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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 73 - 12/31/2001

Do You Believe in Faeries?

Faeries, the Good Folk, the Sidhe and many more Otherworld beings of this type populate the folklore and tales of the world. So such beings exist? Did they ever? Are they an archetype, a memory of a long-lost people or simply that thing that we catch out of the corner of our eye? Have you ever had a Fae Encounter? Tell us your favorite 'faery tale' and point us to it if the source is on the net. And don't forget your pixie dust.

 Reponses:   There are 44 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Yes, I Believe In Fey Folk. I Have Had The Opportunity To... Dec 30th. at 12:26:18 pm EST

Anomar deAvalon (Keizer, Oregon US) Age: 44 - Email

Yes, I believe in Fey folk.
I have had the opportunity to see them (no, I wasn't stoned at the time!) They helped me find my cat, Morgan La Fey. Morgan is a small solid black cat, about 1 1/2 years old and very stubborn! She decided to stay out until 2:00 a.m. and I asked the Fey to bring her in. In less than a minute she was at my feet wanting to go in the house. From the garden, straight toward me and over my right shoulder flew a beautiful bright light. It went to the fairy circle behind me. The Fairies at my home are always welcome and have many thing to do to help and protect our neighborhood. I am very grateful to them for their help and happiness.

Hello, I Myself Believe In The Fae And Was Told By An... Dec 29th. at 10:58:18 pm EST

Shadow FireRaven (N. Kingstown, Rhode Island US) Age: 16 - Email

I myself believe in the Fae and was told by an anquantance (spelling) that they sensed that I was half-fae. We are talking about people, human beings who are half fae. Often called having the blood of the fae with-in you. What this m is someone who has created oneness within themselves and thus becomes in harmony with everything around them. we become magick and effect our environment and the people around us without doing anything special, just being themselves. Our harmony starts making things around us move towards harmony. We can connect very easily to other people and our environment. Its a great feeling.

Peace to all those that walk the path of Light,
Shadow FireRaven
Owner of Fellowship Of Shadows

I Believe Faeries Have Always Existed. The Only Encounters That I've Had... Dec 29th. at 6:35:03 pm EST

Wintermist (Stonington, Illinois US) Age: 28 - Email

I believe faeries have always existed. The only encounters that I've had with them has been around what my family lovingly calls the "faerie mound" in our back yard. Every spring the whole hill erupts in many different kinds of plants, and on some nights, especially the solstices, you can see small dots of blue, red, and white light come and go on the mound. I'm not sure if that constitutes a sighting but my children and I and others in our family love to watch the show on warm summer evenings.
Blessed Be!!

Yes, I Believe That Faes Every "fairy Tale" Their Is Some... Dec 29th. at 5:41:04 pm EST

Kasumi Tendo (Wilmington) Age: 14 - Email

Yes, I believe that Faes exsist.To every "fairy tale" their is some form of truth. Think about so many people have said to see them. There are pictures of them. No matter how many people disagree about them, no one can ever prove them not to exsist. Whether the human eyes sees them or not, that still doesn't prove anything. With out assistance from equiptment we can't see germs or cells, does that mean that germs don't exsist?
I didn't think so
so why wouldn't fairies exsist?
They could, and they very likely do

I'm A Cynical Pagan By Nature, But My Friendship With Some Leaders... Dec 29th. at 2:57:35 pm EST

Anigrrl (Lake Oswego, Oregon US) Age: 32 - Email

I'm a cynical Pagan by nature, but my friendship with some leaders in the local Pagan community have tested my 'see it to believe it' mentality. I've never 'seen' the Fae myself, and must admit to some envy to those who have.

My friend Cynthia's house has a large backyard which she uses for handfastings, circles, and solstice celebrations. I'm amazed at the photographs of some of these events. The photos show small blurs of light surrounding the people, some of which cast shadows on the people themselves. If it wasn't for the fact that some of these photos were taken in the dead of Oregon winter, I'd chalk them up to insects (and no, it wasn't snowing or rain).

We've also visited fairy mounds (with due respect) and during that time I didn't 'see' anything, but sure felt a presence other that human or animal. Especially when more than once something batted at my hair and I heard no insect buzzing. (When insects get caught in _my_ hair there is no escape!) I'm an amatuer naturalist so I do know the difference. My hair has also been accosted a few times I attended outdoor circles where the Fae were addressed.

Due to my own spiritual experiences and the ones listed above, I can't rule out the existence of the Fae. If I can get 'zapped' through the forehead while hugging a Giant Sequoia, who am I to say that nature spirits aren't among us?

Blessed Be ~ Anigrrl

Faeries And "mythical Beasts" Truly Exist Today. I'm Not Going To Get... Dec 29th. at 11:46:19 am EST

Blue (Sacramento, California US) Age: 29 - Email

Faeries and "mythical beasts" truly exist today. I'm not going to get all into physics and math on this one, but I will say they live in some of the same dimensions we do, but they also occupy dimensions humans ordinarily don't. I think this is why we see them sometimes, then try to focus and lose sight of them.
As a child, I was visited my a small japanese dragon. It was an unforgettable experience. I think all the times we see children 'space out', they are just focusing in a way most adults forget.
I have seen glimpses of faerie folk, but never actually a clear contact, though I assume dragons sort-of count for this question.
Blessed be.

I Have Had The Most Honoring Confirmation Of The Faery Folk! A... Dec 28th. at 11:02:23 pm EST

Wendy Tucker (Wendolyn) (Chandler, Arizona US) Age: 38 - Email

I have had the most honoring confirmation of the faery folk! A few years ago I was sitting back in a desert wash in Arizona where I humbly asked for alittle faery folk communication. I sat there for a while and nothing readily apparent occured. On my way home from my hike I stopped at a book store to buy a book (unrelated to faeries) that I needed. As I was walking out of the store I saw a display of Brian Froud's new book "Good Faeries, Bad Faeries". Being a devout fan of his work I purchased the book. When I returned home I flipped open to the dedication page and the faery featured on the page was holding out her hand in which rested the words "For Wendy". My name is Wendy. As it happens Brian's wife is also Wendy. Albeit, I refuse to accept that it is mere coincidence. This was all the evidence that I would have ever needed to add solidity to my belief!

Does A Bear Poo In The Woods?:) Blessed Be... Dec 28th. at 8:59:46 pm EST

Juniper Jupiter (Overland Park, Kansas US) Age: 27

Does a bear poo in the woods?:)

Blessed Be!

Of Course I Believe In The Beings Of Faerie. I Have A... Dec 28th. at 8:19:57 pm EST

Fern (Missoula, Montana US) Age: 42 - Email

Of course I believe in the beings of faerie. I have a gnome companion that has been with me as long as I can remember in this life time; he stays invisible always - but there are other ways to sense him.

There are other being that live in and around my house since it seems that believing in them also draws them..
But many exist here in Montana; most here are more connected to nature and the wheel of the seasons.

I have even encountered some beings I call "Forest Lords" for no other reason that the take care of an area of forest and contain great power. They look like the mythic representation of a satyr but are more balanced, wise, and perhaps a bit sad/tired of dealing with those that no longer believe and thus are blind to the realms around them.

I find concentrations of beings around old growth forests and trees. Also gateways are easily constructed in such areas to faerie, but remember that not are beings there are of light or healing.

As to who they are; they have always been around here and elsewhere. If you see an animal in your house and you know yours are outside; well it just might be a faerie folk letting you see them, and your mind translating their form to something more easily believed.

Bright Blessings,


The Faeries Exist, And I Am One. I Firmly Believe I Have... Dec 28th. at 7:47:47 pm EST

Kai MacTane (San Francisco, California US) Age: 33

The faeries exist, and I am one. I firmly believe I have fae blood in my veins.

Bloody Right I Believe In Faeries.since I Was A Little Kid Wandering... Dec 28th. at 2:45:43 pm EST

Dan (QuŽbec, Quebec CA) Age: 42

Bloody right I believe in Faeries.Since I was a little kid
wandering in the woods I always knew I had protecter spirits
watching out for me and I still feel safer in the woods than
I ever did in my own house(I would have said home but the woods are far more of a home to me than some building)

I Tend To Be Skeptical, But I've Had An Experience That Makes... Dec 28th. at 12:00:10 pm EST

Cedric (Austin, Texas US) Age: 34 - Email

I tend to be skeptical, but I've had an experience that makes me behave as though I believe.

A little background: I'm a musician at Renaissance festivals. There is one particular faire site I go to where I have often lost equipment. The first weekend I was there, I lost a capo, a fairly small but necessary tool. Though I searched for a long time for this piece of white metal and described it to a lot of people, it was nowhere to be found. The next year I returned for two weekends; each weekend I lost something minor but important, and searching did no good.

I asked my HPS about it, and she suggested I take a few minutes to greet the spirits of that place and perhaps make offering to them. The next time I went, I followed her suggestion, leaving trinkets and colorful guitar picks I had collected just for the purpose. As I hid these items, I asked the Good People--I've heard they don't like to be called that F-word--not to take my musical equipment. Well, none of my stuff went missing, but during the parade, my instrument strap came untied, my boots came unlaced, and the scabbard I keep my fiddlestick in came loose. I looked like I was falling apart by the end of the short parade. So the next morning I respectfully asked that they leave *all* of my equipment alone. I had no equipment failures, but I did keep tripping--apparently over nothing.

Since then, things seem to have settled down. I make offering to them every time I go. Occasionally, I'll have some bit of equipment fall off at the very end of the weekend, as though the Elven-Americans want to make sure I don't forget about them.

So do I believe in the Good People? I sure act like I do.

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