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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 16 - 11/27/2000

What is the best gift that you ever received?

Shopping during YuleTide can make you crazy and there are some great gifts out there without a doubt. But not all of our most treasured gifts were found in a store. What gift came at just the right time for you? Which one-physical, spiritual or a special memory-do you treasure the most? What special gift are you hoping to give to someone this year?

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The Best Gift I Have Ever Recieved Was A Cup Of Coffee... Dec 2nd. at 7:39:06 pm EST

Anubis (huntington, West Virginia US) Age: 16 - Email

the best gift i have EVER recieved was a cup of coffee by my mother when i had just gotten home from a bad break up. mother's are always to be blessed.
blessed be!

The Best Gift I Received Came As Knowledge During A Very Difficult... Dec 2nd. at 8:37:47 am EST

Karen Fuller (Cortland, New York US) Age: 46 - Email

The best gift I received came as knowledge during a very difficult time in my life, twenty-one years ago. My daughter had been "abducted" by her father on November 3rd and we had no idea of her whereabouts. After trying to locate them through the authorities without success I went through the process of meditation and prayer. Late February of the following year I went to sit down on the bed and in that insant knew that I would have my daughter in my arms again on March 4th. I felt I would know where she was prior to that, but that would be the day I would hold her.

The Lady gave me this gift, which was to be true.

The best gift I received was to have my daughter in my arms again.

My Father Has A Brain Tumor And This Past Year Has Been... Dec 1st. at 9:41:15 pm EST

Erinn (San Francisco, California US) Age: 13 - Email

My father has a brain tumor and this past year has been a difficult one. I may not have ever gotten through it without the love, support and friendship of my eighth grade classmates. So with that I will start the story of the greatest gift I have ever gotten and will probably ever get:
It was a blustery day in early October and I was living in my own little world. I almost felt as if I was floating through life. My class had just gone on a field trip to the worst play we've ever seen and none of us were too happy. Well, we got to the classroom and only after I had unwrapped myself from yards and yards of scarves, jackets and sweaters, I realized my Mom was there and about every other mom in the class! Suddenly our teacher Mrs. Vollert, one of the most extrordinary, one-in-a-million people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, stood up ( all 26 year old, 5' and 9" of her ) and told the class to sit down, but for me to come up to the front. Her chocolate brown eyes were warm and her cheeks were glowing as she lifted out a gigantic flowered gift bag. I had no clue. She told me what a blessing I was to the class and to her and how she loved me and the class loved me. I was floored, i had heard her say this many other times to me, but not quite like this. She plunked the bag on the table in front of me and crouched down so she could look into my eyes ( Since I am only 4' 8" ) and give me a big comfy hug. She pulled out the heavy white garbage bag inside the flowery bag and had me touch it and guess what it was. I have to say I had a clue, but I am not going to tell you. I opened up the garbage bag and out slid a shimmering cloak. It was the one I had wanted for months! The soft velvet slid like water through my fingers as I hugged it close. The cloak was a deep green with a rich red wine colored lining and a silver celtic knot clasp. Mrs. Vollert lowered it over my shoulders and hooked it around my neck. I could just feel the love radiating from it and so I gave Mrs. Vollert the biggest hug I could. I tried to say a few words of gratitude, but I got all choked up and instead hugged every single one of my 32 classmates. They revealed the large conspiricy of love piece by piece. Mrs. Vollert and my friend Kelsie copied the journal entry that had been assigned in class the day before. The question had been something like, " If you had an unlimited budget and could have any piece of clothing, what would it be?" I had described the cloak and every single one of my friends pitched in their money to have a professional seamstress sew it for me. Later they gave me a book of letters and poems written by them to me and about me. I felt like I was cradled in a safe, warm blanket of love and a few days later I woke from my depression. That was the greatest gift of all.

I Have Received Some Elaborate Gifts In My 26 Years Celebrating Yule... Dec 1st. at 1:40:41 pm EST

Colleen Hawkins (Long Beach, California US) Age: 26 - Email

I have received some elaborate gifts in my 26 years celebrating Yule/Christmas. Family and friends I have grown up with have always had good amounts of money so they buy extravagant gifts for their loved ones in hopes of showing their love and appreciation for the relationship with the receiver. To this day I can't remember many specific items I have received over the holidays. Clothes, money, expensive electronics, jewelry etc. Nothing jumps out at me with an emotional significance, except for one seemingly simple gift I received in 1991. My high school boyfriend, who's family also had vast amounts of money, gave me a gift I will remember for the rest of my life. It wasn't flashy or expensive, given with the hopes of retaining my heart. It wasn't something he mindlessly picked out at Nordstrom or Macy's or had his mother find the perfect gift for his long term girlfriend. Thankfully, it was none of those things. He merely brought me to his house on Christmas Eve and sat me in front of a warm crackling fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Next to me stood the biggest most beautifully decorated tree. It was a lovely scene...all dark except for a few candles, tree lights and the magnificent fire. I thought this must be a special gift he was about to give due to the loving and well put together atmosphere he had created. He returned in to the living room with his guitar and sat next to me. As he started to play the first few gorgeous chords, my heart sank. I knew what was to come. The lyrics to the song triggered every emotion I had ever felt and some I never knew I had. His eyes never left mine as he continued to sing and play. Upon finishing the song, tears were streaming down my face and his . He had written this song for me, about me, about us. I knew this was my gift. From that moment on, I knew that no amount of money or elaborate offering could ever compare to a gift that someone gives you, literally, from their heart and soul.

Well, The Obvious Answer Is... My Son (who Is Two This Month... Nov 30th. at 1:04:18 am EST

RevBadger (waterford, Pennsylvania US) Age: 36 - Email

well, the obvious answer is... my son (who is two this month)

the not so obvious one is time. eacj year my family (witch is ever expanding) make one hand made gift for one other in the family (we draw names..) it all started way back when we were in kindergarten making bleach-bottle planters that look like planters made out of bleach bottles, and has grown into family tradition (one of the very few we have) I have gone from thinking of the gift itself, and how over the years our proficiencies have improved, to realizeing that the actual gift is the amount of time involved in the thinking up, creating and delivery of the object.

on the other hand, fuzzy bunny slippers are a cool gift too.

Rev. Badger

One Year Around Imbolic I Recieved The Greatest Gift Of My Life... Nov 29th. at 8:01:58 pm EST

Richard (chicago, Illinois US) Age: 26 - Email

One year around Imbolic I recieved the greatest gift of my life. I had travelled down to Nashville, TN with several other people to work with Kurdish refugees. For the entire two weeks we worked very hard and accomplished quite a bit for the refugees. While, neither the volunteers nor the refugees shared a common language, we had several meaningful interactions during our stay. The most meaningful interaction coincided with my birthday. Several of the Kurdish families pooled their resources to cook a remarkable dinner for me and my comrades. As we all sat around the Twister mat that they used for a table, a profound understanding of Humanity and thankfulness swept over me. I will never forget the meal that we shared, nor the nourishment that they provided for my soul.

From September To November 1999, I Was Plagued By A Mysterious Illness... Nov 29th. at 2:52:50 pm EST

Stephanie (Culpeper, Virginia US) Age: 23 - Email

From September to November 1999, I was plagued by a mysterious illness. It was also my last semester in college so I was worried about my future & such. During the last week at school, which was also the week of Yule, I had a number of wrap up meetings.
I walked into one meeting and everyone yelled "Surprise!" It was a Get Well Soon/ Congrats/ Holiday party for me. Their present was a memory book -- over 200 people wrote about the first time they met me or their most memorable experience with me. I brought it when I moved and still look at it when I feel down.

The Best Gift I've Ever Received Was A Love For Travel, Which... Nov 29th. at 12:05:51 pm EST

WyndeHawke (NoVa, Virginia US) Age: 30

The best gift I've ever received was a love for travel, which I got from both sides of my family. My Mom's parents took me to Maine and Nova Scotia, my father's parents also took me to Maine and also took me to Great Britain. Mom and I have been to Canada, cross-country, the Bahamas, and Bermuda. The itch to travel sunk in - I joined the Navy after college and got to visit even more places.

The best gifts I ever gave were for the Yule/Christmas 1995 season. I was underway on a ship at the time. Yule was spent in Hong Kong, New Year's in Singapore, Valentine's in the Middle East, and Easter in Okinawa! The best part was buying gifts for my family and friends from all these places. I'd let them all know beforehand that they would have to wait until I got back from the "cruise" in May to get their gifts. Upon return, I wrapped all the gifts in beautiful festive Christmas paper and included letters telling the recipients what they got and where I'd bought it. I unfortunately didn't get to witness the looks on everyone's faces as they opened their gifts, but the letters of thanks I got were wonderful!

Sometimes, Even Now, The Memory Comes When I Smell Cookies Baking Or... Nov 29th. at 8:45:24 am EST

Sharon Burgess (Decatur, Illinois US) Age: 52 - Email

Sometimes, even now, the memory comes when I smell cookies baking or hear a familar ker-klunk, ker-klunk that reminds me of the sound of the wooden spoon stirring the cake batter in the big crockery bowl. Mother would wedge it on her apron, between her knees as she counted the beats. I'd wait till I heard 248, 249, 250 that meant it was near time to lick the spoon. Better that the spoon was the end product, Red Velvet Cake, Thumbprint Cookies or my favorite Divinity Fudge. I was 8yrs old the year Mother gave each of us 5 children a basket running over with what we loved most, cookies & fudge & little cakes. Mine had extra Divinity Fudge, a home-made pot holder and home-made christmas cloth large enough to cover all the beautifully wraped treats. I had plans for that basket, OH YES!But things got wierd. Mom said.."get your coats & everyone get in the car, bring the baskets". It was dark & Mom drove to somewhere in Indiapolis I had never been, the houses were small and close together and we were driving down the ally. Mother stopped "Mrs. Richey lives here she has no family, you sneak up to her back porch, leave the basket, knock & run back so she doesn't see you. Wow what a feeling. I still LOVE TO GIVE & thank Mom for that gift.

The Best Gift That I Have Ever Recieved Is From My Love... Nov 28th. at 4:43:02 pm EST

Jayson Tegeder AKA Garic (Omaha, Nebraska US) Age: 26 - Email

The best gift that I have ever recieved is from my love. It started out as a Christmas present, then turned into a birthday present then turned into a mid summer present. She found this small notebook about the size of a note card. Each day she would find some poem saying or something meaningful to put into the notebook. After she had it almost all the way filled up she gave it to me. That is why it took so long for her to get it to me. One she never thought it was full enough and second we had some problems where we seperated for a while. When I got is every chance I got I went back to it so I could read every thing she put into it. I still go back to it every now and then. Just thinking of the amount of time that it took her to make that and get it to me lets me know just how much I mean to her and she wants me in her life. I don't know if I will ever recieve anything as special as that again in my life but hey anything is possible. She is always finding ways to suprise me and put a smile on my face.

The Holiday Season Of My Senior Year In High School, A Group... Nov 28th. at 2:19:35 pm EST

Brenna Fey D'Amaurot (NYC, New York US) Age: 22 - Email

The holiday season of my senior year in high school, a group of my closest friends got together and planned a surprise for me. I had always loved the heart and trimmings of Christmas, though I had been born into a Jewish family and was now a practicing pagan. My friends gathered at my house under the ruse that they wanted to watch "It's A Wonderful Life" with me (my first time), but one of my friends was very late. He called and, apologetically, asked me if I would come and pick him up because his parents had gone out and left him stranded at the house. Grumbling (he was always late) I left my friends at my house and went to pick up my stranded friend. Upon my return, the video was going downstairs and I ran to my room to toss my coat in the closet so I could go and watch the movie. But, as I neared my room, I saw a strange light coming from the doorway. There on my floor was a tiny Christmas tree, lit and decorated, with presents underneath. I fell to my knees and crawled closer, noticing the array of unique ornaments. As my tears began to fall, I heard the whispering of my friendly elves sneaking up behind me to see how I liked their present. I couldn't speak, but when they saw that I was crying, the whole mess of them jumped on me in a big group hug. As we sat opening presents, they explained that each of them had contributed an ornament that would represent them and secure them in my memory when I was away at college. It has been many years since that night, and I am only in close touch with a few of those friends, but I will never forget any of them. Or the best Christmas gift of my life.

I Just Wnat To Say, My Best Gift Had To Be When... Nov 28th. at 1:37:32 pm EST

Fox RavenFire (Kenosha, Wisconsin US) Age: 19

I just wnat to say, my best gift had to be when my Grandmother gave me my Grandfathers bathrobe. He had died several years earlier. I mean sure it was made of what I think to be wool, but anyways it was kinda itchy to wear. But the best part had to be when I found a napkin in the pocket. It was a note to my Grandma from my Grandpa saying that he loved her. I was so happy because I got to see my Grandmother smile when I gave it to her. That had to be one of the best Christmas/Yule gifts I have gotten.

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