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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 75 - 1/14/2002

So What Do YOU Think of the Pagan Web?

What changes did you see in the Pagan Web last year? Were these changes good or bad? What do you hope to see happen or evolve on-line this year? What would you recommended to budding Pagan web weavers?

 Reponses:   There are 43 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

I Really Didn't Notice Many Changes Last Year, But What I Did... Mar 3rd. at 6:32:22 pm UTC

Sylvan Fox (Waycross, Georgia US) Age: 15

I really didn't notice many changes last year, but what I did notice is that on the big sites that are really about alot of stuff(trivia sites, etc.), didn't have alot about paganism. That may not seem important, but it would be nice if we had alot of our stuff in areas like that because we need to be extended beyond our own little websites and we need people to know we exist. Also, pagan webcrafters are growing more numerous, but I think that maybe they need to get together to make sites where pagans can communicate. Witchvox is good for that. We need to stay connected if we want to do things for our religion.

I Have Just Recently Started Surfing The Pagan Web And Am Amazed... Feb 27th. at 10:39:00 am UTC

Caitlin (Sarasota, Florida US) Age: 21 - Email

I have just recently started surfing the Pagan Web and am amazed at what there is out there. There is so much knowledge and information just a click away. The one thing that I really like about the Pagan Web right now is that most sites tell you what they are about. Like whether they are an informational and beginner site or a moderate or advanced site. I think that helps people from starting things they are not yet ready for.

One thing I would like to see in the future is more awareness of things both positive and negative having to do with the Pagan religion. For example, if there was a festival for a holiday I think that it should be let known where and when and how much, etc., so that the word is spred to show up. On the other hand if there were religious discrimination going on then I think that we should hear about it and bring it to the attention of everyone, not just Pagans, so that something can be done and maybe religious discrimination will end.

I Think That It Is Really Hard To Filter Through All Of... Feb 26th. at 3:25:19 pm UTC

Stratyllis (Seattle, Washington US) Age: 18 - Email

I think that it is really hard to filter through all of the junk that people put on the Net in the first place.

Of the sites I have seen few are really saying new things. I gets a little boring. And I do agree with lots of others that you need to make things simple and easy to read if you do have something to say. I want to read more news and see some sites that are updated more than once every six months. Seeing some testimonies would be wonderful. And I love to read book reviews.

I First Started Looking For Pagan/wiccan Info Online About 9 Months... Feb 23rd. at 2:57:24 am UTC

Sara (Hillsdale, Michigan US) Age: 29

I first started looking for Pagan/Wiccan info online about 9 months ago, when I had the time. I've spent the past several hours doing just that. I am disappointed in some of the sites, such as one suggesting "responsible use of hallucinogenics" as one of the rules of a Witch.
I would like to see more information on "how to make your own tools", or on the BOS Book Blessing. I found on most of the sites, a blessing credited to Silver Ravenwolf (I think that is her name).The others had a beautiful poem, with no credit given to the author. (I still haven't found out who wrote it.)
The majority of the sites have the same information, on the Sabbats, or Doreen Valiente's Charge of the Goddess, etc, etc. I'd like to see more along the lines of WitchVox, with unique perspectives, and original ideas.

I Personally Think The Pagan Web Is Growing Very Well. It Was... Feb 21st. at 12:32:44 pm UTC

Mellynda Neramani (Hanford, California US) Age: 23 - Email

I personally think the Pagan Web is growing very well. It was because of my research for a story I'm writing(I made one of my characters a pagan) that I found this path in my life.

My advice for budding webweavers would be this: be careful what you put on the web. I haven't had much of a problem with this yet, but I just know I will.

After Doing A Search For Esus, A Continental Celtic God, I Have... Feb 7th. at 10:51:26 am UTC

Chronarchy (Columbus, Ohio US) Age: 22 - Email

After doing a search for Esus, a continental Celtic God, I have decided that the Pagan web needs to learn not to copy things from books and other websites, particularly without including source material. Consider the description of Esus which occurs on many, many websites, word for word:

'ESUS A god of the Gauls "whose shrines make men shudder, " according to a Roman poet. Human sacrifices to Esus were hanged and run through with a sword. For unknown reasons, Esus is usually portrayed as a woodcutter.'

After putting that particular description into a Google search, I found at least 6 websites that used that _exact_ phrasing in their descriptions of the God. There are about 3 different descriptions for this one God on the internet, and there are many sites that include one of those three descriptions.

What I hope to see in the future is an increase in original writing, and scholarship in particular. It frightens me to think that people are using Esus in their pantheons knowing only that little bit about Him. There is a lot of information out there, but not enough attention is paid to it by our web weavers. It's silly to mirror the exact same information 6 times on 6 different sites, most of whom claim it is their own work, or at least make no attempt to point a person to the source material.

Can the Pagan web community actually, really, finally come up with something original? I don't mean a few people on the net being original. I mean most of us?

I Have To Say That I'm Finding More And More Good, Informative... Feb 4th. at 11:07:01 pm UTC

Fishgoat (Whitehorse) Age: 38

I have to say that I'm finding more and more good, informative sites regarding wicca and related paths. For the first few months I was on the net (back in 98) I had a hard time finding sites that were not just a page or two of material copied straight from someone else's book with lots and lots of florrid graphics. I created my own website out of sheer frustration. LOL

What I would like to see more of:

personal histories, anecdotes, etc. - stuff one cannot find anywhere else; More in depth material

What I would like to see less of:

Bright, garish colours (makes it too painful to read); sloppy spelling and grammar (I can handle one or two per page, but when it gets to be one or two per sentence...!);
sites with more graphics than content (unless it's specifically a graphics artist's site);
jerks using wicca/neo-paganism websites as a front for scams/sexual predation/etc.

I Think Of The Pagan Web As One Of The Few Places... Feb 1st. at 1:11:36 am UTC

Perrin (Denver, Colorado US) Age: 25

I Think of the Pagan Web as one of the few places where I can say what I mean without worrying about stepping on someone else. I have missed some of the changes recently on various web sites due to problems beyond my meager control.

I was appalled to think that we would slice and dice our pagan community into smaller chunks to be devoured by the other religions.

As bad as the "Black robed sacrificers" are we are not the root of evil, merely a by product of the other religions. If you think you can get rid of us, think again. We have hid in the shadows of the world long enough.

If you fell compelled to kick us out then do so, but when the biggest evil of all sticks their collective heads up here, and not appeased by your meager rituals, myself and collegues will say I told you so, and laugh while your souls are dragged into damminaton.

The Pagan Web Has Grown Quite Large In The Last Year, Unfortunitly... Jan 31st. at 10:40:07 pm UTC

Harry Breitenbach (atglen, Pennsylvania US) Age: 18 - Email

The Pagan web has grown quite large in the last year, unfortunitly, some of the sites are still in infancy. Also, Pagan humor on the net always seems to include those bloody lightbulb jokes!:) I'd like to see more humor and current news. There are over a million Pagans in America today, and we still seem to be in the shadows. For the newbies, I recomend oddball searches. "Pagan" brings up all sorts of stuff, but see how many sites you get with "Horned Lord, Cerrenunos"

I Think There Is A Great Deal Of Community Growing In This... Jan 30th. at 9:42:42 pm UTC

Willow Hermit (Tulsa, Oklahoma US) Age: 21 - Email

I think there is a great deal of community growing in this website. I feel that there needs to be more information on various pagan religions on the site. Perhaps Vox community meetings for major states. Say that a particular time, particular place, particular day, people can meet and enjoy each others company - without having to worry about meeting people one on one, but rather group.

Oklahoma, Tulsa - Woodland Hills Mall Food Court
First Friday of Every Month, 7:00pm

One meeting place per city. They can be held at a park, or near a school (so the youth can go there maybe after school if they don't have a car). It is a good concept that hackers (not saying I know anything about them ;) ) have used for years and years. They call it "Social Engineering Groups".

I hope one makes good use of this thought. Perhaps if we (as a community) make a fuss about this idea, that Vox and their affiliates have no choice but to post meeting places.

The Web Has Become Hugely Popular Amongst Pagans, And I'm Glad To... Jan 23rd. at 10:15:30 pm UTC

Mellee (Auckland, New Zealand) Age: 18

The Web has become hugely popular amongst pagans, and I'm glad to see it! Yahoo now lists pagan sites up front, and we are the second biggest category (after Christianity).

The bad news is, most sites out there are on some form of witchcraft, and tend to be a bit shabby - they repeat info on other sites, break copyright, have a hideous design etc.

The huge amount of message boards and lists is terrific!

I'd like to see more sites with a specific purpose, and an improvement in the look & feel.

Kudos to people like the PWA, PWAT, and PIDEA for their hardwork in educating the pagan site creators out there.

One Good Thing I've Noticed On The Web In The Last Year... Jan 20th. at 5:01:48 pm UTC

Hearthstone (Calumet, Michigan US) Age: 39

One good thing I've noticed on the web in the last year or so is the increased presence of non-Wiccan websites and mailing lists. Not that there's anything wrong with Wicca, of course, but the Pagan community is so diverse, and it's wonderful to see that different Pagan and Heathen religions are being represented in greater numbers. It's also good to know that those seeking these non-Wiccan Pagan paths will have an easier time of it now.

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