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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 35 - 4/2/2001

Pagan Web Surfing Likes/Dislike

Please don't list actual sites you like/dislike, but rather what YOU look for, if you find it, and what you liked or disliked about the Pagan sites that you visited. What would you like to see more or less of? Do you make use of 'Book of Shadows' information, such as utilizing the spells or rituals in them? Do you want more interactive areas such as chat rooms and message boards? More scholarly pieces? Less pop-up windows or advertising? What makes you go, "Hurray! I love this site!" or grumble, "I won't be coming back to this site in any century real soon!"

 Reponses:   There are 60 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Likes: One Thing I'd Love To Find Is A Pagan Clipart Page... Apr 8th. at 3:54:43 pm UTC

Stormkitten (Fairfax, Virginia US) Age: 24


One thing I'd love to find is a pagan clipart page, since I have NO talent with computer art and would love to do a pagan webpage of my own! I like lots of different types of pages, actually, but the ones that appeal to me the most offer a variety of information, contacts, suggestions and ideas. Rituals, including photos. They give me great ideas though I generally don't use anybody's stuff verbatim. Philosophical discussions confined to faith-based and magickal topics. Explanations of views and terms that laymen can follow.


BASHING of other religions or people! I HATE seeing that and generally immediately leave if I see it. Posting of spells without caveats regarding ethical use thereof - these make me cringe because there really are people out there who don't know better! Advertisements and popups - self-explanatory. Political discussions -- I'm a big believer in separation of church and state no matter which faith you follow.

When I Look At Different Pagan Sites, I'm Normally Searching For Information... Apr 8th. at 2:46:19 pm UTC

Cserrilyn Sadair (Tacoma, Washington US) Age: 21

When I look at different pagan sites, I'm normally searching for information, with sources listed - especially if it's coming straight from the site author! Spells are okay, recipies for incenses or how-to crafts are fun, and the how to do things cheaper is appreciated. I enjoy the historical editorials as much as I like poetry interspersed throughout the site.

And since I understand that a lot of these sites are on the lines of information sharing tools more than money makers, I would rather see the pop up banners than the pleas to keep the site going, especially if they've been very good sources in the past. That said, I don't think I've ever visited a site more than twice that had those blasted midi's playing in the background!

Also, if I see the site owner has blatantly broken copyright laws, I don't go back. They can't be trusted. After all, if they can't even acknowledge "(c)JohnDoe Artist" who is to say that they haven't stolen all their content from people who've worked long and hard on their articles? And if they've plagerized, how can I double check their sources? Can one trust the sources they list if they truely aren't the author? Who is to say that they didn't lie about the sources so they could cover up their theft?

What Do I Dislike About Many Pagan Web Sites? Well, The Main... Apr 8th. at 12:53:55 pm UTC

Firesprite (Glasgow, England UK) Age: 14 - Email

What do I dislike about many pagan web sites? Well, the main thing that bothers me is the constant "celtic" music being played. It was fine at first, but by the tenth time you've heard Enya being played on the same website, you just want to strangle her! I'm not saying I don't like some of that music, but shouldn't we as pagans be showing that we support all forms of music and art?
Another thing that bothers me is the fact that we have to "explain" the pentacle and pentagram on every website. A good explanation of the history and proper magickal significance of the five pointed star can be useful, but the non-stop whining about the Judeao-Christian Devil really gets on my nerves.
Apart from that, I think that pagans tend to be the most up-to-date techno people out of all the religions, so keep up the good work!

I've Been Practicing The Craft For About A Year And A Half... Apr 7th. at 11:37:16 pm UTC

Emily Carlin (Wellesley, Massachusetts US) Age: 19 - Email

I've been practicing the craft for about a year and a half now and don't really know many other pagans in person, so I really like pagan sites that give personal testimony. I don't really have any other way to know how it should feel to draw down the moon or focus energy. Personal testimony really helps me to better understand the craft. I also like reading spells and rituals because it helps to inspire me when I write my own.

Just As I Have A Problem With Christian Sites That Say Derogative... Apr 7th. at 8:09:00 pm UTC

Cristin (St. Louis, Missouri US) Age: 27

Just as I have a problem with Christian sites that say derogative things about the pagan religions and Wicca, I find it utterly repulsive when I come upon "open minded" sites on either side that bash the other. I personally love and honor both paths. I love and respect nature, the Male & Female aspects of the Divine, I participate in some pagan rituals, but also love and honor Jesus. Not the dogma , but the man himself.

What Really Intrigues Me When I Enter A Website Is The Graphics... Apr 7th. at 4:00:36 pm UTC

Alli (St. Catharines, Ontario CA) Age: 15 - Email

what really intrigues me when I enter a website is the graphics, it really says how much you care, and how experienced the makers of the websites are.

Likes: Quick Downloads (20 Seconds Or IÕm Gone!), Readable Text, Easy Navigation... Apr 7th. at 3:51:46 pm UTC

John (New Naumkeag) Age: 33 - Email

LIKES: quick downloads (20 seconds or IÕm gone!), readable text, easy navigation, and a reason to stay. My reason to *come* is interest in pagan websites; my reason to *stay* at your website is your content: preferably original, informative and interesting.

DISLIKES: yet another vapid, wacky Wiccan website, to wit:

ŅWelcome to my Witchcraft website! How do you like it? Vomit green text on a lurid purple background: now *thatÕs* eye-catching ! The wallpaper of 13 silver, spinning pentacles was my special touch; pretty original, eh? And how about that tinny, blaring never-ending sound file? I thought about adding an ŅoffÓ button (or making it work), but I didnÕt bother: I just loved it so much, and I knew you would too. And hey, check this out É 20 minutes later but it finally downloaded! É itÕs my animated purple flying dragon gif! His name is Barney. HeÕs my websiteÕs spirit guide . Ok, on the good stuff! Click here to learn about Witchcraft! Click here to become a Witch! Click here to become a real-deal, super-duper, SPELL-casting Witch, right now! Click here to see why this is not proselytizing. Click here for 20+ books I recommend on Witchcraft! Click here for 50 of my bestest friendsÕ websites on Witchcraft! Click here for my very own WitchÕs Book of ShadowsÉ which is either stunningly bad poetry or remarkably similar text to the books I recommend. Click here to learn about real magique (to the uninitiated, thatÕs ŅmagicÓ). Click here to read about my spiritual autobiography; I know that you, a total stranger, just care so much. I call it, ŅFrom Pumps to Pentacles: The Suburban Odyssey of a Modern Shamanic Journey.Ó Click here to see how as a result, I am now a licensed counselor for others. Click here to see why this is not funny. Click here to read my guestbook. Click here to sign my guestbook. Click here if you want me to compost Šer, composeŃ a website just like this, made entirely with glorious Front Page Express. Click here to send me, Luna Raven, an email: Merry Part!!!Ó Etc.

New Naumkeage, U.S.A.
7 April 2001

As Both A Webmaster And A Pagan, There Are Cetain Things That... Apr 7th. at 2:07:55 pm UTC

Blueheron (Montreal, Quebec CA) Age: 21 - Email

As both a webmaster and a Pagan, there are cetain things that I look for in all websites, and a certain type of content that I expect in Pagan websites. Starting with all websites, there are a few things that can really make or break the site. The first is presentation. This involves layout and the colour scheme, as well as the quantity and quality of the images. The layout should be simple and easy to navigate, with something catchy on the first page, else I am not likely to dig any deeper. The colours should go together, and should be soothing on the eye. I work on a computer all day and do NOT need to see green backgrounds with red text, thank you very much! And then there is the graphics; far too many sites take free (or not) pagan graphics and re-use them on their site. It's a shame, because it does not end up looking like it belongs there, and lowers the quality of the site even more then if it had no graphics. I dislike pages with popup windows, and so I stay away from Geocity and Tripod sites. Banner adds are OK, but they must be tastfull and not take away from the site. Also, links that go to another site, it's ok for them to open that site in a new window, though there should be a warning letting people know that will happen.

As far as content now, for local sites, I _LOVE_ having local information, information about the community and events. Though I am a solo practitioner, I enjoy joining the ocational celebration, and the web can be a great way of staying in touch with the local community. In that vain, chat rooms and message boards can also be great. As far other topics, well, they all have their place. I pulled the pattern for my robe off of a Druidic page, for which I am very gratefull. Do I need to see that type of information on the first page? Not really, having a link to it is great. I can not afford books and fancy tools, and so any information on the net that I can find regarding these things is a real life saver for me. One thing I would love to find more of (and I might start one myself) are traditional cooking recepies. Food is an integral part of any culture, but there is so little information available on the net about this. That's about all, keep up the good work.

Likes: A Clean And Uncluttered Design, Easy Navigation, Fast Loading Pages, Unique... Apr 7th. at 8:33:13 am UTC

nexy jo (saddle brook, New Jersey US) Age: 44 - Email

a clean and uncluttered design, easy navigation, fast loading pages, unique information, a bit about the webmaster, a picture of the webmaster, a guest book, contact information.

pop up windows, entry pages with huge graphics, a million webrings on the front page, text copied out of scott cunningham's books - if i see the 13 goals of a witch one more time..., the same tired graphics, pages that have "under contruction" signs and nothing else - all web sites are under construction and constantly evolving and growing - or should be, outdated calendars, promises for updates that are 2 years old...

luv and light,

What I Look For In A Pagan Website? Well, I Look For... Apr 7th. at 3:07:23 am UTC

Chris (Kansas City, Missouri US) Age: 20

What I look for in a Pagan website?
Well, I look for music first off. I was weaned on Celtic and Gaelic music, I remember being very very young, and drifitng off to sleep while hearing songs of love and mystery. I love to find those dulcimers and bodhrans and mandolins greeting me on a pagan site. Music and song is the language of the heart and soul, I love to hear fellow Pagans and Wiccans singing to their God(s) and Goddess(es). That is what got me hooked on witchvox:}

If the site has a section for Pagan artists and their mp3's, well I am in paradise. Add a bit of Pagan Art, Mmmmmmmmmm. Wiccan poems, Ooooooo ecstacy.
*Cough*Start sharing your unique perspective you artistic Pagans*Cough*

On a webpage I would prefer to see forums and articles posted on elements of the craft, rather than someone's idea of a starter guide. I would much rather have people sharing a story of a pleasant Beltaine with their coven in the woods of the Carolinas, or a talk of a person's favourite athame and chalice, or a discussion on some ethnic foci and rituals used for a person's worship in New Orleans. I would much rather read that, than somebody's public book of rituals for the interested browser.

I like to see, and be involved in, discussion about Pagan/Wican religion and craft. I am a refugee from some internet forums where humanity seems to be composed off mindless zombies who sit in front of their computers waiting to spout their gibbering jaded perspective and flame someone for their own ammusement, so I am somewhat jaded on the idea of large open discussions. I much prefer the topic based discussion on witchvox as it is now.

This is the first open forum I have been to where I find it is extremely easy to respect and admire not only the opinions of other commenters, but the people themselves. I think the witches voice people have done a remarkable job creating a pleasant and useful site that attracts people with a genuine desire to learn, grow, and share a bit of life's many fold mystery. I would hate to see it marred by an ezboard forum or some demonic form of message board. *shiver*

I am a solitary practitioner, and I am extremely distrustful of organized religion, but I do search for a bit of modern day social and political discussion when I look through Pagan websites. I like reading editorials, stories, and commentaries, getting a taste of the Wiccan News Network so to speak. It is refreshing to get away from an uninterested, or extremely biased media and hearing a Pagan's perspective.

But one thing I really want is...
Pagans are people, people with their own lives, their own views, their own ammusements and eccentric habbits. I would much rather hear someone named Carol from the UK speaking of what her craft is to her, and what the world has been for her. I would rather hear that, than some webmaster speaking of bigotry and power.

To Me, The Book Of Shadows Is Not That Interesting. I Was... Apr 6th. at 9:42:57 pm UTC

Garrett Lonewolfe (Fountain Valley, California US) Age: 28

To me, the book of shadows is not that interesting. I was taught that the best spells were ones that you wrote yourself. As for chat rooms, I have never learned to enjoy them. I do enjoy websites that contain either current news/event information that I can use, or historical information. Almost every website has its version of Wicca 101, and for those new to the craft that is o.k. But for those of us who have been at it for a while that information is not as helpful. A website that gives a positive, personal side to the Craft is also a wonderful thing. In all to me the most important thing is to visit a website that someone spent some time and effort to make meaningful and enjoyable to navigate.

I Find Most Sites Have Too Many Graphics. They Seem To Be... Apr 6th. at 9:36:07 pm UTC

Robyn (Halifax, Nova Scotia CA) Age: 27

I find most sites have too many graphics. They seem to be trying too hard to make their site fantasy like. It takes too long on dial up connections and it makes it more difficult to find things. They don't need to have a page out of a fantasy novel.


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