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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 74 - 1/7/2002

What is/was your 2002 New Year's resolution

Did you make a secular New Year's resolution? Have you made one before that you really kept? How about the one that you didn't? 'Fess up now! What was the most significant world event of 2001? How did it change YOUR world? What about a personal breakthrough or event? What do you hope for in 2002?

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Well, Seeing As How A Lot Of People Have Resolved To Diet... Jan 6th. at 4:29:21 pm EST

Silver Owl (Trophy Club, Texas US) Age: 14

Well, seeing as how a lot of people have resolved to diet and it hasn't worked- and I would never be able to diet anyhow- I have resolved to get fat. Why not? It's going to happen eventually, and I say it's better sooner than later. And hey! Most resolutions never actually work out. With a bit of bad luck, I will be thin and beautiful by the end of the year!

I Resolve To Consider The Advise I Get From Any Source I've... Jan 6th. at 3:41:32 am EST

Cosmic Tribe (Redding, California US) Age: 20000 - Email

I resolve to consider the advise I get from any source I've respected and trusted enough to go to in the first place. I resolve to STAY on this diet, which is working!!! I resolve to see my son graduate from High School. One more year to flagging when I can see the finish line. I resolve to live more in the moment and embrace a "sufficient unto the day" mind set. I resolve to be brutally honest, but only with myself. I resolve to work on spotting when my Big Fat Ego is getting in the way of me being fair, and doing unto others as...I resolve to bless people unobtrusively. And, finally, I resolve NOT tell my friend he needs to take that stick out of butt, and stop being mad at me, no matter how stubborn and unreasonable I think he's being, and even though I really, really, really WANT to tell him that. Signed, Cosmic Tribe

I Don't Make Resolutions Every Year, Just When I Feel The Need... Jan 6th. at 2:02:35 am EST

Bryony Ravenwillow (Kansas City, Missouri US) Age: 33

I don't make resolutions every year, just when I feel the need. This year I resolved to lose weight. I'm getting married in October, so I have motivation. I don't want my wedding dress to look like a tent, right? So, no more second helpings for me, lots more fruits and veggies, and less meat 'n' taters. I also would like to resolve the Mexican standoff with my mother, who doesn't approve of the fact that I'm marrying a divorced man and has said that she won't attend the wedding because of it. Nothing would make me happier than to have her at the wedding, but I hope I have the strength to accept the possibility of her being a no-show (religious tolerance is a two-way street, I keep telling myself). I also hope to discover an exercise program I will actually stick with. Quitting smoking will have to wait until next year, along with going back to school.
2001 was an odd year. On the one hand, I got engaged to a man I truly love, and I got more involved with the pagan community. On the other hand, there was the terrible tragedy of 9/11, and the impasse with my mother. A year of joy and sorrow like any other, though the ups and downs of the year seemed higher and lower than usual. Perhaps 2002 will be more level.
I wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous Gregorian calendar New Year!

This New Years, I Made A List Of About 10 Resolutions. Immediately... Jan 5th. at 8:54:01 pm EST

Margaret (Albuquerque, New Mexico US) Age: 20 - Email

This new years, I made a list of about 10 resolutions. Immediately following resolution #1: Quit Smoking, was resolution #2, Do Not Allow (the love of my life) to Have So Much Influence Over Me. what this really means to me is to stop allowing myself to continue to "go back" to this person who is obviously "not ready" for a commitment. so on new years eve, midnight chimes, and i am watching him drink from a bottle of champagne. i decide to kiss someone that is not him (**sigh**), and inadvertantly attract a new obsessive admirer. (he even asks me to spend the night with him. i was not drunk, and i had known him for about 4 hours. um, no...)i am feeling pretty darn good for myself, about how independant i am and how much i dont need him. well at about 3 that morning, he gets into a fight with his roommate and storms out of the house, upon his return he decides that this will be an excellent time for him to do a line of meth and vent to his friend about whatever nonsense he can think of. i end up falling asleep on a chair in his living room, only to be awakened two hours later to him telling me that he's sorry he has to leave me like this. confused, i ask him where he's going. Dammit, if i would just look around i would figure out what the heck he was talking about, he tells me. so i do, and see a bottle of rum, almost empty, and several empty pill containers around it. i know he didnt want to die, i think he just didnt really think that anyone understood how unhappy he was. well, he didnt die. he got away from me, and i found a friend who would know what to do. when he finally came back, he understood that he had done something stupid, and we tried to induce vomiting. after 2 more hours of this, he was passing out every 10 or so minutes so we had to take him to the hospital. they gave him fluids and blood tests and other tests. in the end, he has a new ulcer and 5 other "holes" in his esophagus. he has vowed never to drink again, or do any "hard drugs". as for me, i did not quit smoking that day. and i did not get away from him. (i did not even get any sleep or food for that matter until a full day into the new year!!) honestly, i dont know whether to be so elated that he is still here with me (because he is "so in love with me and owes me his life") or to be angry that he put both of us in that position. i am very torn, and i dont think i am going to make any new year's resolutions next year, they never seem to work out for me.

My New Years Resoulotion Was To Quit Smoking And Work On My... Jan 4th. at 3:35:45 pm EST

*Moonbeam* (lake county, California US) Age: 15

MY new years resoulotion was to quit smoking AND work on my meditition and visualization skills, I also wnat to actually do more hands on work with the craft because I have the trouble of picking up a book , taking notes on it and sticking it in mt BOS without even practicing it yet.

The most siginifigant world event for me was undoubtedly the september 11 tragedy because not one person on mother nature's earth didn't feel an impact. For me it was Earth shattering, I saw people around me I thought were unbreakable fall down in tears. I happen to come form New
York and it was really hard, I had to put my birthday on hold while my family scrambled with letters and Telephone calls trying to find other relitives, thankfully now onew as hurt.

A presonal breakthrough for me was to stand up to others for my belifs , most of which were my friends and because of it my relationships with these peolpe are better than ever. I hope for peace in the new year , among all.

Since Many Of Us Have Different Ideas As To When The New... Jan 4th. at 3:19:25 pm EST

Quest Wulf (New York, New York US) Age: 38

Since many of us have different ideas as to when the New Year begins, resolutions can be made at about anytime ya' want

But in the spirit of the question. I resolve to be kinder to me. To give time to me, myself, and I to work through problems that I need to deal with both spiritually and physically.

2001 big events were too many to name. The blessing/curse "May you live in interesting times" was in full force for me this past year. I am very interested in some quiet time now.

Due In Part To Sept. 11, I've Resolved To Treat Myself As... Jan 4th. at 2:24:52 pm EST

catriona (st cloud , Minnesota US) Age: 36

Due in part to Sept. 11, I've resolved to treat myself as I treat the Goddess. That has pretty far reaching ramifications, all good! And my faith is that by keeping this resolution that the Her light will come through me and go out to others. Seems like that's what we all need about now, more goodness. My second spiritual resolution is to continue my studies and live more fully through them.

My New Years Resolutions? Well I Made Some For The Celtic New... Jan 4th. at 11:07:21 am EST

SparrowHawk (Spokane, Washington US) Age: 22 - Email

My New Years resolutions? Well I made some for the Celtic New Years one Samhain, but on the conventional New Years I will do so again...I will do my utmost to hold up to them *smiles*

My New years resolution is to be in touch more with myself in this technologically rushed and harried world. As well, it is time to do some spirit walking once more to search for my inner mysteries. I also will strive to find more purpose in my life on all levels of my being, and restrain myself from judging other people, and pray that once again under the Goddess and God to heal the world around me where I am, and that I will first heal myself. Realizing I am far from perfect and to celebrate those imperfections within myself to better them.

Also, I will do my part on loving my enemies, and releasing old additionally get back to writing my books I have been planning to do, and to find more solace in my philosophical mediations to instill harmony and balance within myself. It is time to shed old vices and hatred realzing evermore that since I cannot walk endless lifetimes in another persons shoes, I shall not judge them.

There are a bunch more on my list so I suppose that does enough...let us all celebrate healing and diversity in the world, and let not any of our differences separate us from the brotherhood and sisterhood of the world. This year I hope shall be a year of healing and harmony. As a character who is an elderly woman in the books by Kate Forsythe in the "Witches of Eilaenan" series once said, "We must ye two go about beating each other o'er yer heads w' nettles? Is naught there enough stinging in this world?"

New Years Blessings For Everyone,


Ack! Ok. Caught. Blink, Blink. Actually, Resolutions Are A Serious Subject To... Jan 3rd. at 6:35:19 pm EST

Rev. Carolyne Kleinman (Round Rock, Texas US) Age: 43 - Email

ACK! OK. Caught. blink, blink. Actually, resolutions are a serious subject to this lil' ol' New Year's Eve baby Capricorn so....usually I bless myself with a solid helping of guilt over NOT doing what I'd intended, this NEW phase of the millenium, its' about time that changed. I've decided to "love the skin I'm in" as Momma Inanna would have me to do. Respecting that means I also get to enjoy setting boundaries that I've been lax in setting with others. (I'm a pushover for the munchkins....) Beyond that, last year was my time to re-work the past lessons in forbearance. Guess that gets dusted off and polished too, huh?
All in all, Momma Inanna gets to have Her Will and Her Way this year. I think its' gonna get interesting!

My Resolution Is To Grow More Plants... Jan 3rd. at 5:02:18 pm EST

ruby (Manchester, England UK) Age: 17

my resolution is to grow more plants

One Of My New Year's Resolutions Hinges On Something That I Will... Jan 3rd. at 2:17:18 pm EST

ƒowyn (Western, Massachusetts US) Age: 29 - Email

One of my New Year's resolutions hinges on something that I will always remember from 2001 ... it was the death of Tempest Smith.
When Tempest died, I remember feeling like not only had we lost one of our own, but that it could have been me or someone I love. Now I vow not to let it happen to anyone else. And this is one resolution that I WILL keep!!

On a lighter note, I resolve to start getting to work on time and to make myself a healthier person. I quit smoking and am starting to exercise. The exercise thing has been made before, so if I don't make it this year, I will not be that disappointed :)

2001 was a year of phenomenal change. It was not only the first year of a new century, but also the first year of a new millennium. That was cataclysmic and it showed. There were changes, good and bad, that affected the whole world in ways that will take decades to fully understand. I only hope that we remember what has happened in 2001 É so that we are never doomed to repeat it.

Brightest Blessings for 2002 everyone!
Auntie ƒ

I Intend To Lose Weight In A Healthy Manner This Year. I... Jan 2nd. at 9:53:56 pm EST

Andie McElyea (Anderson, Indiana US) Age: 23 - Email

I intend to lose weight in a healthy manner this year. I did make this resolution last year and kept it. But I did it by developing anoerexia. This year I intend to do it the right way.

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