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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 59 - 9/11/2001

911 America: Talking Through The Terror...

Talking Through The Terror... And helping each other cope with the tragedies that struck at the very heart of the United States. The Witches Voice has opened up this forum in order that Pagans may express their thoughts on the terrorist attacks that took place in NYC and DC on September 11th. As the full realization of what happened and the toll numbers begin to come in, Americans have many challenges ahead.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? How are you feeling? Feel free to post any magickal workings or other support gatherings planned in your area.

WebNote 9/16/2001: Since we launched this on 911 this forum as become laced with powerful inspiration and critical information, feel free to use the search functions on your left to better define the info you are looking for. Search for your area, famous Pagans, key words etc. Also check Wren's Nest News for the latest news related to our community.

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In The Nights And Days Following The Disaster, I Often Wondered Why... Sep 17th. at 12:36:23 pm EDT

Dave Gevaulden Thurston (Portland , Maine US) Age: 28

In the nights and days following the disaster, I often wondered why. In the time to follow I simply ask the goddess again why, Then on that night 7p with the stars so bright. I joined my fellow sisters and brothers of my lil circle for the vigil.
We stood there in the night, holding the flag and our candles high, the combination of the candle light and our own energies filled our area with a warmth, a warmth and light that we send to the families of the victiums, a light that we send to the workers, digging out the wtc, A light that we send in hopes that everyone can see, what piece could bring what love can bring, and see what war and distruction can bring closer to a comunity.


It Is Not To You, My Brothers And Sisters, That This Letter... Sep 17th. at 12:15:27 pm EDT

Zeyra (Maricopa, Arizona US) Age: 32 - Email

It is not to you, My Brothers and Sisters, that this letter is directed.
It is to those who still, despite the call for unity, are torn apart.
I offer this to you from my heart and ask only that if it speaks to yours that you tell others of it so that they, too, may hear our words. We have been blamed as a whole, and though the words were "taken back" they still had their effect on the world, on me.
Blessings of Peace!

It is long, I apologize.

Dear America,
In recent news Dr. Falwell was said to blame the millions of American Wiccans, Pagan, gays and lesbians for our recent sorrows. Though Dr. Falwell has said that these statements were not made as they were reported, the words are still out there, and their damage is done.
I am here.
I am Wiccan.
The United States Constitution guarantees my right to be Wiccan.
Wicca is a pagan religion. A legally recognized religion.
Our law, our Rede, states that we must, above all things Harm none. In all things that we do we must also remember the law of three, karma, cause and effect, or more commonly known as "what goes around comes around".
We live our laws, our religion..... every day.... not only on Sundays, Wednesday nights and holidays.
We are not always the nicest, most popular, or most gracious people, but the largest majority of us strive for these things every day that we live and breath. There are many people out there who claim to be among us, but truth be told, if they do not follow our laws, they are not Wiccan.

We are not a "Godless country". The horrible acts perpetrated by the faceless cowards to whom all of our anger and hatred belong , had nothing at all to do with God! God does not cause the hardships that we face in our lives.......we do. As humans, as men and women, we alone control our worlds.

Pagans, Witches, gays and lesbians no more caused this terrible deed to befall us than some have in their constant berating and denoting of anyone who does not believe exactly the way that they do.
Are we not facing the very same hatred in these attacks on our sacred soil? And for the same reason?

We have been quiet. We have been carefull. For we are not strangers to the persona that has been portrayed on the televison and in movies that we are children eating satan worshipers. We as Wiccans and Pagans are a nature loving group of an estimated 1 million strong in this country alone.

We do not have a devil.
We are not the characters from Fairy tales in story books.
No more than you are Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, or the Easter bunny that your children, for a time, believe that you are.

We are Americans. We are women, men, and children who speak with our Gods daily!

We do not ever try to subvert your parishoners. We do not witness door to door in the hopes of attaining members. We teach when implored to do so, for this is a serious committment, one not taken lightly. We do not canvas for new members. We are sought.
We do nothing to negate any other religion.
We would fight by your side to insure your right to practice your religion.

The people whom we have accepted into our great country, the muslims in particular, they are not to blame. There may yet be a small handfull of those who are to blame within our very borders, but they are not out working and walking the streets. They are in hiding. They can see the news, and they know we are turning upon our own families. They love it! They are sitting back in their hiding places and they are laughing at us.

Our own citizens are now being forced to hide, as well. Ignorance is bliss, but not for those who suffer at it's hand.

What are we doing? We are blaming each other. We are killing and hurting innocent people, and in the name of what?
No. In the name of hatred.
We are directing our sorrow, our anger at the wrong people and we will atone for this. Each person who generates this hate, who perpetuates these hate crimes will answer to their God in time.
God wouldn't want this.
Do we also have a ghihad pact with our Gods? Do we ascend to a higher level of heaven if we hurt those who have come to us for shelter and opportunities that they could not even hope to receive elsewhere? No. And for those of you who have done these most unspeakable things, I feel sad for and because of you.

Though some may blame us. Even hate us...we will fight for them and for you. Give our very lives for your freedom. We are in the Armed Forces. In our Governments offices.

We are the healers, the caretakers of this beautiful planet, the recyclers, the tree planters, the garden tenders and the teachers.
We are America.

God is not gone...
God is here and seen in all things that live and breath.

I see God right here and now.

In closing....

On this, the eve of our most horrendous war, I beg of you, the American people, to put aside our differences and see only the human being standing in front of you, at your side or the one guarding your back, not who they pray to, or where they came from, or who their parents are. Just see your brothers and sisters and fight WITH them. Unite misspelled is UNTIE... and many of us are getting it wrong and doing just that.... and we are falling apart.

We, as Wiccans and Pagans, have suffered for every soul that has been lost to us since that terrifying moment when we learned of the treachery which has befallen all of us Americans.

We will be united only when we all unite as one. No race, crede, or religious preference can be taken into consideration or we are lost.
Then they win.

Zeyra Lunara

To Those That Were Forced To Cross-over Before Their Time, I Bid... Sep 17th. at 12:09:09 pm EDT

Obsidian Silverleaf (Columbia, South Carolina US) Age: 40

To those that were forced to cross-over before their time, I bid you Love & Peace. And to those who lost both Friends & Loved ones I bid you Love, Peace & Wisdom. Early that morning I wasnt able to get up, instead I was having bad visions in my sleep......and have been posting to one of several yahoo groups I belong to. The clearing up & cleaning is necessary then the retaliation can occur, yes, the Warrioress & Warrior Lady & Lord are about to have their day. My Husband who is Christian (Methodist Tradition) has also been outraged at a few men that claim to be Christian that has accused American Pagans of being the cause of theses events. And has attempted to contact the news organizations that carry their programming to state his displeasure of seeing the display of Hatred & Division at this time of great need of Love & Peace in America.
I am a member of the local Columbia Knitting Guild and the Guild called Pallmetto Purlers has been volunteered to knit squares to be put together to form a knitted American Flag to send to the folks that have either lost folks or to the Firefighters & constructions workers that have been out there working to clean up & look for survivors in the wreckage. May the Lady & Lord Bless the U.S.A.

Green Blessings
Obsidian Silverleaf, Clergy
Temple Bladed Chalice
Columbia, SC

Mike (the Non-pagan) Here Again...i Posted These Lyrics Back On Thurs... Sep 17th. at 11:29:15 am EDT

Mike (New York, New York US) Age: 37 - Email

Mike (the non-Pagan) here again...

I posted these lyrics back on Thurs. night:

Healer in your Heart (C.Macdonald / R.Macdonald)

There's a watcher waiting on the edge of the world with the
thoughts that never darken when the lights go down
In the rhythm of living and the shifting tribe through the cities of
destruction in these graceless times

For the universe and the stars are around you now
But the healer in your heart is only a breath away

In the smallness of one heartbeat power overthrow
In the oneness of the journey for a homing soul
With the spirits of the mighty here since day began
A shadow rushes through the grasslands to the dying sun

For the universe and the stars are around you now
But the healer in your heart is only a breath away
For there's silence and there's blindness in a raging world
But the healer in your heart is only a moment away

Since then I've had several emails saying how beautiful and appropriate the words are, and asking for more information... they are by a Scottish folk/rock band called Runrig ( )... I've decided, after much thought, on this one occasion, to post an MP3 of this song on the net - it can be found at - but I would encourage you all to go out and buy the albums!

Thanks for the kind words to all who wrote... I'm presently on standby to go to the rescue site (living in NYC and trained in cave rescue) and your kind words have meant a lot to me.


I Could Not Get Through To W/vox Before. Europe Is In... Sep 17th. at 9:36:04 am EDT

Jay Rufus (Tipperary) Age: 0 - Email

I could not get through to W/Vox before. Europe is in shock. I offer to all Americans these lines, penned at the start of another period of horror which the world eventually pulled through, and pray that we may all survive this time.

"We have built a House that is not for Time's throwing.

We have gained a Peace unshaken by pain for ever.

War knows no power."

written in the battlefield trenches by The English Poet, Rupert Brooke,

Serving with the Naval Division (Marines) on The Western front, Flanders, 1914.

I cannot believe what has been done in the name of the God whose true followers
call him "Allah the Compassionate, Allah the Merciful". It defies logic as well as belief.

May compassion and mercy, truth, justice and hope prevail in this beleagered world.

Merry Meet... I Will Try To Keep This Short. Even In These... Sep 17th. at 9:06:33 am EDT

Raindancer (Christchurch, New Zealand) Age: 53 - Email

Merry Meet... I will try to keep this short. Even in these terrible times, we should remember that it wasn't ALL Muslims who attacked and killed innocent people, it was a fanatical few who only live to hate and kill. I agree that its not all light and love, and Karma has its way of seeing that people get whats coming to them. It is my hope that by whatever means possible these people be stopped, but at the same time, we need to ensure as much as we can, that only the guilty are punished, and not more innocent people.

We need to remember that many people of the Muslim religion despise these actions as much as we do. We should remember that just as we pagans have often suffered because of the ignorance of others, we should not fall into that trap as our oppressors did. We need to recognise that they are not inhuman monsters who hate us all and live only to kill all of us, they are people too, just like we are. Justice, yes, genocide, no.

During the Iranian Hostage crisis, I had some friends who were Iranian, They were really good people, they had nothing to do with the Ayatollah, and deplored what happened as much as anyone. But they were subjected to personal harrassment by ignorant people who couldn't see past the hate.

The Muslim religion is not the enemy, not all terrorists are Muslim, Timothy McVeigh wasn't a Muslim. People are rightly angry, but we should not let the anger blind us to losing sight of who the enemy is or is not. The real enemy is hate, blind unreasoning hate. The people who hate belong to all walks of life, all religions. We must not lose sight of who the enemy is or we risk embodying that old line from the cartoon strip, Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

May Lord and Lady give us the wisdom and the will to do what must be done, no more, no less.
Blessed Be

Calling All Pagans:i Have Received This From A Friend And Thought... Sep 17th. at 8:43:02 am EDT

Seldanna (Norwood (outside Boston), Massachusetts US) Age: 25 - Email

Calling all Pagans:

I have received this from a friend and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for everyone to unite. I know that we all have done so much in respect to prayers, rituals, and even the simple lighting of a candle for those lost and those left behind. Here is the perfect opportunity to pray for the world. Please read below and pass on to all Pagans you know. This could be an incredible event if word gets out.

My heart goes out to those suffering. May the gracious Lord and Lady watch over you and yours.

Blessed Be!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ September 15, 2001

A Call to all Witches, Pagans, Children of the Goddess, Native Peoples and Practitioners of Magic.

After being sleepless for three nights, an idea came to me of peoples of all colors in all places around our beautiful green jewel of a planet casting circles, singing, dancing, and calling on all the ancient powers of the earth and ancestors to protect Mother earth and her children in this time of eminent danger.

The forces of hatred, aggression and insanity threaten to envelop the hearts and minds of world leaders and send them towards favoring vengeful murders, mass destruction, and the possibility of unending war. This kind of response is a continuation of domination, oppression and deeper insanity itself.

So this is a simple request; a call to action for all Pagans, Peoples of Earth-Based Spirituality, and practitioners of the ancient ways to join together world wide and cast a circle of protection around the earth and all species of her off-spring; with special focus directed toward her human children.

The high holy day of the Autumn Equinox approaches. The equinox begins at 7:05 PM September 22, 2001, (Greenwich Mean Time). If possible, wherever you are whether alone or with friends; cast, dance, or imagine a sacred circle on that day and ask for the following;

1) Peace and the protection of earth and all her children.

2) Clarity, vision, forethought and right action to all leaders and peoples in their decision making and,

3) That all acts of hatred, murder, war and mass destruction, be averted.

I know that many people in this last week have been harmed and angered, or killed, but PLEASE do not curse or wish harm on any nation or person. Remember Do what thou wilt, and harm none.

This is an opportunity for all of us to join together around the world and bring our positive power, light, and magic to assuage ignorance, desperation and fear. Pass this on if you want to. Ho!

Blessing be to all,

Sandi Stein, Sonoma County, CA

I Have So Little Time Today, But I Feel That I Must... Sep 17th. at 8:29:27 am EDT

Marian (Wichita) Age: 49

I have so little time today, but I feel that I must post these thoughts before I can work. With all due respect to those who wish to hold a dark working tonight, the night of the new moon, in order to raise the power of revenge and retaliation, I have to object. Violence begets violence. I am and American, and I cry for the lives lost and the pain that we have incurred. But there has to be a better way than to create more pain and destruction. I beg those that would do this to target only the people who were actually responsible for this terrible act. And I ask those who feel as I do to send their energies with mine in a working for peace and rationality, tonight, 9/17/01, at 9:00 p.m. CST.

Though I Am Sorry For Every Individual Person That Died That Day... Sep 17th. at 8:09:23 am EDT

Thorn Ronin (Krefeld, Gilbert Islands) Age: 27 - Email

Though I am sorry for every individual person that died that day, I am quite astonished to witness all the rage, anger and sadness that came over so many people that day.
It's like most of them did not know that every day people die, suffer and weep. Right now a mother is loosing her newborn child just because the economy of the USA thinks it is a good idea to make big profits with expensive medical treatment.
I can feel people dying every day and so many of them due to reasons that could easily have been avoided, if we all had stood together. But we didn't, and that's why I bid all of you to answer the question of a young mother in Africa or anywhere else: "Where was your concern, where were your tears when my husband and my young son were tortured to death and I was raped and robbed?"
From my point of view is anyone who deems this to be a cruel and unfitting question just a hypocrit, or do you think, only the blood shed by a citizen of the US is worth the world's grief?
Yours sincerely

I Am Saddened By Tuesday's Attacks But As A Christian/pagan And... Sep 17th. at 8:03:07 am EDT

Ann Whalen (Springfield, Illinois US) Age: 41 - Email

I am saddened by Tuesday's attacks but as a Christian/pagan and as I read the pagan communities' posts and Wren's news bits, I am saddened more that Christians are once again lumped into the same categories. Jerry Fallwell and Pat Robertson no more represent mainline Christianity than Osama bin Laden represents the Muslim community. I realize that people love to put faces on enemies in order to make examples, but balance and reason are still called for and I hope that reports of those Muslims celebrating in the streets of America over the attacks are also reported in the pagan news and exposed as examples of radical thinking just as Christian comments are. Blessings on all.

I Usually Am Not One To Agg On War, I Hate The... Sep 17th. at 7:28:14 am EDT

Lancelot of the Mirror (Wichita, Kansas US) Age: 20 - Email

I usually am not one to agg on war, I hate the idea of it. But the taliban needs it. They have twisted thier faith to oppress women, religious minorities, and others. These aren't your friendly nieghborhood muslims, they're monsters. May lady Liberty become the dark Goddess and strike them hard. It takes alot of thought to express thoughts and feelings such as these, and I didn't come to my conclusions hastily.

in the end, may we come out a peaceful and loving world

I'm Very Concerned For The Moslems And For Anyone Who Looks Middle... Sep 17th. at 7:17:13 am EDT

Dianna Bryant (Marianna, Florida US) Age: 44 - Email

I'm very concerned for the Moslems and for anyone who looks Middle Eastern in our country.
my daughter married a Moslem man from Turkey just over a month ago. Angie is becoming a
Moslem. She wears the scarf and Moslem dress. Last Tuesday she walked to her bus stop and
rode to her university. The world fell apart that morning, Angie was spat upon and cursed.
Some Middle Eastern students were beaten, school was closed and students were sent home.
Friday, the Mosque that Angie and Atila were married in recieved gun fire. An Arab man's gas
station in the same area was shot up. Saturday, my son-in-laws' business was trashed. He
owns a small store in a mall. Someone ran through and knocked everything off his shelves.
I call my daughter everyday to find out if they're okay. My son-in-law is very Middle
Eastern looking. I'm lighting candles and praying each night. My oldest daughter pulled up
in my yard two nights ago and said that my yard looked like an alien landing strip. I am
very concerned for the innocent people who have died, for their familys and friends, for
those involved in the search and recovery, and for the innocent world wide. I hope those
involved will recieve punishment, but I hope that the innocent will not be punished along
with them. Please pray for our Moslem innocent neighbors, I have read about the internment
camps that Japanese Americans were put into after Pearl Harbour. Blessed Be The Innocent
Peace Unto You, Dianna Bryant/Owlwin Fogsitter

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