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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 10 - 10/9/2000

Money and the Craft

Money And The Craft is something that Pagans have wrestled with for decades. Are tarot readings and the like really a "part of the Wiccan religion"? Should we consider a "paid clergy"? What do YOU think about exchanging teaching, readings or clergy service for cash?

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First Of All, Yes, I Think Doing Tarot Readings Is A Part... Nov 8th. at 10:22:56 pm EST

Fen (Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania US) Age: 43

First of all, Yes, I think doing Tarot readings is a part of the craft. It is a means of divination, and Witches are wise to develope their divination skills in a sincere effort to understand their craft. Once I honed my skills, I used to do Readings for the very anxious public (but not fellow wiccans). When they asked what I charged, I told them a gift or donation of their choice is appreciated but not necessary. I received anything from candles, flowers, pets, food and money! It was a good experience, and I met some very special people and made wonderful friends. But as the number of clients grew I knew I wasn't really accomplishing anything. So, I started to teach the cards instead. And for this I charge absolutely NOTHING, never will. . I am a Solitary Witch, so I don't really know much about organized groups and clergy. I wouldn't pay someone to keep a circle going. Our individual spirit and beliefs cannot be bought or sold.

My Opinion About Tarot Card Readings,money And The Cash Is That... Oct 31st. at 5:10:22 pm EST

robert proulx (ottawa, Ontario CA) Age: 34 - Email

my opinion about tarot card readings, money and the cash is that it is fraudulent, a con , and a waist of money.Bent on old superstion, and a complete rip off from the old germanic and greek religions . my opinion .robert proulx

In My Thoughts I Would Honestly Like To Keep Spiritual Belief And... Oct 29th. at 11:18:28 pm EST

Mike Messina (Hamilton, Ontario CA) Age: 21 - Email

In my thoughts I would honestly like to keep Spiritual belief and money separate. But as other's have also stated. I see nothing wrong with suggesting donations. I honestly hate the idea of orgainized charity only because I can see the charity organizations taking a cut of profit from the donations. Maybe not early on but when they start to grow, it no longer becomes too charitable. It is true however that in this world its hard to survive without money. I see most people will have the respect and honesty to give whatever they feel is worth that service.

I Once Had My "cards" Read...for Free...and It Was An... Oct 23rd. at 12:35:08 am EDT

Lanakat (Eastern Ohio, Ohio US) Age: 29 - Email

I once had my "cards" read...for free...and it was an incredible experience..
the information that came out was incredible and ACCURATE! ..but these days..too many people are trying to capitalize on our human need to know "more" and pray on the vulnerable..I want to know if there is someone out there who can read my cards for free again (it's been 12 years)..I think if you are truly gifted and can do this for a is OK to charge a nominal fee...maybe just take donations...if you are good..people will support your craft

Its Bull Shit. I Believe That If You Want To Help Someone... Oct 22nd. at 5:39:59 pm EDT

bane (tucson, Arizona US) Age: 16 - Email

its bull shit. i believe that if you want to help someone or do something you liike to do you should do it and not have to charge money for it its called selling out and expoiting yourself and it needs to stop or people will soon realize taht they can learn to do this shit too and tehn you will be no where because what you wanted to do so badly has become a fling and now you dont want to practice any more so you all need to stop charging for your shit and just do it...that is if your not a sellout or some shit



I Would Personaly Concider It Ok If The Person Just Gives You... Oct 19th. at 11:45:29 pm EDT

Brianax (Guaynabo, Puerto Rico US) Age: 19 - Email

I would personaly concider it ok if the person just gives you the money as a thank you not asking for it.

All Communities And "religions" Support Their Clergy In Someway. In Turn The... Oct 19th. at 3:16:02 am EDT

Nadra Carmack (kent, Washington US) Age: 23 - Email

All communities and "religions" support their clergy in someway. In turn the clergy provides support to the community. Everyone has their own system. I don't think anyone in the pagan community lives in a small village where they all got together to build a home and provide meals for their local HP or shamman, ect. I look at it as if they are councilors in some way, and we all would be expected to pay them for their time. Our community is filled with many beautiful and talented individuals. Any kind of support they are given to spend more time practicing these talents enables them to become the closest thing to full time clergy that we need. I have only met one HP who was fortunate enough to be a full time HP to her coven (full time if you include what time she also had to dedicate to her family :}) and the results were a very large and well organized coven that provided for all those involved. She charged for tarot readings and astrological charts at phychic fairs and Reiki healing. She was a full time Witch and her coven was able to benefit from it. Yes, tarot readings, ect are a talent and I think if you can make a living off it: go for it. We wouldn't think someone is a sell out for making money off a musical talent. I'll get off my soap box now.

I Think The Answer, Would Be Yes. It Is Being Done Every... Oct 17th. at 11:38:59 pm EDT

Armait mercer (altus, Oklahoma US) Age: 49 - Email

I think the answer, would be yes.

It is being done every day, buy the many books you and i read, to incease our skills and knowledge, they just put theirs on paper, but are we not then paying?Do they not get payed for the book?When other people of the cloth, perform weddings, death rites, ect. it is not proper to give a gift? today that gift is usualy money. As for education, lets face it, it cost money, materials cost, I had to pay, so I could get my License, to be within the lawor really make a handfast binding. so I say the answer is YES!

I Do Not Charge For Tarot Readings. If I Were To Have... Oct 16th. at 1:03:58 pm EDT

Brigid Moonwater (Sunnyvale, California US) Age: 26

I do not charge for tarot readings. If I were to have a booth or something similar, I would have a jar labled Donations. I have only handfasted a couple once and I only charged them for supplies that were needed. I don't know about Tarot being a part of any religion at all. I think it and other divination tools are somewhat akin to witchcraft in that both are practiced separate from religion. Witchcraft and divination are not used by all Pagans and it's not only Pagans that practice them. Having a paid clergy would ruin the whole beauty of our religion, freedom of religious expression. We are far too diverse to a main clergy. I am much more partial to trading services. At one time I could not afford (I was very poor) my favorite soda, so I asked my student to give me soda in trade for teachings. I am pretty against charging for the craft, but that is my own beliefs.

I Think That Exchanging Teaching, Readings *and* Clergy Service For Cash Is... Oct 15th. at 5:43:27 pm EDT

ScotLass (Monterey, California US) Age: 31

I think that exchanging teaching, readings *and* clergy service for cash is perfectly sensible, since the churches and schools do the same, by way of taxes and/or payments and/or offerings.

I believe also, that as in any other such enterprise, training and reaching a certain level of skill would be required.

Given The Assumption That Wiccan Groups (covens) Are Supposed To Be Small... Oct 15th. at 3:04:24 pm EDT

Peter (Norfolk, Virginia US) Age: 37

Given the assumption that Wiccan groups (covens) are supposed to be small (dozen or so people) then there is no reason for paid clergy. Nor is there sufficient number of people to support somebody except for a token payment at best basis. Thirdly, the dynamics of small groups works against having money changing hands.

For Pagan non-Wiccan groups, paid clergy is a possiblity. Having a large group (congregation) of say 200 people warrents having at least one part time person.

I would expect a paid person to do a lot more than just lead rituals though. I'd expect them to be teachers who really know their material, and it would have to be a lot more than a re-hash of Cunningham or Farrar. I'd expect real academic type background in myth, history, etc.

I'd expect some sort of group event most days of the week. Twice monthly rituals plus Sabbats wouldn't be enough. Weekly lore nights, kids classes, etc would be normal.

Of course all of this would almost require an open membership policy. Accepting 20 or 30 new people a year would be normal, instead of the apparantly typical of zero or one or two members every year.

I Do Not Think That It Is At All A Bad Idea... Oct 15th. at 2:17:59 pm EDT

Richard Cobb (Great Lakes, Illinois US) Age: 22 - Email

I do not think that it is at all a bad idea. mainly because we pay for all the rest of our education. like college and such. so its not like we are breaking any rules. and as long as someone benefits from the service then it cant be all that bad.

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