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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 83 - 10/27/2002

Time to Talk Politics and Elections…

Eek! It’s the silly season again.

For U.S. Pagans/Heathens: The U.S. is holding mid-term elections Nov. 5th. Will you be voting? What are the issues that are most important to you? Do you vote by issue or by party? Do you have any thoughts on how it will turn out?

Non-U.S. Pagans/Heathens: The U.S. is woefully ignorant about your political processes. Please enlighten us. How many parties do you have? What are the names of the parties and what platforms do they represent? Do you have 'liberals' and 'conservatives'? How often do you vote? Do you elect representatives? How do you contact these representatives about your issues?

As always while talking politics, discussions can become heated. Please stay on the issues and do not resort to personal attacks. Further discussions should be taken to e-mail.

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200 Million Guns In America And Counting... Nov 6th. at 5:30:13 pm EST

Mica (Lexington, KY) Age: 48 - Email

Will there ever be enough guns in America? England up 300%? That brings their gun deaths for last year up to a total of near 70 and Canda was what? a couple of hundred?. America racked up over 11,000. The SNIPER only killed a dozen or so. BUT wow did he get 'timely coverage'. Gun finger printing would have finger'd that killer three weeks earlier.

Guns don't kill people... PEOPLE WITH GUNS kill people. 70% of the gun deaths in America are NOT related to criminals or crime, they are family squables with one of those 200 million guns close by. Little kids find them all the time and play 'shot em' up' just like daddy does. As families loose their jobs or are forced to take even lower paying ones, life at home will get even more tense.

No worries though, the radical right now has control of the house, Senate, presidency and (arguablly) the supreme court itself. They KNOW you love your guns. Your guns are safe (like the democrats would dare to even try to control guns in America - They didn't in the 2000 election but the bush folk sure wanted you to think so - it worked then, It worked again just yesterday. -- Keep your guns and 'trust us'.)

I think guns for hunting is OK... but I wonder what percentage of gun owners actually DO hunt. Of all the gun owners I know, not one of them actually hunts.

I don't know any women that is into guns.

The 2nd amendment gives you the right to bare arms. You have guns in case the goverment get's out of line ... That made alot of sense in 1776. BUT don't forget that (these days) YOU have the small guns and they have the BIG guns, they are more organized and can blow away anything (from just about any distance) you hide with your gun behind. -- If it ever comes down to the us citizens vs. the us military... I say drop the bomb, and put us all out of our misery.

America will continue to allow it's people to own millions of guns. I don't see either political party daring to change that in near future, but to hear the NRA folk tell it, you could lose all your guns any day now. "The democrats want to take your guns, raise your taxes and NOT protect you from the boggie man" - I can see WHY the Religious right and the Radical Right are such good bedfellows. They have fear mongering down to a sport. and one that they quite good at parlaying to victory.

Yesterday they won again.

Jump Ship? Notta Shot Nov 6th. at 5:36:28 pm EST

Stephanie Stanton (New Orleans, LA) Age: 47 - Email

I will not abandon what our Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers fought so hard to achieve at great personal risk to themselves. I do believe the sentence for traitors against the Crown has death, so therefore they did what they did with great risk. They were religiously diverse and they knew of the tyranny of a Church-State both Protestant and Catholic. I will not give up without a fight, I will not give up period, and I refuse to go back in the broom closet. Actual Samhain is tomorrow and I would highly suggest that we call on the spirits of the Founding Fathers for courage, strength, and wisdom.

Bowling For Columbine Was Awesome. Nov 6th. at 5:37:33 pm EST

Kelly (Battle Creek, MI) Age: 36 - Email

I wish my bank gave away a free rifle with new checking accounts. I am soooo jeleous.

I Won't Run... But I Will Be Hinding Nov 6th. at 5:44:24 pm EST

Luna Che' (Back in the Bcloset.) Age: 22 - Email

and hoping that america comes to it's senses. Sheesh!! Good one Mica! - Yes, the republicans are smart enough to let them keep their guns, it appears to be what they want the most. cold steal a go go. Huh... Boys and their guns.

Goddess Bless The USA Nov 6th. at 5:53:58 pm EST

Irusan (Bastrop, TX) Age: 53 - Email

Hmm, I suppose "liberal scardy-cat" is not ridicule? Actually, the knee-jerk reaction that I must be against the Second Amendment because I am not enchanted by guns, and the liberal use of the epithet "liberal" is a sure sign, to me, that a person has been brainwashed by right-wing propaganda. By the way, I deplore the co-opting and perversion of the label "Conservative" by
what are actually the fascist right wing. "Conservative" to me implies someone who cherished and
preserves the wisdom of the past, someone who is careful not to waste, either money in frivolous schemes or the bounties of Nature. Those right-wing fascists who are now calling themselves
"conservatives" are the exact opposite. They believe in raping the Earth for profit, oligarchy,
aristocracy, conspicuous consumption, religious and political intolerance, a disrespect for the
views of the Founding Fathers.

I do believe that G.W. Bush and his circle knew that the suicide bombings of 9-11-01 were going
to happen, and that they let them happen to achieve the political heft that they displayed yesterday. No, I don't have "proof". If I did, I would be doing other things than writing to
the Witchvox postings. It was a spontaneous intuition the moment I saw the towers fall, now
bolstered by hundreds of pieces of information that I have synthesized right-brain style. Things
from the Vreeland memo "Let one happen, stop the rest", to tiny things like knowing that GW would never tolerate the ridicule he was getting on the forgotten TV show "That's My Bush",the use of subliminal advertising in the 2000 campaign ads, the discrepancies of Bush's statements of his whereabouts, and hundreds of pieces of information in between. I think Bush is a traitor. I am very depressed that a majority of Americans have fallen for his lies, and amazed that so many think he is such a "fine, upstanding man" (no bj's in the oval office, eh? Ask the
hookers in Austin if GW is so pure.) The sight of Bush "consoling" the victims on the anniversary of 9-11 was one of the most obscene sights in my life experience, believing what I do about his

But I still believe in America. I still think there is hope. Watergate was found out. Iran-Contra's story has not been told, neither has the Kennedy assassination, but the official lies are being questioned. It may take the rest of my lifetime for the truth about 9-11 to come out, but already others are saying what I thought for a while I was alone in seeing.
The reaction of the American people to 9-11 was beautiful and courageous for the most part (except for the few attacks on Muslims, Sikhs, etc.) There was a true selfless patriotism shining through, and selfless acts that showed the real, heroic manhood and womanhood in great and small ways. I loved this brief time, even though I knew the people were being had. I believe the truth will come out some day, although we are no doubt in for some very bad times until that day.

As to gun nuts, I am a bit concerned that if my address were to get out, some militant "patriot"
might come and blow me away, just so he could say "shoulda had a gun."

Women And Guns Nov 6th. at 6:02:22 pm EST

Anneka (Nevada, USA) Age: 24 - Email

So, women aren't into guns?
I'm a 24 year old caucasian woman. I am married with no children. I shoot. I hunt. I eat what I kill. I have been professionally trained in firearm use, and have taken the requisite courses necessary to get my concealed carry permit.
My mother shoots.
My grandmother used to shoot, when she could still walk.
My husband was in the Army for 10 years, when he got out, he taught his mother to shoot.
My father, my stepfather, my aunts and uncles shoot. My brothers shoot. The whole time I was growing up, my parents (both law enforcement officers) had firearms in the house. I was taught how to use them when I was 8 years old. In my whole, gun toting family, we have NEVER had a firearm related accident. Not one. Don't believe me, I'll happily give my personal info to anyone who asks, and you can check the public records.

My question is, why do the people who are anti-gun act so much more HOSTILE than the pro-gunners. Go back, look at the messages on this thread. Myrrdin, Lilith, Tink and I. We haven't overtly attacked anyone. Yet we're getting all this anti-gun rhetoric saying we're dangerous and crazy and implying that we're stupid.

You're got your hobbies, I've got mine. Don't try and blame me and my ilk for all the evils in the world. Go and check the statistics for violent crime in the UK. I guarantee you'll be amazed. And kids, please, PLEASE check your facts before you dispute us. I've been wrong plenty of times in my life, but on this one I am right.

And for the record, ALL politicians suck. It's the nature of the beast.

By The Way Nov 6th. at 6:27:16 pm EST

Anneka (Nevada, USA) Age: 24 - Email

I'm sure no one really cares, but I have to get a couple more things off my chest.
Irusan, I agree with you about GWB. I think he knew, I think he also knew that war would boost his approval rating (and it has!) I think, for the most part, he's slimy. As slimy as Bill ever was. I don't like that he has a history of DUI's. I hate the big-money politics. I didn't vote for him, and I was devestated when "Thet's My Bush" was cancelled. And I wasn't calling YOU a liberal scaredy-cat. I'm saying I used to identify MYSELF as a liberal scaredy cat. I will be the first in line to tell you I'm far from perfect. I'm kind of a dork, and I'm as paranoid as they come. Of course, I didn't start getting paranoid until I actually had to deal with a stalker myself, but I digress.
Politics is a hot-button with all of us. I can see that we are all feeling really unhappy and disillusioned with our current government. The reason the NRA and people like me are the way we are, is we take solace in the fact that we DO have this way of defending ourselves. If we practice this safely and it makes us feel better, why should that bother you?
Eh. I keep telling myself to just leave this whole topic alone, it's giving me heartburn, but damnit, I can't stop myself!

As Far As The Second Amewndment Goes Nov 6th. at 6:36:01 pm EST

Aedh Rua (New Richmond, WI) Age: 36 - Email

I'm all for it, actually. I am not in the least anti-gun. The higher American murder rates simply reflect a difference in culture, and would happen regardless of what gun-control stautes were on the books. If the Columbine kids hadn't had guns to use, they would have used gasoline and Tide detergent.

As far as the Second Amendment is concerned, the Republicans are closer to what I believe. But so what? They are absolutely eager to eliminate all the others.

Look at it this way: a Canadian, a British subject, or an Australian can write his or her MP,and otherwise organize to get gun rights back. In America, you will have your guns, but on the day you leave them at home, the secret police will drag you off to a torture chamber. And, already, you would not be able to legally say anything about it. Right now, according to the USA-PATRIOT Act, if the FBI ask questions of a librarian about what someone has checked out, the librarian may not legally tell anyone the FBI were there. To call the American Library Association is a federal offence. I am not making this up; I got it from the Wisconsin Library Association.

Do guns help keep tyranny at bay? Sure they do, but they can't stop it by themselves. And they really can't stop it when the populace as a whole supports the tyrant, as they do in America.

That last is really why I want to leave this country. I doubt that I will be arrested anytime soon. But I just don't like living in a country where the population as a whole has values so utterly alien to my own.

Why, Why, Why, Anneka? To The Tune Of Tom Jones "Delilah"... Nov 6th. at 7:35:34 pm EST

Irusan (Bastrop,TX) Age: 53 - Email

Anneka, you say that guns are your hobby and that I should not criticize you for it. Let's just say that this is my personal hangup. I am entitled to my opinion, and I hope I don't get shot for it.
Believe me, I was brought up saturated by the gun culture. I know about people who are into the scene. I just don't understand it. Could you please explain to me why firearms are so attractive to you? Does it help you deal with fears, or do you enjoy being feared? Is it a warm memory association of being with your parents, shooting things? Do you like the loud noise? What is it?

As to the poster who said that gun violence is OK because it is just a difference in culture, that the Columbine murders would have taken place without guns, are you saying that murder is a quaint fixation of Americans, the way Japanese like taking photos and talking cameras?

Wait A Minute Nov 6th. at 8:06:15 pm EST

Aedh Rua UiMhorrigu (New Richmond, WI) Age: 36 - Email

I never said that gun violence was ok. But violence IS a part of American culture, and has been for centuries. Americans don't just lead the Western world in gun violence, but in all types of crime. This is not a quaint custom, nor is it OK, nor a good thing in any sense. But, it is nothing that gun control will change. For that matter, I doubt that anything can change it at all, except maybe methods far more horrific than the problem they "solve", and maybe even they wouldn't work.

Americans don't have a gun culture, they have a violence culture. Despite this, America has done many great things in the world, and was at one time the hope of the Earth. Now, the darkest impulses of the American psyche have completely overcome "what Lincoln called 'the better angels of our nature'".

The Second Amendment is important to me. But, the British, the Irish, the Canadians, the Australians, and many other peoples are free and democratic without it. I will take my chances in a country which may have gun control, but which still respects liberty, and which also supports compassion, the environment, international law, and a civil society, all things which America has now rejected.

What's The First Thing The Republicans Will Do Now? Nov 6th. at 8:39:32 pm EST

Irusan (Bastrop,TX) Age: 53 - Email

Can you say ANWR, boys and girls?

(My last post for tonight)

Excuse Me? Violence Is American Culture? Nov 6th. at 8:53:38 pm EST

Stephanie (New Orleans) Age: 47 - Email

My first reaction is "No, violence is part of Western European Culture that was brought to America". Consider the nature of the beast in Ireland between the Protestants and the Catholics, then I think, "No, consider the violent nature of the Muslim men in the Arab states and elsewhere", and then I think "No, consider the violent nature of the Chinese toward the Tibetans and other Orientals". Then I think "NO, violence seems to just be part of patriarchal civilization PERIOD". Yes, we are definitely more violent in the USA, I also think we're more spoiled and bored in the USA, and also more apathetic because as a whole, we don't appreciate the freedoms that we do have here...we take them for granted. Evidence of that is that only a little more than 39% of the voting age population voted, (and that was high). So I don't consider this election or any election "the mindset of the American People". It is the of the slim majority that voted. One thing we have to realize is that the Christian Reich definitely has organized over the last 2 decades and has it's sheeple voting in lock-step. They don't even question...they vote for who they are told to vote for according to religious lines and anti-choice lines. When the Pagan Unity Campaign attempted to put together a brief statement as to what W/P/W's were for the press and the politicians to understand that we have the capability of being a voting block, all hell broke loose over that "definition". How pathetic. On another note, we all need to remember that the last Congressional race put the Republicans in control of the Senate for one day. Then one Republican Senator switched to Independent. I am not a Republican and I'm not a Democrat. I vote for people, issues, etc, regardless of party. Not all Republicans are of the Religious Reich, I know as I used to be one. The moderates are out there. If one man switched to Independent last time out of fear of the havoc that could be wrought with a same party House and Senate, it can happen again. There may be more than a few Republican Senators that see the danger of a House, Senate And White House single party. Who knows what the next few days can bring. If I remember correctly a Rhode Island Republican Senator has been iffy for a few weeks. I for one, will keep my wits about me, not give in, not give up hope and fight till my dying breath to keep the Constitution intact.

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