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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 99 - 2/16/2003

What Moon Phase Are You In?

Consider the phases of the moon: Waxing (strengthening, enlarging, increasing), Full (powerful, energetic, extroverted, public), Waning (banishing, forgetting, diminishing, retreating), New (hidden, secret, introverted) and Once in A Blue (unexpected, outside the norm, quirky, special).

Which such ‘phase’ is your life, emotional state or spiritual growth in right now?

Do you consider and/or utilize the moon phases in your spell work or rituals? How so?

 Reponses:   There are 70 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

New Feb 23rd. at 11:52:13 pm EST

Marissa (Renton, WA) Age: 23 - Email

I'd say my phase would haave to be "New" right now.... Could possibly be that I'm on a graveyard shift rotation this week (not seeing many people or desirables at that) or that last week wasn't so good; either way, the interesting thing about this time is the sense of optimism I have. It comes as a surprise now, I think because I always saw the New Phase as the dark time when in reality it was the beginning of just another cycle. It's all in how I looked at it.

It's pleasing to be happy now, but not just because happy feels good. I had a fabulous dream today where we entered another waxing time, possibility and magic are in the air, and I have three more days to enjoy the quiet of the very early morning. It's not very often when I realize just how good things are in the here and now.

The Moon And Me Feb 23rd. at 11:29:13 pm EST

amanda (florida) Age: 31 - Email

First of all I believe I am in the waxing stage of the moon. My life just got better. I know it may seem hard to believe that this happens but it does. As to the other question. I definately use the moon in spells at least the powerful spells. I will do a spell for things I want i.e. a promotion during the waxing of the moon, and I do spells to get rid of things like bad habits during the waning of the moon. I also do full moon rits and I add a spell if I have a great need.

My Moon Phase... Feb 23rd. at 8:53:27 pm EST

Emberdragon (West Virginia, USA) Age: 14 - Email

My moon phase would probably be between a waxing and a waning, depending on the mood, um... maybe it would be full, but I feel like it's half and half, you know? I mean, i don't really know how to explain it, well, that's my answer.

In Between Feb 23rd. at 6:39:44 pm EST

Shirah (USA) Age: 16 - Email

I'm teetering between waxing and full at the moment. I went through some hard things for me, but then it seems things went uphill fast! A thing that I have been hoping and wishing for, for a loooong time finally heppened. Rather, it's begenning to happen! So who knows what the full moon will bring. My waxing, to the full, and the full will be amazing to be part of.

Am I Supposto Know That??? Feb 23rd. at 3:36:50 pm EST

Lexie Jordan (Meno, South Dakota) Age: 13 - Email

Are we suppose to know what moon phase we are? If so I don't. I haven't been a wicken for long. Very short time span. maybe about 1 in a half days now. It's a lot harder than I thought it was. I never get anything right and don't have anyone to teach me or correct me on the things that I messed up or got wrong. It's not easy being a new wicken with not a lot of info or people to help you. I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to know. Should I even be brought into the religion I don't know what's going to happen next. What if a spell I try to cast gets supper messed and I end up being cursed or somWhat then? If anyone has any advise I'd like to hear it. I proboly couldn't any way. If I wagranted 3 wishes I'd wish that I had some one to teach me this, that I could be able to inforse my powers, and that I could do any spell with the perfect results.

Lexie Jordan

I'm Not Exactly Sure Feb 23rd. at 3:20:59 pm EST

Kalie Lenta (Atlanta, Gorgea) Age: 13 - Email

I'm not sure wich moon phase I am. I never really looked into it and always really concintrated on trying to get my levitation (and spelling) right. It would be cool if I could find out, But I most of the time am to busy.

Kalie Lenta

Dark Of The Moon Feb 23rd. at 1:37:16 pm EST

Ailsidhe (Waco, TX) Age: 25 - Email - Web

I feel I am in the Dark of the Moon at this stage in my life. It is that transition stage, between the old self and the new self. What my future holds is difficult to see, so many paths my life could take. I am young still. Too old to be a child, too young to have my life figured out, or so it would seem. It is an uncanny time, a scary time. There is no light shining down to guide my path. I must feel my way along, waiting for that silver sliver of new moon to appear in the sky. This is known as the Dark Night of the Soul. It is that entering into the underworld to face my darker side... to see what the illusions are. I cannot pretend my way through life. I cannot hide my true self from the world any longer, for I went through the growing and the fullness and the waning before, and this next moon of my life--this next cycle--will bring greater change and growth than I have ever known.

From Waxing To Full Feb 23rd. at 12:36:12 pm EST

Serena (Savannah, GA) Age: 25 - Email

It has taken me much of the 25 years I have been alive to move from New to Waxing, now I see myself moving into the Full. It has been wonderful and at other times kinda hectic. But I love to see myself changing, and with the help of the good friends I have made, seeing myself being molded into something better. I can't wait to see what the future holds, even in this time of uncertainty.


Stage Of My Life Feb 23rd. at 11:31:55 am EST

Emilasia (Kentucky) Age: 16 - Email

I would say that right now I am in the New Moon phase of my life. Just as I learn new things about myself and my close friends, it gives me more to think about on my own. Here lately ive been talking to people less and thinking more. But, as a teenager that changes a bit every day I suppose it really depends on what day it is as to which moon phase im in...

Out Of Orbit Feb 23rd. at 2:00:39 am EST

Finn (Venezuela) Age: 14 - Email

How often is it that one's country erupts in violence and hate in a passionate fight for justice? And how often is it that one (who so dearly wants to live the fight through) is evacuated?

I don't know about you, but once in a blue moon for me. I was evacuated from my home in Venezuela... My reality was shifted drastically, forced to live among people who have no idea what we're fighting for in the first place, forced to go a new school... It's safe enough to say I've changed, drastically. My friends back home wouldn't recognize me now, I don't think I've fully laughed once. Every moment is nerve-wracking, I'm on the edge, waiting for the phone call that will let me go home.

I've never looked up the moon phase in a calendar to mark the dates, or waited until a certain phase. After you've lived in a place for a while, you can feel the energies and the mood the moon sets without looking up. Everything sort of flows together, and the moon certainly plays a part in it... And if the general atmosphere seems right, I'll do my rituals then.

Waxing, New, And Once In A Blue Feb 22nd. at 11:49:43 pm EST

Karen (Bham, Al) Age: 26 - Email

I believe that my personality is all three: Waxing, New and Once in a Blue. There are different aspects in my life that make me feel like I am all three. The Waxing because I am constantly learning and enjoy growing in knowledge. The New because I have parts of my life that not a majority know about and because most of the time I am introverted. However, once I feel comfortable around someone or a group of people I am more extroverted. The Once in a Blue because I believe part of my life, in some groups, are consitered outside of the norm. And, I feel that I am special.

My spiritual growth is stagnet, it isn't growing but it isn't deminishing. Hopefully soon it can start to be growing again.

In, my rituals or spell work...for the majority do not consider the moon phases. If I note that the moon is waxing I might do a different spell then if it was Wanning...and usually I try to do most of my rituals around the full moon. Besides that I do not consider the moon phases...because imo I would start to get to techniqual...would start trying to figure the planet aligments, and astrology, and the day I was doing a spell on...would be come to complicated.

Take care,

FULL FULL FULL Feb 22nd. at 6:42:09 pm EST

Jade Moonraven (Shawnee Kansas) Age: 16 - Email - Web

I am the biggest social butterfly one could ever meet so I would definitely have to say the full moon! I also try to do everything in a positive manner (even though sometimes it is impossible) just like all positive spells are done on a full moon.

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