brown, I will be voting for Bush because I will be voting Anti-Gore.

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