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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 57 - 9/3/2001

If You Were Stranded Alone On A Deserted Island...

If You Were Stranded Alone On A Deserted Island... - and- while all of your immediate needs for food, water, shelter, fire were being met- you faced the reality that you would not be rescued for several weeks, what ten (10) items would you like to have with you in order to pass the time or save your sanity?

 Reponses:   There are 56 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Wow What To Take With Me On A Desert Island..... 1) Chocolate... Sep 9th. at 1:37:17 pm EDT

Silver StarSinger (Glasgow, England UK) Age: 16 - Email

Wow what to take with me on a desert island.....

1) Chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate
2) A typewriter (only cause i luv to write and think a computer defeats the purpose)
3) Old clothes and sewing stuff (so i can make loadsa mad outfits)
4) Books and more books, cant get enough and i read really fast.
5) New underwear
6) Cd player and my collection (everything from Enya to Feeder)
7) Toothbrush (cause i hate not having clean teeth)
8) Mints (cause am not allowed them at home)
9) A video camera and tapes
10) My teddy bear (better than a coconut to talk to)

Pencils, Paper, My 7 Dogs And 2 Cats....that About Covers It... Sep 9th. at 1:01:24 pm EDT

althea turtle dreamer (tishomingo, Mississippi US) Age: 45 - Email

pencils, paper, my 7 dogs and 2 cats....that about covers it....!

Well, Being On A Deserted Island Would Be A Bit Lonely, So... Sep 9th. at 8:44:58 am EDT

Esmeralda (Perth, Western Australia AU) Age: 18 - Email

Well, being on a deserted island would be a bit lonely, so the first thing I would bring with me would be my beloved, my other half, as I could not live without him! The other nine things I would bring are: my wand, my diary (which doubles as my magickal BOS) and a pen, my essential oils, my book collection, my necklace that my beloved gave me, cds and a cd player, my teddy (another item from the beloved's gift list), a sharp knife cause you never know when they would come in handy!! Okay okay so it isn't very imaginative, but hey, its the truth darling!

1. "foucault's Pendulum" By Umberto Eco 2. Sunscreen (i Just Shaved Off... Sep 9th. at 4:27:03 am EDT

Clove (Salt Lake City, Utah US) Age: 22 - Email

1. "Foucault's Pendulum" by Umberto Eco
2. Sunscreen (I just shaved off 36" of hair and my poor bald head is tender)
3. The hammock my brother brought me from Brazil
4. My woobie (the baby blanket my mom made while I was in utero)
5. The stray kitten my landlord won't let me keep.
6. A percolator (sp?) for my coffee
7. #6 necessitates that I bring plenty of coffee, in case it's not native to the island.
8. My journal
9. My calligraphy set
10. My work cell phone, Lucy. (A shortened version of Lucifer, as she was aptly named by my nearest & dearest.) No, I'm not neurotic. I want to sacrifice Lucy to Pele. Okay, maybe that makes me a litle neurotic - but in a fun way.

A Good Knife--you Never Know When It Will Come In Handy... Sep 9th. at 1:51:15 am EDT

Sprite (St. Ignatius) Age: 26 - Email

A good knife--you never know when it will come in handy, plus wood carving is a good way to pass the time.
"A Winter's Tale" by Mark Helprin--have to have a good book.
The tenth Wheel of Time book by Robert Jordan (I'll pretend it's been published already)--have to have a second book for when I finish the first.
A big notebook--we all need that, right?
And a pen.
A taiko drum
A bottle of very good tequila
A deck of cards
A good book of crossword puzzles and other word games
A picture of my family

I agree with most peopel. Sounds like a nice vacation to me.

Five Of Those Items Would Have To Be Books. I Refuse To... Sep 8th. at 6:42:54 pm EDT

NightTiger (Liverpool, New York US) Age: 17 - Email

Five of those items would have to be books. I refuse to live my life without books. The sixth would be a large notebook. The seventh a pen. I'd go nuts without being able to write down things. I hate it when I hvae this great poem pop up and then no where to write it down. The eight would be my penticle necklace. I tend to feel very insecure with out. And the tenth would be the blanket my grandmother made for me for Yule one year.

Bright Blessings

1.notebook To Write In 2.pen Of Crayons To... Sep 7th. at 11:47:59 pm EDT

Emily (St. Paul, Minnesota US) Age: 15 - Email

1.notebook to write in
2.pen of crayons to draw in notebook
4."Dandelion Wine" by Ray Bradbury
5."The Stand" by Stephen King(that'll keep me occupied for awhile) chart, so I could learn some constallations
8.batteries for the flashlight nice soft polar fleece blanket walking stick, i wouldn't want to have to find and make another one(although that might be a good activity)
I was thinking about a cd player, but it would be nice to have some peace, plus a cd player just doesn't fit with the deserted island image. Also, I wanted to include one of my friends, but I didn't want to characterize her as an "item".

1) My Glasses (i'm Blind As A Mole!) 2) My Leatherman 3... Sep 7th. at 9:28:22 pm EDT

Nine Habalou (Burbank, California US) Age: 23 - Email

1) MY GLASSES (I'm blind as a mole!)
2) my Leatherman
3) a good pair of boots
4) socks to go with boots above
5) a deck of cards
6) The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare
7) a thick notebook
8) that miracle pen everyone keeps refrencing
9) a very complete herbal refrence book
ummm...ah.....that's all. I can't think of anything else I'd need. But to fill out my list I WOULD NOT BRING
10) my boyfriend: he'd be miserable without his cell phone

The "riverside Shakespeare," Got To Have Something To Read. Make It The... Sep 7th. at 7:58:38 pm EDT

Lesa (Laporte, Indiana US) Age: 33

The "Riverside Shakespeare, " got to have something to read. Make it the best.
deck of playing cards: I could play free cell all day
a nice easy chair: Hey, I got to relax sometime
a guitar: Music to sooth the soul
yarn and knitting needles: keep those hands busy
paper and pen: I bet I could get some good pomes out
a carton of smokes: yes, one or two of us still do that
coloring book and crayons: loads of fun
the cozy afgan that my grandmother made for me
the latest stack of papers that I have to grade

1. Blank Notebook -- Would Have To Be A Big One! 2. Pen... Sep 7th. at 4:57:13 pm EDT

Dyan (Potter Valley , California US) Age: 41 - Email

1. blank notebook -- would have to be a big one!
2. pen/pencil
3. my manuscript, to edit
4. My dog, Lacy
5. matches
6. hiking boots
7. books -- 2 or 3 old favorites to re-read
8. duct tape
9. deck of cards
10. my partner, though he is not an "item"! (and if he were along, we'd need to bring about 100 more things! ;))

Hmmmm...i Would Think That Toilet Paper Would Be Included In The... Sep 7th. at 1:25:53 pm EDT

Secular Pagan (Minneapolis, Minnesota US) Age: 0 - Email

Hmmmm...I would think that toilet paper would be included in the "basic needs" that are being met, but maybe I'm just a spoiled product of modern civilization. ;-) So, yes, I must include the T.P., along with a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste and pack of dental floss. (I could get by without deodorant, since there's no one around to smell my B.O., and I could bathe in the lagoon as much as I wanted so I wouldn't have any B.O. in the first place.)

Beyond that, here's what I would want: All of my notes for my still-unfinished novel, along with a laptop computer, a small box of diskettes, a few pens, and a bit of scribble paper. I would definitely NOT want any phone, Internet, or other people to distract me. Finally, I would want the ship to hold off a few more weeks before appearing off the coast of my island to rescue me, and in my lovely 6- to 8-week solitary sabbatical I would either finish my dang novel or get it close enough for jazz.

One more thing: I would NOT get the least bit sick during my lovely 6- to 8-week sabbatical. (Presently at home waiting out whatever the heck's been going around at work. Yippee.) My mind would be productive and sharp and at its best. Of course. ;-)

Hmmmm....what Would I Bring....*taps Finger On Lips, Thinking For A... Sep 7th. at 9:59:19 am EDT

Merry Arianrhood (West Haven, Connecticut US) Age: 40 - Email

Hmmmm....what WOULD I bring....*taps finger on lips, thinking for a few moments* Okay. I would definitely bring a 200 page blank notebook with a waterproof cover (such as traveler/observers use) and a package of pens. (Does that count as 'one item' or am I cheating? Well if it doesn't, consider it one well-made, expensive pen with plenty of ink in it!) I would also bring a drawing pad and a box of pastels (one must have an outlet for one's creative side you know). Add a cat for companionship (being a mother of five I'd REVEL in a few weeks of solitude with only a cat for company!) and we have five items so far. As for the last five - it'd be books. I think I'd like to have Ms. Zimmer Bradley's company, so I'll bring along "The Mists of Avalon" and two other personal favorites, "Witchlight" and "Heartlight" (I could read these over and over and have as a matter of fact). As for my last two selections, hmmm....I think "Rochester: The Complete Works" for some laughs (and titillation), and "Letters from Africa 1914-1931" by Isak Dinesen to round out the whole. You'll notice that I did not chose to bring any of my sacred regalia - purposely. I think it would be a wonderful kind of moving meditation (as well as fun) to spend a great deal of time searching the island for objects that I could make INTO my athame and my wand and my chalice. Not to mention using my notebook to start another "Book of Shadows", using the sea and the sand and the wind for inspiration. *sighs heavily* Sounds like paradise to me!

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