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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 106 - 4/13/2003

What Is Your Inner Animal?

Do you tend to ‘bark’ at people? Howl at the Moon perhaps? Do you have catlike reflexes or can your psychic ‘whiskers’ pick up nearby energy vibrations? Do you have a ‘nest’ or like to ‘burrow’ under the covers? Do you actually even growl sometimes?

What animal traits do you think that you sometimes exhibit? Has anyone ever told you that you remind him/her of some animal?

How much of an animal nature do you think that we humans might retain? Should we attempt to completely conquer or tame the ‘animal’ within? Or do you consider your inner animal to be an ally or alter-ego?

What is the name of your inner animal? If you share space with an actual animal, does the animal (or animals) consider you ‘one of them’? Can you and your animal friends communicate in mysterious ways?

 Reponses:   There are 127 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

I Am All Animals Of The Worlds , Seeing W/ All Eyes. Apr 18th. at 2:48:05 pm UTC

Strbear aka. Smartbehr (Sin Cty Las Vegas, NV) Age: 39 - Email - Web

I'm a mystical Bear from the Stars that looks over this world and feels sadness from the masses/other animals.Love is only a word here and not a feeling or experience.I'm glad that I'm here , so that the children of this world can hug me whenever they choose.

Fowl And Feline... Apr 18th. at 4:08:20 pm UTC

Nicole Mann (Iowa City, IA) Age: 19 - Email - Web

If I had to describe myself, it would most definately be a mix of fowl and feline. My favorite chair in my apartment, and sought after since I was very little, is a papasan - my nest. My best place to lounge is on a doublesided pillowtop mattress - any cat's sundrenched dream. I am more comfortable in these two places than I am anywhere else in the world, that is - if my mate is gone.

As for anamial traits exibited, I do have the tendancy to meow. I have developed a language of it, and most of my friends understand and play along in their own fun. We even have bi-lingual "cats" in our group. A japanese "nr-ow", a texan slurred "mr-oooow". Very amusing, and hillarious when we're out in public and slip up.

I've also been told in my life that I have the eyes of a hawk. Imagining myself in astral form I see wings of my own on my back, and I have the skill of talons with any blade put to my hand. Sword, that is - knife fighting is a lot harder than it looks.

To me, there is no reason that I should burry this for the sake of conquering the animalistic nature within? I do not consider it to be an alter-ego, but it is the best description of myself I can surmise.

A final though, though. If I did have to asses myself for a 'totem' animal, it would be neither of these. Instead, it would be something of a combination, along with a dash of the fantastical. The Griffon has always been my inner symbol of strenth, remaining sacred because I donot surroudn myself with the image of it. I keep it in myself for the purposes of personal understanding, and merrily mew or nest in the companionship I share with my closest friends.


My Inner Animal Apr 18th. at 4:59:17 pm UTC

J Sroga (North Bay, ON, Canada) Age: 16 - Email

im pretty sure that my inner animal is a hawk or falcon. my element being air, and being a gemini, all my life ive had dreams of soaring through the clouds, free of everything that is constraining on Earth. its always been my lifelong goal to skydive as well....thats probably as close as i can get to actually physically flying, without landing on the ground with a SPLAT!

Feline Apr 18th. at 4:59:24 pm UTC

Neko (Calgary, Canada) Age: 21 - Email

When I was 12 years old I insisted that I was a cat in a past life.
When I was 17 I had a girl I'd never met before who was a Hindu come up to me and tell me she knew I was a cat and asked what I was doing in a human body.

I can purr and meow and growl with the exact pitch and tone of a cat and I tend to want to swat at things. I also have this thing about sleeping in the sunlight hehe. At night I wanna get out and run around... Cats follow me around and "talk" to me. I can also "speak" back to them cause I know all the body signals of their silent language.

Everyone who meets me tells me that they're reminded of a cat. So I adopted the net nick of Neko, from the japanese word for cat.

Further more I sometimes feel like I should have a tail and ears high on my head lol.

Inner Animal Apr 18th. at 5:40:03 pm UTC

Paula (colorado springs, colorado) Age: 25 - Email

My husband says that I was a cat in a previous life. He scratches my back and rubs my head and I actually purr and arch my back. He thinks it's hillarious.
I love to sit and look out the window at the squirrels in my yard and want to go play with them. I have a tendancy to see into one's soul and I can swear that I've used up 3 or 4 of my nine lives already.
I love playing with things that dangle down within my reach and I actually knead my husbands chest when I'm relaxed and we are getting ready to go to sleep.
I don't know why I think this, but animals are never afraid of me and cats seem to be attracted to me whenever they are around. I feel a kin ship with them and understand them when they purr.
Lying in the sunshine is bliss and I can deffinately understand why a cats' life is grrreeeeaaaatt!

My Inner Animals... Apr 18th. at 7:39:48 pm UTC

Mathair Cat (Clarksville, TN USA) Age: 30 - Email

Like the previous person that submitted, my mother always told me I was a cat in a pervious life. For the reason that I like to grab a hold of loved ones or a wall and stretch like a cat (looks like a Yoga postion really) . My eyes, and that I sleep like one. Of course this all co-insides with my name, Mathair Cat & my Cherokee name (which most know I can't share) . And the fact that one of my totems and that comes out the most is Cougar.
Than there is the Grizzly bear, Hawk, and Stallion. I feel connections with all there, however. The Cougar is the one that appears in me the most.

Totally Feline Apr 18th. at 10:09:08 pm UTC

Joshua (Van Buren Arkansas) Age: 14 - Email

Ok its embarressing to admit but when someoen piss me off ill growl or hiss like a cat. And Ive been told I remidn ppl of a feline.

Many Animals Apr 18th. at 11:25:10 pm UTC

Winterhaven (Conway, SC) Age: 40 - Email

I have a natural affinity for animals. My home is filled with dogs and cats with whom I communicate constantly. We know one anothers moods and feelings. The Great Horned Owl is my spirit guide. Animals can teach us so much if we only stop, look, listen, and learn.


Against The "books" Apr 19th. at 3:02:36 am UTC

Set Dragonsfriend (Tacoma, WA) Age: 27 - Email

I have read so many books that say some people can change or "shift" into an animal form in some way or another. I believe this can be done because I've done it. But, what the usual books state, though, is that people seem to only be able to shift into an animal form they know from this current time, on this earth. I know from experience that this idea is extremely limiting.
For example, I've been able to shift into the form of a dragon. No, I don't literally grow scales and people that look at me think I'm going to kidnap the local princess. But, to me, I have felt the stretch of my wings, the whip of my tail, the flex of my scales as my muscles ripple under them. I can also shift into the form of a bipedal carnivorous dinosaur and have shifted (in front of others too) into my totem animal: a spotted panther!
To answer, yes, I think people can exhibit animal qualities, but I choose not to be limited by texts that say people can only shift into wolves (most common) . I think we need to move past our limits and explore what we REALLY can do!

The Animal Within Apr 19th. at 7:48:46 am UTC

clio (York PA) Age: 30 - Email

I have given thought to this question, since the answer wasn't readily apparent at first. Please note that I don't know my totem animals or anything like that.

Personality-wise, I am most like Dog. I love those most important people in my life unconditionally and I will rise up to defend them if they are threatened. I am fiercely loyal to those same most important people. I "bark", but with words and more when I'm grouchy or feeling threatened. And on Full Moons, I always have the distinct urge to howl at the Lady, although, as an urban dweller, I tend to keep that urge under wraps to save embarrassment.

I have never lived with Dog, but I would love to once I get out on my own. I have lived with Cats most of my life and love them too.

As far as wild animals are concerned, I am Aquarius and Air. Birds. I love birds. Beautiful color and beautiful songs always thrill me, no matter the season. I have become a bird photographer and I try to honor them with my photographs. There is one bird that I feel even greater affinity with--Vulture. I can always sense Vulture before I see one and I have had messages from Vulture (which I note were astute and correct each time) . I know just about every smidget of Vulture trivia there is. I think Vultures are magnificent and they serve a great purpose in Nature and to see one soaring always takes my breath away.

Should we attempt to tame the animal within? Absolutely not. All animals, whether domestic or wild, have their particular energies and those energies serve an important purpose in our lives (whether we realize it or not) . I do not feel that Nature should be subjugated in any way shape or form.

Birds Apr 19th. at 1:30:16 pm UTC

j...... (Toronto, Canada) Age: 16 - Email

I have a very close affinity with all birds.Especially hawks, chikadees and my pet pigeon. I can sense their needs and can sometimes communicate with them.

Human Apr 19th. at 1:42:43 pm UTC

Enoon (Everetts NC) Age: 51 - Email

Too often I behave like a human, when I am true, I am a bear.
When the spirit comes to me, I am a hawk. When angry alltoo human,
when afraid alltoo a mouse. When happy a self satisfied cat content
to sit in the sunlight and lick myself.

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