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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 97 - 2/2/2003

What Natural Objects Are On Your Altar?

Do you have sticks or stones or shells on your altar? How did you come by them? What do you use them for?

Do you go by the traditional correspondences in using your ritual tools (colors, gemstone properties, elements, etc) or do you let the object ‘tell’ you what it is to be used for?

What is your favorite magical/magickal gift or tool from nature? Why?

How do you set up your personal altar(s)?

 Reponses:   There are 103 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Depending On How I Feel. . . Feb 10th. at 9:16:14 am EST

Caathy (Ontario) Age: 19 - Email

My altar depends on how I feel. I always have a large pentagram on it (it's large enough that it can serve as the altar sometimes :P ) , usually salt or dirt, sea shells that I got directly from the pacific ocean over the holidays, incense. Sometimes my altar consists of but my pentagram and a few candles.

On My Altar... Feb 10th. at 4:12:51 am EST

Catherine (Missouri) Age: 29 - Email

I do not have a permanent altar, as I am homeless, and staying with whichever friends or family will have me until I get back on my feet, but I have always preferred to do my rituals outside, anyway. I take several naturaly objects with me on these forays: several stones, both tumbled and untumbled; a wand given to me by a cedar tree that also shared a piece of its history with me; petrified wood; and odds and ends that have presented themselves to me for use- feathers, flowers, herbs, leaves, and other stuff... I usually respectfully return these to the earth at the end of the ritual so that they can complete the circle.

Rocks 'n Things Feb 9th. at 10:39:33 pm EST

magusjinx (washington) Age: 47 - Email

My altar was a jewelry case ...about a foot square ... pentacle on the top with stones hanging from the points on the inside ...god and goddess on top with directional stones ... inside is a jar of spring water, incense, more rocks a magnifying glass for lighting incense anad my wand ... the wand was a staff belonging to a merlin statue that a friend gave me is a bit small by others standards but it suits me ... god and goddess symbols on the doors ...

My Sacred Altar Ornaments Feb 9th. at 9:15:36 pm EST

Moonbeam (clearlake, ca) Age: 16 - Email

I see myself as a green witch and because of that my altar is made up of predominatly natural things.
I have a bunch of flowers all the time in a little vase as well as a small basket of assorted dried flowers, acorns moss and stones.
I have this to signify the changing seasons and to bring as much nature as possible into my room.
Next I have a Crow's feather that literaly blew itself into my hair on a nature hike.
I have an oak branch that is all mossand ivy covered that I just keep in the back because i think it is pretty
I also have in the middle of my altar an offering dish that I put whatever natural goodies I find
in my journeys.Right now their is a quartz crystal, a spig of ivy, a lavender blossom and a few dried sycamore leaves.
OH, and I can't forget the bouquet of dried roses I have over my altar. This became my centerpiece after my loving
boyfiend took me out to dinner and bought me roses.
All These things have some meaning that ties into my life , other wise the wouldn't be there.
I take great joy in seeing the beauty of nature captured on my altar. I makes rituals a heartfelt and moving experience.

My Altar Feb 9th. at 8:52:35 pm EST

Gatasol (Minnesota) Age: 25 - Email

I have a very small altar. Right now I have an acorn, some shells, some herbs, sand, salt, and I think that is it. My altar is like my home - a bit cluttered, but it is all important ot me and reminds me of important times so I guess that is why it is all there :)

Found On My Altar Feb 9th. at 7:14:44 pm EST

Acorn (Madison Wisconsin) Age: 41 - Email

Right now, my altar is a movable feast, but in my room there is a shelfy-cupboardy piece of furniture that functions as a sacred place. It is under an east window, so it sees the rising of the sun every morning, and the rising of the moon as well. Neither of my children or my husband ever leave stuff here. And believe me, they leave stuff on every available surface in the house!

At present there is a collection of branches from different native trees that I am saving for wands or ogham sticks or whatever. They are in a vase with a turkey feather that my son found for me. There is an abalone shell with some items for the directions-an amethyst crystal, a fire opal I've had since I was a child, a swily corkscrew shaped shell and a fossil of a leaf. There is also a bowl fashioned from a bit of burled walnut that is filled with oak leaves and acorns. There are some feathers in there as well-one from a crow and one from a blue jay. There is a good stout length of dogwood branch and I'm thinking about moving up a bit of petrified wood from the living room.

There are other items as well, but these are the 'natural' ones. This tableau is the last thing I see as I drift to sleep and the first thing I spy when the alarm clock goes off in the morning.

Yours in Mystery

My Altar... Feb 9th. at 5:57:06 pm EST

Sirafirinn (Ottawa, Ontario) Age: 15 - Email

I don't have a set altar, it changes every time I do a formal ritual (which is only on Sabbats) .
I usually have my wand, which is a stick a tree gave me. (It dropped straight into my bag as I was on a meditation hike) , plants (some I've "rescued" from my school, they were going to be trashed) and feathers from my birds if they aren't around. My birds often enjoy hanging around when I'm doing a ritual and their unique energy is definitely nice.
My favourite gift directly from nature herself is my wand. It's perfect for me. It fits perfectly in my hand and just has a wavelength that fits me.
Other than that, I'd have to say my birds. My birds (a ***atiel, two budgies and a quaker) are a huge part of my life. I love them very much and honnestly would not be alive without them.

My personal altar is not one I use for rituals, it's just a collection of things that mean a lot to me. I keep candles there, feathers from my birds, my plants, I often have poems I've recently written there, I keep my most precious jewlery (like my pentacle) there and it's in a palce where I see it firest thing when I wake up and last thing before bed. It receives light from the sunset and moonlight right before sunrise. It's a special place for me. Even though my family is not supportive at all of my beliefs, my altar looks mundane enough that they don't care.

Mother and Father havegiven me a lot and I'm glad that they continue to provide me things for my personal and sabbat altars. :)

What Is On My Altar? Feb 9th. at 12:27:52 pm EST

Erika Bingham (Dover, NH) Age: 28 - Email

Natural objects upon my altar consist of:
a shell and beach rock, some jade stones (polished but regardless are still natural objects) , and a gull feather.
I also have a handmade candleholder made of FIMO clay that holds 2 candles (for the Lord and Lady) .

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things..... Feb 9th. at 9:09:10 am EST

Mariposa (Kansas) Age: 39 - Email

My altar is atop of an antique dresser, very ornate and beautiful with a bevelled glass mirror. My favorite objects (natural) are a crescent moon shaped rock that we'd found in a river at a Peace Conspiracy fest. We only found two; one for my best girlfriend, one for myself:) And my other favorite natural item would be a piece of driftwood I'd found along the shore of Lake Huron while visiting my sweet mama in oscoda, michigan last summer. All the items on the altar are very personal in nature. To ME they are traditional, with the elements etc. and also filled in with many personal items, such as the couple top from our wedding cake. we've been together for 22 years...its many things have been lost, broken, etc. but this small piece of china has outlasted so many things---just like our marriage! Totem stones with the topper, etc.

Everything Gets On My Altar! Feb 9th. at 7:31:00 am EST

Foxheart (New Hampshire) Age: 23 - Email

I actually have two altars in my space. One is dedicated to Isis and Osiris and the other is dedicated to Kuan Yin. Lately I have been using the Kuan Yin altar more than the Isis/Osiris one because of the need for compassion in my life. However recently my Kuan Yin altar has been rudely jammed with mundane junk! Shame on me! And I have once again cleared off my Isis/Osiris altar though I have not started using it again yet.

What USUALLY goes on my two altars when I am regularly using both is up to the universe and what feels right. On the Kuan Yin altar more natural stuff seems to find its way there such as herbs, crystals, small bowls of water and salt. I have two candles there also for illumination and a nice statue of the Goddess Kuan Yin that I found in a thrift store for 75 cents.

On the Isis/Osiris altar there are more decorative and human-made things such as my moon crown, my athame, incence sticks and holder, two statues of Themselves, etc.

I do try to follow tradition as far as using common color correspondences but my altars are always very personal and never follow a set up from a book.

I'd have to say that my favorite gifts from nature are my two wands. One of them I found at the beach. It was polished smooth by the surf and looked kind of like a snake. The other is really unique and very special to me because it comes from a tough vine that was wrapped around a lilac bush in my yard. The vine had wrapped itself around the bush in a perfect spiral and when my father cut the vine away from the bush the perfect spiral remained. This wand is very powerful and quite sacred to me.

Goddess and God bless to you all.


My Altar Feb 9th. at 12:36:34 am EST

Holly Hawkins (Philly) Age: 15 - Email

On my Altar there Various types of gems stones of different
color. I use them for different rituals depending on what
IM doing.

I like to keep the old tradition of things.

My favorite stone that I use is the stone called Bellaena.
It's a purple stone that I found in a special place where
I meet other Pagans and wiccans.

Sacred Things Feb 8th. at 8:58:32 pm EST

Mortimas (Alabama) Age: 33 - Email

I have a large stone I found in a nearby creek, it was in a rock formation that looked like a Dragons jaw, It required a great deal to recover, and it has the shape like a sharks tooth, but a foot and a half tall.

My tools tell me how they should be used, it makes their spirts happy

I have a wand that is spiral curved and comes to a point, my favorite, it has incredible strengh, but light as a feather. I found it in the creek as well, I find the best tools for my craft are found rather than bought, just open up and let them call to you.

The alter depends on what I'm doing, set up for a casting is much diffrent than a, enchantment of an object, for example. It always seems to be a little diffrent.

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