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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 1 - 8/7/2000

Who are you going to vote for and why?

Which political platform or candidate are you leaning towards? Do you think that a level of political involvement is important to pagans? Are you registered to vote, will you vote and who -if you don't mind telling the world- are you planning to vote for (or against)?

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I Can't Vote Yet, But I Will Post An Opinion Anyway... If... Aug 29th. at 5:58:54 pm EDT

Ashley (Katonah, New York US) Age: 14

I can't vote yet, but I will post an opinion anyway...

If I were registered to vote, I would definately vote for Gore. He seems a lot more concerned about the enviornment than Bush. And that comment that Bush made about witchcraft "not being a real religion" completely turned me away from him. It shows that he is against religious freedom. Bush's running mate doesn't seem all that great either. He is: pro gun, against women's rights, not caring for our precious environment, etc...

I Am A Registered Green Party Voter As Well As A Volunteer... Aug 22nd. at 8:05:55 am EDT

Lisa Myers (Melbourne, Florida US) Age: 39 - Email

I am a registered Green Party voter as well as a volunteer for the local Green Party in my county. I feel strongly about voting for the Nader/LaDuke platform.

Green Party values are very close to Pagan values and there are several links where one could find such information and make the comparison themselves...just search for Green Party.

It is sad that people feel that there are only two choices in this world..Republicans or Democrats...we have choices in this country and there are a lot of other ideas out there....People won't vote for third parties because they don't think they'll be voting for a winner. This attitude will NEVER bring about a change...and people will remain voting for the "lesser of two evils" and complaining about it. I don't understand why anybody, especially Pagans, would not vote. Voting is like magick: effecting a change in one's environment thru action or will...and taking responsibility for it...

I Have Voted For Various 3rd Party Candidates For President Since 1980... Aug 22nd. at 12:06:22 am EDT

Frank Kane (Cambridge, Massachusetts US) Age: 42 - Email

I have voted for various 3rd party candidates for President since 1980 as a protest against the unconstitutional two-party system. This year however for the 1st time in my life, I'm voting Republican. WHY? Because I'm convinced Juanita Broderick actually was raped by our Beloved Leader. Because the Clinton-Gore clique not only did nothing about human rights in China and Tibet, but actually has taken "soft money", i.e. bribes ( and lots of it, too ), from the genocidal fascists who control this emerging superpower. Because Algore has the gall to insult my intelligence by claiming to be serious about the environment. Because Algore has over the course of his career totally flipflopped on the issues of abortion and tobacco without ever admitting it, which again insults my intelligence....

On the other hand regarding Bushieboy's supposed bias towards Christians, you people have got to be kidding; I mean you actually believe that? I've got a hot flash for you: Virtually none of these Corporate Overclass and/or High Wasp types have any religious beliefs whatsoever. These people laugh at Christianity; it's nothing but a slave management system to them. Of all the things to be wary of in the (probable) Bush Administration, a powergrab by Evangelical Ayatollahs is by far the least likely. IMHO, Frank Kane

I Haven't Decided Which I Will Support, Gore Or Nader. I Think... Aug 21st. at 11:35:22 pm EDT

S. Milliner (Cedar Park, Texas US) Age: 57

I haven't decided which I will support, Gore or Nader. I think Nader is a long shot but still a possibility that he could win. If I feel, at election time, that Bush could win over Gore, Gore will get my vote. I feel political involvement is important to all citizens, if only they would shut off their TV's and cancel a sporting event in order to give a bit of their time to becoming informed in order to vote. I have been a Green Party member for many years and will vote for what is best for our country and the world.

Well I Wish That Voting For Either Mainstream Candidate Would Ensure Less... Aug 20th. at 9:47:40 pm EDT

Dolphin Singer (Leesville, Louisiana US) Age: 37

Well I wish that voting for either mainstream candidate would ensure less government involvement in our lives. But, I'm not sure that this is the case. The fact is, Al Gore is just as deep in debt to "big business" as is G. W. Do we the people really believe that there will be much change in other areas?

I think the answer is yes. First, Gore will certainly further weaken our already eroded and overstretched military. Second, Gore will push for universal health care. That sounds good, but who will pay for that? We will with our taxes and a much less responsive health care system that only caters to those who can pay for the "extras". Just look at the United Kingdom, what a great thing they got going, huh? Next, Gore used to care for the environment, but today he owes too much to big business to do more than make small ineffective changes. And, what about gun control? As well as other personal freedoms, Al will endorse just about anything to get into your life just a little more. As for taxes...well, let's just leave that one alone for now.

The problem is that we must look at which candidate will do the least damage to our freedoms, and our pocket books. I would wish that the Greens would have a snowballs chance, but I don't think so. I don't see much choice from either Gore or Bush, but I'll take my chances with the Republican.

Gores Policies On The Environment Are Deeply Scared With A Non-chalant Attitude... Aug 20th. at 9:32:55 pm EDT

Siryn Dolphinsong (Albany, Georgia US) Age: 34 - Email

Gores policies on the environment are deeply scared with a non-chalant attitude, what about what he has not stood up for like the horrible acts he ignored happening in China and Korea against animals, he turned the other cheek when asked what he would do. Look at his wife who is Miss. Censorship herself. We must look at all aspects as Pagans and Witches. As one who loves my religion and is a lifelong Animist I can not go with face value I am looking deeper as I am tired of the deceit. Know matter who you choose do it because you have examined all the facts not just what the media exploits.

I Honestly Can't Imagine A Pagan Not Voting For Gore. His Policies... Aug 20th. at 6:48:06 pm EDT

Lamma (Whitefish , Montana US) Age: 32

I honestly can't imagine a Pagan not voting for Gore. His policies to protect and honor our Mother Earth are greatly needed in Wahington. Clean elements should be a right...

I Am Leaning Toward Gore/lieberman...and, Yes, I Feel Involvement In... Aug 20th. at 4:55:27 pm EDT

Rowan (Apple Valley, California US) Age: 49 - Email

I am leaning toward Gore/Lieberman...and, yes, I feel involvement in political things is very important to us as Pagans...we must stand and be counted. There is a quote I like from Franklin Roosevelt..."We must scrupulously guard the civil rights and civil liberties of all citizens, whatever their background. We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any haterd, is a wedge designed to attack our civilization.".If we are not involved, how can we pull together and speak up, and speak out with a clear and wise voice?
I am a registered voter... have been for thirty years. Just because we vote and our candidates may lose, that does not mean we give up!!! It's not always easy, but we, as Pagans, have not had it easy over the centuries, so let's stick together!

Blessed Be,

I First Thought Democratic As My Parents Always Planted It In My... Aug 20th. at 4:47:31 pm EDT

Siryn Dolphinsong (Albany, Georgia US) Age: 34 - Email

I first thought democratic as my parents always planted it in my mind if I had been around the depression as they were there was a reason not to go republican. Times have certainly changed for me anyhow, and I am far from rich so that theory is out. I have two issues, one I have the right to worship the God and Goddess I believe in and Gore's party has proven the Bible is here to be planted in our families minds with or without our blessing and as Leiberman quoted his only one true God helped him get where he is. Now I'm not ridiculing his beliefs but it goes back to the theory your religion is correct if it's the same I practice. I don't believe Bush will get that involved with religion. I know about his previous quotes concerning the military but I think he'll try and keep his nose clean. The second issue is guns, give up the blame on the gun manufacturers already. If I was to sue the tabacco industry after my Father died of lung cancer I would be just as desperate. My Father knew why he had cancer he read the package and took responsibility for how he lived his life, why should I live on monies from his death, if he couldn't enjoy it why should I, it all comes down to greed. I am a proud pagan but I have no tolerance for excuses, if I even touched my parents guns and they were all over the house I would have had my you know what blistered. Society needs to wake up and be responsible for their actions. Acts like Columbine are tragic but education and fighting crime are the answers and I believe Bush will push for this. I am a proud Pagan and NRA member as well as licensed to carry a concealed weapon go figure. My guns will be the first confiscated because I am a registered owner but criminals go free, did you know out 30 federal gun prosecutions none of them were won, the criminals either went free or had probation. That's what the Clinton/Gore administration did for guns (protected the criminals). There have been many horrendous acts like the Witch trials so let's not be like the neighbors with a grudge let's take responsibilities for our own actions. By the way I am a independent voter, I look for the best candidate not the party they belong to.

I'm Leaning Toward Al Gore, But I'm Not Registered To Vote Just... Aug 20th. at 1:52:48 pm EDT

Jean Smythe (St. Cloud, Minnesota US) Age: 21 - Email

I'm leaning toward Al Gore, but I'm not registered to vote just yet (long story). I've read a bunch of things in different areas that list reasons why you should vote one way or another. I'd be the most tempted to vote Green, yet do they really have a chance? I don't know. So, if I had to choose between Gore and Bush.... I think back to the very first thing I heard about Bush, that he went to a very shall-we-say "backwards" college, little to no blacks and gals in skirts?!

I'm also looking at this from mostly one side, the non-pagan side, my bisexual side. I don't know which would be the easier fight, really, trying to the US to be more religion accepting or more sexual accepting. Almost all the groups that I'm involved in college are GLBT related, so it will be a lot easier to find/figure out where the candidates stand in those issues. I guess for me, I'd say that religion is something private, that I don't need (but I do wear my pentacle) to broadcast that I'm a pagan. Yet, I would like to be able to talk about my girlfriend in the same way that I could talk about a boyfriend.

In a GLBT conference I went to, one speaker's theme was "no one gets left behind, " which as she meant was that if we fight for GLBT rights, we fight for all the colors/types of GLBT, not just white gay men. So, maybe looking at Pagan rights, is something I should do more of, in the hopes maybe by having one right another right might be able to 'follow' or be led in.

. . . I can't just look at the pagan side of this though, because I'm not just pagan, yet it's an important part of me that I can't let the Christians/other people try to run or ruin.

I Was Disappointed That So Many Of The Posts Here Reflect Votes... Aug 20th. at 9:05:02 am EDT

RenŽe Emerson (Houston, Texas US) Age: 26 - Email

I WAS DISAPPOINTED that so many of the posts here reflect votes for Al Gore. I cannot separate the fact that his platform seems to be up for bids to the highest bidder! That's more Republicrat than Democrat. I do not believe Al Gore has a mind of his own - it's all the advisors behind him pulling the strings and making the puppet speak. There's little confidence in the Democratic party behind Al.

Let's look at the tone set by each convention. Democrats: 'If you elect Al Gore...'. Republican: 'George W. Bush, the next President of the United States...' The Republicans believe they have this election wrapped up and tied with a bow with the Bush/Chaney ticket. I'll tell you what, brothers and sisters, I am from Texas and George W. Bush is the worst thing that could happen this November.

GOOD NEWS! This is NOT a two-party system. There is a better alternative!!! Check out RALPH NADER/WINONA LADUKE running on the Green Party ticket. The very bylaws of the Green Party speak to a pagan's deeper self - earth concious, population focused (instead of corporation focused), and humanitarian. Check out the Green Party's 2000 platform and make your decision -

Ralph Nader has a consistent political history supporting environmental causes and people rather than corporate interests. He DOES NOT LIE DOWN FOR DOLLARS. Winona LaDuke is a Harvard educated journalist living on a Native American reservation and fighting for the rights of the native peoples. LEARN MORE! DON'T WASTE YOUR VOTE THIS NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Have No Right To Vote. The Rich Pick The Candidates. To... Aug 20th. at 12:50:21 am EDT

namelesswanderer (rochester hills, Michigan US) Age: 16 - Email

you have no right to vote.

the rich pick the candidates. to run for president, it costs more money than one person can possibly raise fairly. the bourgois pay them to do what they want. you have the right only to pick what your masters tell you to. and responding to what winter said, gun control is already present. hanguns and shotguns or not, normal people can't fight the US military in case the government becomes opressive. the 2nd amendment should apply to everything. i've argued this many times and almost every anti-gun argument i get has this line:"the 2nd amendment was to make sure the people could protect themselves from the British after the revolution". well, the british still claimed the US was under their rule and was to be taxed by the british. the americans would not pay so the british attacked them. if the americans had no weapons at all, they would have been killed, imprisoned, tortured, and robbed of everything they had, including their rights. which would lead to more killing, imprisonment, and torturing. now it is worse than that. the US military has control of much more than rifles. planes, tanks, and nukes. ah, the nukes. i heard from my physics instructor, who once worked for the government, making mirrors for x-ray lasers to destroy nuclear missles before the reached their target, that there are enough nuclear weapons on the planet to wipe out all life on earth 52 times over. and launching one means launching them all. we are totally screwed now. and don't go trying to speak out about this stuff too much, cuz the government will make you into a criminal. if you've ever seen "Arlington Road" then you'll know what i'm talking about. if you have ANY problem with anything i've said feel free to email me.

oh, i forgot to answer all of the qestions. i don't lean toward platforms or candidates, i am not registered to vote, as i am only 16, and political involvement is as important to pagans as "do as thou will", only when i say "political involvement, " i don't mean voting.

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