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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 106 - 4/13/2003

What Is Your Inner Animal?

Do you tend to ‘bark’ at people? Howl at the Moon perhaps? Do you have catlike reflexes or can your psychic ‘whiskers’ pick up nearby energy vibrations? Do you have a ‘nest’ or like to ‘burrow’ under the covers? Do you actually even growl sometimes?

What animal traits do you think that you sometimes exhibit? Has anyone ever told you that you remind him/her of some animal?

How much of an animal nature do you think that we humans might retain? Should we attempt to completely conquer or tame the ‘animal’ within? Or do you consider your inner animal to be an ally or alter-ego?

What is the name of your inner animal? If you share space with an actual animal, does the animal (or animals) consider you ‘one of them’? Can you and your animal friends communicate in mysterious ways?

 Reponses:   There are 127 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Jaguar Apr 19th. at 4:02:18 pm UTC

Jess O'Donnell (Nashville, TN) Age: 17 - Email

My animal has always been the Jaguar. I've always felt an affinity towards it. It's just like I always knew that it was my animal, even before I was introduced to spirituality.

Grrr. Arrgh. Apr 19th. at 6:33:56 pm UTC

Kuma (Ontario, Canada) Age: 16 - Email

*resists the urge to sing a la Arrogant Worms 'I am the beaver'* Now, ma petite soeur can sing *that* one. But my inner animal is the bear. Why? Here's why: I'm a physically big person who tends to store fat in winter and lose it in summer (true story - my friends use me as a human water bottle during Canadark) ; I mother everyone around me, but I smack 'em if they give me lip; I can shake off any insult to myself, no matter how bad, but gods help those that insult my friends; when doing an assignment involving picking a totem animal for yourself, my friends and everyone who knew me unanimously said I had to pick bear, and some people I talk with online randomly started calling me Kuma, which is Japanese for 'bear'. The bear is very close to my heart, and I've always liked them. Whenever I'm sad or upset, my little bear helps me get better, and I once found a piece of green beachglass in the shape of a bear.
And to those with eyebrows raised, I sayeth: "Growl. Snarl."

I Think I Am The Horse Apr 19th. at 9:45:54 pm UTC

Serene SilverBlade (Colorado) Age: 15 - Email

I personally think that I am the horse because 1) My element is water, and Poseidon's familiar is the horse. 2) I can sprint very fast when I am pushed or afraid. 3) I am a tall person, skinny and I also have most of my muscle in my legs. 4) Finally, I have always loved horses.

My Animals Are: Apr 19th. at 9:52:50 pm UTC

Nagaru (Elizabeth City, North Carolina) Age: 38 - Email

I have a mixed bag of Inner Animals. I am mostly associated with the Snake, but have some traits of the big cats.

I Like To Walk Without Making Noise Apr 19th. at 11:36:44 pm UTC

lilith (lost angeles) Age: 33 - Email

i have affinities for very particular animals, such as dogs, who are protectors and guardians, and the goddess i can most quickly make contact with and most easily become one with is always a gateway goddess, so it stands to reason.

but my totem animal is the Bear. i had a vision of it when i was about ten years old, and i have traits like bears, and people who dont even know me compare me to bears. i wear Bear charms, and in dreams i have become a Bear. the traits in my conscious self that i have to restrain most mightily are the fierce beserk protective traits, and those happen to be the traits that are most powerful when controlled.

) O (

*pounces On Animal, Later Realizing Theyre Vegetarian* Apr 20th. at 12:37:51 am UTC

Ryan (Connecticut, USA) Age: 14 - Email

Personally, I think that if we are trully connected with nature, we must be an animal withing, but not all of us must be. Who says that humans are not animals? Maybe there are some dogs that are humans within or maybe even pure humans.
I myself believe that I am a white tiger within. I have the catlike reflexes where I can jump and run. I have this odd knack for determmining the moods of people and where danger is. And, Im powerful meaning that other people fear me. (always a good thing in society)

But who knows? Maybe there is more than just the animals we see? Maybe we are creatures from the astral plane within. All i know is i have a headache from all of this philosophy.

I'm A Bit Of A Dog, I S'pose... Apr 20th. at 2:36:53 am UTC

Silvan (Southwestern VA) Age: 30 - Email

I don't actually think of myself as having any sort of animal within, in truth. I don't feel drawn to any particular totem animal or anything of the like.

Yet when I saw this question, and when I was shamed into action by the 22:1 lurk:post ratio, I realized that whether I see myself as a dog or not, dogs certainly do.

Wherever I go, dogs go absolutely nuts. While sitting in the stands at my kids' ball games, strange parents' dogs will be choking themselves half to death straining against their leashes from across the way, trying to get my attention. (Which, of course, they get.)

When I go into customers' stores, their dogs usually come and greet me as though I were a long-lost friend. This is understandable for those customers who are regulars on my route, but I've had dogs that I had never met before abandoning and disobeying their owners in order to have a chance to get my attention.

It's quite amazing, really, how well-liked I am by dogs. I suppose it's because I return the favor. With the possible exception of some attack dogs that were abused into being mean, I haven't met a canine critter I didn't love like one of my own childrenm, and who didn't love me right back.

I can't say I talk to them per se, but there does certainly seem to be some kind of unspoken communication going on there. Pheremones, good vibrations, or some intermingling of the spirt; it's really impossible to say.

Inner Animal..... Apr 20th. at 2:42:03 am UTC

Lady Snow Fox (Columbus, Ohio) Age: 32 - Email

I lean toward the marking I have had on me all my life....that of a white fox head. Since I am that of a rather solitary wanderer in this world, the snow fox has a great meaning to me. I have had a time when I was sleeping where ever I was roaming at the time, and dreams of a mother wolf and two cubs baying at the moon appeared...I found it rather insightful since I am the mother of two.

So I have found that the world of the wild dog-like creatures has fit me best...

I Am The Moose. Apr 20th. at 11:07:03 am UTC

Art M (Willow, AK) Age: 62 - Email

I do think of my self in that way. Like the moose, I want only to be left alone to live my life the way I want. When threatened I will do what it takes to dispense the threat, and get back to my way. I feel no responsibility for others or there world. I do what is best for me. I am my world, there is no room in my world for others, There was once room for my mate, She died. The room is gone for any other.

Well, I'm Not Sure If This Counts... Apr 20th. at 11:51:26 am UTC

vig (liverpool, england) Age: 17 - Email

.. but i've always been fascinated with dragons, ever since a very early ago. people i know say that they don't and have never existed, but they immediately relate me to dragons. why? i'm not too sure, maybe because i love them so much. but they're free, graceful, rare and like to hoard things. i'm not too graceful, and i can't fly either @_@ but they are very protective of the ones they love and yet are a danger to those who threaten them. i believe that dragons are placid creatures who are caring and harmless to those who do not pose a threat. i can relate to that, because i see myself as being friendly to all, except those who threaten me. then i can get pretty... um, violent? it's not the right word, but something like that. though i don't quite breathe fire...

I Am The Crow Apr 20th. at 12:07:41 pm UTC

Kalicrowbay (Malvern, OH) Age: 26 - Email

My inner animal is the Crow. I love crows, they are so awesome. Like the crow I am resourceful, keen, and like shiny things, lol. But I am also wise, and quite compassionate. Crows have always been with me my entire magickal life, but of course they could've been watching me from birth. Since I've chosen my path, crows have been visiting me more often than before when I started my magickal life. Well, that's all I have to say about that! May the Gods watch over all of you and grant unto u the blessings of wisdom, love and reverence of our Mother Earth!
Blessed be!

... Apr 20th. at 1:42:41 pm UTC

Nikos Wolf (Maine, USA) Age: 22 - Email

I suppose I could give a long-winded reply as to what my inner animal is and why. NO offense to anyone, but I've read a lot of sef-serving, egotistical nonsense (not here) about people who pick thier animals, or who think they are letting thier animal pick them when really, thier ego is doing the picking.

But, I digress.

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