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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 58 - 9/10/2001

What Are Your Plans For Fall?

Whether you celebrate Pagan holidays such as Mabon and Samhain (Ostara/Beltaine) or not, everyone recognizes the changing of the seasons in some way. From the mundane (Finally gonna clean out that closet?) to the magic(k)al (Oh, those special rituals!), tell us your plans. You can post decorating tips, seasonal poetry, holiday rituals (New Pagans are always interested in these!), recipes (Lots of requests for those, too!), ritual preparations and/or garb or anything else that you think might help other Pagans to get in the mood!

 Reponses:   There are 21 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Well, First Of All, I Am Finally Going To Sort Through All... Sep 17th. at 3:06:24 am EDT

Astarte Wolf Hawk (Fargo, North Dakota US) Age: 31 - Email

Well, first of all, I am finally going to sort through all my closets and organize them. Then I am going to celebrate Mabon with my family and friends. I will be making my bean soup with ham added, and making squash cookies and zucchini bread for supper that night. We will also start to make our Yule decorations that night, and celebrate with singing and dancing. My oldest son is preparing himself to begin seriously studying Wicca, and he will be dedicated on his thirteenth birthday per his own request. We will read poetry and stories appropriately written for Mabon, and my personal altar as well as the front door will be decorated with small ears of corn, leaves, and small gourds. I have an altar cloth with a fall leaf motif, and I will overlay the top with a small black cloth the night of the Sabbat to represent the beginning of the Dark Sabbats. We will enjoy each other's company and talk about our wishes and hopes for the new year, and our plans will begin to be made for Samhain.

In San Diego There Is No Spectacular Changing Of Leaves, No Fear... Sep 16th. at 4:34:46 pm EDT

Manzanita (Chula Vista, California US) Age: 14 - Email

In San Diego there is no spectacular changing of leaves, no fear of the first frost, no quickly dropping temperature. So how do I acknowledge and celebrate the slow fading of sumer into fall?

I concentrate on the elements. Autumn is the time of the biting ocean breeze, and of chilly nights. I go to the ocean and feel the breeze, smell he changing tides, and visit the pines along the shores. From the trees I gather pine needles and cones, to decorate my altar with. The ocean is best in the fall, without the sunscreened tourists and burning light of the sun itself. At the sea you can feel the slowing of the seasons as the shore prepared for the high crashing waves of winter.

My rituals are ones of thanks, of throwing coins to the pounding surf, of singing to the screaming gulls. I write the names of those who passed on during the year in the sand, and the waves wash them away. I gather stones, shells, and sand from the bounty of the ocean.


Only Another Month Or So Until Samhain And My Year Of Study... Sep 15th. at 6:23:07 pm EDT

Swiftpaw (Portland, Oregon US) Age: 16 - Email

Only another month or so until Samhain and my year of study is complete; I look forward to dedicating officially, finishing my basic studies, and taking another step forward in this path I've chosen.

Winter is my favorite time of year and it's coming too slowly where I live, it's still too hot and muggy all the time. I refrain from burning candles, go running every day, keep up with watching the new winter constellations rising earlier and earlier, and generally getting back into the solid, predictable routine of school and earlier darkness after a carefree summer of good intentions, but not much else.

This isn't so much a time of darkness and falling tides, but for those of us who thrive in the night, the cold, we are celebrating the freshness, the new beginnings that being away from the oppressive heat allow us to embrace. I will celebrate the holidays, the harvest, but I will wait especially for the day of Samhain to make another beginning for myself. Winter always makes us furry felines feel more free.

A Week Ago When I Read This Question I Thought I'd Let... Sep 15th. at 2:40:37 pm EDT

merryweather (califia, California US) Age: 51 - Email

A week ago when i read this question i thought i'd let it go by without a response - my rituals are my own. however with pluto on our national ascendant and the rapid changes that are taking place the message is clear. This is a clear call for people around the world to stand in the place where they live. We are called to define ourselves or redefine ourselves. How we walk and talk is critical now. I am gathering purple because i am a woman of the pagani and radical fundamental christian leaders would blame us and others for the destruction.(rather than calling for peace and understanding - they define who they are, what they are) My purple streamers will flow from the antenna of my car whose plates say i am a witch and whose windows say peace, baby. The hag work that i do at mabon rituals always involve balefires and planting seeds of change, calling the winds of change.Samhain involves our sacred dead: honoring them and helping them as they need. The winds of change are here. The souls of these dead are in need. The souls of the living are in need. Mabon is now.Samhain is now. We who live lives of magic are also called to stand in our place and do what we will for the greater good.
blessed be,
tree merryweather

Merry Meet All. This Fall Is New To Me And As A... Sep 14th. at 3:46:16 pm EDT

Kenna MacKenna (Niagara Falls, New York US) Age: 54 - Email

Merry meet all. This Fall is new to me and as a crone who taught for 34 years the whole idea of autumn to myself is staggering. Therefore in honor of the Equinox and my colleagues [not all pagans] still in the trenches I am hosting a "Tea at Three" [which would be after school hours]. The leaves haven't yet turned and if it is nice we'll be outside or if not then... Once the Equinox passes I'll do my yearly plans for Samhain [Scottish Witan tradition ordinarily (if naything we do is ordinary)] which will inlcude a "Dumb Supper" on Oct. 30 night.

Walk in the warmth of the Lord and Lady. Tread gently on Her earth and treasure His skies.

Icecrone Morning Hawk

May we send love to those in need throughout our universe that they may lead peaceful, loving, safe lives.

Fall Is Both A Beginning And An End, For Me. It's A... Sep 12th. at 7:49:14 pm EDT

Emily (St. Paul, Minnesota US) Age: 15 - Email

Fall is both a beginning and an end, for me. It's a beginning since school starts again, but the change in weather always felt like an ending. (I prefer the warmth and sun of the summer). The only special thing I have planned right now is going to a music festival with my friend. It's held every season, so we go and walk around and just watch the season together.

I Have Decorated For Fall. I Made A Wreath, Put Up Leaf... Sep 12th. at 6:24:26 pm EDT

Destiny (Peoria, Illinois US) Age: 25 - Email

I have decorated for fall. I made a wreath, put up leaf ivy, cleaned out closets, and decorated windows. I am burning candles almost nightly. I have also started using a simmer pot to add that special aroma to the beckoning fall air. I have tried to keep the windows open and let the house air out before being closed up for winter. I will be making special Mabon and Samhaim recipes I have and will be looking up over the next couple of months. If anyone has any other good ideas let me know at DAC21@HOTMAIL.COM Blessed be to all.

Greetings All! My Name Is Ladysmith, And And My Tradition Is Germanic... Sep 11th. at 12:25:46 pm EDT

Ladysmith (Stumptowne, Oregon US) Age: 36

Greetings all!

My name is Ladysmith, and and my tradition is Germanic, Celtic and Slavic. So, here at our house we start with a grand local tradition of attending the Oktoberfest! It is held near the autumn equinox, and this is also the time when the towns farmers have just harvested the hops, the fabulous hops that are festooned on buildings, draped over doorways and soon to be made into next years ales. We go and toast the Gods we honor, Freya and Freyr, Thor and Wodan.

There in the beerhall, the German bands play polkas and such, singing and dancing, laughter and drinking. We sit with our friends and recall what it must have been like at the old harvest festivities. Long before Prince Ludwig married his bride(the German people held the first Oktoberfest as a party for their princes new bride). Back when the harvest was in, and the Old Gods were thanked with a joyous harvest celebration in longhouses and homes all over europe.
So we thank the Old Gods ourselves for a good harvest, and ask that the local farmers continue to have good seasons.We might be of a different faith than they but they raise the food many of us rely on.

Enjoy the coming of winter, revel in the changes how subtle they may be.
If it is only light shift, or the cooler evenings. Or maybe you live in the rockies and the frost comes early, but honor your Gods as you will and
may the see you always!


When I Became A Pagan, I Was A Little Confused About What... Sep 11th. at 2:37:38 am EDT

Asta (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii US) Age: 16 - Email

When I became a Pagan, I was a little confused about what to do for the holidays; I live in Hawaii, where the only thing to remind you of the season changes was a calender and decorations at the grocery store. But I'm a little older and a little wiser (I think), and I've come up with an unusual way to mark and celebrate the seasons: Coffee!
I live in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, famous for Kona Coffee. We even have a festival for the stuff. And I live on a coffee farm. Coffee ripens around Samhain and Thanksgiving, so I have harvest rituals in the fields. The coffee blooms in late spring, around Beltaine, and the blossoms smell so sweet that I have a party just to celebrate.
This year I plan to be holding a Mabon Fruit harvest with some friends out in the coffee, and I have decorated my altar with coffee leaves (not the fruit, which is looks like bright red jellybeans, because we have ants). I'll be playing taiko (big Japanese drums) with my group from now until New Years. With the Coffee Festival and the Aloha festivals that are held this time of year, this is our busiest season, and we already have four performances and 2 parades. Fall is not my favorite season, but it is certainly never lacking in interesting stuff to do.

Let's See, What Am I Doing This Fall? Plan A Wedding For... Sep 11th. at 12:25:08 am EDT

StarChild (Mansfield, Texas US) Age: 21 - Email

Let's see, what am I doing this fall? Plan a wedding for January (we just moved the date up this afternoon, so I have to redo everything), lose weight to fit into wedding dress, get good grades in fall semester (I so love going to college), continue to eat healthy. Spend time with family. Teach two year old son about autumn and holidays. Explain leaves turning brown really isn't because we didn't water the tree. Find time Saturday to go to DFW's Pagan Pride event before the Clint Black concert starts. Go to CMA's Samhain festival (first festival in 5 years, and I'm not taking the kid! WOOHOO!). Get new car to go to festival in. Deal with fiance's (sp?) family for holiday season. Find a costume other than witch for secular Halloween (I just forget until a day before to get a costume, then have to use stuff already available). Read all of the theology related books that are starting to pile higher than my bedside table (I'm going to get a Masters in theology eventually). Learn more about what herbs grow well in Texas (and remember to water them this time). And then of course, my family stuff. Bake 4 pies for my family, 4 for extended family, 2 for fiance's family, 4 for autumn bake sale. Buy more pie plates. Speaking of pies, I'll give you my pie crust recipe. It is really easy, and everyone tells me that it is the best pie crust in the world. Always turns out flaky and moist.

1/2 cup oil (any type of veggie oil will do, I use canola)
1/4 cup WHOLE milk (whole milk is best, 2% or skim don't turn out as well)
2 cups of flour

Combine oil and milk. Whisk with fork or whatever until the milk is in very small beads in the oil. Slowly add the flour, about a 1/4 to 1/2 cup at a time. Whisk more (about 3 minutes). The mixture will start to look like dough, and create little balls of dough. If there is quite a bit of flour that hasn't combined with the oil mixture, add a tablespoon of milk or water at a time until there is almost no flour in the bottom of the bowl. With hands, form dough into two relatively equal sized balls. Try not to handle the dough too much, as this will make it tougher. Lay out a large sheet of wax paper (I find that wetting the surface prior to this helps the wax paper not slide around so much). Put a dough ball on in, and press into it with the heel of your hand, mushing it down and out. Put another sheet of wax paper on top. Roll the dough out to the size of your pie plate. It is sometimes helpful to flip the dough over (with the wax paper on it) because the bottom piece has a tendency to become wrinkled. Remove top piece of wax paper, and flip crust into pie plate. Gently wiggle your fingers between remaining wax paper and crust to remove paper. Do again with second dough ball. Makes two 9 inch crusts.

It looks really involved, but it isn't. I just tried to make sure I had every detail in there for people who haven't made pie crust from scratch before.

I just use the pumpkin pie recipe on the back of the Libby's Solid Pumpkin can. And the NoneSuch mincemeat (yummy). And for really easy cakes, I use a cake mix and add an extra egg to it (I used to bake the birthday cakes for my mom's work, and everyone there to this day swears they were from scratch).

Ah, The Fall Is Finally Approaching. What Should I Do? I Have... Sep 10th. at 6:32:35 pm EDT

Crimson Tiger (Phoenix, Arizona US) Age: 22 - Email

ah, the fall is finally approaching. What should I do? I have just recently moved to Phoenix, AZ. It's September and still scorching hot! I miss the east coast where I could see the leaves change and smell the crisp, cold night air. I think I may move back there just because I love the autumn so deeply.

However I will still celebrate the seasonal change with some new decorations for my altar. And I have already begun to paint again. (it's easier for me to paint in the fall because the energies are darker and more creative to me) Last night I started working on a way to honor my Grandmother who passed away this time last year. I know she is still with me!

Also I will be preparing for my baby. I am due December 3rd- so that's getting kind of close! It's wondrous feeling it kick. And while some things will pass on, I am creating life.

I Have Only Begun To Explore The Pagan World. I Have Spent... Sep 10th. at 6:26:50 pm EDT

Loki (Lockport, New York US) Age: 37 - Email

I have only begun to explore the Pagan world. I have spent the year reading and learning on my own hoping to find a comfort zone for my beliefs.
I think I will spend the fall in retrospect of the year, thinking about the many things I have learned and witnessed. I have had my eyes opened in many ways. I have spent the spring and summer watching nature do its thing and I have noted the small inconspicuous changes that took place as the seasons grew and changed. You might say I have spent the year getting in touch with the Lord and Lady and I would like to strengthen that bond that has begun to grow between us by continuing to learn and grow in the coming year.
I have plans to decorate for the coming holidays, I look for ward to that.

Blessed be to all,


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