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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 1 - 8/7/2000

Who are you going to vote for and why?

Which political platform or candidate are you leaning towards? Do you think that a level of political involvement is important to pagans? Are you registered to vote, will you vote and who -if you don't mind telling the world- are you planning to vote for (or against)?

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After Reading, Viewing & Listening To Both "mainstream" Parties (and Their Assorted Platform... Aug 10th. at 7:09:33 am EDT

Valirian (Somerville, Massachusetts US) Age: 33

After reading, viewing & listening to both "mainstream" parties (and their assorted platform issues & propaganda), the only choice I feel that I, as a freedom & peace loving Pagan, have realistically is The Green Party. Their web site is ... read their online tenets (especially the one about "non-violence") & remember to vote Ralph Nader in November! :-)

Like It Or Not Everything In This Day And Age Has Become... Aug 10th. at 5:40:39 am EDT

James Gannon (Cherry Valley, California US) Age: 31 - Email

Like it or not everything in this day and age has become political, if you do not choose to endorse, with your reasoning or not, a candidate then in my opinion you are contributing to the possible repercussions of the right wing groups gaining influence and setting back the advances gained to date for not only religious freedom but equal rights in general, the environment, and our future as living creatures. I believe it is better to upset a few and voice your opinion than to say nothing and hope things occur as you wish. Please spek your mind you may influence others in a positive direction. Voting is our privilege as is the right to campaign for our choices. If I wasn't so afraid of the possibilities I wouldn't be speaking my mind.

Having Been Involved In Politics For A Number Of Years Now, I... Aug 10th. at 3:17:48 am EDT

Jericho Moonsinger Simstad (Naples, Florida US) Age: 26 - Email

Having been involved in politics for a number of years now, I feel that it is of the utmost importance for the Pagan community as a whole to vote. Voting is the single-most powerful freedom we have as American itizens and, unfortunately, it is the least used by a majority of the People. When you consider the fact that only 20-30 percent of Americans vote in a major election, the Pagan community as a whole has a very strong voice if We were to agree on one candidate to support. Our "way with making things happen" is our greatest asset to helping ourselves and the world we live in. It is high-time we stop letting the outdated rules and ideals of the previous generations control Our world and Our future. We(all citizens) need to take back our country. We need to wrest control from the power-mongers and professional politicians so that the glory of Our country can shine once more.

It is with this in mind that I fully support and endorse Harry Browne for the next president of the USA. Harry is the Libertarian candidate and I'm sure many of you have never heard of him, but he is Our best shot. For more info check out or

This is a very important election for all Pagans in the country. We sure as hell don't want the Bible-thumpin Bush, Al Gore (insert yer own joke here), and definate not Pat "Theocrat" Buchannan.

Ok, Time To Be A Bit Unpleasant. I Have Nearly 30 Years... Aug 10th. at 2:42:13 am EDT

Heron Blues (Tacoma, Washington US) Age: 47 - Email

OK, time to be a bit unpleasant. I have nearly 30 years of active political involvement as a democrat. I have dealt (as an elected official) with federal, state and local politicians. This election I will be voting for Ralph Nader. If you value the sacredness of the earth and feel we are threatening her with our consumer culture, if you believe people should have full access to health care and educational opportunity, if you want to see our military reduced in size and cost while becoming an effective, well paid force, if you want working people to be respected by government, not fleeced, you will NOT vote for Gore or Bush.

The arguement that you are 'throwing your vote away' by voting for Nader is absolute nonsense. If you really want to see a change in the direction our country has taken, not only under Clinton/Gore (more conservative than Richard Nixon), but both Reagan (greed is good) and Bush (War for Oil) as well, then you must cast your vote for a third party. Perot shook up the established party stranglehold on elections in 1992 by pulling neartly 20% of the vote. He forced the two parties to address the debt in a real, serious manner. Nader pulling 20% would send a message that we are fed up with business as usual - big time.

Frankly, I don't think either major party would dare to threaten pagans (us, mormons, bhudists, moslems) with state religion. The introduction of vouchers would do nothing for most of those supporting them. The money that would be pulled from the public school systems in affluent areas, however, would cause real class distinctions sanctioned by government collusion with the rich to subsidized THEIR new (essentially private) schools.

No, a vote for either Bush or Gore is simply a vote for the status quo - not goddess friendly by any measure, environmental or spiritual.

I Am A Registered Voter, Who Alas In A Moment Of Young... Aug 10th. at 1:36:40 am EDT

Erynne (McCrory, Arkansas US) Age: 21

I am a registered voter, who alas in a moment of young idealism registered *Republican* This fall, I am voting for Nader. . . I heard him speak at the Green Party Convention. . . I would LOVE for that man to be president. And I am voting against Bush. . . he scares me

Although I Am A Registered Democrat, I Usually Vote For The Candidate... Aug 10th. at 1:15:31 am EDT

Kate O. (Lodi, California US) Age: 42 - Email

Although I am a registered Democrat, I usually vote for the candidate that seems to hold those political paradigms which are most congruent to my own on the issues confronting us; socially, economically, ecologically, globally and politically.

I embrace the Green Party Platform on many levels and have actively participated in many of their fundraising functions. If I did not perceive such a dire threat to our religious freedom and other civil rights from the conservative christian right, which seems to represent a major voting block in the Republican Party, I would probably cast a vote toward Ralph Nader. However, in perceiving this threat to my own religious freedom and my right to choose my own morality within the context of my faith, I see no other course but to vote to defeat the Bush/Cheney ticket by voting for Gore/Lieberman.

I once held out hope and respect for Al Gore. His acquiessence and silence on environmental issues has deeply disappointed and saddened me. Politics is a game best played under the covers. Having been active in the political scene in Orange County, California, I realize the sad truth of this premise. I am praying with all my heart that Al Gore was just holding his cards close to his heart until he could get the power card that would trump his opponents and give him, and us, the winning hand.

Do I believe that a level of political involvement is important to pagans? Damn right I do!!! We must be ever vigilant and active to retain that which is ours by right of our birth, freedom. Our liberty to worship as we please and share in the rights, power, priviledges and obligations of this Nation demands no less than this.

Whether we are reclaiming the ancient religious heritage of our pagan forbears, or creating a faith of our own spirit's making, we must be involved in knowing and challenging the system which seeks to socially condition us into their mainstream. Herd mentality has its benefits to those who seek to exploit the masses. Individuals are harder to rule and control, and a collective of individuals hardest of all. Voting is a symbolic token of my right to choose my destiny, ...or at least an attempt to!!!

So I will vote for Al Gore in November and I will pray that Liberty, the Goddess of Tolerance, will continue to shine on our Land and in the hearts of her people.

I Am So Glad You Offered Up This Topic, Thank You Wren... Aug 10th. at 12:13:46 am EDT

Trystia (Houston, Texas US) Age: 35 - Email

I am so glad you offered up this topic, thank you Wren & Fritz!

Yes, I'm registered to vote, I will vote, even if I didn't care for the choices. Voting is a right that my ancestors generously fought and died to provide me with. It is a representation of a freedom that one cannot take for granted, especially in this day and age where the simplest freedoms such as the right to individual choice of worship is something that is continuously fought to protect. Freedom like love, can be taken for granted, folks seem to neglect at times that all precious things in life must be maintained, watched over, worked on and cherished. The right to vote is one of these precious commodities in life. As small as an individual may seem to be, that individual can be the turning point to any issue, or debate...The concept of a whisper becoming a roar is very apt in this regard.

I don't mind stating who I will vote fot. Im voting for the Gore ticket. I live in Texas, and while I won't Bush-bash, I will say I have seen a serious decline in important issues affecting my home state, and an alarming bias against faith that is not mainstream. I don't personally wish to test the waters and put in office someone who may or may not be personally responsible for these happenings.

Gore is a known entity. The country has never seen the prosperity that it has seen in the last several years. He's held his head up with dignity during trying times, and continued to do his job. His attitude towards enviromental issues is encouraging to me, in this time when the enviroment, especially in my area, is at such risk. I prefer personally to put someone in office who I believe I can read. Who's every action is clear in it's intent to me, whether I agree with it or not, and doesn't seem to put his personal spiritual view points ahead of the rights of the individuals who put him in office. He is a representation of the people who will put him in the oval office, I know from observation, that Bush has not shown those traits in this state strongly, in the short time he's been in the political arena.

I don't agree with everything that Gore seems to represent. I don't agree with all of his opinions. But I do believe that I know where he stands. With Bush, I don't feel that at all.

On a lighter note...A clean desk seems to be Bush's most important daily task, preferring nothing at all on his desktop. That's just plain sick!

I Have Never Voted Before On Any Level For Anything.and As A... Aug 9th. at 11:44:33 pm EDT

Kimberly A.LaPradd (Lake Village) Age: 31 - Email


Personally, I Am Trying To Keep My Religious/spiritual Views Somewhat Separated... Aug 9th. at 10:18:59 pm EDT

C. Demourres (Berlin, New Hampshire US) Age: 21

Personally, I am trying to keep my religious/spiritual views somewhat separated from my political views...However, I believe that all of my beliefs, in one way or another, will be factored into my decision in November. From what I have seen and heard to date - George W. Bush is an honest, moral, and motivated candidate and will probibally receive my vote.
Yes, both major candidates , Bush and Gore, have displayed their religious preferences, however... when Gore and Leiberman took a moment, publically, to pray and thank God, I couldn't help but wonder how they would react, in a similar situation, if a Pagan took a moment, publically, to thank the Goddess?

As A Free Thinker And One Who Is Leaning Towards Paganism(have... Aug 9th. at 9:28:24 pm EDT

truthseeker (winter park, Florida US) Age: 51

As a free thinker and one who is leaning towards Paganism(have not yet made a full commitmet) I see Gore and Liberman as the only logical choice. Mr bush seems to be in the pocket of those who will not be happy until everyone is fitted with vlinders and praising jesus. While I do not begrudge those who make that choice I do not wish to have it force fed to me or anyone else. Add to that the nmber of supreme court judges that are likely to be appointed during the next four years and the repuublican ticket looks might frighting.

My Wife And I Are Registered Democrats. We Strongly Support The Gore-lieberman... Aug 9th. at 8:01:18 pm EDT

Big Bear(Beary Bipolar,Richard) (New Haven, Connecticut US) Age: 44 - Email

My wife and i are registered Democrats. We strongly support the Gore-Lieberman ticket.As Jesse Jackson said when a barrior goes down for one group it goes down for them all(paraphrase).Perhaps in my friends' grandchidrens' lifetime someone who is out of the broomcloset will hold a high office in the U.S. I am also hopeful that in the same time frame folks who are out of the attic and
out of the closet will have the same priviledge/responsibilty. Losing focus . . . Blessed be,
Big Bear(Beary Bipolar, Richard)
bearybipolar:diary of a mental health consumer/survivor

I Tend To Lean Towards Republicans Because My Husband Is In The... Aug 9th. at 7:30:29 pm EDT

Cheryl (San Diego, California US) Age: 30 - Email

I tend to lean towards Republicans because my husband is in the military and I have watched our standard of living deteriorate under Clinton and his cutbacks. Most, Jr. Enlisted qualify for food stamps or other government assistance. Our husbands deploy more often, do to the cut backs in personnel of the early to mid 90's. As for religion, I am "trusting" they just wont go there. I feel that big government must go and the DNC is big on government. Most issues must be dealt with at a local level. I also believe that the government must get its hands out of my pocket. The DNC also promotes class envy. This is negative. Why not promote opportunity for all? I have no problem paying to feed hungry children, but not promoting class envy. Why not, instead, make sure everyone has the same opportunities. I am for school valtures, and why not make college education free for those who can't afford it? If feel that if food, clothing, housing and a good education are available to all, everyone has an equal chance to make it. The government has been "trying" to provide this, but they have failed. It needs to be taken to a local level and let the people who really care, make the decisions, not some bureaucrat who only cares what is going on in THEIR life.

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